tagNon-EroticWhat We Do With It Ch. 02

What We Do With It Ch. 02


*Love makes us gods - With one exception; after the crucifixion we have to roll away our own stone* - S.M.

Sitting there in the early morning in the middle of Queens listening to my guide explain to me exactly what The Powers That Be had done to my soul is an experience that will stay with me forever.

“We pulled you out early as we do with a good many select souls, your body is safe and alive beside that of your friend’s. And you can go back two things provided.”

Standing up now I looked down at Jada’s face my own expression mixed with so many feelings I can’t begin to list them here, “ What do I have to do?”

Smoothing her blue robes she sighed and began to speak, the look on her face telling me I shouldn’t interrupt again.

“You have to want to go back, and you have to give me good reason why going back is so important to you. There are a great many things you can do with yourself on this plane of existence Glory, You can become a guide like myself. Or you could ascend to the upper world after a time and learn all there is to know in paradise. And of course, you can go back and do it all again with a new life.” Looking at my face thoughtfully she began again. “Of course, with your opting to go back you’ll have to relive some of your more unfortunate moments as well as those beautiful ones you just recalled. The Powers that Be might wish for something else as well my dear. Everyone who wants to go back has to endure The Waiting Place.”

Well at least she was matter-of-fact about the whole situation I have to give her that. These things she’d told me rolled around in my bed and I spoke again after what felt like an hour.

“I need to think, but you need to teach me to navigate the labyrinth first.”

Rising to her feet she beckoned me with a nod of her head and I followed her through air until we where back inside the swirling blue maze.

“It’s a matter of mind in this plane, you see you must remember the place you wish to go to without letting other thoughts inside. Something about your destination has to drive you on, an object there, or something that happened once in that particular place. You see?” I nod an affirmative here and she edges me on. “Try it then, I won’t be far away should something go awry.”

Walking forwards in the swirling blue light I can understand how one would get distracted in here, I’m finding it hard to focus on much of anything except the infinite patterns before me. Then a thought comes to me, another memory and I walk forward remembering the cup of tea I’d drank inside my closest friend’s house. Inside her room to be more exact, and then with another turn of the maze I’m there, watching her dress.

Of course she doesn’t see me and out of living habit I look away immediately glancing at the light on her stereo. Suddenly I’m hit with the overwhelming vertigo of having the living walk through me as she exits her room. Being the diligent specter I’m slowly becoming I follow her into her car and onto the highway beyond. She’s upset and I see that, we’re in a coma Emma and I and she’s going to the hospital.

I’m at her heels the whole time standing beside her in the elevator as we go up many floors, and into intensive care. Side-by-side is my body and my friends, my mother is sitting beside my bed and I am caught staring at my soulless body. If I jump onto it who knows what I’ll do but being so close to life again I can’t help inching forwards to try.

That’s when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

He must’ve been about six and a half feet tall, dark skinned like Jada and gruffly seeming. “Peeping in on the living eh?” he says to me in that sagely manner certain people have about them. I nod turning away from my family and looking up at the spirit before me. He looks over my shoulder and sees my body too and his eyebrows raise a moment, “Going to The Waiting Place soon, huh?” Silent I nod again and look over my shoulder at my figure on the hospital bed, I’d never been a patient at a hospital before. The man is leaving now and I am drawn to follow like a whelp of a ghost.

“Have you ever been there?” I ask after him and he stops, sitting in a chair lining the wide hospital hallways. Sitting beside him my elbow resting on my knee face in hand I listen intently to any information he could give me.

“It goes like this, or at least it did when I was up for my statement : You stand before them like in a courtroom trial, and they ask you questions about life, and about your life in particular. And then they make you wait, usually in a nice spot from your breathing days. You stew for a little while and your guide comes to you and tell you their decision. If they allow you back in the body you go back to life. And if they don’t…then you become a Wanderer for as long as they tell you to, like me.”

I nod thoughtfully and my brain is already working on what I’d say to these Powers when my hearing came, but first apparently I’d have to survive old pains again, that’s what Jada told me.

Snapping back to the here-and-now I looked back up at the guy and squinted a bit thinking “A wanderer is what? A ghost who haunts places and people?” He exhaled loudly and nodded several times. “Been doin it for twenty years now. My next hearing is in another year, but this time I’m not trying to go back, I’m just trying to get home.”

Blinking, it may’ve seemed ignorant to a well seasoned specter but I had to ask “What’s home now?” The man smiled kindly at me and his eyes rolled to the heavens, I understood immediately.

That’s when the man walked past me, I’d haunted his room last night and now it was his turn to haunt mine, like a carrot waved in front of a hamster’s nose I almost was dragged out of my chair by his breeze walking past. The other spirit chuckled softly as he watched my rather obvious outpouring of emotion.

Rising out of his seat the other ghost looked after my man and chuckled softly, “One of your reasons for goin back I take it?” The corner of my mouth twitched a little and I nodded my eyes following the man until he disappears inside of my hospital room. I hear conversation in there and let my gaze linger for a moment longer on his shadow in the doorway before turning back to the ghost who’s smiling wisely down at me, “Looks like you’ve got a pretty good reason to me. I think you have some questions that you need to think on answers for.” Lifting his hat to me respectably he walked through the wall across from me and was gone.

I got out of my chair and walked back into my hospital room to stand behind my mother who was engaged in a conversation with my best friend and the man. Studying there faces as they were talking about what could, and might happen to my body. Yes I had a lot of things I needed to answer for myself.

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