tagMatureWhat She Needs Ch. 09

What She Needs Ch. 09


David heard the steady hum of a motor; no it was a pump, a bilge. He was on Envious and her slow rock was making it hard for him to wake. There was a soft body curled up to his, a leg entwined around his waist and a small hand resting on his chest. He turned his head and buried his face into that sweet smelling fiery mane of hers, taking a deep breath. Laura. God, last night was amazing. She stirred slightly, rocking her hips and pressing her hot mound into his thigh. His cock twitched; he couldn't believe it. They had engaged in wild sex all night and he'd only slept for about 4 hours, and now here he was ready to feel her again, to enjoy all those wonderful delights.

He turned slightly, pulling her closer to him and letting his hand roam over her. Laura moaned in response, grinding against his leg again. How could he want her again? No wait; that was the wrong question. How could he possibly get hard again? Wanting her was easy. He continued to rub her softly and kiss at her cheek and lips, soft little nibbles trying to stir her.

"Aren't you tired?" She sleepily teased him, returning his kisses.

"I think I found the fountain of youth." He chuckled as he pressed his rigid cock against her belly, grasping her hips and urging her on top of him.

Laura's eyes opened quickly when she felt his erection. She couldn't believe his stamina, and she was still so tired; but she gave in and just giggled as she moved over him, legs curling up around his thighs.

"You are gonna fuck me into an early grave, old man. I don't think I can keep up."

David just smiled at her, grasped her by the hair, pressing his lips into hers, hungry to taste her kiss. He shoved his cock up into her and began thrusting hard. She met him in perfect rhythm, moaning with each movement and twitch inside of her tight cunt.

"You seem to be just fine, darlin." Taking her harder, holding her hips and driving her down on him with need.

"My God David, you are amazing. You make me feel so many feelings I've never felt before. I feel so free with you."

He kissed her hard again, driving his tongue into her mouth as his cock drove deep into her slick pussy. He could get lost in her, in everything about her. It wasn't just her looks, or her young age, it was her mind, and her outlook on life and her future.

Yesterday she had been so vivid and had such fun while out fishing, and last night she had been so alive in his arms. He wondered if she had left her past behind, finding something bright and new, freeing her from what had held her back. To hear her say it, he was floating with just that knowledge, that he had helped her; that she was that comfortable with him.

He grabbed her tight and quickly flipped her over to her back, crouching over her, pounding down into her. Her eyes were wide and dark with lust, and she growled up to him.

"That's it David, fuck me. Yes! Fuck me! Use my tight young body." She was flashing him that sexy coy smile. It was a "come get me" look he had picked up on last night. She had this unique way of going from soft and loving to needing to be used and taken hard. Both of which he loved.

"You like this babygirl? You like being fucked hard by me, being my little slut?"

Laura loved it when he talked dirty to her, it got her body tingling and drove her wild, and she knew he loved it when she responded. They seem to find each other last night, connecting like no lover she had ever had. They didn't talk about what the other needed or preferred, they both just seemed to "know."

"Damnit David! Yes, yes, yes!" She squealed as her body twitched, cumming on his cock, riding her orgasm. She was squirting and with each slam against her, her sweet juices splattered over both of them.

"That's it baby, cum for me. Fuck Laura, that is so hot!"

He kept pounding her looking down to watch her pussy erupt around his plummeting cock. He was so engrossed with it, so enthralled with how her pussy squeezed his cock, wanting to make her cum like that again; he barely heard her pleas.

"David...David, easy...please. I need to breathe."

Taking a deep breath he looked to her eyes and grabbed control of himself, lowering down to rest above her, but supporting his own weight. He was panting as he tried to reassure her.

"I'm sorry Laura. I was just wrapped up...damn, I am so sorry."

"It's ok. I only just realized I'm a little sore."

She touched his cheek softly and ran her fingers through his thick pepper and salt hair, looking into those bright blue eyes, trying to catch her own breath.

David lowered his face into her hair, nuzzling her, breathing in that wonderful scent, his hard cock still twitching inside of her. He would never be able to cum; he was no where near close. He resolved to pull himself from her, kissing her softly, but deeply.

She moaned into his kiss and held him close, wiggling against him and whimpering when he pulled free.

"Don't pout babygirl. I'm just gonna start the coffee." He chuckled as he got up and walked out of the bedroom, not bothering to cover himself.

Laura watched him walk out; she couldn't help but think he had to have the nicest bare ass she had ever seen on a man. Getting up she went to the bathroom and freshened up a little, then sat nude on the bed and brushed out the wild curls.

Her eyes fell on the wardrobe. She wasn't sure what made her think about it at that moment, but she got this sudden chill remembering that David had said Maria had clothes in there. Why did that bother her? It wasn't like she had something special with him, or that she would have even thought last night was anything more between the two of them than just wonderful sex.

David stood in the doorway and watched her brush the same section of hair over and over, her eyes on the heavily carved wardrobe. What was she thinking?

