tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 06

What She Needs Ch. 06



"Oh, hey Jesse, come on up."

Laura had been making pasta salad when he entered the house. She could hear several other voices with him. They all made their way up to the top level.

Jesse walked right over to her with a smile on his lips, wrapping her up in his strong arms and kissing her hard. He had been thinking about her all week, and looking forward to this get together.

Laura was surprised by his action, but she didn't push him away, in fact she gave in to his embrace and returned the affection. She slipped her fingers through his loose blond waves, pressing her body close to him.

"Come on guys, save that for later." Jesse's brother, Nick, pushed past them into the kitchen putting a bowl in the refrigerator.

"Mom sent potato salad."

"That was sweet of her. Thank her for me please." Laura spoke to Nick, but her gaze never left Jesse as she stood there, still in his arms.

Jesse also seemed to only see her in this large room full of people. Finally he came too and started making introductions. Most of them were people she had met at Kelly's on her first date with him.

"My friends are already in the pool. I just came up here to finish up a few things."

Jesse gave his brother a look, and Nick took the hint and led everyone downstairs.

Laura gave Jesse a sly smile, chuckling. "Well that was smooth."

"What?" He gave her a smug grin. "This is a pool party right? Just figure that's why they came."

He sat on one of the bar stools, reaching out to pull her into him. She offered no resistance, nestling between his legs and slipping her arms around his shoulders. They kissed softly, little kisses to each other's lips, cheeks, just gentle touches. She loved the way he would hold her hips, his thumbs moving over the bones while his strong hands cupped around her tiny waist.

Jesse had no concern to join the rest of the crew at the pool. He would be perfectly content to stay right here alone with her. His mind kept wandering around that intimate kiss in the dark booth at Kelly's. He had never felt something so electric.

Laura hadn't heard the door open, or footsteps on the stairs, but she did hear David's throat clear, and noticed Jesse's reaction to seeing him standing there.

Laura looked over her shoulder and giggled at him. "I thought we agreed last night you weren't the old pervert?"

"Yup, we did. I thought I would play the nosey neighbor instead." He teased back. "Want the shrimp in the fridge?"

Laura pulled from Jesse, she couldn't help but notice he seemed to quickly retreat to a young boy around David. It was probably because he had grown up around the older man. He obviously respected him. She took the shrimp and put it in the fridge as the two talked about surf and fishing. She tended to the last items needing her attention in the kitchen.

"Ok, we can head back downstairs."

Outside the music was cranking and everyone was splashing in the pool. She introduced Jesse and David to her friends and things were light and friendly.

Nick was trying to snuggle up to Jen and Jesse whispered to Laura that Jen was just his brother's type.

Jesse kept a hand on Laura at almost all times, and they exchanged soft kisses and little whispers. To anyone looking at them they seemed like a couple that had been intimate for months or more. There was definitely a connection.

Laura's eyes drifted over to see Carey sittng in the hot tub with David. They were seated across from each other laughing. She watched as Carey leaned back, she was sure her friend was stretching out her legs and was rubbing her foot against his leg. Laura had seen Carey do that little trick several times.

"He's my idol." Jesse whispered into her ear.

"What?" Laura laughed.

"Come on, He's like almost sixty and lands hot women my age all the time."

"Hot? So you think Carey is hot?" It was a good tease as Laura turned in the water and shoved Jesse under. As he came back up breaking the surface of the water he shook his head, sending water flying over her.

Laura tried to back away, but he dove under the water and pulled her down with him. They both rose back up laughing and splashing each other.

With his finger, he beckoned her over and pulled her in tight for a long kiss. Just holding her close sent him into jitters. He wasn't going to push anything with her, but he had been hoping she would let him stay, and the way she was responding, he thought he stood a good chance.

Carey turned her attention back from her friend splashing in the pool to the sexy man seated across from her. She had placed her feet on the seat next to him, touching his thigh softly on occasion, hoping it seemed like the churning waters were moving her feet.

She wasn't doing anything David hadn't experienced before. Fifty-nine years, he had seen it all. He too was playing his own "accidental" touching, letting his hand drift under the water and caress her calf from time to time. He kept thinking about last night, how easily he could have had her. Nothing had changed.

