tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 02

What She Needs Ch. 02


Chapter 2 (day 2..golf...gas leak...Maria)

Laura rubbed the sleep from her green eyes as she rolled away from the window in her bedroom. Looking at the clock she was surprised to see it was only 7:30 in the morning. She normally was a sleepy head that could let the day pass as she slumbered with wonderful dreams. She closed her eyes and tried to go back to sleep, after all, she was on vacation.

After several minutes, she sighed and tossed back the covers. She climbed out of bed and went straight over to fetch a bathing suit, no point in putting on clothes to only change again later.

"Does anyone really need this many bathing suits?" She muttered to herself looking through them all.

The plan was to lounge around the pool today, nothing really on her mind but to read a book and work on a tan. With that thought in mind she chose a small string bikini. It was a slate grey with a large rose covering one breast and also the small bit of material that covered her round ass. As all women do, she checked out her bare body in the full length mirror, making a little face as she pushed her tits up and together. They weren't tiny, but she wouldn't have minded bigger ones.

After tying the bikini in place and pulling over a thin white sun dress, she brushed her teeth and long red mane, choosing to tame the wild curls in a twist at the back of her head.

In the kitchen she started a pot of coffee and pulled out a bagel and cream cheese. Laura looked through the mass of books she had brought with her and picked a mystery out. She would loose herself in the "who done it" and soft core sex while basking in the sun.

Taking her coffee, bagel, and book out on the top deck at the front of the house she sat down in a pink Adirondack chair and propped her bare feet up on the railing. She needed a pedicure, isn't it funny how women think of those things at the strangest times. The ocean was beautiful as the sun crept up from the lulling waves.

Laura isn't sure what made her look over to David's house, but there he was standing at the railing of his own deck, coffee cup in hand. He waved to her and made his way to the small gap between the houses since she was seated near by.

"Get settled in ok?" He called over.

She took a sip of her coffee and smiled. "Yup, went to the store yesterday afternoon."

David laughed, "Oh really? I hope you didn't buy anything that needed refrigeration."

"Of course I did! I have two fridges here." She teased then took a bite of her bagel.

David looked down at a Hummer pulling into his driveway, two other men climbed out of the vehicle.

Laura stood and leaned forward looking at them as David spoke up, "My clubs are at the door, I am on my way down."

The one guy just waved without looking up, the other man looked to Laura with a smile.

"Nine AM tee time." David said.

"Ahhhh....to be retired." Laura then grumbled at herself; she had just made an assumption and hated to be that kind of person.

"I wouldn't know. I just made some good life decisions and now sit back and watch the money roll in."

He didn't seem upset by her statement, but she added quickly, "I am sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

"Makes sense, I'm an old guy that is off to play golf. Enjoy your day, Laura."

As he turned to head back in she called behind him, "Have fun, David."

He stopped in his tracks and looked over his shoulder, a sneer on his lips, "We play for a hundred a hole, fun has nothing to do with it."

She sat there with her jaw dropped as he slid the door closed. Ok, so she assumed he was probably well off living in that house, but really? A hundred dollars per hole? That was a lot of money.

She looked down and watched him shake hands with the guys and climb into the truck, a quick look up to her as he did. She picked up her book and took another bite of her bagel as they drove off.

"Who's the hot thing sitting up on that deck?" Mark asked as he maneuvered the Hummer out onto the road.

"Her name is Laura, and she is young enough to be any one of our daughters."

"Not mine," Steve quickly spoke up, "She never looked that good."

They three laughed and then Steve asked, "Is she there by herself?"

"Yes, for the most part. She will be having friends stopping by while she is here. She is staying for a month."

"Wow! A month! Lucky man, David." Mark spewed.

David just took a deep breath and ignored his friend. It wasn't that Mark wasn't right. David had lay in bed last night and thought about how

beautiful she was, and that she was completely alone over there. He was even happy that she would be around for a month. But that was a better option than Mr. and Mrs. Smith with their four kids that kept throwing toys over the fence into his pool.

