tagIncest/TabooWhat My Niece Saw

What My Niece Saw


"Uncle Mike, if I tell you something, do you promise not tell anyone?"

"Of course, Stephi honey."

"I got invited over the Johnsons' house. They go to our church. It was mom's idea and sister Johnson's. She has a daughter who is eighteen, just like me. Mom is friends with sister Johnson. The girl, Tanya, is shy. They just started coming to our church, just the mom and the girl; their father, her stepfather, stays home."

"That was nice of you and your mom."

"I wish that she didn't do stuff like that, volunteer me to be friends with a girl I don't know. We're supposed to fellowship new members of our church, but I feel shy too."

"That's your mom, always trying to adopt a stray puppy."

My niece laughed.

"It was kinda nice over their house. Sister Johnson is so nice. We made Christmas cookies and then ate them all, even though we supposed be making them to send to two boys from our church who are in Iraq."

I laughed this time. "You'll have to make more next time."

"I don't want to go back."

"Why not?"

"Well, this is what I wanted to tell, that you can't tell anyone, okay?"

"Sure, honey, I promised."

"After we went to bed, me and Tanya --- you know, the girl --- sharing her bed and talking, I woke up and she wasn't there. I figured that she'd gone to the bathroom, but she didn't come back. I felt sort of scared and creepy, you know, all alone, in her room, in her bed too, instead of mine, in her house, her apartment, instead of ours."

"I bet."

"So after a while, I got up. I figured I'd go to the bathroom and go find her. They have an apartment, just two bedrooms. It's kinda small, not like our big house."

"Not everyone can afford a house."

"I know. But I thought that she was probably watching TV, maybe that she'd got up to watch TV and had just fallen asleep."

I said, "I bet that that's what happened."

"When I looked in their living room, I could see her and her dad, her stepdad. The TV was on, you know, with a nasty movie." My niece started to cry. "Mr. Johnson --- he doesn't come to our church, so he's not a brother in our church. --- was watching the movie, and Tanya had her head in his lap. Her head was going up and down. She was just in her panties, and she was kneeling in front of his chair, her head leaned and bent over into his lap. Their living room has no door, and it was dark in the hallway, so they couldn't see me. Mr. Johnson was watching the movie, with two naked girls kissing and touching each other's boobies, and Tanya couldn't see me because she had her head down there, you know, in his lap."

"Wow, sweetie. That must've scared you. I don't want you to go back there, either."

"I'm glad. Maybe you could talk to mom."

"I will."

"You can't tell her the reason, you promised."

"I won't. I'll tell her a lie, that I know Mr. Johnson, have heard that he drinks and make your mom promise not to tell anyone."

She giggled.

"How did you feel, when you saw what you saw?" I asked.

"At first, it was just so weird and shadowy that I couldn't figure out what I was seeing, with just the glow of the TV for light. But then the TV got brighter all of a sudden. Instead of the two lezzy girls in the bedroom, a guy was doing it to this girl with really big boobies, next to a swimming pool, outside in the sun, so that it was much brighter, bright enough so that I knew that she was sucking his penis. Mom told me that nasty girls do that, Jezebels, take men's penises in their mouths, or that nasty men force their good Christian wives to do it."

I didn't know what to say to that. My sister and her family were very religious, and I didn't want to get into an argument about values and faith, morals and sin with my niece, especially at at a time when she was confiding something that had happened to her that was so traumatic.

But then, I couldn't help myself. I said, "Some couples do that out of love, the woman to please her man, because she loves him. Some women enjoy pleasing their husbands and boyfriends that way, out of love, and not because they are harlots and Jezebels."

She asked, "Really?"


"I could see Mr. Johnson's face, and he really looked happy or something, sort of like he was eating the best tasting food in the world, you know, like chocolate cake with ice cream or something. And then Tanya pulled her head up and looked at him like she wanted to see his face. She looked happy too. And then he lifted her up by her elbows and kissed her right on the mouth and squeezed her boobies. She giggled and kissed him back, too, like she really liked kissing him."

I became aroused. My cock grew and made a pointed teepee in my pants. I didn't want her to see, so I reached over and got a magazine from the coffee table and put it over my lap, hoping that she wouldn't wonder why I'd done it.

