tagLoving WivesWhat Kate Did Ch. 05

What Kate Did Ch. 05


It was the morning of her shoot. I don’t know if the tension was getting to Kate but it was certainly getting to me. I had only managed a fitful sleep and was already showered and dressed before dawn. I was sitting on the terrace listening to the tide breaking on the shore a short distance away. As dawn began to break the intimidating murky shadows were revealed to be nothing more sinister than ornamental shrubs, the threatening shapes at the water’s edge merely mangroves. In the half-light I ambled down to the water’s edge. There is a tranquillity about a beach at this time of day. It would certainly be different once they commenced shooting in a few hours time. My thoughts turned to the film.

She had been sent the script a couple of days before we left. A husband, played by Tom and his wife, played by Colette are on holiday in Jamaica. They make love but subsequently have a big argument and she walks out on him. She goes to a bar where two men, played by Rudi and Wayne pick her up. Her husband goes out to look for her but instead finds a girl who is sunbathing alone on a deserted beach. That was Kate’s role. He shows her a picture of his wife and asks if she has seen her. She hasn’t of course, but this being a porn film, she lets him fuck her by way of consolation! Later on Kate spots his wife and tells her that her husband is looking for her. The wife is very grateful and a girl on girl scene ensues. Finally the husband appears and it turns into a threesome. At the time it had seemed somewhat fanciful but now, having seen the other performers, it was all too real.

It was still not too late! She could still pull out. Of course they’d be angry but so what. It didn’t matter if she’d had sex with Greg either. Well that’s not true; it did matter to me, but at least whatever they’d done together would have been private. What she was about to do was anything but. There could be no going back after today. I resolved to speak to her immediately. Well no, she wouldn’t even be awake. I decided I’d go and see her in an hour. I lay down on the cool firm sand and closed my eyes. The sound of the sea washing over the sand was very soothing.

“Oh, it’s you, Joe. You had us all going there for a minute. We thought a dead body had been washed up!” I opened my eyes. One of the technicians was standing over me. I squinted as I looked up at him silhouetted against the bright sky. The sun was up and the beach was now a hive of activity as the crew prepared for the shoot. I looked at my watch. It was nine-thirty. Damn! There wasn’t much time left. I quickly headed back to the villa.

I was walking down the passageway when I heard Jan say something and I stopped in my tracks. She was the bathroom but the door was open and the slightly reverberant sound carried to me quite clearly. “Kate’s almost ready, Greg. We’ve only got to get her dressed. You didn’t make it any easier for me by the way.”

“What do you mean?”

“Shooting your load in her of course! You knew she was on set first thing this morning. It’s a bit irresponsible to say the least. You’d be the first to complain if anyone else did such a thing.”

“Yes, I know, Jan. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done it. I just got carried away. She’s so nice and tight.”

She addressed him as if he were an errant child. “I think you’re getting worse as you get older, Greg.”

“You might be right about that. Anyway you won’t forget what I said about her bikini top, will you, Jan? I want her tits to bounce when she walks. And you’ll send her out as soon as she’s ready, please.”

He came out of the bathroom and saw me. I thought for a moment that he was about to say something but he just nodded as he strode past.

The door was still open and I glanced in. Given the topic of their discussion, I was certainly not expecting to see Kate and I was more than a little surprised to find her sitting in a chair as Jan busied herself around her. On a tray next to her were numerous mascaras, eye shadows and lipsticks. “Morning all,” I volunteered. “How are things going in there?”

“Jan looked up. “Morning, Joe. Come in and see for yourself. I think our Kate is going to be a knockout, don’t you?” She stepped back to scrutinise her handiwork.

Jan was not wrong. Kate’s make up was spot on, and had the impending shoot been for a cosmetics company’s sales brochure, rather than for an adult film, it would have been no surprise. Her hair was perfect too, having for the most part been combed up, save for two strands that coiled down to the nape of her neck. Understated silver drop earrings completed the picture. The faded white housecoat she wore was the only indication that she was not yet ready to face the cameras.

