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What Will I Do?


Even though I saw it with my own eyes, I had trouble believing my beautiful wife of three years was sucking on another man's cock in our living room. I was watching them on the screen of my laptop while sitting in a hotel room 300 miles away and my first thought was to burn the cheating bitch down, but thinking about not being with her brought suicidal thoughts. While I watched, the unknown man shot his load down my wife's throat, making me even angrier than when I saw him enter with her. I closed the laptop and sat on the bed, crying one minute and raging the next.

I met Amy Winchester her senior year and my first year of graduate school at The University of Tennessee when I was twenty and she twenty one. I was working on a master's degree in computer science having graduated from high school at sixteen. My parents had been killed in an automobile accident and I had to become an emancipated minor to get myself and their estates away from my greed uncle and his shrew of a wife. I paid off the mortgage on the home I now owned with the insurances on my parents and the out of court settlement from the driver who was at fault in the accident. I took apart and rebuilt my first computer at age eleven and became a computer geek after that. Amy literally knocked my 5' wiry frame down when she rounded a corner in the student union.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" I could barely look her in the face; I was so focused on her pert breasts jiggling underneath her shirt, obviously unfettered by a bra. "Let me help you up! I'm Amy!"

"Thanks, I'm Mark." I took her hand and allowed her to pull me up. I might have been shorter than her, but my oversized cock had given me the confidence to make the first move. "How about you make it up to me by going out with me?"

"I can't," Amy looked down, seeming a bit nervous. "My boyfriend wouldn't like that."

"Here take my number in case you change your mind or need someone to talk to!" I handed her a card with my number, one of the many I kept to give to a woman in case she hesitated to give me hers.

"This isn't a campus number." Amy frowned at me.

"No, it's my house phone. I commute to class every day." I answered her.

With that, she hurried off. I didn't expect to hear from her again so imagine my surprise when she called me two weeks later sobbing over the phone.

"Mark, my bastard boyfriend is cheating on me! I don't know what to do!" Amy managed to say between sobs.

"Dump his ass and become my girlfriend!" I said to her, trying to be smooth. "I'll never do anything like that to you!"

"I don't even know you! Amy was still sobbing, but managing to get control of her breathing. "I know I have to dump him, but why am I calling you? I need to go!" She hung up on me before I could reply.

I had her dorm room number from caller ID so I called every other day just trying to talk to her, to get to know her. After two weeks she agreed to go out with me, which led to more dates. I got into her panties on the third date. I had taken her to a restaurant near my house and offered to give her the grand tour, ending on my king sized bed. I went slow, not wanting to blow my chance at her pussy. When I had all her clothes off except her panties, I spent fifteen minutes kissing and suckling her breasts and nipples, giving her a long, slow orgasm. She gasped when I stood and removed my clothes.

"Your cock is so big!" Amy stammered. "I don't know if I can take it!"

Although I was only 5' tall, I had been blessed with a 9" long, 2" around cock and had learned how to use it at fourteen years of age with the sixteen year old next door neighbor girl and her best friend.

"Amy, please don't worry! I'll be nice and gentle to start!"

I pulled her panties off her and began licking her wet slit with my tongue. I spent the next ten minutes licking and sucking her moist sex. When she came, I immediately got between her legs before her peak had crested. I put on a condom and I slipped four inches of my cock into her still pulsing center. I allowed her to get accustomed to my girth before pushing into her body. I again waited for her to get used to my cock in her slick hole. When she moaned and bucked her hips up, I pushed the last bit in and started to thrust slowly. After ten minutes of gentle stroking, Amy began begging me to fuck her hard. I tried to give a woman what she asked for so I began to pump my rock hard member into her hard and fast. I counted two of Amy's orgasms on my rod before my concentration was broken by the tightening of my balls. My hot seed rushed up my shaft and into the condom. Amy moaned with every pulse of my bulbous head inside her as I spurted into the condom. I remained on my forearms above her until my member had deflated. I grabbed the base of the condom and headed to the bathroom. After cleaning up my cock, I re-joined Amy in my bed. After snuggling and kissing for about thirty minutes, Amy gave me an excellent blow job. I reciprocated by using my fingers and mouth on her pussy. Amy agreed to stay the night and I fucked her again the next morning before taking her back to her dorm. I was disappointed when she said she had other plans for that evening. I know I shouldn't have, but I sat outside her dorm close to the time she said she was going out. It looked like she was on a date, and from the way the guy was acting, it looked like he was looking forward to having his way with her. I figured she was dating this other guy and decided to move on and date other girls.

After not speaking to her all week, Amy called me on Friday.

"Mark, let's go out tonight."

"No Amy, I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why not?"

