tagLoving WivesWhat Would I Have Done If I Had Known?

What Would I Have Done If I Had Known?


Tanya and I had developed a friendship when we were in our last year of high school. We went to the pictures a few times and had been to a number of parties but at all times we behaved ourselves and were often told by our friends that we were just too nice, particularly to each other. Our friendship developed slowly because we both had been brought up with Christian beliefs which limited what we would do before we were married! Although we weren't over enthusiastic about these beliefs we generally stuck to them. The result was there was no sex although we indulged in a lot of petting and playing around which usually ended up with Tanya cumming because I was playing with her clit or pushing several fingers inside her cunt and massaging them around. She, in turn, would play with my cock and when I came she would quickly grab a couple of tissues and wipe up my semen making sure none of it went over her body.

Thus it could be said we were very careful but didn't go all the way and fuck! We were very content with our love life and didn't wish to go any further. It was while we were in university that we really developed our friendship and, although we were rather young, we decided to become engaged. I presumed we would be able to fuck once we were engaged but Tanya insisted we wait and show our true love for each other.

We lived in separate accommodation at the university which was really a room-only situation and there was very little luxury in these rooms. But, of course, this was enough for us because much of the time we spent studying in the library and didn't spend too much time in each other's rooms.

Money was always short while we were studying and, although I was supported partly by my parents, it was necessary for me to get a part time job to have enough money to live. I always assumed Tanya was supported by her parents, although I didn't ask, because she usually had enough money to live a somewhat better lifestyle than myself. My job was part time waiter at a local hotel and although the wages were terrible the tips we received were what kept us alive. Three other lads and myself were working at the hotel. We were always extra nice to the patrons and they rewarded us with tips if we did a good job.

We were engaged for 2 years while we were finishing our studies and agreed to marry as soon as we both graduated. This was something we both looked forward to with a great deal of excitement. Tanya didn't have to work - it seemed she had enough money to support herself - but took a couple of extra classes to keep busy while I was working at nights. Generally we were getting along very well and always seemed to be busy doing something and the temptations of sex were kept at bay.

Although I always talked to Tanya about her extra classes she never told me very much about them and also I never saw any evidence of those classes when I was in her room. Her classes remained a bit of a mystery to me but I didn't care much because I trusted Tanya totally.

The examinations were set for the end of the month and we had been studying very hard and were quite confident we would both graduate so we made preparations for our wedding. We didn't invite a lot of people to attend although of course we invited all of our friends but we really didn't have many of those to invite - we had kept mostly to ourselves and studied hard.

Well, we did pass our examination and we both graduated. Three weeks later we were married and after the ceremony we had a party for everyone to join in our celebrations. We were not in a financial position to go for a long honeymoon but agreed we could afford just one week together away from everyone else. To save costs we decided to go camping in the mountains in a National Park. We were able to borrow our tent and all the equipment so that saved a lot of money too. We had a car, even if it was old, and so we loaded all of our camping equipment into it before our wedding ceremony and locked it safely in a garage for safe keeping. After the wedding we were to spend the first night in a hotel room and then leave next morning for our honeymoon.

Something just didn't seem right at the hotel room! Tanya, who had been very reserved with me before had never allowed me to see her completely naked. I always had to play with her under her clothes. She now stripped off her clothes as soon as we reached the security of the bedroom and standing in front of me with her hands on her hips and her legs spread apart said, "Now husband dear, come and fuck me!"

I was completely shocked at her language because we had never used those words in front of each other before. She disappointed me because she almost seemed to be like a slut (or at least like those I had read about in books and magazines) and not like my very pure wife! I decided she must have read those words in a book and wanted to try to be sexy with me on our wedding night. I quickly stripped off my clothes and, although she had played with my cock many times and held it while she had jerked me off, she just looked at me without amazement like I had expected. She then repeated her words, "Now husband dear, come and fuck me!"

I moved over to her and hugged her closely and touched her naked breasts and played with her hips and her back as I had never been able to do this before. She just melted into my arms and thrust her pubes into my hard cock! I just couldn't believe the change in my Tanya. Still holding me firmly she began to walk backwards pulling me until we reach the bed. She fell over backwards on the bed, spread her legs, grasped my hard cock in her hand and with one swift action guided it into her cunt! To my utter amazement my hard cock just slid into her cunt and without effort it slid right in until out pubic hairs were touching. At last I was inside my lovely Tanya! But, wait, I had read in books that the first time of intercourse it was hard to break a girl's hymen and she would suffer lots of pain. I knew Tanya hadn't participated in active sports so she would have been unlikely to have broken her hymen doing that.

