tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 13

What The Future Holds Ch. 13



At the airport Angel spotted Ryan through the crowd. They shook hands and embraced.

"It's so great to see you."

"The same goes for you, Reilly. So how's married life?" Ryan asked.

"It's great. I'd recommend it," Angel said with a smile. "Let's head back. Buffy is waiting us."

As Angel drove back both men caught on up old times. Angel headed into the driveway. Buffy heard the car came downstairs to greet him at the door. She opened the door and Angel stepped in with Ryan. Before Angel could introduce Ryan to Buffy she grabbed Angel into a kiss. Angel stopped the kiss before things got heated up.

'Wow. That was unexpected," Angel said breathlessly.

"So am I going to get a welcome like that as well?" Ryan asked.

Angel glared at him. Buffy couldn't help but giggle. She couldn't believe how jealous and protective Angel was of her.

"Ryan, I'd like you to meet my wife, Buffy."

"It's a pleasure." He then kissed her lightly on the cheek.

They all stepped in and sat on the couch. Buffy sat in between both men.

"So Ryan, what do you do for a living?" Buffy asked.

"I have my own accounting firm in Los Angeles. So what do you two do?"

"Well I'm a guidance counselor and Angel's a History teacher. We both work at Sunnydale High." Buffy entwined her fingers with Angel's and placed it on her lap.

"Interesting. As much as I'd like to know more about you two I feel a little tired."

"Sure, Ryan. The bedroom is second on your right," Angel answered.

As he went up the stairs he looked over at the happy couple. 'Buffy sure is a babe. I wonder what she's like in bed.'


As Buffy was setting the table Angel was preparing dinner. They had white rice with shrimp sautéed in garlic sauce and red wine. Since Buffy was pregnant she had water with her meal. The aroma of the food could heighten anyone's senses. The taste could be savored and bring senses all over your body.

They all sat down and ate. While they ate Ryan decided to start a conversation.

"So when did you two meet?" Ryan asked out of curiosity.

"Actually we met when I was a senior in high school. He was my History tutor," Buffy answered with a smile looking at Angel.

"Really. It's interesting where you met your future wife," Ryan pointed out.

"Yes, it's interesting. But it wasn't easy we managed and now we're happily married. So Ryan are you married?" Angel wanted to change the subject.

"No. I haven't found the right woman. But when I do you'll be the first one to know. Thanks for the dinner. It was great," Ryan said looking at Buffy.

"Your welcome," Buffy answered.

Angel was getting a little suspicious of his friend Ryan. He seemed to be so interested in Buffy.


Upstairs in their bedroom Angel decided he had to tell Buffy how Ryan really is.

"Buffy honey I think you should watch out for Ryan. He was always very flirtatious back when we were roommates in college.

"Oh, come on, Angel. Ryan's harmless and besides you have nothing to worry about." She went over to him and kissed him.


The next day was Saturday, which was a day of relaxation. Buffy was curled up against Angel's chest. His arms were wrapped around her waist. He placed his chin on her shoulder, then bent his head down and nuzzled her shoulder. Buffy whimpered by his touch and rubbed her back against his chest. Angel groaned by Buffy's action. He decided to start kissing her shoulder then he nibbled her earlobe. Buffy turned around and straddled herself on him and said,

"Good Morning, honey," she said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

Angel knew that look all to well. She wanted to make love. Before Angel could respond, she lowered her head and started kissing Angel. She wanted him now. The heat between them was like fusion. Angel pulled her closer and glided his hands under her tank top. The touch of his hands roaming all over her back sent shivers down her spine. He stopped the kiss to see Buffy with a pouted lip.

"Why did you stop?" she whined.

"We can't now. Ryan's here he could here us." Even though it was weird because Angel was in his own home.

"I don't think Ryan's going to here us. Besides we can be verwy, verwy quiet," she said sounding like Elmer Fud.

"You sound like Elmer Fud," he said and then laughed.

"But I'm cuter then him. Can he do this," she flashed him.

Angel's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe her. He grabbed her, turned her on her back so her was on top and started tickling her.

"Angel...stop. Really...I won't be able to contain myself," she said in between giggles.

"I won't stop until you say your sorry for turning me on," he said sounding as if he was serious.

"Oh and you think I started it. Well mister you're the one that started this with kissing me."

Angel ignored her and continued tickling her.


Later on in the afternoon the whole Scooby gang plus their parents arrived at their house. Buffy hadn't given them their gifts from her honeymoon in Hawaii. Each person loved his or her gift. Xander got a kick out of the coconut bra. Oz was well his usual stoic manner. Willow just hugged Buffy. Cordelia couldn't believe that Buffy could have such great taste in jewelry. Giles was glad to receive his book. Joyce loved

the jewelry box and Geoffrey loved his gift as well.

Before Buffy sat down, the girls pulled her away and headed into the kitchen. Cordelia was dying to know what Angel had done for her on their honeymoon.

"So, Buffy what did you and Angel do in Hawaii?"

"Gee Cordelia what would you think a newlywed couple do on their honeymoon," Buffy answered, "To answer your question we had a great time."

"Did Angel plan anything romantic while you were there?" Willow asked.

"Actually he did. He rented a beach house for us for the weekend. Angel set a trail of candles that led to the backyard where he was waiting for me in the jacuzzi. I did something romantic for him as well. On our first day let's just say that strawberries and whipped cream have a new meaning for us."

