tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhat The Future Holds Ch. 19

What The Future Holds Ch. 19



The next morning things were definitely back to normal at The Reilly household. Buffy and Angel spent the night in each other's arms and stayed that way till morning. Buffy was the first to wake up, she leaned her head up, started kissing his jaw and then his lips. Angel felt Buffy's soft lips and started kissing and smiled. He deepened the kiss further and gently let go.

"Morning. Did I wake you?" she said innocently.

"Yeah, but I don't mind you waking me up," he replied.

Buffy reached up and started kissing him again. She pulled him close to her body not wanting to let go. She broke the kiss briefly.



"I went to see my Mom on Friday and I told her that I was pregnant. I haven't told anyone else yet."

Angel laughed. "I went to Geoffrey that day and told him the same thing. So when do you plan to tell your friends? You want to tell the today?" he said and raised his eyebrow.

"Nah. I'll call them and invite them to dinner this week. Besides you promised me no interruptions, remember?" Her eyes were gazing at him.

"How could I not forget? I'm the one that suggested it," he said smiling at her.

"So what would you like to do?" He knew very well what she was thinking. He just figured that it'd be fun to ask.

Buffy was thinking. "Well mister I was thinking maybe we could have a repeat performance of last night," she said while her finger trailed down his soft lips, to his well-defined sculpted chest and lightly grazing his erection. The touch of Buffy's finger on him caused him to moan.

"Hmm. What is it that we did last night again?" He looked at her in confusion.

"Angel! Don't tell me you forgot what we did last night? How could you?" she said pouting. She then turned around with her back facing him.

"Honey, trust me. There's no way I could forget what we did last night. It's engraved into my mind." He turned her around facing her. "I love you. No matter how many fights we have. I know the best part will be when we make up." He kissed her and said, "So does that answer your question." She just nodded her head. He leaned down and kissed her again. Let's just say that they both repeated last night's performance again.


Angel woke up and looked at the clock. It read 12:30 pm. It was the second they made love. He looked over at Buffy and wondered how someone that small could have such endurance. She was starting to show on her stomach. He couldn't believe that a little life was created between him and Buffy. He whispered to her stomach,

"Things are going to be different this time around. Buffy's not a slayer anymore, we have no demons or preferably vampires after us or jealous ex's separating us. Even though Gregory's not here with us. I know he'll watch over his baby brother or sister." He leaned his head down and laid a kiss on her stomach. Buffy felt the kiss, opened her eyes and saw Angel.

"Hey," she said. Her fingers went through his hair. She noticed that his head was laid on her stomach.

"Talking to the baby?" she asked him. He lifted his head and looked up at her.

"Hey, yeah I was talking to our baby. Before you ask me. I'm not saying anything."

"Why not?" she demanded.

"Because it's between me and the baby."

"So you have a secret with our unborn child that I can't know about?"

"Yes." He kissed her. "I'm going to make us something to eat. So I'll see you in a few minutes."

"Why can't we stay here? We don't have to eat. Besides I'm not hungry," she whined and then her stomach growled.

Angel laughed. "Yeah, your not hungry. That's why I heard your stomach growling." He slipped into a t-shirt and sweatpants. He decided not to wear any underwear. It was pointless. He headed downstairs.

Buffy was contemplating on whether or not she should go downstairs. She got into her Scooby Doo pajamas and headed towards the kitchen.


Angel was already setting two plates as he started their brunch.

"Hey look who decided to join the real world."

"Yeah. I was bored! Since you're here. I figure I can watch you and be distracted."

Angel laughed at her comment. He made her bacon and eggs. He also made her blueberry muffins. Buffy stood up, sneaked up behind him and placed her small arms around his waist.

"Someone must be really hungry or you really miss me."

"I'm hungry. That's my reason."

"I'm crushed. You've hurt my feelings Buffy."

"Angel, honey you know I really didn't really mean it." She then kissed his shoulder.


Afterwards they went to the living room and watched TV. Angel was stretched out on the sofa and Buffy lay on top of him. His arms were wrapped around her waist. Her head lay on his chest. After a couple hours both of them were getting bored.

"Angel honey I'm bored," she said and looked up at him.

"Well what do you want to do?"

"Oh, I know. I'll check the messages." 'That's what she wants to do. I should've suggested something. Now I'm going to be bored,' Angel thought. She moved up on Angel's body and leaned over to reach the answering machine. Her body was sideways so Angel had a nice view of her behind.

"I like this idea of yours," he said with a smile.

Buffy turned, looked at him and laughed. She pushed the button on the answering machine and realized that they had three messages.

"Hey Buffy, Angel. It's Willow. I just wanted to say hi. Where are you guys? It's 10:00 am. Buffy call me. Bye!" BEEP!

"Hey Buffy. It's Cordelia. Where are you? Did Angel tie you to the bed? Call me." BEEP!

