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What To Do Now: Popular Ending


Note: I had been considering writing multiple different endings for my "What to do now" story, even though in my opinion it could stand alone as a thought provoking little piece of erotic fiction. It seems that the only thoughts it provoked in the general literotica members was anger somehow, so I don't know what I will do now, aside from this one ending that I have decided to write, based mostly on the feedback from the opening story. This isn't an ending I had originally envisioned and not one I would have written, aside from the fact that it seemed to be the one that people wanted from the feedback. If you haven't yet, please read the "What to do now" story as this starts off pretty much where that one ends.

Damn it all, I just simply don't know what to do. I never thought I would ever be in a situation like this. I always thought we had a great marriage, but I had obviously been very wrong. It has all been a sham, total bullshit. My wife is a whore, it's something I have to face, but I don't want to. In fact, I don't think I will face it, I don't want to and I shouldn't have to. Fuck it, I DO know what I'm going to do, that fucking bitch and her stupid black butt fuckers will never know what hit them.

I got up and grabbed my new cell phone, the nice one that my wife had gotten me for my recent birthday, she knows how I like new and cool little gadgets, so the camera and video phone had been an obvious gift. I went back to my observation point looking into the bedroom, cell phone in hand. I waited a bit till the trio was making some considerable noise and then I turned on the video record feature of the phone and held it so that it would catch the action on the bed, as one of the black brothers continued to pound my wife's gaping ass as she sucked the other in an attempt to make him hard yet again. I recorded for about thirty or forty seconds, figuring that would be enough.

I then went back to the family room and sent the video I had just recorded to both my parents and my wife's parents, so they would have an idea of what had happened. Then I waited a couple seconds till the phone had sent it for sure and switched the thing off. I went to the gun rack in the hall. We had a few hunting riffles in there and a couple old collector pistols that my Dad had given to me to protect them from the proceedings when he divorced my mother.

Damn it, I remembered that I kept the key in my wife's jewelry chest in the bedroom. Crap, maybe I won't be able to complete my plan after all. Maybe I could just break the glass, but it would warn them and the ammo is in a separate part of the case and I wouldn't be able to get it. Crap, maybe I would have to wait, but I had already sent the video, I had to act today, I had to act now.

I kept a loaded '45 under the bed in a little lock box that I could undo pretty quickly, but it was under my bed, how could I get to it while my wife was on the bed giving her ass to our two upstairs neighbors? Crap, how to do it, how to do it? I need a gun and quick.

Then I remembered it, the small handgun that my wife had in her purse, I had insisted she get it when she had told me about one of her errands at work that had taken her to a very nasty part of town. I went to her purse in the family room and searched around until I found the small gun, it was little and obviously not meant for this task, but I could at least use it to get to my '45. I loaded the gun with the three bullets that normally fit in little molded rings along the bottom of the small handle. I couldn't hold the gun correctly because my hand pretty much dwarfed the small thing, but I figured it would work for the task I had in mind.

I took the gun and went back to the bedroom; there on the bed was my wife, still on all fours, with her ass upturned and getting pounded. I guess her mouth had done its trick since the brother she had been sucking was now behind her and the one who had been in her ass was sitting in the chair across from the bed; I figured he would be the first.

I acted very quickly and efficiently, far better than I had expected I would. I stepped into the room and shot the brother sitting in the chair in the chest somewhere. Then as my wife and the other brother where in the process of turning, my wife toward me and the black man toward his brother, I squeezed off a shot into his ass which caused him to jump and pull out of my wife's ass. I then put the final bullet into my wife's right breast as I took in the look of pure shock on her face.

As I had been firing, I had been moving, I walked into the room quickly and after the third shot I dove to the floor and reached under the bed. I was able to quickly find the locked box and enter the combo by feel. I pulled the '45 out and stood again. Not much had changed for the other three fuckers in the room. One brother was still sitting on the chair, with his hand to the small wound on his chest. I aimed my bigger gun at him and fired, hitting him higher this time, and he was gone. I then turned to the other brother; he was lying on his stomach on the bed next to my wife, with his hand to his ass and his huge eyes looking at me with total shock. When I fired at him he seemed to focus on the bullet as it came to him, until his eyes crossed right before it hit him. I then stood and waited.

"What the fuck!"

"Huh, that's what I thought when I first came home and saw you giving your ass to these two fuckers."

"What the hell are you doing?"

"Punishing you for being a lying and cheating whore."

"Well damn it, why don't you let me explain instead of just coming in here shooting?"

"You think you can explain this in any way that lets me still think you are anything more than total shit, huh, think again."

"But please just give me a chance, I can explain how this happened..."

I interrupted her, "I already gave you a chance, the only reason I didn't kill you yet is that I wanted to be sure you understand what's going on, and now I'm sure you do." I raised the gun and pointed it at my wife's face; she was glistening with the sweat of her traitorous ass fucking. She began to plead again, but I didn't hear her, I just began to squeeze the trigger. I think I said, "I can't believe I thought I loved you."

Before too long I was in the hall again, looking into our bedroom at the lifeless remains of my wife's interracial orgy. I thought I could hear the sirens of the police as they raced to our apartment and the "shots fired" report, but it might have just been in my head. "You bitch." I spat into the bedroom, in the general direction of our bed and my wife before lifting up the gun in my hand and taking a look at it. It had performed well, fired straight and accurately, I was proud of its performance, just as I was proud of mine. At least I was proud of what I had done once I figured things out a bit, before that on the other hand, well that I was certainly not proud of. I looked at the gun again, yes it had performed well, and now it had only one more thing to do, the easiest thing yet.

The gun barrel felt cold as my lips closed around it, but somehow very comforting too. I was certain that it could do this, that I could do this. I looked at my wife and somehow managed to combine the thought "my love" with "fucking whore" in my head as I squeezed the trigger and my'45 performed for me for one last time.

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by Anonymous09/26/17

Would have been a 5

without the last paragraph

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