tagMatureWhat She Needs

What She Needs


Chapter 1

It was mid afternoon and David was unloading the surfboards from his truck when she pulled up to the house next door. He couldn't help but stop and look, it was always interesting to check out the new weekly renters.

Owning in this small vacation town one never knew what might move in temporarily next door. You had wild young college kids looking to party; single families with three or six screaming bratty kids; multiple young or older retired couples just looking for a get away. It was luck of the draw either way.

This girl was young, and for the time, it seemed alone. She got out and looked around, looking down at her paper and then up at the house. Here it came again, why hadn't the rental agency hung the sign up yet. She looked over at him and smiled; he knew she wanted to ask, so he made it simple on her.

"If you are looking for 'Gone Fishin' then you found it." He started to walk over closer, to help his voice carry over the breeze and humming traffic.

"Oh, thank you. They really should put the name on it, or the number."

He rolled his eyes slightly, nodding; he heard it about twice a month.

He had his short board tucked under his arm. For some reason he took in a deep breath, pulling in his stomach and straightening his stance. It must have been the sweet look this younger attractive woman was giving him.

"How is the surf?"

"Choppy, been a waste of time for the past few days, sadly." He noticed the surf racks on her SUV, but they were empty.

She just shrugged, "I don't surf; its just kinda a force of habit to ask, seeing the board. My ex...." She looked down as her voice trailed off.

"Anyway, thank you." She started to turn away then turned back, smiling. "My name's Laura. I will be here for a month. You can relax about having multiple new neighbors."

Her smile was like bright rays of sun on an early morning. He took the moment to really drink her in, long copper and gold waves swayed around her shoulders, drifting down to her tiny waist and well formed rear. She was in shape, not the athletic build, but tiny and refined with proportionate toning to her muscles. The small tan tank top offered just a glimpse of her flat belly and the light caught off a jewel in her navel. His eyes travelled up and down, and his smile widened at her simple beauty. The way those short cut-offs stopped in just the right place on her thighs, and the cling of her top to perfectly shaped breasts; he assumed they were real, not small, but not overly done and huge hanging off her.

He set the board against his house and walked over, stepping across the small decorative rope separating the two properties, extending his hand.

"David....pleased to meet you."

Her grasp was strong, but feminine; he was impressed.

"How did you guess I was a local?'

"Well, I have vacationed here since I was a little girl. You kinda get to know these things." Again that warm ray of early sunshine.

Now, this close, he could see how bright green her eyes were, completely mesmerizing. They seemed to glow from with in, and her face was like fine porcelain, delicate, angelic. "Since a little girl," the phrase made him smile; she looked like she was barely twenty-one.

She looked down; there was a pause for a bit.

"This is my first time down here alone." Her tone was a bit sad; then she looked up with a shocked look, realizing she had just told a stranger she would be alone here.

"Mighty big house not to share" Trying to offer her a quick way to salvage herself,

She didn't miss a beat, "well, I have friends and my dad dropping in from time to time while here." Her smile returned.

"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask, ok Laura?

"Thank you, David, very kind of you."

He turned and walked off leaving her to check into the home and get settled in. Laura quickly fussed at herself. How stupid, Laura. He may seem like a dad, but he is a stranger.

She let herself in and wandered through the large home. On the first level there was a bed room, a theatre room, a pool table and wet bar. The rec room was done up in a bar motif, coke signs, a surf board with a bite missing from it labeled with "Landshark." She walked out to the pool and hot tub, dipping her foot into the water as she took a deep breath of the salt air, then headed back in.

Making her way to the second level there were three bedrooms and a laundry area. Each room was done in fish themes, the one kid's room had Nemo and all his friends painted on the walls. It was cute. Winding up the stairwell, she went to the top level with the living area and king sweet.

Her breath caught in her chest as she looked out over the view. The one wall looking out was nothing but windows. The house she was staying in was across the beach road from the ocean, and sat perfectly between two other houses. Her view of the rolling waves and foamy white caps was unobstructed. She sighed and smiled, for the first time in five months, she finally felt no stress and nothing but good vibes went through her.

She couldn't help but laugh at the huge Blue Marlin hanging on the wall across from the windows. The kitchen was huge and well stocked.

Laura pushed through the double doors into the master suite and was in awe. A large four posted king bed was dressed in lush satin coverings of a beautiful bright aqua. Picturesque scenes of sail boats and beaches hung on the walls. She stood there for a moment then felt like a school girl as she lunged into the big fluffy bed and thick pillows, giggling as she rolled around on it.

After laying there a moment, she sat up and headed into the bathroom, again laughing as she looked at the huge soaker tub with jets and large walk in shower. It even had a bench!