"So this woman? Something long term, or a goal kinda thing."

He chuckled at her. "I don't know yet. It would depend on her. I am almost sixty sweetie; I don't think long term anymore."

"Well I am only around for the weekend. You could continue your quest of her once I am gone."

"I could." He just looked her straight in the eye.

"I'm a lotta fun."

"I bet."

He leaned forward, preparing to exit the hot tub, letting his hand run up her slender long legs, cupping her mound hard, curling his fingers against her bikini clad lips.

Whispering softly into her ear, "I've yet to have a woman that wasn't fun."

Carey moaned and pushed her hips up against his hand. There was something in that touch that was dominating and powerful, but so simple.

He stepped from the waters and called over to Jesse, "You want to help me with the burgers?"

"Sure thing, David," he called out then kissed Laura. "Gotta go do the man thing."

As the guys burnt the burgers, the girls brought the food down and set up the table beside the pool.

"You are trying really hard to land that old guy." Kim teased Carey.

"Wouldn't you?"

"He's definitely hot for his age. Jen is all into Jesse's brother. Notice they are missing?"

Laura looked around and then started to laugh. "Boy, and I thought Carey was the slut."

They all laughed and asked Jesse's cousin about any secrets on the two boys, hoping the girl would gossip a little. She did.

Laura headed upstairs to get a platter for the hamburgers. As she was straining up on tip toes to reach for it, a hand reached past her, bringing down the platter.

"Must be a bitch to be short." David's voice was soft and teasing.

"No, it makes no sense for anyone to store anything up that high."

"Perhaps they should list rentals based on the person's height?"

"Very funny. But in that case you wouldn't have met me."

He set the platter down on the counter and took another step forward, closing the gap between them and pressing her into the counter. He looked down into those stunning green eyes and smiled. How he wanted to touch her, to kiss her.

"Well, we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

Laura swallowed hard, her breath was catching in her throat and that feeling was rushing through her again. Her voice came out in a husky whisper.

"No...we wouldn't."

She couldn't look away from the spheres of blue that swirled, holding her stare. She needed desperately to break that trance he was holding on her. Again, she didn't know if he was meaning to come on to her, or just being friendly. What if unintentionally she wanted him and was making more of this than was really there.

David knew what he was doing, but was finding it hard to stick to his plan. He should take the platter and turn away, acting as if nothing was happening, but he just couldn't. He wanted her.

Taking a deep breath, he did just what he told himself he would do. He grabbed the dish and turned and walked off.

"Better get back down there before them kids ruin the burgers."

Laura took a moment to collect her self before going back downstairs. On the second level she could hear the faint moans of passion coming from Jen's room.

"Food's ready you two." She called out laughing and continued on down to the pool.

Everyone was seated around the two tables and eating when the couple tried to sneak in. Nothing was said, but the looks and the snickers made it almost impossible not to notice the situation.

Nick took charge quickly, "you guys are all just jealous."

With that everyone broke into laughter.

Later that night, Laura found herself seated alone in the hot tub while several of the others played corn hole, just relaxing since she didn't care for the game. Her eyes were closed when she heard that familiar voice again.

"Want some company?"

"Not playing that hideous game?"

"I like corn hole. But your boyfriend beat me."

"He's not my boyfriend David."

"Yeah, I just thought I would tease you about it. He talks non stop about you."

"I have a good time with him."

"But...." David chose the seat beside her, so that they could talk easily over the noise of the jets.

"I don't want a relationship, David. Not even a month long summer fling. I am just here to get my head around things. Maybe find myself...whatever that means."

"Then tell him, Laura. You two aren't kids. Be honest. He will understand."

She turned to smile at him, actually turning her body under the water. Her knee touched his hand, and neither of them moved. Actually David made the conscious decision to rest his hand on her thigh, near her knee. He smiled back at her.

There were unspoken words, and in each of their minds, they were having two different conversations.

Laura was thinking, just tell me if you want me...cause I haven't a clue how to react. And David was thinking, don't let Jesse stay the night, don't get closer to him.

Not that he wanted anything concrete with her. He knew very well he only wanted something sexual. He wanted to make her feel emotions and orgasms she could only dream about, but he certainly didn't want anything serious with her either.