Maria...she is thinking about Maria. She doesn't know. He decided that trying to tell her now would seem like a lie, so he just ignored it and sat behind her, taking the brush and finishing the long mane.

"Your hair is beautiful. I love that you leave it long."

Laura smiled and purred as he ran the brush through her long locks. If any man ever wanted to win a girl's affections or get her in bed, brushing out her hair was the perfect start.

"My mom kept it short for years when I was little. But when I entered high school I started letting it grow. Other than regular trims, I've never cut it since. That feels so good, David."

She let her thoughts leave the clothes hanging in the wardrobe, concentrating on his touch and the smell of coffee. Turning she grabbed his hands and pulled into his embrace, kissing him and rubbing her lush tits and tiny waist against him. He moaned and held to her tight, touching every inch of her, the brush falling to the floor.

"I could do you all morning, hell, all day, Laura. I don't think I could possibly orgasm for a whole day, not after last night."

"Mmmmm...that sounds wonderful. Let's do that."

"Do what?" He pulled away and looked at her smiling.

"Each other, silly." She chuckled.

"Very well then."

As he guided her onto her back and began to position his face between her thighs a loud chime sounded.


"What's that?"

"The buzzer...ummm..door bell. Stay right here." He put on a pair of shorts and looked over his shoulder. Laughing, seeing her seated there with her thighs spread leaning back on her elbows, he added, "stay just like that."

"Smart ass." She laughed.

The chime sounded again. David was sure it was Michael, wanting to know when he could have his home back. He slid the door open and had to squint as the bright late morning sun hit him in the face.

"Emily! Errr...what are you doing here?"

"Hey Daddy."

She hugged him and walked right past him and into the living area. David was dumbfounded. What would his daughter think if she saw Laura? His pulse raced.

"I didn't think you were one for sleeping in this late. I thought we would have breakfast but you weren't home so I called here. The girl at the office said she thought you had stayed here the night. Drinking again?"

Emily just rambled, picking up the empty wine bottle and the scotch, putting the scotch back at the bar. David didn't know what to say; he just kept glancing down the hallway trying to figure out the best way of getting out of this predicament.

He didn't have to come up with anything, Emily stopped in the middle of some ramble about having the day off and not spending enough time with him when she picked up the wine glass with deep burgundy lipstick, staring at it.

"Oh my God. Daddy, I am so sorry." She sighed, closing her eyes. "I should have known, the island's most eligible bachelor, late night on the boat. Shit, Dad. I really am sorry."

It didn't really chase her out the door though, if anything it peaked her interest more.

She leaned in and whispered, "You and Janelle work things out? I really like her."

Now he took back his command as a father; his voice deepened, just saying her name in that tone that told her enough was enough. "Emily."

She ignored him. "You said never on 'Envious' though, that this was your escape. Remember...'no women on the boat'." She made that quote symbol when she said the word women; they both knew she meant "sex."

"Emily!" David looked back down the hallway.

"Oh fine daddy. Just call me later." She kissed his cheek and let herself out.

David sighed at his loss of erection and fixed two cups of coffee, returning to find Laura laid out on the bed, grinning.

"Well that was awkward." She laughed while taking the coffee.

"Just a bit."

"So really? You've never had a woman on this boat?"

"Nope. I mean, I have taken them out fishing and such, but never spent the night and no sex."

There was an odd silence for a bit. He knew she was processing it. He wondered if that made her feel special. Was she special? What was it that had made him break that restriction he had placed upon the new boat? Almost 2 years and he had yet to break it, why now?

"Then why does Maria keep clothes here?"

"Cause we often go to the club events together and I won't let her keep clothes at my home. Didn't think Janelle would like that very much."

She chuckled, "No, I guess she wouldn't. Why me?"

"Funny, I was just asking myself the same thing. I don't have an answer for it, but I can tell you this; I don't regret it." He looked around the room as he spoke, "Now every time I come in here I will think about the night you made me feel like I was in my twenties again."

Laura blushed and he took her hand and looked into those amazing jade eyes.

"Laura, last night was the first for me in a long time. I haven't had a connection like that in years. Thank you."

"No David, thank you. I felt alive again. It was reckless and hot, but I felt safe and cared for. I wish all sex felt like that."

"It should."

"Yes, I suppose it should."

Laura looked down into her cup, just staring at the small dark reflecting pool. How would this affect them?

A vision of her sneaking from his house back to hers in the morning for the next 3 weeks came to mind. She just laughed.

Seeing her chuckle, David took a sip of his coffee and then asked, "what's so funny?"

"Oh, I was just thinking...I could see about saving myself some rent money and just hook up with you for the next few weeks."

He knew she was teasing and he gave her a little shove.

"You'll bore of me soon."

"I don't think so, not after a performance like last night."

"Laura, I am fifty-nine, I don't often have performances like last night. Hell, this morning was a shock for me."