"I saw you last Saturday with your date. You dumped your previous boyfriend for dating other girls, but its okay for you to be dating two guys at the same time? I don't share so I'll be looking for a girl that wants to be with only me."

"I can be that girl, Mark. I and that other guy are history. He thought one date entitled him to getting into my pants. Please Mark; I won't date anyone else if you give me another chance."

I had already started to fall for her so we began dating each other again. We were together for a good deal of the time after that so I trusted her from then on.

After receiving my Master's in computer science, I got a good job working in the IT department of a company in Knoxville. Amy agreed to marry me and we married in September. My new job came with many perks, but required that I travel four or five times per year. Amy didn't like me being gone that much, but the promotion I was promised after a few years was sweet enough to persuade us both.

Being a computer geek and living alone at fifteen in a neighborhood that had had some break-ins, I had wired my entire house except the guest room with Wi-Fi cameras long before I met Amy. I had a computer tower in a special room in my basement to store the images from the cameras digitally so I could access the data from anywhere in the world. After seeing Amy and her mystery man, I made plans to install cameras in the guest room as soon as I got home. I acted normally when I returned from my trip and Amy surprised me by deep-throating my erection for the first time the next night. I asked her how she had managed to do that and she said she had been practicing on bigger and bigger dill pickles.

I still loved Amy and was conflicted as to what to do. I installed the cameras, though I knew it was the wrong thing to do. I wanted to see how far her betrayal had gone. I imagined her fucking guys in the guest room while I was away, which made me alternate between angry and depressed.

On my next out of town trip, I watched as Amy again deep throated another man in our living room, letting him spill his seed down her throat before taking him upstairs to the guest room. The moment I was waiting for came and I watched them strip off their clothes and begin kissing and caressing each other on the bed. The guy went down on her, giving her at least one orgasm. He then tried to get on top of her, his engorged cock in his hand, but she kicked him in the chest while shaking her head no. He lay down next to her and she gave him another blowjob. Amy's mouth and jaw had to be tired after the thirty minutes it took her to get him off again. She turned the bedside lamp off and after the camera had auto adjusted for the low light condition I watched her go to sleep with her head on his chest. He eventually went to sleep beside her. I watched them together until I dozed off. The second night of my trip was a repeat of the first; she brought a guy home and blew him in the living room before retiring to the guest room. He seemed determined to fuck her and got a little violent, but Amy pulled my .38 derringer out of the nightstand and stuck it in his face when he got too close. The guy hurriedly dressed and left. Amy cried herself to sleep in the guest bed.

I decided to confront Amy as soon as I got home, though I wasn't sure what to do. I loved her, but my heart ached from her betrayal. I thought about throwing her out of my house, divorcing her, but the pain of not having her in my life was at least as great, if not greater, than the pain of what she had done to me. When I got home, I printed out five pictures of Amy with the three guys and went back to the first floor to wait for her to get home from work.

"Oh Mark, I'm so glad you're home! I missed you!" Amy exclaimed as she walked in the door. I stopped her before she could get close enough to touch me.

"We need to talk. Amy!" She had started to pout, which usually made my dick hard, but I was determined to stay angry that time. "When did you decide we had an open marriage?" I gritted my teeth as confusion fell over her face.

"What in the hell are you talking about Mark?" Amy stared at me. "I didn't decide we had an open marriage!"

"Then you're plain cheating on me!" I yelled at her as I pushed the first picture under her nose.

Amy gasped as she saw her own face with her lips around a cock that wasn't mine. "Where did you get that?"

I could feel my temper rising as I explained it all to her, the cameras I had installed, how I'd watched her deep throating strangers in the living room, how I'd watched her in the guest bedroom with her visitors.

"I told you I don't like to share. I love you, but I'm divorcing your cheating ass!" I kept my voice level, though inside I was screaming. I spread the rest of the pictures out in front of Amy's crying face and stomped off to the kitchen for a beer.

"Mark. Honey, it's not what you think." Amy whimpered when she made her way to the kitchen. "I love you and only you. I sleep so badly on your trips away that I can barely function the next day at work. I brought those guys home so I could have a warm body to sleep with. I had to promise them something to get them to come home with me. None of them have fucked me. I swear. Please Mark, I love you and don't want a divorce!"

"So a blowjob isn't really sex? Doesn't count, right?" I was still angry with her, even though I could kind of understand her point. "So you're going to be okay with me picking up a warm body to sleep with when I'm away from home? You'll be fine with me eating some random woman's pussy?"

Amy stood in front of me with a stunned look on her face. She hadn't thought about the shoe being on the other foot. It took her a couple of moments before she could answer me.