“It’s time to get dressed now Kate. I’ll just get your outfit.” Jan hurried out.

“How are you feeling?” My own mouth was dry.

“Nervous as hell. Will you stay with me, Joe?”

“Of course I will. You can still pull out, you know.”

“I can’t Joe. Look, this is just a job and I’m being paid good money for it; money that Jamie desperately needs. It won’t alter anything between us; you’re the man I love.”

“I love you too, Kate.”

We could hear Jan and she reappeared carrying a hangar on which a blue bikini was clipped. Kate stood up and stepped out of the housecoat. Jan had been busy ‘down there’ as she put it and had depilated her pubis leaving a narrow triangle that started an inch above her opening and ran for maybe two inches. It was no more than an inch wide at the top. Although this hair had been cut quite short it still afforded a marked contrast to the freshly defoliated areas. A fine silver chain adorned her lower waist.

She stepped into the bikini bottoms and eased them up her legs. They were of the high cut variety, swooping down at the front to reveal as much as decency allowed, whilst the rear strip nestled between her cheeks, and flared out to full width at the top. Although her cleft was just about covered, it was nonetheless clearly delineated as the thin material clung to her like a second skin.

She leant forward and cupped her breasts in the bikini top. She fastened it and looked at herself in the mirror. I studied both the image in the mirror and the view from the rear. God, I was such a lucky man; this divine creature was my wife.

Just then Tom poked his head round the door.

“Is anyone else coming in?” Jan asked. “It’s getting like Piccadilly Circus in here.”

“I just popped in to see if everything’s…” He stopped when he saw his screen partner. “You look fantastic, Kate. You really do.”

She smiled wanly at him, her nervousness clear for all to see

Tom attempted to reassure her. “I know you haven’t done this before, Kate, but I have, and there is no need for you to worry about anything; you’ll do just fine. All you have to do is to follow my lead. I won’t hurt you, I promise. I will make sure you are really wet before I put it in. And even then I’ll only go in a bit at a time just in case. You know our scene ends with a facial? I will try to miss your mouth with the first two or three spurts but I have to get it on your face because that’s what the punters want. Please try and remember to keep your mouth open. And don’t forget to smile at the…”

She interrupted him. “I know what to do. Greg showed me a DVD. Anything else?” She seemed a bit curt but I think it was just the stress of the moment.

“That’s it really. Oh, and good luck!” The next moment he was gone.

It is really difficult to describe my feelings at that time. I was on edge already but hearing my wife and Tom discussing their forthcoming fuck in such matter of fact tones was endangering my health. I had never known my heart to pound so.

The chance of an imminent heart attack was made no less likely when Jan next spoke. “All right my dear, it’s time for your debut. We can’t put it off any longer.”

I followed them out on to the terrace and down the steps. We had to take care to avoid the cables that led down to what appeared to be the control centre. A number of the crew were standing around talking under an improvised canopy, made of sheets and tied to adjacent trees. The beach itself was deserted save for one man who was raking over the imprints left by the crew when they had been setting things up. Of course! The scene was meant to take place on a deserted beach and a series of footprints would strike a jarring note.

Greg was giving some last minute instructions to Kate. “I want you to walk down to the beach. Do you see that small black stone directly ahead. I want you to walk to it but don’t make it obvious. We’ll be filming you from behind. Don’t forget to swing your arse but don’t overdo it. You’re not a hooker; you’re a girl who’s here for peace and solitude. That’s why you’ve chosen to sunbathe on a deserted beach, OK?” He didn’t wait for her answer. “Right everyone we’re just about ready. Can we have some silence please?” He smiled at her. “Are you ready, Kate?”

“Yes.” There was just a hint of a tremor in her voice.

“Good luck, girl.” Colette gave her the thumbs up.