"You weren't the only one!"

They both let their laughter fade and caught each others stare. They just sat there in silence and enjoyed the moment.

But both of them were thinking what would come next. How do you just step off the boat, drive home and then shake hands and say, "ok, see you around."

Neither wanted anything long term; and both of them assumed it wouldn't work anyway. It wasn't just the age difference; she was living in Virginia and still had a year or two of school, and he had his own lifestyle that he had become accustomed to. But there were concerns floating through their heads, and mostly they were the same thought with a different twist.

David's mind ran wild with thoughts of wanting more of her. He was rather addicted now and couldn't imagine having her next door and NOT being able to touch her, hold her, to make love to her. Could he get her to stay for the rest of the summer, or at least come down on the weekends for some fun?

Meanwhile Laura wanted to continue what they had last but was worried he would expect more from her in the way of a relationship. That he would become clingy and controlling of her time down here. And what about Jesse? She still very much had him on her mind.

David felt he needed to break the silence, but he wasn't prepared to have that conversation yet. His first thought was to grab her and make love to her in furious passion, but he knew he was only putting off the inevitable, and also, Michael might want to get back on board sometime today. So he opted for going home.

"Would you like to get something to eat then head back to the house?"

Laura's stomach had rumbled a couple times, the coffee was helping, but it wasn't food.

"That sounds wonderful." She paused a moment as He got up and started to dress, she just sat there and watched him for a bit, taking in everything that had happened.


He turned to just see her sitting there, coffee cup in hand, those sweet emerald spheres shinning up to him.

"Everything ok, Laura?"

Standing she took the few steps, set the coffee cup down, and wrapped her arms around him kissing him deeply. She isn't sure why, it was as if her body took over and she was just along for the ride, but the kiss was astounding. His arms tightened around her waist and he squeezed her with a raw need, pulling her in close.

David groaned as his cock hardened immediately, her kiss was an aphrodisiac for him. He was backing her up to the bed, ready to take her again. Her hands were pulling at his shirt.

"At some point we have to go back to our homes." He mumbled barely breaking this kiss.

"Yes, but just a little more, please. I don't know what will happen when we get off this boat. And I need you now."

She fell back onto the bed, David crouching over her. He wasted no time sliding his stiff cock into her; moaning and closing his eyes, thrusting slow and easy.

"You are so perfect, Laura."

She was gasping as her thighs opened wide, spreading them and then locking her ankles around his waist, biting at his chin and neck, nibbling his ear as she purred to him for more, and spurning him on with her wanton pleas.

David smiled as her nails raked down his back. He felt his cock twitch inside of her, and loved the little giggle she gave as it did. He thrust into her harder. He would have sat up and really pounded her if he hadn't needed to feel her small body pressed to his so bad. It was that feeling that made him this way; he was sure of it. Having someone so young that close to him, that wanted him, it was that alone that was dropping the years off his age.

She was smiling up to him, his eyes met hers and locked, for a moment, it was two lovers lost in each other.

His pace slowed; he touched her cheek softly, affectionately trying to brush back an untamed curl, just drinking her in, the pleasure on her face.

"You feel so good, David. You make me feel wonderful." She almost whispered it.

He leaned down and kissed her softly, still caressing her cheek. He whispered back.

"I don't want this to end Laura. I need this from you."

Just then she trembled, her pussy tightened around his cock and she began to orgasm. Her sex was hot and thick with cum; it coated his cock and as the soft walls spasm around his hard shaft, even though he would have thought it impossible, he came with her. His eyes closed and he shook with it, filling her sweet hole with his seed.

Neither said a word as they both lay there, catching their breath. He rolled to his side and cradled her against him, his drained cock slowly slipping from her.

For almost fifteen minutes they just held each other, breathing in the scent of their excursions. It was Laura that finally spoke up.

"What will we do?"

"I don't know. But I don't want to go back to just friendly neighbors."

"Nor do I."

"Then we take it day by day. I won't harp on you, Laura. I just need you to know that I want more of this."

She just smiled and rested her head in the crook of his shoulder. They would get up, dress, and work everything out once the afterglow was over.

Bull and Michael sat at a bench talking about the fishing gossip and what repairs needed to made to the boats. Michael gave the older captain a nudge of the elbow and motioned with his head at the odd couple walking out to their vehicle. It was David and Laura. He had his arm around her shoulders and she was leaning her head against him as they strolled together.

"Pay up, Bull."

"Damnit! That is one lucky SOB. I couldn't get laid by a woman three times her age and twice her size."

"You could if you had his kind of money. Now pay up."

Bull handed him a fifty dollar bill and kept swearing under his breath.

"Now, I gotta go clean up after the two of'um."

Bull started laughing so hard he could barely utter his next jest.

"Yeah! Enjoy smellin them sheets!"

Michael just threw him the finger and kept walking, watching the Land Rover pull off.

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