tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat Men Want Ch. 02

What Men Want Ch. 02


(Virginal Mary-Jane has just finished High-School and is out celebrating. Joe is a 38-year-old teacher, recently divorced, who picks her out at a night-club as the girl with whom he would like to have a celebration of his own. Having lured her back to his home, he makes her strip and insists that he pleasure him orally. But the evening is only beginning. For full appreciation of the story, I strongly suggest you read Chapter One...)


Somewhere in Mary-Jane's mind had lurked a vague idea that Joe would make do with offloading himself into her stomach, but as he took her by the arm and propelled her insistently down on to the bed, she realised with a lurching heart that it was not to be. At least, she consoled herself, he was not going to hurt her, not in any sadistic sense at any rate. He was just going to take her sexually any way he chose. She sat on the foot of the bed in helpless anticipation, as Joe tore himself free of shoes, socks and trousers. Then he stood before her, majestically naked, his bodily frame worked hard through athletic endeavour. His skin was swarthy, with a smattering of dark hair, just the way she liked it when covertly photographing men down by the lake during summer. Only this time that great, self-standing, masculine rod was on display to complete the picture. Even in her plight she had to acknowledge - her ravisher looked fabulous. And somehow, she could not have begun to say why, she wanted to please him, was almost desperate to make him happy. 'Go on, move up the bed.' He bore down on her, his cock swaying in front of him, and she scrambled backwards over the heavy bedspread with Joe prowling after her, like a beast choosing its moment to pounce.

Joe gazed on her again, with her wide-eyed, frightened-deer innocence and her erotic little body - those fully curved, big-nippled breasts of hers and those soft, gently shivering thighs, framing that secret little pussy-hole. Newly come of age and about to be seriously fucked for the first time. He crawled between her opening legs, and progressed low over her body, the peaks of her breasts brushing his chest, as he came face to face with her. Deftly he reached down and ran his fingers over her vulva, making her gasp. Yes, there was moisture there, but not yet enough to ease his passage inside her.

He kissed her feverish mouth, felt her tongue cleave to his once more and loved how she responded. Then he raised himself to his knees, took her breasts like firm, ripe peaches in his hands and groped them as she moaned and shut her eyes, hauling her off the bed at one point, so strong was his grip on her tits. She cried out a little in fright and he dropped her back down, descending in pursuit of her body and sucking up one of her nipples in his mouth, thrashing it vigorously with his tongue till it was hard. Now he heard her muttering noises of reluctant enjoyment, so he went to work on her other nipple, flicking and sucking it into erectness like the first. The same fingers as before probed between her pussy lips and discovered a deal more wetness than before. He released her well-sucked breast from his mouth and smiled at her in victory. It was time.

Mary-Jane's mind danced in a conflict of anxiety and excitement. She had not asked for the sensations which this man was wresting from her body. She had not offered her chaste sex up to him. Yet here he was, fitting his cock between her thighs, pressing it up against the entrance to her secret place... Where would he fit that massive organ, was there room up there? She had heard over and over that it hurt the first time - but how much? Joe was in press-up position, his face looming somewhere above hers, wearing an expression close to triumph. She tensed her body in expectation of what she was not sure. Then she felt the lips of her vagina prised apart... and he pushed. There was a sharp, rending pain that made her yelp aloud, then an awareness of his solid thickness right there, intruding into the tight space between her thighs. Oh God, he was inside her.

So she IS a virgin. What a sweet affirmation it was for Joe. How precious to break young M-J's hymen before anyone else got there. How perfect to do what he now did - to hold his head there for a moment, just past her slick maidenly entrance, before sinking himself with one full thrust into her previously unfucked pussy. To see her throw her head back against the pillow and cry out, as she was filled with cock for the first time. He gathered her tender body close to him on the bed, so that those lovely C-cup titties squeezed up against him, and prepared to take full advantage.

Oh my God!!! Mary-Jane thought she might swoon, as her untrained passageway was opened up and overloaded with that great iron shaft. It felt gigantic inside her, a breathtakingly hard male intrusion into her young body. He held himself there, clutching her back with strong hands, his broad wrestler's torso pressed against her bosom. She felt he could crush the breath from her lungs if he chose. 'Look at me, M-J,' she was instructed. 'Look at me while I fuck you.' Her eyes flicked to his and she felt his steely, blue-grey pupils boring into her, as he began to move his body on hers. His cock glided slowly back and forth inside her, its journey eased by the juices she had secreted in response to his mouth on her breasts. The initial pain had abated and been replaced by an overwhelming sense of his bigness - filling her, stretching back her walls and tunnelling its way to her very centre. He's taking my virginity, I can't believe it - he's taking my virginity... She was astounded too at the elastic property of her own pussy, how it could expand to take him all in.

