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What’s In A Name


I recently went on a business trip without my husband and the very first morning when I walked from my hotel to the office I noticed a bar, which advertised everything associated with women. That evening, upon my return to my hotel, I saw two women enter the same establishment. I realized it was a lesbian bar and strangely, felt a tingle in my groin as I made the discovery.

Although I am attracted to women, sexually and emotionally, I do not consider myself a lesbian and have been married to my husband for 36 years. I have had encounters with several women and have enjoyed them. My best friend Linda and I first experimented when we were young and have remained close ever since, but I do not make a habit of seeking women to be my sexual partners.

I found myself staring at the bar every time I walked past and several times I returned to my hotel and ended up touching myself when I thought about what might be happening inside. Friday afternoon, the day before I was to return home, I decided I would no longer fantasize about what went on, but would actually pay a visit later that day.

After work I returned to my hotel, showered and did, what I thought was a superb job on my make-up. I decided to wear my black cocktail dress, as it was the only dressy thing I had brought on this trip. I stared at myself in the mirror and was, after all these years, still pleased with what I saw.

My 30 minutes of aerobics everyday have helped in the battle against sagging and cellulite. Although my breasts have gone from a C to a D and from 36 to 38, they still point forward and have round firmness to them. My skin has stayed tight, a result from not going in the sun very often and wearing a high SPF when I do.

I felt ready but very nervous and several times nearly backed out of my intent. I forced myself and off I went. The walk through the hotel lobby gave me confidence. I turned a few heads and received several smiles from men as they passed. A few minutes later I approached the club. I glanced around to make sure no one from the office was there and I went in and up the stairs.

It was dimly lit and I nervously made my way to the bar. To my surprise I was only there two minutes when a woman came up and began to speak to me. She was in her forties and quite tough looking, not at all the sort of person I would choose to chat with and it soon proved that we were not compatible when she asked me to join a few of her friends at her house.

A few women said hello and I returned the greeting. I was a little uncomfortable and decided to leave, but first made my way to the ladies room (quite funny because there was no men's room).

When I entered I saw two women tightly embraced, kissing each other on the lips. I went into the stall and heard them moan. I was surprised how wet I was and when I finished I stared at them. They saw me and told me to mind my own business.

I was a little afraid and left the bathroom. I had decided to leave when a woman standing next to me, said hello. She was pretty and quite a bit younger than I am. We chatted for a bit and she seemed really nice so we grabbed a table and had another drink. I was starting to feel a bit tipsy and I think she had devoured a few as well. She said I looked so much younger than her mother who was the same age as me (not sure if that was a compliment).

She said she wished I was her mother to which I just stared, not knowing what to say. She pulled the chair closer and asked if I would mind if she called me mommy. I said I guess not and she took my hand in hers and brought it to her chest. She leaned forward and kissed me on my mouth. I automatically parted my lips and I felt her tongue glide in-between, drawing a circle around mine. It was a real turn on for me and I responded by sucking lightly on her tongue.

Her hand moved to my breast and I felt her grip tighten around it. "They are so large," she said. I am hungry mommy. I looked at her wondering what I was supposed to do next. She continued to massage my breast and then asked if I had a place we could go to. I was a bit hesitant and she explained that her husband would be at home otherwise we could have gone to her house.

I said I had a hotel room a few blocks away and we decided to go. We were careful in the streets in case someone recognized either of us, but as soon as we stepped into my room she pushed me against a wall and started kissing me passionately.

I was so wet I thought my juices were flowing down my legs, but I responded by pushing my tongue deep inside her mouth. I felt her hands on my buttocks and then on my breasts and a moment later she reached behind me to unzip my dress. It fell to the floor and she was quite amazed that I was not wearing a bra or panties.

She stood back and stared at my breasts and immediately dived her face into them. She sucked hard and nibbled on my nipples, making them pink and perky. I almost came when she flicked them with her tongue.

She guided me to the bed and I willingly lay on my back. I felt her hands between my legs, separating them to openly expose my womanhood. Then, like a bolt of ecstasy, I felt her finger penetrate my opening. She expertly guided it in and out of my honeypot and I was overcome with passion. I squirmed and moaned and she continued. A moment later a second finger joined the first and my pleasure was doubled.

I was in a trance and barely felt her third finger enter me, followed immediately by a fourth. I looked into her eyes and saw the fire as she expertly, without inducing pain, slid her entire hand into my vagina. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever felt before and I was nearing a climax. She continued to move her hand in and out and I could feel her fingers randomly touch the inside walls, which created an entirely new level of excitement.

It was only a moment until I felt the tension in my tummy. My legs riveted straight out to accompany my orgasm. I screamed and shook and vaguely remember her silencing my mouth with her lips. Finally, after what seemed an eternity, I relaxed, but she did not stop. She continued the exercise and I quickly felt a second orgasm approach.

Not as violent as the first, but extremely satisfying. She slowly removed her hand and I could feel the pain of being stretched. She continued to kiss me and at one point asked if I had ever been fisted. I slowly shook my head and she smiled. She shifted her position and removed her blouse. I stared at her smooth young skin and when she unhooked her bra and let it fall I was face to face with her firm, round breasts. They looked inviting and I guess she knew what I wanted. She leaned forward and hovered one over my mouth. I parted my lips and she lowered her body. Her breast fell into my mouth and she pushed down, allowing me to suck her nipple.

She then moved to the other one and repeated the action. I sucked furiously and loved the sensation. My friend Linda's breasts are not as large and I was unaware of the pleasure felt by being forced to suck someone's nipple.

A moment later she sat up and removed her jeans. She slid them down and I watched her take them off. I moved my hand to my mound and began to slowly rub it. She was totally nude and in great shape. Her breasts were a size smaller than mine but her legs and bum were firm. She moved forward and lifted her leg over me. A moment later I was staring at her vagina, as it floated above me. She lowered herself slowly making sure that her trimmed pussy was over my mouth. I opened and she let it fall. My tongue automatically darted out and entered her hole. I licked furiously and she rocked back and forth.

It was not long before she began to tremble and I felt her shake violently. A moment later I felt her love juice gush into my mouth as if a tap had been turned on. I knew it was a good orgasm for her and I drank her cum. A minute later she slumped and lay beside me, smiling contently.

We rested, cuddled in each other's arms and after a short while she again began to explore my private area. We talked about how I wax my vagina every three weeks and how smooth it was. She asked if she could taste it. I smiled and she moved into a sixty-nine position. Again I had an opportunity to taste her love hole and we lay embraced tightly holding each other's buttocks and pushing each other into our mouths.

We both licked and lapped and if you had walked into the room you would have been deafened by the moans of pleasure. We were both extremely amorous and came twice, both times together. It was a wonderful feeling. We kissed and tasted each other's love juice as we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning we woke and kissed. We showered and went downstairs for breakfast. She went to her place and I went back upstairs. I lay on the bed for a moment reminiscing about the night before and masturbated twice, seeking that constant level of satisfaction, which was reached the night before. I showered again and dressed. I went downstairs, checked out of the room and looked for a taxi to take me to the airport. I smiled softly for it was then that I realized I did not even know her name.

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