tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 04

What She Needs Ch. 04


Laura stood in the mirror, looked herself over before touching up the reddish brown lipstick. She pursed her lips and took in a deep breath, letting out a long sigh.

She snatched up her keys and clutch and darted down the stairs out to her truck. Glancing over at David's drive she saw the familiar red Camero sitting there. She snickered to herself, "You go old man."

Laura had eaten at Kelly's often with her folks, but never gone there for one of the bands. She hadn't ever been inside the club side of the restaurant. On the drive there she started wondering if she would be able to find Jesse; how many of his friends would be there; would she feel out of place. She hated that whole new dating feeling.

Wait....DATE?! Was that what this was? Damnit, what would he expect?

She took several deep breaths to bring her mind at ease. It didn't matter what he might expect, she was here to have fun and hear the band, nothing else.

It was ten minutes to eight, so she checked her make up once more; then headed up to the entrance. Jesse was standing there by the door waiting for her.

She paused a moment and gasped; he was wearing khaki shorts and a light green plaid button up shirt. His wavy blond hair was combed and styled, but in a fashion that made it look natural, and that smile, so confidant and glowing.

Jesse was just as mesmerized by her appearance as well. He wouldn't have thought she could look better in clothes than when she was wearing that next to nothing bikini, but there she stood in this short little floral sundress. It was strapless and tight around her full breasts and gave a dignified glimpse of cleavage. The almost shear fabric fluttered out around those beautiful legs and stopped about mid thigh. He was certain she couldn't bend over in it.

As she floated up the walkway to the entrance, he noticed how much curl was in her thick copper mane. Not tight and bound, but natural and long following curls that joyfully bounced with each step, in mimic of her breasts.

Several clips held it back from her face; her smile was soft and pure beauty.

"Glad you came, Laura."

"I told you I would. I'm not one to stand people up."

"The band doesn't start till nine, thought we could have some dinner."

"That sounds wonderful. This is one of my favorite places."

He laughed with easy grace, "Mine too."

He offered his arm and she took it and they headed inside. He walked right past the hostess and led Laura to a back section and table set out of the way.

"Do you work here or own it?"

He laughed as he slid her seat under her, "I work here, among several of my jobs."


"I am also an electrician. That is my primary job, but I worked here during high school, and the tips can be good during season, so I pull some nights as a barback, waiter, bartender...whatever they need."

Laura just nodded as she looked over the menu, setting it down; she already knew what she would order.

"So are you playing waiter also tonight? I'm not a good tipper."

Jesse shook his head as a pretty brunette walked over, she tousled his hair and he shot her a look.

"Laura, this is my sister, Gabby. Gabby, this is Laura. I met her through David."

"It's a pleasure. Can I get you something to drink?"

Jesse ordered a beer, so Laura nodded and asked for one as well. They went ahead and ordered their meals; both already knew what they would eat.

Laura couldn't help but laugh as Gabby walked away, "You aren't in a fight with your sis, are you?"

"No. Why do you ask?" Jesse was quite puzzled.

"I wouldn't want the waitress spitting in our food."

They chuckled and started making small talk. She learned that he also was an amateur photographer and that most pictures of surrounding scenic areas that one could buy hanging in restaurants and shops where his. He pointed out two beautiful scenes that he had shot that were hanging on the walls. Jesse met David when he was running the streets with David's son. Apparently, Jesse also thought the same about David's son, rather worthless.

She asked what it was like to grow up on the island; about his feelings when he left to go off to college; and his family. They both ate and laughed, and she was feeling rather comfortable with him.

As he sat back in the chair and took a long drink from his beer he smiled at her and then let it fade.

"I am sorry to hear about your mom. I am such a momma's boy I would be lost."

Laura looked down in her lap and played with the cloth napkin mindlessly, letting her thoughts wrap around it. This was why she had come down here, to avoid this.

"Ya know what...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have brought it up. You gotta be tired of having everyone ask if you are ok, or how you are taking it. Come on, I hear the band fire'in up."

Jesse stood and offered his hand, she looked up and smiled, taking it and walking over to the club side with him.

They walked right past the door men, not paying the cover or having ID's checked; Laura chuckled at it.

Once inside she saw Jesse's brother and friend, and several others with them. Jesse made some introductions, none of which she would remember.

The band was a local group, playing a nice mix of covers, rock and roll, a few oldies, some new age pop, and several of their own collaborations. Mostly the girls danced while the boys sat back and downed the beer.

Laura had gone out to the middle of the floor with several of the girls and was having a great time. Jesse watched her every move, the way her hips swung from side to side, the pop of her ass under the teasingly short dress. She seemed to have a sinful way of snaking her body to the rhythm of the music; he felt like he was being charmed.

"She's really hot, Jesse."