He enjoyed the morning of golf, even though he lost a total of 400 dollars. Getting back to the house he joked with the guys. Mark was pushing to come in for a beer; David knew he was just hoping for a shot at seeing or talking to Laura. Steve was just smiling and shaking his head; he had that look that said, "what are you gonna do, he's Mark." Truth is Steve wouldn't have minded the beer and view either.

"Fine, come on in. I suppose you will want a sandwich as well."

"That would be great, David."

They got their beers and sandwiches and headed out to the back deck. Just like Mark was hoping, Laura was laid out by the pool. She was stretched out on a lounge chair offering her backside for view. Even David gasped. It looked as though she had pulled the bottoms up her ass cheeks higher to maximize the tan, and the strings of her top were undone.

She looked so sexy with the red curls twisted up on her head, the random breeze catching the loose curls and swishing them about her face. But she also looked cute and young as she laid there with her lower legs bent up over her, crossing her ankles and lightly kicking the air randomly as she read her book.

David took a long drink of his beer and found it hard to pull his eyes away from her.

Mark spoke up first, "Damn. I am going to have to spend more time over here for the next month."

"Not on your life. I won't have you drooling all over that little girl."

"I think you are missing the point of having money, David. Girls like that are looking for a sugar daddy. And men like us get to walk around with women that are way to young and way to hot for us just because we can buy them all the things those stupid boys their age can't afford."

David looked at Steve, then to Mark, "You know, I have known you for fours years now, and while I knew you were a man whore, I did not know you were a scumbag."

Steve damn near spit out the mouth full of beer at the comment, his eyes were wide and he just started to laugh.

Mark just shrugged and laughed with them.

The sad thing was Mark was right, and David knew it. Mark wasn't in as good as shape as him, had not held his looks as well as David, but he always had pretty young girls hanging on his arm. Mark would change them out, and David knew first hand that Mark had even had three women all in their early thirties at once.

But David had never really been that guy. He didn't hide that he was well off. He had come from nothing and worked hard for what he had now, but he also didn't flaunt it or use it to lure women either. He dated often, mostly locals, and yes, they were usually ten years younger than him. He even had a couple of lovely ladies in some of his vacation areas that would keep him company when he visited. He never thought of them as arm candy though, and if he got the impression they were getting close to him just to live comfortably; he would be open and honest about his desire to stay single and often end the relationship. He just didn't want anyone to get hurt, him or the woman.

David watched Laura reach back and tie the strings of her bikini, dainty fingers followed the slender curve of her sides to slip under the little bit of material of her bottoms and pull it free from the crack of her ass. Once she was adjusted she sat up, pulled the long waves of hair free from their holder and walked over to the pool.

He expected her to slowly step into the pool, but instead she pushed off and dove into the water perfectly, with almost no splash at all. She swam under the water to the far end, picturesque and beautiful as the water swirled and rippled over her. As she broke the surface, her head leaned far back and a small hand wiped the water from her face. She clung to the edge of the pool in the deeper end, legs kicking under her.

It was then that she noticed the men. She lifted her hand up and waved rather nonchalantly. David just waved back and smiled.

She turned in the pool and swam back along the surface to the steps at the shallow end. Leaving the water, he noticed the gorgeous sway to her hips as she slowly took each step. The normally shinning copper hair was now a deep red and it clung to her dripping body in all the right places. Laura didn't bother to grab a towel, choosing to just lie back down on her back, replacing her sunglasses and letting the sun and warm air dry her.

David quickly shook his head, and became flushed. He was hard, and he was embarrassed about it.

"Ok guys, seen enough? I need to see to emails. One of us still works."

Mark very noticeably adjusted himself, smiling slyly at David.

"Oh, you consider what you do work? Interesting." Steve chuckled as he turned and headed inside, Mark following.

After they had left David headed down to his office and sat at his desk, replying to emails, approving orders, and transferring funds from one account to other property accounts.

Then he leaned back in the plush leather chair and thought about the beautiful girl next door and how he had reacted to her. It became clear to him, and he shoved back from his desk and proclaimed aloud as if to dismiss it. "I am man, a sexually active man. Makes sense that a hot woman would give me that reaction. And no matter how young, she is a woman."