Willow blushed a deep shade of red. Cordelia was shocked and said, "Oh, my God! You are something Buffy."

Buffy just smirked at her. Meanwhile outside in the living room Angel was talking to the guys while Joyce, Geoffrey and Giles were talking privately.

"So Angel how was the honeymoon? Did you two lovebirds have sex nonstop? Are you able to hold up with the Slayer?" Xander asked.

Angel nearly choked at Xander's comment. At times he wished he could have punched Xander for asking such personal questions, but he couldn't for Buffy's sake. Oz hit him in the arm and said, "Do you have any consideration? Why are you dying to know how much sex he and Buffy had?"

"Oww. I'm sorry Angel. I was just curious that's all."

"To answer your personal question yes Buffy and I had sex. As for having it nonstop why don't you come to you come to a conclusion in your mind," Angel answered with a sly grin.

The ladies came out and laughed when they saw Angel. Buffy went over and sat down between Angel and Ryan.

"Buffy, why are Cordelia and Willow laughing at me?" Angel asked.

"It's nothing honey. I'll tell you later tonight."

Ryan was seated to Buffy's right and placed his hand on her knee. At first Buffy felt the touch and thought it was Angel. Angel noticed that Ryan's hand was stroking Buffy's knee. 'Doesn't he see me. I'm her husband for God's sake.'

Buffy's friends noticed what was occurring especially Willow and Cordelia. Buffy moved his hand away. Angel's face tensed up. His hands were relaxed but changed immediately in to a fist.

"Ryan, could I see you in the kitchen." Both men stood up and headed towards the kitchen.

Willow whispered to Cordelia, "Something's about to happen. I sure don't want to know."

"I think you're right."


In the kitchen both men started talking.

"So Angel why the secrecy? What is it that you want to talk about?" Ryan said casually.

"Well for starters how about the fact that you're making the moves on my wife," Angel accused.

"What? Where did you get that from?"


All of their friends and family had a great time, but had to go.

"Buffy, tell Angel we had to go. Give him a kiss goodbye for me," Joyce said.

"Sure Mom. I'll tell him." Buffy hugged her mother and Geoffrey goodbye.

"Hey Buffy give me a call and we'll hang out this week."

"Sure thing Wills."

Buffy said her goodbyes to everyone else. She wondered what took the men so long. As she walked towards the kitchen she overheard the conversation.


"You heard me. I saw you making eyes at my wife, then today right in front of me you placed your hand on her knee and started massage her," Angel said this in anger and his teeth were clenched.

"Hey Angel. You're getting this all wrong. I wouldn't do that. I know she's your wife. She's taken."

"You better remember that. Buffy's mine," Angel said with a hint in his voice as if Buffy was his property. Angel then gave him a right hook.

Buffy came walking in and said, "What's going on here? Angel I can't believe that you're accusing you friend for making a pass at me. You hit him?" Buffy noticed the cut on Ryan's lip. She rushed over and got some ice and out it in a washcloth and handed it to Ryan. Ryan checked to see if Angel dislocated his jaw.

"Of course I hit him. I'd hit again. Buffy how can you be so blind. He's practically throwing himself at you."

Before Buffy could respond Ryan left the room and said,


"Night," Buffy answered him. Angel just glared at him. Ryan headed up the stairs to his room. Buffy turned around and looked at Angel.

"Angel, how could you think that Ryan could come between us?" She slowly approached him and placed her hand on his cheek.

"Buffy sweetheart Ryan's a womanizer. He use to do such cruel things to women he dates back when he was in college. I thought he changed, but apparently he hasn't."

Buffy was furious. She couldn't believe that her husband was jealous of his friend.

"I don't see that. I can't believe you're jealous. I trust him. Besides I moved his hand before things got worse."

"I don't. I'm telling you Buffy he's up to something. He'll make another attempt on you. The next time he does it'll be far more drastic."

"Uh. Forget it Angel. I've had it up to here with this insane jealousy of yours. The way I see it I trust him and you don't," she said and threw her hands up in the air.

"Buffy let's not get mad about this. I'm right and your wrong. End of discussion."

She hated his last remark. He sounded so egotistical. Angel sounded like he was showing off his manliness.

"No your not. The way I see it you'll be sleeping in the guest room tonight," her voice was full of anger.

"Buffy come on. I don't want to fight about this. Can't we just go to sleep and forget all about this," he said pleading, approaching her and placing his hand on her cheek.

Buffy flinched at by his touch, looking up at him and said, "No. My mine's made up."

"Fine. Be that way. Stubborn and arrogant." He headed upstairs quickly into their bedroom and grabbed his sweatpants and a t-shirt.

Buffy went up and changed into her flannel pajamas and headed to bed. As Buffy lay on the bed she thought, 'what have I done? Angel was just trying to protect me and we ended up fighting. I miss him already.' Buffy clutched herself in her arms and went to sleep.

In the other room Angel changed and thought, 'I can't believe Buffy chose Ryan over me. I guess I was wrong to pass judgment. I just now the nest couple weeks are going to be torturous'

Ryan on the other hand was pleased. 'Soon I'll make the moves on Buffy and she won't even think twice about Angel Reilly.'

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