A friend said, and Jesse could see a look of desire and want in his eyes and Jesse was wondering if that same look was in his own eyes. Jesse had to shift positions and was happy to be standing behind the tall table.

Both guys took deep guzzles from their beers. The song changed, it was a slow song and the singles started in to find their drinks while couples headed out. Jesse needed to hold her.

Laura was on her way in when he caught her arm, "No, you don't get off that easy."

"Oh? You buy dinner and feel that entitles you to a dance?" Laura teased.

"No, the beer entitles me to a dance; the dinner gets me a goodnight kiss."

She slipped her arms up around his broad shoulders as his hands found comfort around her waist, pulling her in close to him. Both held the others gaze and smiled, but neither said a word. They swayed to the gentle beat, and with a sigh Laura gave in and rested her head upon his shoulder, pressing her supple breasts into his chest, his hands moving up her back, stroking her affectionately.


Jesse hadn't been the only one watching Laura dance; David had admired her also from his quite spot off in the corner. Maria had talked him into going out, and it was his suggestion that they come here. He wasn't sure why. He wanted to tell himself it was because he liked the food, or that he knew Maria would like the band, but the truth was he knew Laura would be here.

And now, having watched her dance all night, and seeing her in Jesse's arms, David wanted her. He almost smirked as the realization washed over him. He wanted that beautiful, amazing young woman, and he knew it would be harder than just a fancy dinner and some sparkly jewelry. Laura wasn't the typical twenty-something girl that wanted or needed to have a sugar daddy. He would need to slowly seduce her, to make her want him just as badly.

Now that he had made his mind up, he was stirred with sexual desire, and Maria was looking very hot in that low cut red blouse.

"Come on, dear. I am wanting something more than alcohol and loud music." He stood and took her arm, shooting her a sexy smile.

Maria offered no reluctance and they both headed back to his place. As they drove the short ride home, Maria broke the silence, "Laura looked quite content with the William's boy."

"Yes. They met today on the beach."

"Did you introduce them?"

"Not exactly, but I put in a good word for him."

"He's the catch of the town."

David gave her a funny look.

"For his age, David." She laughed. "You are the catch of the town for your age...or for any woman wanting someone your age."

"Funny...ha ha."

As they walked inside David shut the door and grabbed her right at the entry, pushing her against the wall and kissing her hard, his hands molesting her tits.

"So I take it you aren't into younger guys, Maria?"

She was pulling at his belt and the buttons of his shirt as she answered heated, "I want a man, David, I needn't play with boys."

She had his hard cock free from his pants and he reached under her skirt, moved her panties to the side and shoved inside of her with power, taking her right against the wall by his front door.

She screamed and moaned as he forced into her cunt, shutting her eyes quickly and pushing her hips against his as her back and shoulders were pounded into the wall.

"Oh God, David! Yes!"

"Is this what you need, Maria?" He panted between deep breaths, ramming into her again and again. "You need a man that knows how to fuck you, don't you?"

"Yes...YES!!!" Maria trembled as an orgasm shook through her body.

David didn't relent; he continued to thrust deep and hard into her slick pussy. Grunting with pleasure into her ear and laughing when a vase fell off the small table beside them. He locked his lips onto hers, feeling her tongue invite his in a wonderful dance as their bodies pressed and ground in wild ravage.

He slid his hand between them, pressing fingers hard into her clit in hard circles, "Cum again, baby. Cum on my cock."

Maria threw her head back against the wall, rolling it from side to side, she felt the heat of his mouth on her neck; his teeth grate across her soft flesh. Her moans turned to panicked cries as she once again was taken with orgasm, the climax twisting through her in wonderful spasms.

He let go of her clit, shoved his cock deep into her and let his cum shoot into her warmth, joining her in the glorious release of their ravenous sex. He could feel his cock swell and spurt; her cunt grasping at him, milking the sticky hot seed from him.

As both held tight to each other and gasped for needed air, he kissed her neck and chest, following the sweat that led a delightful trail down her cleavage, between those beautiful mounds.

"Fuck, you are amazing, David."

"Glad you think so."

He let her slide down from him, both of them collecting themselves.

"I would carry you to the bedroom, but that's a lot of steps and I'm an old guy."

She laughed at him, "No, save your strength for pounding me into the bed...or the floor....the kitchen table."

He swatted at her ass as she headed up the stairs.


Laura had cut herself off and switched to water, but she was still out on the floor and was having a great time. She had noticed that Jesse too had switched away from the beer, and every chance he got he was dragging her out to dance and hold her.

Now they had settled into a back booth, cozying up and talking as best as they could over the loud music. He had an arm around her shoulders and she was leaning into him, her hand resting on his leg. He wanted to kiss her, but as much as everyone thought he was the type to be a ladies man, he really wasn't. Mostly, the girls threw themselves at him, but Laura was different. She was reserved, and though he wanted her, he wasn't about to push anything.