"I understand why you're upset, it would kill me if I found out you took another woman to bed." Amy was pleading now, her dark eyes wet with tears. "Please forgive me, nothing like this'll ever happen again, I swear!"

I sat at the kitchen table pondering the same dilemma as I had before.

"Amy, I'm going to give you another chance. If the company holds to their word, I'll only have to make five more trips out of town, and you'll come with me on the next one. You bring another man into my house and it's over."

"Thank you, Mark! I won't let you down again, I promise!" Amy rushed to me, hugging and kissing me before I led her to the living room.

I pushed her down to her knees and she went to work freeing my hardening cock from my pants. When it was free, she put it in her mouth and gave me the best blowjob she had ever given me. When I had spurted my last bit of jizz down her throat, I lifted her up and hustled her upstairs to our bed. I ate her to an orgasm before sliding my dick into her sopping wet hole. Even after three years, she was still too tight for me to slam my hardness home like I dreamed of. I gave her two more orgasms with my cock before I filled her with my seed. I got hard again about forty minutes later and she rode me cowgirl through another two orgasms before I pushed her down on all fours and spurted into her body one more time. We went to sleep in each other's arms.

Amy did accompany me on my next trip and the company picked up the extra cost for two people in the room. We had excellent sex the three nights we were away. We kept the room an extra night and went sight-seeing after my work was finished. We had a wonderful time and I began to relax. As far as I could tell, Amy kept her word on my other out of town trips, arriving home at the correct time from work and not going out.

I had one more out of town trip alone and watched on my laptop as Amy didn't come home the second night, and was so devastated, I could barely sleep. When my eyes finally closed, I was awakened by the bedside phone.

"Hello?" I said into the phone in a daze.

"Is this Mark Patterson?" The voice sounded authoritative.

"Yes. What's going on?" I asked fully awake.

"I'm Sargent Bradley with the Tennessee Highway Patrol and there's been an accident. It's your wife."

"What happened? Where's Amy?'

"She was rear ended at the stoplight at the corner of Kingston Pike and Northshore Drive and knocked into crossing traffic. Another car caught her bumper and spun her into a power pole at the edge of the road. They had to cut her out of the car. Is there anyone else I can call for you? I can get the hospital's number if you want to talk to them directly."

After a long few minutes of shouting on the phone, I managed to get the ER doctor and convince him I was Amy's husband. Her condition was severe with trauma to her brain, a fractured skull, broken ribs, and a broken arm. She was expected to live, but due to the swelling in her brain, the doctor couldn't guarantee that she'd be her previous self ever again. I called my company and explained and it had me back in the ICU with Amy within a few hours.

I sat with her for two days before the nurses ran me out and told me to go home and get some rest. I spoke with one of Amy's friends who had taken her out that night and to assuage my jealous fears, she explained to me everything that happened that night.

The girls had convinced Amy to go out with them, but she didn't drink or dance with any men. She danced with her girlfriends and was headed home alone when the accident occurred.

For the next twelve days I went to work, calling several times a day until the nurses told me to stop. After work, I went and sat with Amy until the nurses ran me out when visiting hours were over.

Amy came out of her coma on the thirteenth day and I immediately went to see her. She couldn't speak and could barely eat. Amy had to go to a rehab facility for six months and could walk and talk again. She has a limp and doesn't have full use of her left arm. Her short-term memory was affected and her mental capacity is less than it was before, so much so, that she'll never be able to return to her career again.

We struggled in the beginning with our sex life, but eventually got it to a level we are both comfortable with. It would never be the same as before, but I still loved her with all my heart and decided to be a man and live with the situation. We were able to collect a large out of court settlement and with some shrewd investing on my part, have a steady income that allows me to stay home and care for Amy.

I know some of you think I should have kicked her out, but I couldn't do it. The pain from just thinking about a life without her was greater than the pain her actions caused. I have remained faithful to her even with the temptations, surprisingly from her supposed girlfriends. I plan to remain faithful as long as we are both alive. I'm looking forward to what the future will bring.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous11/22/17

"a cost/benefit decision"

Do you really want to go that cold, calculating route when suggesting it was a good idea for someone to stay with basically an invalid?

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by timriv11/22/17

Sad ending, he did the right thing. He manned up put the past in the past and proved he was a real man who although his pride and ego were bruised his love was still there. And yes she cheated which ismore...

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by Anonymous10/12/17

not bad story

What you should've done is re-wrote your wedding vows and draw up a post-nup state if you have sex in any shape or form you're out of here with the clothes on your back.

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by Anonymous09/01/17


This author is as predictable as JPB. What a pile of dog shit.

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by Anonymous09/01/17


Can't believe that even the writer would use a lame excuse she used on him to cheat!
That's really pathetic....especially that he would keep her!

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