He was starting to move faster and more fluidly now, his fingers brushing her face and his eyes still burning deep into hers, as he delivered long, even strokes, each of which packed his cock deep inside her. She could hear herself emit a little plaintive moan each time he thrust, a sound that seemed to compete with his regular involuntary grunt. 'Wrap your legs around me,' he told her. 'Go on, wrap those legs round my back. I want to go deeper.' Deeper? If he went any deeper, she thought, he might spear his way into her very chest cavity, but if that was what he wanted, if that would make it better for him...

How often, thought Joe, did you get to fuck pussy like this? Tight, young pussy that just moulded itself around the surface of your dick and squeezed. Fresh, juicy pussy, unprobed by any other rod. As Mary-Jane hooked her feet around his back, opened herself wide on his instruction, he thanked his stars and drove himself into that narrow, moistened crevice, until his cock-head connected with her cervix. She let out a startled cry, so he drew back and gave it to her again. And again. And then again. Fucking her deep, fucking her as if she were used to it.

'That's nice, M-J,' he panted, speeding up his rhythm and driving just as far. 'Stay like that. Take it like a good girl.' He was screwing her in earnest now, giving her a good, grown-up pumping - opening up that tight cunt. 'Keep your eyes on me!' he ordered, as her head began to loll distractedly about the pillow. Her reddened face turned back to his and she tried to regain focus. 'That's good... Now any time in the future some guy fucks you nice, just remember he really wants to do you like this.' And he let her have it even harder.

Mary-Jane could only lie there, her petite heels clinging to the strong back of her handsome captor, as he took his full pleasure. She wasn't being made love to - she was being fucked, she was being shafted, and every time her pussy was forced wide open by that plunging ramrod, she knew it. If Joe had any idea he was taking her girlhood, he obviously didn't give a shit. He was only interested in his own pounding, sweating, groaning enjoyment. His compact weight pressed down on her and droplets of sweat fell on to her face from his, as their bodies impacted. She felt she had given up all ownership of herself; all she knew was this urgent, throbbing presence inside her and that she was starting to respond to it physically. Starting to respond to his excitement.

Joe could feel the young pelvis moving in sync with his own for the first time. Her suddenly hardened nipples were protruding into his chest, her cunt self-lubricating and opening up to receive him completely. As she lay there scarlet-faced and helpless in his gripping arms, her body was yielding itself up to him, whether or not she wanted it. Pretty M-J was getting horny and it drove him wild, made him want to fuck her through the mattress. On fire with lust, he unleashed a barrage of furious strokes, his cock reaming its path to the very heart of his honey-skinned teen-girl. Forget delivering a long, slow screw - now he just wanted to bang the fuck out of her and get himself off again. He drove himself hard and relentlessly towards his satisfaction.

Oh-oh-oh- The sound was in her head, maybe she was shouting it out loud as well... Joe was fucking her like a machine gone out of control. He was skewering her to depths that she hadn't known were possible, invading and conquering her with his hardness, and she was - she could scarcely believe it - she was enjoying it! Enjoying the way this charming-man-turned-brute was furiously drilling her, as if all life depended on it. Enjoying the determined set of his jaw, the wildness in his eyes, the way his breath quickened, as he approached his...his... Oh God... Before she could dwell on the fact that he was about to come inside her pussy, he pulled himself out, clambered on to his knees and dragged her upwards, so that she was staring at his livid, pulsing cock, fresh from inside her.

'Suck it!' he demanded urgently. 'Suck it now!' She opened her mouth and let him shove himself inside, already hot and spasming. Her lips had only just wrapped around him, her mind only registered the musky taste of her own juice on his surface, when he spurted over her tongue, drenching her taste-buds in the salty flavour of his cum once more.