“OK team…three, two, one and action!”

I watched Kate as she walked on to the beach, a towel under her arm. She swayed her hips in the most enticing way, the skimpy bikini, concealing so little, served only to enhance her sex appeal. She reached the appointed spot.


For a moment I wondered why and then the reason became apparent. A cameraman was going to film the same action but from the front instead. Kate returned to her starting place whilst the man with the rake removed their footprints.

Greg was again talking to her. “That was very good. Now just take your top off a moment please.” He looked around. “Jan!”

“I’m here.” She took out a damp sponge from a cool box and immediately pressed it against Kate’s nipples. She shuddered at the shock but it had the desired effect; they were now hard and prominent.

“You can put your top back on now.” She did as Greg had instructed. Her erect nipples threatened to pierce the thin material. “That looks a lot better.” He placed his hands under her breasts and bounced them. “That’s fine. Now when you walk down this time try and bounce them like I’ve just done. Three, two, one and action!”

The sunshade above the monitors was quite effective and I could clearly see the image from the camera in front of her as she retraced her steps. Her delectable cleavage looked fabulous and her breasts bounced exactly as Greg had hoped. He was a professional and the incredibly sexy image demonstrated the fact. He spoke into his radio mike. “Zoom in on those tits, Frank. Yes, that’s right. OK…and cut! So far, so good. The punters will all have hard ons and we haven’t even started yet!”

The next take was soon under way. Kate was sitting down on the towel facing the sea. She removed her top. Her perfect breasts were revealed to the camera and to the team huddled round the monitor. Soft, full, and beautifully shaped, they were irresistible. The gentle sea breeze played on her nipples, keeping them erect.

The last shoot in this sequence was of her laying on her front with her legs slightly parted. The cameraman was also prostrate and was thus able to get a great clip of her backside, of the peachy texture of her firm round cheeks, and also of the satin smooth skin of her inner thighs.


After a short break filming resumed. It was now time for the ‘husband’ to appear. Kate was standing up looking out to sea when Tom, clad in just a pair of white shorts, walked up to her from the opposite direction.

“Excuse me.”

She feigned shock at his sudden appearance. “What do you want?” She made a passable attempt to sound afraid. “I don’t have any money on me.”

“I don’t want your money. I don’t want anything from you. I’m looking for my wife. We had a fight and she ran out. Have you seen her? This is what she looks like.” He handed her a photograph and she took it from him. She shook her head as she returned it.

He sank to his knees and put his hands to his face. “What am I going to do?” He acted overcome.

“Don’t get upset. She’s bound to turn up.” She sounded sympathetic and she showed it too, by putting her arms on his shoulders and allowing him to rest his face on her bare bosom. My mouth was dry, my heart was again pounding; this was it!

The next moment she too was kneeling on her beach towel and they were kissing passionately. It was now that skill of the two cameramen would come into play as they set out to capture everything that happened between the young couple. The soundman also had his work cut out, holding an extended boom mike to catch the sounds of their lovemaking. I was not quite close enough to see exactly what they were doing, but I only had to glance at the monitors for all to be revealed.

They were still kissing but now Tom’s hand was caressing her breast, gently tweaking her nipple whilst their tongues cavorted. Tom, good as his word, gently eased her on to her back. He lay alongside, still continuing to kiss her, but now able to reach down between her legs and stroke her mound through the thin fabric of her bikini bottoms. She eased her legs apart a fraction, just enough in fact, to give him enough room to slide his hand inside the waistband and to touch her directly.

I heard Greg talking on his radio mike. “Stay on her snatch, Frank. Gary, zoom in closer on their mouths.”

It may have been my imagination but she seemed to kiss him with even more passion once his fingers touched her secret place. He responded in kind before moving down to suck on her nipples. He held one in his teeth and delicately pulled it, kneading her other breast whilst he did so. Then he moved further south, traversing her abdomen, and briefly toying with her silver chain, before alighting on her mound. His probing tongue faithfully followed the contours of her cleft. One of the monitors showed her face. I had seen this expression many times. She was excited.