I am only human so I continued to pump my cock into her cunt and in no time at all we both came and it was, to me anyway, a wonderful experience. Tanya certainly liked being fucked but I really expected more reaction from her. As soon as we had rested from our first fuck she began playing with me again, this time leaning over me and taking my cock into her mouth! She had never done that before and kept telling me earlier that she would never suck any man's organ because the bible had told her it was unclean. Now she was sucking enthusiastically on my cock and in no time at all I had a full erection. Tanya immediately got into a position on her hands and knees and said, "Darling, please fuck me hard in the cunt and, if you would like it, you can take it out and shove it into my asshole - I would love you to fuck me in the asshole!" I just couldn't understand what was going on with my Tanya. I had read that almost all girls don't want to be penetrated in the asshole until there had been a lot of sex between them as it hurt quite a deal on the first couple of times. It was something to be taken very gradually but here was my new wife begging me to fuck her in the asshole!

I pushed my cock into her cunt and pumped her for a few minutes before she begged me to take it out and shove it into her asshole! I just couldn't believe my ears! Anyway I thought I would take the whole thing very carefully and, when I pulled my cock out of her cunt, it was delightfully lubed up with her juices and so I thought I may be able to get into her asshole without too much difficulty. I knew that girls had to learn to relax their muscles before a cock can enter their assholes but I would be careful just the same. Imagine my surprise when I pushed my cock gently against her asshole and Tanya gave a little jump which I thought was from pain but in reality was her means of hastening my entry into her asshole. My cock slid into her asshole without any difficulty and I slid right in until my balls were touching her cunt lips! I was completely in her asshole and she hadn't murmured any painful sounds - just kept on telling me to fuck her in the ass!

Tanya was able to relax and close the muscles in her rectum and the feeling I was getting in my cock just brought on my orgasm so quickly I came inside her asshole. This was something I thought she would never allow and what is more, something I thought I would never do! My wife seemed to have developed into a tigress in the bedroom!

Needless to say, we fucked several more times during our first night but she still kept on urging me to fuck her and she also demanded I fuck her again in her asshole before we left for our camping trip. I was truly amazed at the attitude change with my wife!

I was in for more shocks on our week long honeymoon - Tanya simply wanted me to fuck her every time she managed to get my cock hard! She did things with me which I would never have thought she would ever do! On one occasion when I wanted to have a pee, she came with me and, because there was no one else around, she undid my pants, dropped them around my ankles and then moved behind me and reached around and grasped my cock! She then told me to take my piss and when I finally got the piss flowing, she began to swing my cock around making patterns on the ground with my piss! I just couldn't believe my eyes. When I had finished peeing, she seemed to know just how to shake it to get the last of the drops out of it and then she came around in front of me and, kneeling down on the ground, she took my cock into her mouth and began sucking me! I was so stunned at the way she had been handling me I began to cum and she held on to my backside tightly keeping my cock in her mouth and when I came she swallowed every drop of semen! We were standing out in the open and could have been seen by plenty of people passing through he park but fortunately nobody was watching! What had happened to my Tanya - my quiet docile Tanya?

Although I enjoyed every fuck we had on the holiday and loved my wife so much, I still couldn't understand the drastic changes in her - she was almost a different person.

When it was time to pack up the tent she told me to get everything else in the car but to leave the tent until last. When everything else was packed Tanya took me by the hand and led me into the tent. She said to me, "Darling, I want just one more fuck in our tent before we return home - please fuck me in the asshole again - you know I love it when you fuck me there!"

This time I knew I would be hurting her because she wanted me to just fuck her asshole not to lube up in her cunt as we had done before! She wasn't wearing panties (although I didn't know it before this) and so she got down on her hands and knees pulled her skirt up over her back and presented me with her lovely behind. She kept on telling me to fuck her in the asshole and to fuck her hard! My cock was like a piece of steel it was so hard. I moved behind her, positioned my cock at her puckered hole and then gave a gentle push. To my utter amazement my cock just slid straight into her asshole! She was somehow able to relax herself and also she seemed to provide some sort of lubrication so that it slid in with just my gentle push. As requested I fucked her in the asshole and when she began screaming she was cumming, I pumped a large load of cum deep into her asshole! She absolutely loved being fucked in her asshole as well as in her cunt! I had a sex-loving wife who never seemed to get enough sex!

We finished the packing and then drove home! We settled into married life very well but she never seemed to tire of wanting sex! I loved giving her all the sex I could muster and we were both very happy!

About a month after we returned home, we were invited to a party of some close friends and so enjoyed the company of about 20 or more of their friends as well as our own. Towards the end of the party several of the men were getting drunk and making quite a nuisance of themselves. One of these men began chatting up the women present and, as the were being rejected by each woman, they moved on to the next available woman. I looked over to our host and I could see he had had enough of this carry on and so he gestured to myself and a couple of others who were sober to help him remove these nuisances! As we were grappling with one of these men, he became very vicious and turned on me and said, "You are the most stupid idiot in the world! You are so stupid you don't know that your wife, your darling pure little wife, has been fucking just about every eligible man at the university - how do you think she paid for her accommodation and living expenses at Uni.?" I thought he was just rambling on but our host suddenly had an expression on his face which told me I had probably heard correctly - perhaps my wife had been fucking around! We chucked out the offenders and then returned to the women but quite a few of them had heard what had been said and were very silent when we returned to the room. The air was icy! The realization began to dawn on me - they all knew she had been fucking around - I was the only person stupid enough to not know! I moved over to Tanya and grasped her hand. Her face was as white as snow and she was shaking! I placed my arm around her, gave her a bit of a hug and then told her to get her coat - we were leaving!