'Ohhhhhhh - fuck!' Joe's hips bucked, driving his cock repeatedly to the back of Mary-Jane's mouth, as his body divested itself of another sperm-load. He ended with a long, aching groan, as all his desire drained itself free of his body, into his nubile companion. 'Lick it all off my cock, that's a good girl. Go on, swallow it down - take your medicine.' He steadied himself and watched to make sure that she swallowed every trace. Oh yes - how perfect to finish off in a young girl's mouth.

Mary-Jane felt Joe's cock depart her once more and she subsided into a sweat-drenched haze, as he climbed off the bed and walked out of the room. Her mouth was suffused with the taste of his cum and there was a dull throb in her newly banged pussy. He had fucked her so, so deep and with such little restraint... She stared at the ceiling in an exhausted daze, wondering vaguely if she would allowed to get dressed and go home now. Joe returned a moment later, planting a soft kiss on her passive lips, then sat her up and placed on of two glasses of water in her hand. She drank gratefully and silently alongside him, the cool water refreshing her throat, following its second inundation with hot sperm.

She was allowed to finish, before Joe set both glasses aside and drew her wordlessly from the bed. His penis, she noticed, was hanging slack and heavy, but had not lost all of its earlier red-hued anger. He had taken her hand and was trailing her back into the hallway. She want with him as passively as a lamb, all power stripped from her along with her clothing and her virginity. She had no idea where they were going, but sensed that she was returning to her parents' house no time soon. Naked they walked through the house, like a lustful Adam and his newly deflowered Eve. At least one of them was experiencing Paradise that evening, of that much she was sure.

Her pussy was aching, a reminder if she needed one of how fully her innocence had been taken from her by Joe's ravaging cock. She felt her skin prickle, as the sweat evaporated from its surface. Joe was leading her into his open-plan living and dining area, flicking switches as he went. The light was bright in contrast to the bedroom and Mary-Jane felt her nakedness thrown into harsh, discomfiting relief. She glanced around to see the same evidence as in the hall of a house just recently moved into - sparsely furnished, with a few pieces of Japanese artwork on the walls. Similar paintings had hung in the bedroom, she hazily recalled; there had been too many potent distractions for her to take in a great deal more.

She stopped short of the dining-room table, with an electric jolt in her chest. In the centre of the table sat a silver tray, on which was heaped a mound of fine white powder, surrounded by various related accoutrements. She had seen enough television crime shows in her life to know what was going on here. Joe let go her hand and moved to the tray, where he scooped a liberal helping of the floury substance on to a small square of mirror. He then picked up a thoughtfully set-out razor blade and divided the powder neatly into three lines. It was obvious he was practised in what he was doing, furthermore that everything had been laid out carefully earlier on. It struck Mary-Jane fleetingly that an awful lot of planning had gone into this evening.

'You want some?' he asked quite seriously, picking up a tiny tube of engraved silver.

'No,' she said, startled and hoping desperately that he would not force her to try any. 'No thanks, I don't do that.' How could he even imagine it something she would do? What type of a girl did he think he had in his house? But even as those thoughts occurred to her, she still hoped her refusal would not displease him.

Her host, however, seemed unconcerned. 'Sure, whatever.' Bending down to the table, he applied the miniature tube to his nose and within a matter of seconds had efficiently snorted up all three lines of cocaine. Mary-Jane watched in wide-eyed astonishment. A High School teacher, taking class-A drugs in front of her, as casually as though he were popping a breath mint. A High School teacher who had just fucked HER - a girl who last Spring could have been a student at his school. And he had seemed so perfect... She observed the muscular flex of his broad back and hard buttocks, as he finished taking his hit, and wondered at how she still found this appalling, debauched man attractive.

It amused Joe that Mary-Jane had seemed as shocked by the cocaine as by the recent introduction into her body of his dick. Quite the little suburban goody-two-shoes. Well she was having her cosy world shaken up tonight, that was for sure, and it wasn't over yet. 'Let's go sit down,' he said, having wiped clean his irritated nostrils. He took her by the wrist and she padded with mute obedience over the carpet, back to the living-area. 'Go on, relax.' He guided her smooth, eighteen-year-old bottom down beside him on the living-room's red leather sofa, then he picked up the TV remote and flicked through the channels, until he hit on a re-run of Dallas. He settled back, his hand resting intimately on Mary-Jane's, and let the drug course its way through his bloodstream.