As he started to leave his office the phone rang.


"David, how have you been?"

God, why did women do this? It was clearly to see if he could pick her voice out. To judge if he remembered her; or how many others there might be.

It was a younger voice, and familiar. Keep her talking, He thought, you'll figure it out.

"You know me, can't complain. How about you?"

"Missing you, actually, I am in town for a few days on business. The Holiday Inn's computers crashed."

Maria! Oh hell, she was fun...and wild.

"Oh? You want to get dinner or just skip to the wild sex?"

She chuckled on the end of the line, "I am having dinner with a client. I will be at your place at ten."

"Sounds perfect."

He hung up the phone and went to take a shower and check on the wine selection.

Shortly before ten David's doorbell rang. He was actually surprised Maria had bothered. He went down to the middle level and opened the door. To his amazement it was Laura.

"I am so sorry to bother you, but I keep smelling gas in the house and the maintenance people walked me through some stuff on the phone, but it hasn't helped. They won't send someone out till tomorrow morning. Could you possibly look? It's the fireplace."

Poor thing looked frazzled as if she could cry any moment.

"Sure, come on."

As they walked over she couldn't help but notice how nice he looked at such a late hour. And he smelled good also, spicy and musky, a cologne, not just his deodorant.

When they entered the house David quickened his steps. There was defiantly gas leaking. He hurried over to the fireplace, got down on his knees and looked down under the logs. The pilot had gone out, so the gas was just leaking.

"They told me to push that button a couple times or try sticking a lighter in there."

"They told you WHAT?!"

His shock and concern was obvious. She could have blown herself to shreds. And if she had waited till the morning for them to come by she would have been dead. He would speak to John about the imbeciles at the rental agency.

Laura's eyes were wild at his outburst. She even took a step back.

"I'm sorry, Laura. But that could have caused an explosion. Open some windows up here. I am going to go outside and cut off the main line to the house. You can stay at my place for an hour while this gas clears out. It will give you headache or make you sick."

She obediently went around opening windows and then joined him outside. As they walked up to his house, there was a red Camero sitting in his driveway.

"Are you expecting company?" Laura stopped and looked at him.

"Yes, but it is fine."

Laura continued on with him, not thinking much about it. Assuming it was another golfing buddy.

They walked inside and up to the top floor. Maria sat there with two glasses of wine already poured.

"Was wondering where you were." She eyed Laura suspiciously, but graciously stood and offered out her hand. "Maria. Pleased to meet you."

Laura shook it and smiled to her, answering the unasked question that was prevalent on Maria's face. "Laura. I am renting the home next door and had a small gas leak."

She looked to David, those emerald eyes so soft and sweet. "And I am also intruding. Thank you David, but I am sure the house will be aired out shortly."

"Non sense, stay. No way can we have you falling into the hands of the horrible doctors here on the island." Maria was quick to offer.

David just stood and let the women hash it out; neither would listen to him anyway.

"They aren't that bad, Maria." He headed over to the kitchen to get Laura a glass. As He reached for a wine goblet, it occurred to him he had no idea if she was even old enough to drink.

"Laura would you like a glass of wine? Or I have tea and coke."

Laura looked at the wine in Maria's glass; it looked like a blush of some sort. Anything other than red was fine by her. She was afraid to go back to the house just yet anyway. She would have one glass then let them have their privacy.

"Wine would be nice, thank you."

As he filled the goblet and handed it to Laura, Maria started the conversation. David took a seat on the couch near her leaning back into the lush pillows; his arm draping across the back of the couch. Maria leaned back to nestle into the crook of his arm, placing her hand on his thigh. He watched Laura's eyes follow her hand then back up to meet his own blue orbs. He couldn't read her expression. If she were uncomfortable he couldn't tell.

"So Laura, you seem awfully young to be vacationing by yourself?"

"Maria..." David chimed in quickly but Laura interjected.

"It's ok, David. I don't mind."

Truth is, David had been wondering the same thing; her age, stature, why all alone.

