tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 08

What She Needs Ch. 08


(editor's note - well here it is, the long awaited sex scene. took me forever to write and it is long as hell, hope you guys all enjoy it and it is everything you were hoping for.)


David's mouth was pressed to Laura's as their tongues played and danced. His hips rocked hard against hers and he was amazed at how unrestrained she was to rock up to meet his deep downward thrusts. She was so tight, so wet, and her muscles clung and gripped at his cock, pulling him in deeper, begging for him to pound her harder. He stopped kissing her to watch the extreme pleasure play over her face, her head rolling side to side on a pillow of red curls, her tiny body writhing under his assault, and through it all she was begging him for more.

He lifted up, sitting on his knees, grabbing hold of her slender, sexy hips, pulling her back, driving into her at a new angle. Her hands flung about, smacking at the lush covers and gripping, wringing them in her hands, as her heated cries and moans filled the room.

"Oh God, YES! David, please! MORE!!!!"

Pulling her up from the bed, cradling her in his strong arms, forcing her to ride him; he needed to hold her diminutive body next to his. To feel those pert tits and hard nipples press to his chest. He had been waiting for this moment for so long, he wanted to savour every inch of her.

Kissing, nipping at her ear, he whispered in a low husky voice, "Is this what you wanted Laura, what you needed? Tell me you wanted me to take you."

"Yes....yes...yeeessssssss! I've been waiting for you to take me. Fuck me David....PLEASE!!!"

She pounded her hips harder against his, his fingers tied up in her fiery mane, tugging her head back so that he could once again devour her lips. Just then her body quivered as she rode her heightened orgasm, her pussy gripping hard around his cock, squeezing, releasing, and then pulling it again. He moaned and grunted loud as he came inside of her, filling her tight sex with every drop of his seed.

Her head dropped to his shoulder and she nuzzled into him, both of them panting wildly. It was everything he had hoped for.

The alarm went off at 4:30 AM. David groaned as he slapped it. He then cussed feeling that his boxers were wet. He hadn't cum in his sleep in years.

In the shower the dream was still very much alive in his mind. As he was drying off he was thinking about cancelling on Laura. How was he to keep his erection in check around her with that dream on his mind?

The phone rang.

"Morning." He knew it had to be her.

"Mornin. Should I pack snacks and a big thing of coffee?"

David laughed; she hadn't a clue. Why would she? He had made no mention about his boat.

"It's not necessary. I keep the boat stocked."

"Oh...ummmm...ok then. Well I am ready when you are."

"Just got out of the shower, I will be down in about fifteen minutes."


Laura hung up the phone letting her mind process two things; the boat was "stocked" and was he standing there nude while on the phone. Funny that the last thought would be on her mind, but she mindlessly licked her lips at the idea.

They both came out their doors at the same time. It was still night and the street and surrounding houses were quiet and dark.

"So where do you keep your boat, Pirate's Cove?"

"No, Oregon Inlet, I like being closer to the ocean."

Now she was really thinking. She had assumed they would be fishing in the sound. She knew it wouldn't be a tiny boat, maybe twenty-five or thirty feet. But she now kept thinking about the conversation last night about his wealth. She was also curious about ending up in her bed. She hadn't remembered climbing into bed and she always slept nude.

"David, ummmm...I don't remember going to bed last night."

"I wouldn't think you would. You fell asleep on the couch....in my arms. I carried you and put you to bed."

There was moment of silence as she processed that. She needn't ask if anything happen, she knew her body well enough to know that answer. But the thought of falling asleep in his arms, of his sweet gesture, it made her heart flutter.



"Nothing happened. Are you ok?"

"Yes, yes...." She chuckled. "I know that, I just didn't know I was that tired."

"Long weekend I guess."

They seemed to be the only car on the highway until turning down the two lane road that carried them south. They were accompanied by other four wheel drive trucks and SUV's all carrying fishing equipment. Most of them turned into the same marina they did, the others turning left to head out to the four wheel drive beaches for surf fishing.

He parked and helped her with the bags. They walked into the supply store and he talked with several of the captains about fish and tides. Laura looked through the baits and some of the rods.