“Stay on her face, Gary.”

Tom knelt between her legs and grasped the sides of her bikini bottoms. In a practised movement he pulled them over her hips whilst simultaneously easing her legs up and bringing them together. He quickly hooked the bottoms over her feet and they were gone. Holding her by the ankles, he stared at her as he gently parted her legs. She was now open to the soft breeze, open to the camera and open to his questing tongue. The picture was so sharp it was possible to discern her clit pulsating.

“That’s a great shot, Frank.”

She was breathing fast too; you could tell by the rise and fall of her breasts. She was getting turned on and she wasn’t the only one. To my shame I realised that my prick was fully erect. But something special was taking place. Even the crew were watching intently and one would have imagined that they would have been inured to such things by now. Colette, too, appeared to be transfixed by the events unfolding in front of us.

Tom was still looking at Kate as he began to tongue her. He was taking his time; seemingly savouring her flavour as trawled her slit back and forth. A minute or so later he paused and lifted his head. A camera zoomed in and the screen was filled with a close-up of Kate’s glistening hairless labia.

“Stay with that shot, Frank.”

Fingers eased the lips apart revealing the pink inner flesh awash with her secretions. Tom continued to hold her open as his tongue penetrated her. He began to lap at her clitoris.

“Gary, zoom in on her face!”

Her face, filling the screen as it did, said it all. There was no need to look at the other monitor to know what she was doing. You only had to look at her expression to see someone in the throes of overwhelming sexual passion.

“Gary, fade…and cut! Good work, Frank. Phew! I think we could all do with a short break. I don’t know about you guys but I could certainly do with some water. Take fifteen everyone. There is cold water in the cool box. Will you get some for our performers, Joe?”

Performers and crew sought out the welcoming shade of the canopy. Tom still had his shorts on but Kate was naked. Jan handed her a white housecoat and a chair was offered to her. She averted her eyes when I gave her a bottle of iced water and I guessed it was embarrassment. Tom just grabbed his from me and took a long noisy swig. Kate, on the other hand, was far more genteel. Genteel, however, would not necessarily have been the first adjective to mind, looking at the way she was sitting in the chair

The housecoat was only fastened at the waist. It had parted below and because her legs were not tight together, everything was on show. It was not brazen by any stretch of the imagination and she probably reasoned that since everyone there had just been watching her being licked out by the man alongside her, any pretence of modesty would have been ridiculous. It probably helped in cooling herself down too; she had certainly looked in need of it at the end of the shoot. Jan was making some running repairs to her make up.

“She did really well, Joe, didn’t she?” She was holding a lipstick in her mouth but was nevertheless still able to talk.

I could sense Kate’s tension as she waited to hear what I was going to say. I didn’t prolong her anxiety. “I thought she was brilliant.” Her relief was palpable. Colette now came up to offer her congratulations and soon the three of them were chatting away together.

Tom was also talking to someone. I found myself staring at his mouth. A short while ago that mouth had been between her legs, had tasted her juices and had all but brought her to a shattering orgasm. He seemed totally unaware of the privilege that had just been afforded to him. He was acting as if what had just happened was an everyday mundane occurrence!

“Right everyone, it’s time to get back to work!

Tom waited whilst Kate slipped off her housecoat and made ready to return to the ‘set’, the set in this case being the beach towel. As she went past Greg lightly tapped her bare bum in a gesture of encouragement.

“Well I think we can safely say, our new girl has got over her nerves.”

I knew it was Jan, but I didn’t turn my head to acknowledge her; my eyes remained on Kate. Her svelte backside never failed to captivate me, even after five years. “Yes, Jan, you’re possibly right.”

“Possibly? I’d say definitely! She just told me that if she’d been any wetter in that last scene, Tom would have drowned!”

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