She smiled innocently and then stated matter-of-factly as if she were answering in a court of law to a prosecutor, "I am 23. My mother passed away four months ago and I am using some of the insurance money to just get away from all the crap that has been happening lately. I didn't want to worry about entertaining anyone else or having to answer a million times over if I was ok and how I was coping with it. I have some friends that will come down for a day or two, and my father of course for a fishing trip."

She looked to David as she added the last part.

There was an odd silence for a bit. David watched as Laura drank from her glass; if she wasn't accustomed to wine, again, he couldn't tell. She made no face after the drink and continued to sip from it as any wine aficionado would.

Looking at her now in those short sweat shorts and loose tank, his mind quickly pulled the image of her in that bikini emerging from the pool. He shifted slightly on the couch.

It was Maria that broke the silence, "I am sorry to hear that Laura. You seem to have a clear idea of what you need to get through such a time, quite mature of you. Most your age would have just gone and blown the money on a car and memorial tattoo."

Laura chuckled softly, "My mom hated tattoos. She would haunt me if I got one in her memory." Deciding to change the subject, Laura asked, "do you live here as well?"

"No, I wish though. I am from Charlotte, but I vacation here, and in my line of work, computers and programs, I have clients here and need to maintain their systems from time to time. I met David here two years ago installing a system in one of his offices."

The two women chatted back and forth, not anything of true importance, which was horrible for David. He was hoping for some more information about his young neighbor.

Finally Laura stood and set her glass down. "I should get out of yall's hair. The house should be clear by now. Thank you again, David, and it was nice meeting you, Maria."

David started to rise.

"No, David, I can see myself out. Enjoy your night."

As she headed out and over to her own house, she couldn't help but notice how young Maria was. Laura guessed she was late thirties or early forties, and beautiful. It was clear they had a romantic relationship. Laura's mind spun around how handsome David looked and that obviously he would date someone just as attractive. She closed the windows and stripped down, curling up in bed.

"She's cute." Maria had that wicked smile on her lips.

David took the near empty wine glass from her hand, turned her head to his and pressed his lips to hers. He wasted no time slipping his hand around her full breast and squeezing it. They both knew what she was here for. Maria was one of the few that fully understood he wanted to be single, and had no issues with it. They had great sex and got along. They were both content to let the relationship be what it was.

She too took haste to undo the buttons on his shirt, sliding it from his shoulders, letting her light fingers dance across his cut arms and defined chest.

He pulled her shirt off over her head, smiling as the long ebony strands fell back around her shoulders and lush breasts encased in pink lace. Both hands reached up and squeezed them, thumbs rubbing over the nipples that were already hard. His eyes were dark with lust as he stared down her cleavage. He couldn't resist; he pushed his face down into the heaven and began licking and kissing the lovely curves.

Maria moaned in delight, her fingers running up through his once midnight black hair.

"Oh David, yes. God how I have missed you."

"I've missed you also, darling."

His hands moved up under her skirt and started rubbing against her warm mound through her panties. He was hard and needed her now. He was in no mood for foreplay tonight. Grabbing her ass he lifted her up to him, she gripped him tight with her legs curling around his waist. David stood and carried her into his bedroom, laying her down on the bed. His hands pushed up her skirt and then pulled her panties down in one quick movement.

Maria spread her legs and looked up to watch him remove his shorts. His body rippled and she licked her full lips wantonly. He stood over her, hands rubbing the inside of her thighs, just looking down over her lace clad tits and the black skirt crumpled around her waist. His thick cock jerked and he moved his eyes up to meet hers. She too had stunning blue eyes. With that black silk flowing from her head and those sky blue gems gleaming up to him, he couldn't stand it anymore.

Grabbing her legs and lifting her hips up to him, he guided his thick cock into her wet pussy and began to push further into her, smiling as he watched the pleasure show on her face. His thrusting grew harder, faster. She wasn't here to make love, and he knew it. They both got what they needed from each other. Maria enjoyed a hard fuck, and well, he enjoyed having a woman that wasn't expecting him to attend to her emotions or sensitive side.

With his hips rocking, he continued to pound inside of her wet sex. His grip was strong on her hips, holding her up and assuring she wasn't pushed away from him on the bed.

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