David came up behind her and laid a hand on her shoulder, "The boat's fully stocked with all of that also."

"I lost my favourite rod last year when a striper caught me off guard. Actually, it was my favourite reel." She smiled up to him.

"If you buy one here, I can get you a great discount."

"Not necessary. It was nothing special, just good memories and been passed down the line. I got plenty of others that work fine."

"Let's head out to the boat then."

She turned and walked with him down the docks, past huge charter boats. First mates were busy setting up rods or helping people on board. Several boats were already heading out. Families that had paid for the "experience" took a multitude of pictures, trying to capture every memory.

At the end of the row sat a beautiful Carolina Sportfisher. Her bow sat out a good ten feet further than the other boats and the riggers and flying bridge towered far over head. The hull was royal blue and anything that could be trimmed in deep cherry teak, was. She was new and streamline, and several people were standing about at her stern looking her over. She moved beautifully in the slip, rocking with an easy sway in the low wakes as other boats passed. Across the back, in gold leafing was her name, "Envious," how perfect.

"Wow. That one is gorgeous."

David just beamed. Laura might as well have complimented one of his daughters. "Thank you."

She stopped dead in her tracks. "You ARENT serious?!"

He took her arm and chuckled at her, "I most certainly am."

"Morning Mr. Ross. Gonna be a beautiful day."

"Yes it is Michael."

Michael pulled one of the ropes and brought the looming boat closer in; David stepped easily over and then he and Michael helped Laura.

"Watch your step Miss."

"Thank you very much."

"Mr Ross. Captain Bull and I are taking out a small charter on 'Lonely Surf,' just along the coast line. A family booked her Saturday."

"Sounds good. Thank you Michael."

She saw the look and smile he gave David. It didn't take her long to put it together. Michael was the first mate; he probably lived on the boat most of the time. David had him set up the boat and gear, but wasn't going to have him tag along.

The man tipped his hat and undid the lines, letting the beauty free.

Laura looked in amazement at her; the large back window had a huge marlin etched into it with a few tuna also. They looked like they could swim right off the glass. She ran her fingers over the back of the fighting chair, even it was made of adorned teak.

"You can put the bags inside, I am going up top to steer us out of here."

She nodded stupidly, still dumbfounded, and slid open the door. If she thought the outside was beautiful, she wasn't prepared for the extravagance of the inside. Tan leather furniture, plush dark chocolate drapes and pillows, and thick carpet that she really just wanted to wiggle her toes in. So that's what she did, kicking off her flip flops, giggling. The ride was so smooth; if she hadn't looked outside Laura wouldn't have even known they were moving.

There was a bar, equipped with a wine cooler and hanging rack with glasses, several swivel chairs and a large couch that curved from the door around and alongside the tinted outer windows. Little hidden lights gave a glowing look to the soft colors and made the room seem cozy. Setting her bags down on the couch in the sitting area she walked through the small dining area to the galley. It was bigger than her kitchen at home, and sported stainless steel cookware and the same marble countertops as the bar. The entire space was lavish and large; in fact she was almost sure this boat had more total square footage than her house.

She decided to make herself useful and put on the coffee. With that done, Laura paused a moment, trying to decide if she wanted to venture down the hall and be nosey. It didn't take her long to go for it.

She passed a bathroom that actually had a separate shower with an etched glass door and real granite sink. Not like her fathers boat that if you used the shower, the john would get wet also.

Down five small steps took her to the bedrooms, two small ones on either side of the hall with bunks, and then a large master at the end. She pushed the door open slowly; her breath caught in her throat. It was a bedroom that romance novels would write about. It was lit by the same little hidden strands of lights and two port holes to each side, and two top up escapes. The covers were thick satin chocolate and again, cherry teak covered anything that stood still. A large flat panel TV hung on one wall and beside that, a heavy wardrobe with richly engraved doors, roses crawling up the sides and in bloom made the room feel like springtime.

It even had its own private bath, just as lavish as the other.

For a quick minute Laura thought about how many woman David had brought here, how many of them got lost in just the space alone, let alone his stunning blue eyes and strong arms.

"Ok, get yourself together." She took a deep breath and headed back out.