He was under no illusion that cocaine directly enhanced his sexual performance, nor did he need any help in that regard; already his body was reviving, in preparation for another energetic bout of copulation. But it did serve to sharpen his senses, heighten his enjoyment - motivate him to deliver a better, longer, harder fuck mid-way through a long evening session. And there it was - the beginning of his rush, stimulating his whole system, increasing his sensory awareness of the warm, lithe body beside him. He could almost sense the blood pumping back to engorge his dick all over again.

Mary-Jane was barely aware of what show she was watching. How she had ended up sitting nude on the sofa of an equally naked, cocaine-snorting stranger twice her age, she could not fathom. Two hours previously she had been chatting animatedly with her friend under the disco lights about boys and College and music. Now a prisoner some few miles from her own home, she was divested of clothes and dignity, the sexual plaything of a depraved, albeit good-looking High School teacher.

She could sense this was only a respite, that soon Joe was going to fuck her again and at least as hard as the last time. She wondered if her pussy could take it, throbbing as it was from its premier pounding. Yet at the same time she was near-desperate not to seem like a silly girl; somehow she still wanted to be a proper woman for him. He deserved nothing from her and she knew it, but there it was in the heart of her - an unaccountable, perverse desire to bring him satisfaction. Why...? She perceived some rhythmic movement beside her and glanced cautiously to see what it was. Her sofa buddy was still watching television, while steadily stroking his cock.

There it was, thought Joe - old faithful. Stirring to life, getting ready to deliver. Joe crept his hand to Mary-Jane's inner thigh and instantly increased the flow of blood to his swelling cock. His fingers pressed into the buttery softness of her flesh close by her pussy, and he enjoyed the resultant quickening of her breath, letting it fuel his masturbation. He slid his hand upwards, raking his fingers through her cropped pubic hair, exploring the smooth concave of her stomach under his palm, ultimately cupping her breast and kneading it firmly. He spat on his fingers and felt her body shuddering under his touch, as he traced them around her broad areola, before tugging on the engorged point of her nipple. She gave a helpless little aching moan - it seemed the most erotic sound he had ever heard. In his hand his cock turned to tempered steel.

Mary-Jane squirmed under Joe's touch, currents of shameful excitement running through her body. This man scarcely knew her, yet he acted like it was his place to do with her body whatever he liked! Had she acted in the club like this was what she wanted? Was it because she had kissed him back? Did he think her a tease?

She felt him release his hold on her breast as he suddenly rose, then he was standing in front of her proudly, hand still moving on his cock. 'See? Look how hard it is.' He sounded excited, like he was showing off a wonder of nature. There was no exaggeration, however - it was as imposing and rock-like as before, only this time she knew just what it could do to her. 'Take it in your hand. Go on, see what it feels like.' She gripped it this time, the way she thought he would like, and felt its adamantine solidity between her fingers. 'See? See how hard it is for you? See what that hot little body of yours does to it? Go on, stroke it.'

She began to draw her hand up and down the shaft as firmly as she dared, watching in disturbed fascination how the near-translucent skin moved over the map of veins beneath. 'Go on M-J, don't be shy. Pump it.' She tightened her grip and gave him what he wanted. And when he told her to spit on it, she did that too, massaging his thick pole with her saliva-slickened hand, caressing the great head in her palm, feeling how it bulged. If Pammie could see her innocent friend now, she thought with a mortified flush; perched nude on the sofa - an obedient teenage sex slave, masturbating a grown man. Pumping his cock like it was a gear stick, manoeuvring him up through levels of increasing lust to an inevitable end...

It had been a long time since Joe had felt this alive, or this profoundly male. He stared at Mary-Jane's flushed face and the gentle undulation of her breasts as she worked his dick. She looked so timid and earnest down there, so totally out of her depth. What he was doing was reprehensible, he knew. It was shameful and self-indulgent. But he didn't care, because it made his cock so fucking hard. He let her stoke up his furnace a little longer - the sight of her was so damned appealing - then he lifted her from the sofa by the arm and pulled her into a tight clinch, so she could have the benefit of his stiffness flat against her belly. Breaking the kiss he gazed into her panting face, his heart pounding, his drug-inflamed desire raging within him. He had fucked her throat, then her cunt. And that night he was going to break in ALL her holes. He was going to leave nothing for any other man. Now that would make the evening perfect. 'Come on, back to the bed.'

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