"Hello Buffy, Angel. It's Geoffrey. Congratulations on the baby. I guess things have worked out between you two. Call your Mom and I when you get this message." BEEP!

"That was an interesting bunch of messages. I guess I should return them," Buffy said.

"Oh no you don't." Angel pulled her down.

"Like I said Buffy I don't want any interruptions," he said breathlessly with his mouth inches away from hers.

"Okay." She then lowered her head and kissed him. The kiss deepened even further with their tongues finding one another. Angel's hands left her waist, traveled up her back, and slid his fingers underneath her tank top. The feeling of his fingertips against her skin caused her to shiver. Buffy's hands roamed around the material of the t-shirt. They released from the kiss so Buffy could slide off his shirt. In return he slid off her tank top. She slid down and started to lay wet kisses up his chest and while her breast lightly grazed his chest

"Hmm. Buffy," he moaned.

His hands cupped her breasts and started kneaded them in between his fingers. Buffy's hips moved back and forth in a rhythmic pace. Angel's hands moved toward her hips and took off her pants. She rubbed her body against his erection. His body tensed up and became hard. Buffy gently placed herself inside of him. He placed his hands on her waist while her hips moved back and forth.

"Hmm. Angel."

She started to speed things up, but Angel slowed down a bit. Buffy was getting frustrated with Angel wanting to slow things down. Finally Angel decided to give in and moved his hips forward. He placed his finger at her clit and gently rubbed it.

"Oh, Angel! More. Faster." Buffy's breathing became erratic. As they reached their climaxes they called out each other's name. Buffy laid her head against Angel's damp chest. He placed a blanket on them and went to sleep.


As the evening approached Buffy and Angel were lying on the couch. Angel woke up and played with the strands of her hair and gently placed them behind her ear. Buffy stirred.

"Hey," she said sleepily.

"Hey yourself. You hungry?"

"No, but I can think of other things we can do," she said with a glint in her eyes.

Angel laughed. "I think you better eat something. Especially since now that you’re pregnant. Speaking of the baby have you seen Doctor Price lately?"

"Actually I have an appointment with her this week. Your right I'm hungry." She quickly got off him, pulled him up, demanding and said,

"Come on. Make me something." She took Angel's t-shirt and placed it over her head. Angel took his sweatpants and put them on.

"Yes, my queen." He bowed his head.

"Queen huh? I like this. I should be more commanding." Angel laughed.

Angel stepped in the kitchen, checked the fridge and saw what he could fix up for Buffy.

"I'm going to take a shower. Care to join me?" Buffy had this glint in her eyes when she said that.

"Buffy if I join you, you'll never eat and we'll wind up in bed again."

"What's so bad about that?" she said with a smirk.


Dinner was almost done and Angel was surprised that Buffy hadn't come downstairs yet. He was a bit worried. So he went upstairs and headed towards their bedroom. As he arrived he spotted her sitting in the bathtub, eyes closed, and her hair was pulled up. Angel quietly stepped inside and knelt beside her. Buffy sensed that he was in the room with her. He started kissing her hand slowly, trailing up to her forearm, then onto her shoulder, to her neck and then her lips. Buffy deepened the kiss even more by placing her hands and cupping his face.

"Well I guess someone's awake," he said.

"Yep. So is dinner ready?" she said with a smile.

"Actually that's why I'm here. Get dressed and come down." He was getting ready to leave when she pulled him back down. She felt his fear go through her.

"Angel don't go," she said and her body was shaking all over.

"Honey, I'm not going anywhere." He grabbed a hold of her. 'Why is she reacting this way? She seemed fine this morning.'

"Come on let's get you dressed," He picked her up, dried her off and headed inside the bedroom. He found her pajamas and slipped them on her.

"Buffy are you okay?" he asked, concerned.

"I'm fine," she answered in a harsh tone.

"I'm sorry Angel. I didn't mean to yell at you. Let's go eat."


In the middle of the night Buffy started dreaming.

'Angel.' She heard her door; he approached and kissed her neck. Buffy turned her head for better access. He touched her thigh and then her breast. She woke up. This wasn't Angel.

'This won't hurt one bit.'

She yelled, 'Angel!' But this time things were different. Angel wasn't there to rescue her. She woke up yelling, "Angel. Where are you?" Angel heard her scream. He woke up and saw Buffy. She looked scared. Her body was covered all in sweat.

"I'm right here." He grabs a hold of her and she started crying. He rubbed her back gently and whispered comforting words to her.

"I called out your name and you weren't there. I thought you left me," she said in fear.

She cried for the rest of the night. Things were much better for the next two days. Buffy's nightmares about Ryan subsided. Angel was always by her side whenever she woke up in the middle of the night. He wondered if inviting their family and friends over would make her feel any better. Angel lightly kissed her lips.

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