"And then he pushed her back down again, and she sucked him again. He put his hand on the top of her head, but toward the back." She put her own hand on the top back of her head to show me. "He pushed her head down and pulled her up by her hair. I could see it, see what they were doing, saw her head going up and down, up and down, and I knew that she had his penis in her mouth."

"Did they see you?"

"No. I got scared and went back in her room, got back in her bed and pulled the covers up over my head, like I wanted to hide from everything. And then I couldn't sleep, I felt so scared. Like an hour later, she came back to bed. I pretended that I was asleep. In the morning, Saturday morning, I just wanted to go home, but I was supposed to stay for the whole weekend, until final church services, testimony meeting, at 7 PM on Sunday. Then, that night, Saturday night, she snuck out of the bed again, only I knew because I was only pretending to be asleep."

"Did you go watch again?"

She began to cry again. "Yes, I watched. I couldn't help myself. It was like I had to go and watch again, like something was making me do it, even though I didn't want to do it. She climbed on top of him, her hips over his, in his chair, with Tanya going up and down. I knew that they were having sex, real sex. She was naked. She has big boobies, and they were shaking and bobbing up and down too, and he was squeezing them and smacking them so hard that I could hear the sound of his hand hitting her skin on her boobies, smacking her right on her nipples. I could see her face. She looked like she loved it."

I couldn't help myself. I said, "Wow." It just slipped out.

But she didn't seem to notice or understand what I meant.

"When was that?"

"A couple weeks ago."

"And you wonder if you should tell someone?"

"Tell someone?" She looked confused by the idea. "We're not supposed to gossip. It's a sin. It's the reason I asked you to promise not to tell, the reason that I came to talk to you, because you don't know them and because I love you and trust you and know that you would help me like you always do."

"You could tell someone in authority, like the police or someone at your school."

"What could they do?"

"I don't know." I didn't know what the laws were regarding consensual sex between a man and his eighteen-year-old stepdaughter.

"I just wanted to know why they'd do that. He has sister Johnson, and he is her stepdad."

"I guess that sex is such a powerful thing that it makes them do it with each other."

"You don't think that maybe sister Johnson doesn't let him do it with her, so that he had to go her daughter for sex instead?"

"I don't know. But men like young pretty girls."

"Mom said that men and boys need sex, that it's like a crazy devil in all guys. Do guys your age really like girls my age?"


"You do?"

I laughed and said, "Sometimes."

She giggled and said, "You're a dirty old man."

"I guess so."

She said, "Tanya is really pretty. She is Dominican. Her mother is too, of course, but her stepdad is white."

"A lot of Dominican girls are very pretty."

"But why do guy like young girls better? Why do you like us better?"

"Girls your age and a little older are just a lot prettier."


"Oh, your faces," I changed what I was saying, so as not to make it about my niece, "young girls faces are prettier, their bodies sexier."

"Mom told me that she wishes that her boobies didn't sag, that she wished that still had ones like mine."

I laughed. "A lot of women would take a pill to stay looking like you do now, if they could, would pay a lot of money for such a pill too. I bet that a lot of women would sell their souls to the devil to stay young all their lives."

She laughed.

"Is that all you were wondering about, why they'd do it?" I asked. I meant Tanya and her stepfather having sex.

"No, I don't know . . . I just keep thinking about what I saw. I worry that I think about it too much, worry that it makes me feel so weird when I do think about it. I never saw anyone doing that stuff before."

"How often do you think about it?"

She looked afraid for a moment, and then she giggled nervously. She didn't answer.

"Do you think about it in your bed at night?"


"Every night since then?"

"Yes. Am I sick or something?"

"No. Remember that I said that sex is a powerful thing?"

"Yes. But I feel so weird when I think about it."

"Like butterflies in your belly?"

She giggled again. "A little."

"Do you . . . I guess I shouldn't ask that one." I laughed nervously.

"Ask what?"

"No, I shouldn't ask."

She laughed and said, "Ask. It's okay. If I don't want to answer, I'll just lie."

"Do you get wet between your legs?"

She had a fit of nervous giggles.

"It's okay, it's okay, sweetie. It's nothing to worry about."

"It like leaks out of my vulva."

She knew all the correct terms but few of the slang ones.