We tried to say goodbye to our friends but they suddenly didn't seem able to talk much - I think they were in as much shock as we were. Certainly they may very well have known what was going on but equally certainly they wouldn't have been the ones to bring up the subject! Now we seemed like outcasts as we quietly left the party. I made a special effort to speak to our hosts and shook their hands and told them we would contact them later and not to be too upset at what had happened here tonight. They mumbled something but were too distressed to say much. We left the party are headed home.

We didn't talk in the car. Tanya sat against the door and hung her head and wouldn't look at me. Fortunately we didn't have very far to drive and soon we were inside our little apartment. Tanya headed straight for the bathroom and when she came out she had obviously been crying. I wanted to take her into my arms and tell her to forget the whole thing but I just couldn't bring myself to do that! Neither could she!

She still hung her head over her chest and wouldn't look up. We stood like that for some 10 minutes - it seemed like 10 hours - before I could find my voice to speak! I said very quietly, "Tanya, something terrible has happened to us tonight! It is obviously something which I knew nothing about but perhaps we can still save our marriage. I still love you and I think I still want you but until I hear what you have to say I can't make up my mind what to do! Please speak to me!"

Tanya looked up at me her tear stained face making her look such a poor pathetic figure - she was still sobbing quietly and shaking and trying desperately to compose herself. For the first time since the party she spoke. "Ted, I don't know how I can explain what has happened to me! My mother and father refused to help me with any money during the whole time I was a college and university - they had some strange ideas and we had words before I left home for college. I couldn't ask you for any money as I knew you were just existing on what you received from your parents and your work. I was getting desperate and when I was completely broke I found myself posing naked for an art class. The pay wasn't very good but at least I had some money. They all treated me very well at the art class but I had to earn more. Someone told me it was possible to make lots of money posing for photographs and so desperation made me ask about that. Sure the job paid very well but I had to pose nude for the photographs which were sold overseas for magazines. I sort of got myself trapped when I suddenly needed more money and I agreed to pose for sex photographs. This meant I would be photographed nude but now a man would be in the picture and at times I would be holding his cock, or sucking him in my mouth and later on, allowing him to stick his cock into my pussy! I had become a sex junkie and really I did all of the things they wanted me to do. Eventually I moved into videos which were pure porn and these had me being fucked by all sorts of men, tall, short, black and white and in all sorts of positions. I didn't really like this but the money was good and I managed to keep my head above water. Later, because I needed more money I began to fuck the men on the university campus and was paid for my services! I had become a prostitute and everyone seemed to want my services. This has gone on for the three years up till now. You won't believe me but I had many thousands of dollars in my bank accounts which I have been saving up for us to really get somewhere but I earned that money by allowing myself to be fucked by anyone and everyone who wanted me for a price! Darling, that is the truth and now that I have told you all about it I will have to wait until you make up your mind about what you want to do with your slut wife! I am so sorry you had to find out about this. Believe it or not I gave up the prostitution the week before we were married and the reason that arsehole spoke up at the party was because he was one of the men who fucked me regularly for money but I told him it was over and he just didn't like it! Now the terrible story is out it is up to you to decide what will become of us! I still love you, darling, but I will understand if you throw me out!"

I was stunned - her out-pouring of her story just left me breathless! I had absolutely no idea she had been doing this sort of thing. Of course, now the penny dropped - I could see the reason she was easy for me to enter on the first night and also the reason she could be fucked in the asshole so easily - so many men had been there before me!

I took her in my arms and her sobbing suddenly became a torrent of tears. She was so grateful I had even taken her into my arms. She cried and sobbed for many minutes and I just allowed her to get this out of her system. When she stopped crying, I kissed her and squeezed her more tightly. I told her I loved her and didn't want to lose her as my wife but obviously there had to be many changes in our lives in the future.

The first thing I told her was that I still loved her! I told her I didn't want to lose her! I told her nothing could take away what had happened and nothing could completely erase it from her mind or mine! I told her she couldn't do anything like that again and I knew she wouldn't! I told her we would leave almost straight away for a city many miles away from here and start over a completely new life together. I told her most of all I still loved her and hoped she still loved me because we had to have complete love for each other if we wanted this marriage to continue.

Within 3 days we were gone. We said goodbye to our friends not telling them where we were heading and not giving them any reason for leaving. I think our silence spoke more loudly than any explanation. I am sure our friends wished us well and completely understood what we were doing.

Three years now have passed and our lives in our new city are completely on track! We both have excellent jobs; we have our own home and are now considering starting a family. Although I was reluctant at first I finally accepted the money Tanya had earned in her prostitution and we bought our home with that money! At first it stuck in my throat but later I agreed that it was better to accept that some good had come out of her actions and we were both benefiting from it. She certainly earned a lot of money as a prostitute. We don't talk about what happened now - we try to live for the present and are completely happy with one another.

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