Laura took a deep breath, grasping for conversation.

"So are you taking Carey home?"

"What?! No, no...not at all. She is surely willing, ready, and able though."

"She likes a challenge, and isn't used to hearing 'no.' Just fuck her and she will stop humping your leg."

He laughed hard at her frankness. "Maybe I like stringing her along."

"Yeah, who is this woman you are set on? I thought Maria was a casual thing?"

He raised an eyebrow and gave her a smug smile. "It isn't Maria."

Laura let the subject drop, turning back in her seat and resting her head against the pillow.

They both sat there quietly enjoying the moment, but David was hard and finding it difficult to just ignore his need.

"Well, I think I will head home for the night. Let ya'll get into your crazy stuff."

Laura couldn't help but laugh, she almost found it hard to stop.

"I think if you stuck around you could teach us all a thing or two."

He leaned over, grasping her shoulder softly and whispering in her ear, "I only give lessons one on one, Laura."

Once again she was sitting there confused by him.

He let himself out the back gate calling over, "Have a great night darling."

As the night wore on slowly everyone left. Laura was alone with Jesse down in the pool, cuddling, kissing, and just enjoying each other. Carey had gone to bed with an alcohol headache and Nick had been fortunate enough to sneak off not only with Jen, but with Kim as well.

Holding on to Jesse as he moved her around in the warm waters of the pool Laura felt at ease. She had a good buzz going and knew that Jesse was staying the night, and she was completely comfortable with that.

After one particularly long, deep kiss, Jesse broke from her and touched her face gently, his eyes penetrating into her soul.

"Let's go on up to bed. You look beat."

Laura smiled lazily at him, nodding. "I think it's a buzz, not tired."

"Then let's go up and I can take advantage of that buzz."

He was grinning from ear to ear as he helped her up the steps out of the pool.

"You would do such a thing? Take advantage of a drunken girl?"

"Not usually, no. But I can make an exception for you."

They stumbled up the three stories of steps, occasionally stopping to kiss and fondle each other. Jesse's heart was pounding. He wanted her so bad, but he wasn't going to push the position, if she opened up to him, or took charge, then he would see it through. If she wanted to just cuddle and fall asleep in his arms, then he was perfectly cool with that as well.

Once in her room he shut the door and led her to the bed, sitting her down on it he dropped to his knees and continued to kiss her, his hands running down her shoulders, her arms, then to her delicate spine. He loved the soft sounds of pleasure she was making. He gripped the strings to that tiny bikini top and started to pull, hesitating just long enough to give her a chance to stop him. She did nothing but deepen the kiss.

Kneeling in front of her, removing the top put Jesse's head at the perfect height. Her creamy round breasts and deep cleavage were right in his line of sight and he licked his lips and began to kiss them softly, following the top curves and avoiding her nipples for the time. They were hard and he was wondering if it was from the damp bathing suit or his touch. He squeezed them gently and listened for her whimpers and soft mews of pleasure. Rolling his tongue along the silken flesh, he came to her taut pink nipple and suckled on it as his fingers played with the other.

He stood and then gently pushed her onto her back and curled up on the bed beside her, his hand gliding down her smooth belly to the lovely curve of her bikini clad sex, her hand came up to stop him.

Laura had been returning his affections, she hadn't stopped him when he removed her top, or as his mouth and tongue sent her into sweet torment of bliss, but everything was telling her she shouldn't let this continue. It wasn't fair to either of them.

"I'm sorry Jesse. But I am in no frame of mind to start a relationship, even just a casual sex thing. I don't know where my heart is or where it wants to be."

"I'm good with that. I'd sound like an ass if I said I wasn't worried about a long term relationship." His light laugh was sincere.

"Yes, yes you would."

"But I would be lying if I said I wasn't upset, or that I didn't think about the possibilities, cause I do. Both long term and just casual."

"I can respect that."

She sat up and headed into the bathroom, calling over her shoulder that she was more than happy to share her bed though.

When she came out, Jesse was under the covers with a wide grin on his lips.

"What's that shit eatin grin for?"

"I didn't bring anything to change into."