"My God! You could get four or five people in here!"

Walking back into the living area she decided to unload the car and then call her dad while unpacking.

She hurried down the stairs and out to her truck, bringing in bags and some of the groceries she had brought with her. She had made note of the nearest grocery store when she came through, deciding she could go this evening or tomorrow morning.

The cooler was the only item left in the truck, and she looked over at her neighbor hosing down some lawn furniture as she went to get it. David was quite handsome for an older man and in shape too. He had that older sophisticated look going for him with salt and pepper hair. She could tell it had once been almost jet black and still held most of its color. What amazed her were the bright blue eyes. They reminded her of a perfectly cloudless mid day in spring. To keep that bright hue in his older years was astonishing.

Laura watched him for a moment. She chuckled somewhat, from here she really would have thought he was late twenties or early thirties. He was wearing bright green and grey board shorts that came fully to his knees, just like the younger guys wore; and his bare chest and back glistened in the suns light. She could see the muscles rippling. Her breath caught in her chest, and she quickly turned her head and blushed at having looked him over like that. Good Lord, Laura, he's gotta be 30 years older than you. But he certainly didn't seem like it from here.

As a matter fact a jeep full of young girls honked and hollered at him as they drove by. Laura laughed and saw him look up shake his head and run his fingers through his hair.

She quickly turned and started to pull out the cooler from the back of her SUV. She had loaded it and been able to get it in there, but the thought of carrying it up the two flights of stairs made her take a deep breath and sigh in early frustration.

She heaved it out of the truck and waddled to the house, plopping it down at the door and releasing the breath she was holding in. Laura wasn't a wimp by any means; actually she had more physical strength than most of her friends, even the guys, but she also had a bad habit of over doing things. That meant packing as well.

As she took another deep breath to lift it again, she heard a voice over her shoulder.

"I said if you needed anything to just ask."

Tucking a loose curl behind her ear she straightened up and smiled to him.

"I can manage. I have all day to move that thing up each step one at a time. I am on vacation after all. Besides, I didn't want to impose on my first day."

He smiled and shook his head, lifting the cooler as she opened the door for him. He headed up the stairs knowing this house very well. It was identical to his.

Most houses around here are all built in the same manner; party on the first level, beds on the second, and family rooms and lovely views up top. But in this particular instance, the four houses that sat in this row were all exactly the same model. David almost bought this house, but he wanted some extra features and his house wasn't completely finished at the time of purchase.

He sat the cooler by the fridge and looked over to Laura.

"Did you pack your neighbors fridge also? We do have grocery stores on the island."

She laughed, "I know that. But I had a lot of stuff that would have gone bad. I don't like waste."

"Makes sense."

He laughed seeing the Marlin hanging on the wall, "I was with him when John caught that thing. Almost pulled him into the water."

"I just figured they bought it from one of those beach furniture places."

"No, John is an avid fisherman. That's why he and his wife bought this place. Though I have only met her twice. He comes here, and she goes to New York to shop."

She joined him in laughter.

"When my father comes down, we are going out deep water fishing. I chartered the boat before I booked the house." She laughed softly. "I hope to catch one that size. Hell, I'll be happy with a good size Cobia."

"At this point, I am just happy to go out and hit a good school of tuna. They fight and are fun, and I enjoy the meat better."

She nodded in acknowledgement. "I've never caught tuna either; just the little things in the bay, spot, flounder, rock fish can be fun."

He looked down at his watch; then smiled back up to her. Laura was struck again by how handsome he was.

"Well, again, if you need anything, please let me know. I am usually around."

"I'll see you out, and thank you."

She followed him down to the lower level and said good bye as she shut the door. Pulling out her cell phone she dialed her dad and went back up stairs.

He asked about the drive down, the weather, the house. She answered all of his questions and they talked about who would be coming down next weekend and if she was going to head over to the cove to check on the boat charter for the weekend he came down.

"Oh and Dad, you will be happy to know there is an older man that lives next door, a local. He's been very nice and helped with the cooler. So your little girl has someone to help her." She smiled into the phone, wondering at what age she would be old enough that he wouldn't worry and think she needed help.

"Well, that's good. You know I wasn't crazy about you going down there by yourself...not for a whole month anyway."

"I know Daddy, but I needed it."

"I know sweetie. These have been hard days for all of us, but you especially."

There was a long silence and then he spoke up, "I love you, Laura. Have fun and call me regularly, ok?"

"Sure thing Daddy. I love you, too."

They hung up and she headed back into her bedroom to unpack her bags and begin the unwinding.

(author's note - this is my first submission in this category...please give me feedback. sorry no sex in this one, but keep reading)

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