She stopped and fixed two cups of coffee remembering somewhere that he liked his black.

David heard the door slide shut, and looked over to see Laura climb up to the flying bridge. He reached out to help her and smiled seeing the sealed cups. She sat down in the captain's chair beside him and looked out over the water as the sun began to rise.

"Oh my, that is....well, heavenly."

"Isn't it?"

He knew she had taken a tour. She had been down there long enough. He wondered what she thought of it all.

As if reading his thoughts, "so, I am thinking you are more than welcome to adopt me."

He laughed at her frankness. "I don't need anymore daughters."

"Oh? How about a maid? I can keep this boat clean."

"That's what I pay Michael for."

"Ok then....a maid in your house?" She laughed.

"Now you are talking. I'll buy you one of those sexy little outfits."


"What?! It was your idea."

"I thought we agreed you weren't a pervert."

"No...no, you assumed I wasn't."

Taking another sip from her cup she watched as each boat sped up and headed out different directions.

"When you said fishing, I thought in the sound...spot, croaker sort of thing."

"Well, I could turn back, but we would look kinda stupid using the outriggers in the sound."

He slowly gave throttle and her bow crept up, it was amazing to Laura to watch how a boat worked, to see them rear up with speed and then plane off, cutting through the waves.

"How big is she?"

"Sixty-three feet. She's a Paul Mann Custom."

"I know. It's rather obvious." She quipped.

"I didn't realize you knew that much about boats."

Laura just shrugged. She didn't really. She could steer one, put in and take out her father's boat, and definitely make her way around one. She only knew it was a Paul Mann because she had been looking up charters before coming down here and when she saw a couple pictures of them, she fell in love.

"I'm a woman of many talents. So, do you charter this boat?"

"Occasionally. Mostly she is for my use and to take out high end clientele or beautiful women." His smile was smug, and charming all at the same time.

"'Lonely Surf' is my usual charter."

"The other boat is yours also?"

"Yes, but it is much older, and smaller."

Some how Laura guessed it wasn't that much older or smaller, but she left it alone.

"Had you planned on going out with the captain and first mate if I didn't come along?"

David just shrugged, he hadn't really thought about it.

They rode for the next hour just talking about her school, growing up, his daughters, random casual conversation. Laura felt like she'd known him her whole lifetime, as if she were cruising with a long time friend of her fathers.

Finally he let up on the throttle and let "Envious" come to a coast, idling nicely in the low roll of the waves.

"She is a very smooth ride indeed."

David was concentrating on the equipment, reading the map and depth finder.

"I've caught some big flounder through here, and smaller schools of tuna. Let's drift a bit and run the bottom."

"Sounds good, flounder is yummy."

After getting rods and bait set, Laura pulled off the light long sleeve shirt she had been wearing. Underneath was a red tank top that clung to her tiny body so perfectly. She was wearing her bikini under that and David took a moment to just drink her in. The copper curls were pulled back in a pony tail and her shorts were cut off just below that sexy crease where her thigh connected with her cute little ass. He could even see the bottom of the pockets hanging out. He had to turn quickly from her as he fought to get hold of himself, the dream still plaguing his mind.

Laura wasn't noticing it a bit; she was concentrating on her rod, lifting it, and feeling for the bottom.

"Where's the drop?"

David looked over and out a ways pointing, "there are two drops, one in about twenty-five feet, the other another forty feet from that."

"Do you fish for marlin?"

"I do, but wouldn't dare with just the two of us. I'll put us on some good sized tuna though, maybe a cobia."

"I don't care really, either fish or a buzz, I'm gonna catch something."

Just then she felt that long slow pull on the rod. David saw her smile and tighten her grip.

With a controlled pull up she held the rod firm, and then started to reel it in, the rod bending. He was impressed. She reeled her line in and then gave a steady pull up, only to do it all over again. Laura certainly knew how to flounder fish.

He readied the net and watched as she smiled ear to ear, it was a wonderful sight.

Then he saw his rod bend over, "Damnit!"

"Set the net there, get yours." She exclaimed.

As David brought in his in the same manner he heard Laura squealing. Looking over his shoulder she had the rod in one hand and was scooping up a large flounder with the net in the other. He could have fallen in love just then.