"I'm sleepin nude."

"Well, that makes two of us." Laura let the black satin robe fall to the floor.

Jesse just stared at her. There was something in that act that made her seem more seductive and sexy than when she had walked into the bathroom. Even though she had only been wearing a tiny bikini bottom that left little to the imagination, watching that shimmering ebony robe flutter down around soft ivory curves almost made him cum right there.

He swallowed hard and let his gaze travel up from her bare sex, past supple breasts to those stunning emerald eyes.

"Maybe I should sleep in another bedroom."

Laura laughed. "Just go into the bathroom and jerk off."

She was shocked to see him blush.

"I might have to do that."

She had climbed under the covers with him and curled up close, nestling her head on his shoulder and curling a toned leg up around his, a slight rub of her damp pussy to his thigh. She tried very hard to keep from rocking her hips, or letting her hand trail down to his very hard cock.

As they lay there in silence, Jesse ran his fingers through her long fiery mane, just breathing her in and concentrating on anything other than her near perfect nude body curled up to his. He thought about a side job he needed to look at tomorrow and what he might charge, also some things that needed to be done around the house. It wasn't working.

It especially didn't help when the sounds of wild sex started to drift up from the floor below. Just great. My brother is fucking two girls he could care less about, and here I am trying to talk down my cock!

Hearing Laura giggle caught his attention.

"That poor boy."

"Really? I was thinking more like, 'lucky SOB.'"

"You would. But those two are WAY more than he can handle."

"I'll get to hear all about it tomorrow."

"So will I."

There was a long silence inter mixed with occasional snickers from both of them when certain sounds or phrases were made.

It was Jesse that broke the silence.

"Ok, I need to be honest." He had turned to lie on his side and look her straight in the eye. "I am not looking for anything from you, or expecting anything. But I am horny as hell, and that surely isn't helping."

"You want to join him?" Laura teased.

"No, I want you...wait...is that an option?" He teased her right back.

"I didn't lock you in here. Go for it."

Now what guy isn't going to take a moment to think about that? Problem was; that was his brother down there also.

"I want you, Laura."

"I want you also, but I don't want that awkward feeling tomorrow. Can you promise me that neither of us will feel that?"

Jesse lay back down, his arms crossed under his head, closing his eyes and sighing. "You know I can't."

Laura kissed his cheek softly and closed her eyes. At some point the buzz put her to sleep.

Jesse on the other hand snuck out of the bed and went to use her shower. The sounds coming from the other bedroom and his need for Laura were just too much.

Nick couldn't believe his luck. He was nineteen and having a threesome. Kim was straddling his face and his tongue was making her cum time and time again. Jen had been relentlessly fucking his cock and he was on his third erection. He knew damn well that with the alcohol and getting the first two out of the way, he wouldn't cum again anytime soon.

He had the great fortune of having both girls suck him off earlier after watching the two of them feast on each other's pussy's. Both girls were sexy in two different ways. Kim had lots of curves with big beautiful tits that he loved burying his face into, and Jen was this tiny little thing that seemed so fragile.

As Kim again flooded his mouth with thick cum he could hear that the two girls were kissing and moaning. Jen had slowed down on his cock and her pussy was gripping him in wonderful spasms, cum dripping from her and covering his cock and balls. Both girls shifted off of him and crumpled up on the bed, touching and kissing, pulling him into the embrace.

Kim giggled, "Know what would make this better?"

Nick gasped, "This could be better?"

"Oh yeah! If your brother and Laura joined us." Jen purred with the thought.

"Ummmm...no. I don't want my brother anywhere near my cock."

Both girls laughed.

"But Laura? Hell yeah." He rolled Jen over onto her back and shoved his face between her legs, wanting to clean up all that cum she had let loose on him.

As he enjoyed his dessert the girls continued to talk.

"I've never done brothers." Kim hinted.

"I've never done two guys at once at all! My God you are a slut Kim."

Kim was watching Nick lick and suck on Jen's pussy, pulling and stretching her lips and clit. She knew Jen was in heaven with all he was doing.

"Ya know, you are really good at eatin pussy. Most young guys aren't."

"Mmmmmmm...I agree, I could let him do this all night."

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