"It's just that you get aroused, girls get sexually excited, sort of like when a man gets an erection," women get wet." I assumed that she knew that men got erect.

"But it's so sick and twisted. He is her stepdad, and she sucks his penis. That's so gross, both of them, sucking a penis and having sex with your stepdad. Gross, gross, gross!"

"Sometimes forbidden things, and gross things even, are the most arousing."

"No one would get aroused by such a thing unless they were sick."

I thought for a moment, as she carefully watched my face, probably looking for any sign of disgust.

I asked, "Do you think that I'm sick?"

"No, of course not."

"Well, don't tell your mom or your dad that I told you this, don't tell anyone, but when you told me, told the story about what you saw, I got aroused, not when I thought that maybe it was something that he was making his stepdaughter do, but only when you said that they kissed, said that it really looked like that she truly likes to please him."

"You're just saying that to make me feel better."

"No, it's true. Remember when I reached over for the magazine? I did it to cover up, to cover that I was getting erect. I didn't want you to see that, didn't want to make you uncomfortable."

She giggled. "No, you're just saying that to make me feel better."

I uncovered my cock, showing her the pup-tent.

"Wow. Really? Are you still aroused?"

"Yes, I am. Not as excited, but still half erect."

"Show me, show me your penis, so that I'll know that your not lying."

"That's not a good idea."

She giggled and said, "I got wet when I was telling you. I can tell now when it's happening. I get tingly and then I feel it. I even wish that I could see your penis, wish that I could touch it. I never saw one before. I worry that I'm becoming a Jezebel."

I laughed nervously and covered my crotch with the magazine again.

She asked, "Do you think that it's wrong?"

"Wrong to get excited by such a story, wrong that you get aroused when you remember what you saw?"

"No. That's just sick!" She giggled. "I didn't mean to say that you're sick, but I am. But is it wrong what they are doing, a girl having sex with her stepdad? I know mom would say that it's wrong, that Reverend Thomas would say it too, but do you think that it's wrong?"

"I don't know. I guess that I don't know enough about them to decide."

"Would you do that, with your stepdaughter, if you had one?"

I'm divorced, but I've never remarried.

I laughed. "Would she be really cute?"

My niece laughed.

I said, "I guess that I think it wrong of Mr. Johnson to cheat on his wife with her daughter. Maybe I'd do that with my ex-wife's daughter, if she had one, but only if my ex-wife didn't know. I wouldn't want to hurt her that way. Mrs. Johnson could've caught them just as easily as you did, and she lives right there in their apartment with them."

"Would you if she were only eighteen?" she asked.

I laughed again. "Maybe. I don't know."

"You said that you like girls my age."

I laughed again. "Okay, I probably would, but I guess I wouldn't want it to be only once. I'd want her to come over day, maybe after school. If she loved me enough still to want to fool around me, to have sex with me, I'd want it to because we really loved each other."

My niece laughed again. "You really are a dirty old man.

I laughed. "Yes, I am."

"Do you think that she knows?" my niece asked, jumping back to the subject of the Johnsons.

"You mean Mrs. Johnson? Maybe she knows, but she was the one who invited you over. I think that if she knew or suspected that she'd have been too ashamed to invite you over."

"I just get so wet sometimes when I think about it, and that's sick." She was simply jumping from topic to topic and not really listening to my answers to her questions.

"Sweetie, you saw, but you only told me the story, and I got hard, and I'm still hard."

"You're still hard? She surprised my by reaching over and pulling the magazine away and uncovering my crotch-tent.

Surprised, I laughed. "Hey, give me that back!"

She was looking right at my crotch.

"I never saw a guy's penis. I didn't see his. I only saw her head going up and down, then the next night saw her body going up and down. I wish that I could see one."

"You will, when you're ready."

"I feel ready now. You said that you'd fool around with a girl my age, even if she was your ex-wife's daughter. Tanya is getting fucked and she's sucking her own stepdad's penis. But mom won't even let me date. She barely lets me talk to boys, and only the good robot boys from our church."

My sister and her husband are very conservative.

"Your mom is a nutcase." It just slipped out. I had long thought my sister a nut-job, but I didn't mean to criticize her to my niece.

My niece laughed. "Would you show me you penis? I promise not to tell anyone."

"I don't think that that's a good idea."