She made quick to take hers off the hook and toss it into the live well, then help David with his.

"Think mine was bigger."

"Oh, do you now?"

They were both laughing and rinsing off their hands.

"Let's do that again!"

He was happy to see that glint in her eye. After last night she had seemed so lost and almost twenty years older, like she had given up. And now, she was a vibrant twenty-three year old again.

They made that pass several more times, bringing in the fish each time.

Laura had lost the tank top and David was enjoying the view of her lush tits and the little bit of green fabric from her bikini that just barely covered her succulent breasts.

They were back up top the flying bridge and heading further out to sea. Laura wanted to go after some tuna.

She had her little bare feet propped up on the console, leaning back in the chair, enjoying the breeze. David leaned back and rested his arm across the back of her chair. He let his fingers touch the back of her neck softly. It was at this point he was reminded he hated the way his flying bridge was set up, with two separate captain's chairs instead of the one large bench.

"Do you ever stay the night on her?"

"Rarely when she is docked here. I have taken her to the Keys and Bermuda, then, of course I stay aboard."

He could see it in her eyes again, that shock and awe factor. Funny thing was, most girls her age would have already jumped the Sugar Daddy train, but Laura wasn't the kind. He could tell she was impressed, but it had no bearing on whether or not she would like him.

"Laura, could you get me a beer?"

"Only if I can have one."

He just smiled and watched her climb back down; it was a wonderful sight to look straight down into her cleavage.

David took a minute to run a plan through his head. He needed to turn up the heat; he needed to touch her.

As she came back up he asked, "want to steer?"

It was like a kid a Christmas.

"Really?! Can I?"

He took a step back and gripped her waist, pulling her into his arms and placing her between the wheel and himself, cradling her in his arms. He knew she had maneuvered boats, but nothing this big, and there wasn't really anything to worry about out here, just mostly holding on to the wheel, but it brought her closer.

He leaned in and talked into her ear, one hand resting on her hip, his thighs spread on either side of her as he sat in the chair. He took long drinks from his beer and occasionally reached around her to move the wheel or adjust the throttle.

After a while, he pulled back on her hips, "sit down," bringing her into his lap. She offered no resistance.

They talked easy, and his soft touches to her bare back or sides didn't seem to alarm her. In fact, at one point he almost thought she moved into his touch, wanting more of it.

Laura was well aware of how close they were, of how his touches were making her quiver. And every part of her was telling her to back away, to slow it down, but she couldn't. Or maybe she didn't want to. She wasn't sure. But she was enjoying herself, and once again found herself in that state of confusion; was he coming on to her or not?

As they continued on he talked about different boats they would pass, or the fishing areas they were in, some captain's secrets, and even pointed out where he had lost a boat seven years ago.

His hands were on her shoulders and he was massaging her, just at the base of her neck and shoulders. She was reminded of the day he had put lotion on her, how wonderful it felt, and this was very much the same.

He moved down her spine and outwards over her ribs to her sides.

He chuckled lightly in her ear, his lips almost touching her, "you aren't ticklish."

She teased back, "you haven't found the right place yet."

Oh how he wanted to find that place. He wanted nothing more than to throw the anchor, take her below, and find all those special places. He hadn't had a single woman in that bedroom and now he wanted her to be the first.

"Is that an open invite?"

It was his tone that caught her. It wasn't as light and joking as he usually was. Her pulse quickened and she felt a heat between her legs. She normally wasn't caught off guard, but she didn't know how to respond. She didn't know what he was thinking or what he wanted from her. Hell, she didn't know what she wanted from him.

David could sense two things from her, she tensed at the thought that the sexual tension was hanging there, and her skin tingled in response as well. The first was a bad sign; the second was a good sign. With all his years, this told him she wasn't quite ready.

He patted her outer thigh, "hop up, this is a good place to stop."

And like that, Laura was left to wonder again. If he wanted her she wished he would just grab her and take her; then she could at least know whether to smack him or give in to his touch. Right now her body just kept thumping from one high to another.

He set up the outriggers and explained a few things to her, then went inside to steer, leaving the sliding door open. They trolled for an hour with no luck.

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