It was when she tilted her head and looked up to him with that sweet smile that he took her chin in his fingers and leaned down, just happy to place his lips softly against hers. And that's all it was....at first, a very soft meeting of the lips. But then, she opened her mouth ever so slightly and let her tongue play across his mouth. He shifted position, took her face into his hand and pulled her tight, letting the kiss deepen and follow a natural course that usually takes place between two people that have an attraction.

As she turned in his arms, a soft hand played across his chest. Both let their hands play and roam, but they were respectful of each other and the location of where this was taking place, but the heat couldn't be ignored. Jesse was hard, and Laura was turned on and getting wet. Primal instincts were taking over.

It was this sensation that pulled her to her senses and made her break the kiss.

She gasped for breath, "I'm sorry, Jesse. I like you, but I really..."

He didn't let her finish, "No, I am. I shouldn't..." He took a deep breath and smiled. "A few too many beers and we both got wrapped up. I'm not expecting a thing."

There was something in those green eyes and his simple smile that made her realize that it wasn't just a line. He truly meant it.

The band had ended and most people were making their way out.

"I'll walk you to your car. Are you ok to drive?"

"Yeah, I stopped drinking about an hour ago."

He held her close as they walked outside. Jesse loved the way she felt near him, and though he was sincere when he said he wasn't expecting anything, it wasn't stopping his mind from thinking about how wonderful her bare curves and warm skin would feel against him. What it would be like to hold her all night under the covers.

He opened the door to her truck; her hands glided around his sides, and she stepped up to him, lifting up to kiss him again. That kiss was electrifying. Laura had been shocked when she got lost in time and space with it. They had been in a loud bar and she could have forgotten everything but him.

This kiss was nice, but she could tell he was a bit reserved this time. He also wasn't allowing his body to touch hers. As she stepped back she giggled, he was probably worried she would feel his erection.

"Can I call you?" Jesse asked as he stepped back from the door.

"You better."

Laura shut the door and headed home.

Pulling into the drive her lights hit the red Camero. She almost groaned in thought. She was sexually turned on, and didn't want to sleep alone. Why is it that at age 23 she felt like a floozy for screwing a guy just for the pleasure of it, but at thirty something or what ever Maria's age was, it was somewhat acceptable.

As she let herself into the house she was heading up to the top level when she stopped. She was feeling uninhibited, reckless. With a turn she went down the steps and started stripping from her clothes. Pulling open the sliding glass door to the pool she walked right over to the hot tub and climbed in, completely nude. Adjusting the jets, she laid back in one of the lounging seats, hands roaming over her ivory curves. Her right hand traveling down her flat belly to her bare mound and spreading her thighs, two fingers slipped into what Jesse had made so very wet.

Her left hand found its way north, squeezing a tit, pinching and pulling the nipple as the two fingers plunged and curled inside her pussy. She watched the clouds waft above, the stars gleaming and the sliver of the moon winking at the show she was offering the heavens.

Her moans grew louder, and she gasped as her hand reeked havoc on her tight cunt, even the jets swirling the water around couldn't hide what she was putting her body through. It didn't take her long, the constant pain and pull to her nipples, and the delving fingers with her thumb aggravating her clit, she was built to climax quickly.

Laura's muscles tightened, her eyes closed and she shuddered as the orgasm crawled through her, she was enjoying the pulsing sensation in her wet sex when suddenly a face snuck into her vision. She hadn't been thinking about Jesse when she was masturbating, she hadn't been thinking about anything other than the joy of her own body, but now, to have that sexy smile flash in her mind, she moaned again.

Then it occurred to her, coming into focus, it wasn't Jesse. Her moan, her second tremor of orgasm let loose a name, the man that had snuck into her mind....David."

She opened her eyes immediately, gasping, shocked. She lay there for just a moment, both hands finding there way up to the side of the hot tub as she gripped it and sat up, trying to wrap her mind around every thing.

Why would she see David?

She wasn't sure if it was this thought or a noise that made her look up to the top deck of his house. It was dark, and nothing was there, but she had thought she heard the door shut. It was just a feeling.

Oh my. Did I say his name aloud?

Laura turned off the jets and quickly climbed out and headed inside. She needed a shower and some sleep.


David had shut the door and sat there in the kitchen. He was again rock hard. Maria was sleeping soundly and he had gone out to relax. Well that and to see if Laura had come home alone. He hadn't expected to watch such a show. He had turned off the outside light so that he could see her more easily, and the light in the hot tub made every motion under the rolling waters visible.

But was he sure she had said his name? It certainly sounded like "David." He couldn't be positive, but he wanted it to be his name.

David had already decided he wanted her, but if she were thinking about him, even if she didn't really mean too, then it would be easier to get her.

"Fuck." He sighed with frustration at his erection.

He got up and walked back into his bedroom, he would have to wake Maria.

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