She whispered, "I'd let you see me too."

I laughed nervously. My niece is very cute and very sexy. She has curly strawberry blond hair and creamy white skin and sparkling, sapphire-blue eyes. Her pert breasts are the size of oranges, and her butt is round and sexy.

She whispered, "Would you just check me to make sure that everything is normal?" There was no one around to hear her, but she continued to whisper. "I worry that there's something wrong, something that makes me get so wet. A weird white foam leaks out too. I looked at myself down there in the mirror, but I don't know what is normal. You were married. You've had girlfriends. You know what's normal down there."

"You could see a doctor."

"Mom would want to know why, and besides, I wouldn't want a stranger looking at me down there, even a lady doctor. I trust you."

"I just don't think that it's a good idea."

"Please, just check it, please."

She lifted up her thin cotton skirt of her dress and her slip at the same time. It was summer and her legs were bare. The dress only went as far as her knees when she sat.

I couldn't help myself. I looked at her bare thighs.

She opened her legs so that I could see the wet crotch of her white cotton panties and lifted her dress so high that I could see a little of her bare belly. Her panties were soaked, soaked from the crack of her butt to inches above her pussy, almost to her uncovered belly.

I was too far gone to fight it any more. I whispered, "You'll have to take your panties off."

"I know."

She let go of the her dress and it fell back over her thighs, but only for a moment. She hiked it up all the way and lifted up her butt a little off the couch and quickly began to pull her panties down.

"Thanks, uncle Mike. I owe you a huge favor."

"Take your dress off too."

She was already pulling her panties down over her knees.


She pulled them over her sensible, flat, hard-soled flip-flops and dropped them on the floor next to her feet. Then she kicked her flip-flops off. She wasn't wearing socks.

She got up and came up close to me and turned around, so that her back was toward me.

I scooted up close to the edge of my lazy-boy and unzipped the back of her dress all the way down.

Still standing up close to me, she started to pull her it off her shoulders.

I was very aroused. Unable to help myself, I unhooked her bra too.

She didn't object or giggle or anything. She dropped her dress around her ankles and then skinned off her bra and then, still holding her bra in her left hand, used both hands to pull down her slip too and dropped them both, her slip and her bra, so that she was completely naked. She stepped out of her the puddle that she'd made of dress and her slip and turned so that she was facing me.

She giggled nervously. She was naked, but she was covering her breasts with her arm and most of her fire-red bush with her cupped hand.

"No guy's ever seen me before."

I was looking. "Show me, I want to see."

"Okay." She dropped her arms to her side. She giggled nervously and teased me. "Now you want to see?"

I said, "Yes, I do."

I got up and she sat again on my couch. I sat on the coffee table and pulled it up close to her.

She was sitting so that she was facing me, with her knees modestly together. I put my hands on her knees and gently pushed them open.

There really was white foam leaking out of her pussy, about a tablespoon or two of it.

Her pinkish-brown nipples were all pointy and puckered, hard and distended. They were a little bigger around than quarters.

I didn't ask if it was okay. I reached out and touched her pussy lips. Her fine soft red hair was sparse over her pussy. I rubbed her lips, first the outside and then down that magic valley, and then I flicked her clit.

She twitched and giggled nervously.

I pushed a finger inside her and felt her hymen. She was very wet inside too. I fingered in and out for a moment, and then I found the menstrual hole in her hymen and probed it. It seemed to be a little smaller than the my index finger was around.

"This may hurt a little. I have to make the hole a little bigger to get my finger inside, to see if everything is okay."

"What do you mean, make my vulva bigger?"

I laughed and started to explain about her hymen, but she giggled and said that it was okay, that she understood what I meant once I'd mentioned her "maidenhead."

I laughed, not really surprised that she knew that word, but I'd never actually heard the word spoken before in my entire lifetime.

I was very aroused. "It might be a good idea to really feel around in there, with two fingers, to see if it's okay, but I'm worried about breaking more of your maidenhead."

"You can break it as much as you need to, even if it hurts. If I had a boyfriend right now, I'd let him fuck me as much as he wanted, whenever he wanted. I'd even suck his penis too. Go ahead, really stick your fingers in there, if you think that you should, even if it hurts."

I said, "I don't want to hurt you. It might help with the pain if I rub you right here."

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