tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhataburger Ch. 02

Whataburger Ch. 02


One time 2 of Heather's friends were over hanging out having a few drinks. Actually they had more then a few, but anyway, later in the evening Kristin asked, "So how did you guys meet?"

Heather and Tom smiled at each other. "It's a long story".

"Seriously, you guys are 10 years apart in age, that doesn't happen everyday. How did you meet?"

Setting her drink down on the coffee table, "You really want to know? You won't believe me", answered Heather.

Heather's other friend, a cute Asian girl name Kai, chimed in "sure, yaa, we'd like to know".

Tom was shifting uneasily, so he got up, "anyone else want a beer"? They said no, so he went to the kitchen. Heather smiled at Tom's embarrassment, and started to tell the story about how they met at Whataburger. As he came back in the room drinking his beer, he heard them laughing vigorously.

"No way!!"

"It's true!"

"Yaaa right!"

"See I told you, that you wouldn't believe me."

Laughing, Kai said in her sexy Asian accent, "Ya, you mean to tell me, you accidentally walk in and saw him peeing, and it was like....soooooooo big you couldn't walk away. Ha haw! That is so funny!"

Pretending to be a little bit perturbed, Heather countered with "You don't believe me? What don't you believe, that we met that way or that it is that big?"

Giggling Kristin answered, "Neither really, I mean come on".

"Well", Heathers eyes search everyone else's, bonding them all together in this conversation that was rapidly getting a little bit riskskay to say the least, "if I prove to you that I'm not lying about the size....would you believe the rest of the story?"

Not liking where this was going, Tom tried to get up, "Ya I think I need another beer."

Heather hooked him with her arm and said, "Oooh no mister. You have a beer, you don't need another one."

Realizing it was no good trying to fight Heather, Tom relented and gave up trying to escape. You have to pick your battles when you are married, so he would appease her. And besides, secretly he was liking where this was going, but at the same time, fantasy is fantasy, but when it happens for real, it's quite another story. His heart started to race. Looking like a frightened squirrel he took a swig of beer.

"So ladies... is it a deal? If I prove to you I'm not lying about the size issue, will you believe me about the rest of the story?"

Trying not to look to interested, Kai and Kristin, nodded, and said, "hhhm, sure, okay, I mean I guess that is fair."

Grabbing Tom's hand, Heather pulled him up out of the sofa. Stopping his impotent protests with a "ey ah, shhh", Heather got behind Tom and put her arms around him and started on his belt buckle. "Close your eyes ladies, and NOOOOO peeking" They did as she asked, and they heard the belt buckle go, they heard the snap of the pants button, they thought this was just a bluff, they were good friends and that this wasn't going to go there! They thought this was just some good old fun, then they heard the zipper!!! Would she? No way they thought.

Heather sounding kind of like a carnival ride attendant went about proving her point, "Now keep those eyes shut ladies. Imagine, you are at your crappy job that you hate, you hate your boyfriend, life sucks, and you knock on the restroom door, no response, you knock again, no response so you open the door and then...okay open your eyes."

As they opened their eyes, Kristin audibly gasped as she breathed in. Kai's eyes widened as big as saucers. Before them was Tom red faced (not that they would even know, that's not what they were looking at) and Heather was holding his large, soft wrinkled penis in her hand like you would if he was peeing.

"Okay ladies. That is what I saw when I opened the door. If you would have opened the door and saw this, would you close it? If you would have, then prove it and close your eyes right now!"

Well needless to say, neither of them did. Infact they both stared dumbfoundedly, with their jaws dropped slightly. Kai shuffled uncomfortably and tried to adjust her short skirt.

"Ya! That is what I thought", Heather was going for the kill now. "and now he's done peeing and he starts going like this", she started shaking it like you would to get the last few drops of dew off the trouser snake. "And being the little pervert that he is, he keeps on doing it!!!!"

Tom was sooo embarrassed! His wife was flopping his dick around under the completely focused attention of her two smokin hot friends. But being a man of character, Tom decided to ride it out.

"You know it's wrong, and you know you should close the door, but then it starts getting bigger and bigger!" Heather peeked around him, looked down, saw the effect her ministrations where having on her husbands exposed penis, then smiled at her friends. "if you would have closed the door and walked away, then close your eyes right now!!!".

Again, needless to say, neither of them did. But then all of a sudden Heather felt like she had taken this waaaay too far, and the sobering reality hit her like a brick. This was her 2 good friends that she grew up with!! Oh my god she was drunk, how did it get to this? WHAT THE FUCK! What was she doing?

Heather tried to do damage control as best she could. As she tucked his penis back into his boxers (not an easy task for it was swelling into an erection in front of her friends) she said in a shaky voice, "ahh well do you believe me now?"


















A painful silence
















One of those painful silences that feel like.......

the air is actually water in liquid oxygen form and you are swimming in an alternate reality, and you aren't sitting on a sofa but you are instead hanging from the ceiling, thankfully stuck to the sofa which keeps you from falling and YOU ARE REALLY FUCKING HIGH AND YOU FEEL FUCKING GREAT!

Mercifully, Kristin broke the silence with, "Ahh ya, you have a good point, but in the story, aaaahh", now it was Kristin's turn to be embarrassed, but she pressed on. "Ahh you said, that he said, that he had a 8 and 3 quarters inch penis! And ... wow it looks big even limp. It might get as big as you say. If you can prove that, well then I'll believe you....Kai?"

Kai squirmed, she wanted to see it again, especially hard, ooh was it that big? But she was so conservative and these were her best friends. It was weird. "Okay ya. I'll believe then too".

Tom could NOT believe this. Were they actually going to measure him? No fucking way man. He had stepped into bizzarro world. This was too fucking weird. God bless the United States! Life is good! He thought.

That was the defining moment. Heather was so afraid that she was wrong, had did something wrong, had totally committed heresy in front of her friends (everything is magnified when your high and drunk), had made an ass of herself, and dishonored her and her husband and friends and oooh my god. But her friends were liking this! Not only that, they wanted to see more! She couldn't believe it. She was saved. She could save face now, and jokingly bring this to and end. She could just say, 'ya whatever you little horn dogs, I think I proved my point.' And that would be it. It would be over, they could all save face.

But something happened then she did not expect. She didn't want it to end. And why should it end? She knew how her friends had hooked up with nice guys, but they were really lacking in the dick department. Why shouldn't she share the wealth, so to speak? And they wanted to see it! And she knew Tom. He was just playing the part, secretly he was loving this. Three hot smokin women and him at the center of attention. Fuck social norms. Fuck the rules. Fuck what people say is right. This felt right, it was right, it was fun, what the hell, live a little she thought. "Okay you horn dogs! I'll get the ruler"!

Again a painful silence.










Kai broke it with, "so Tom, were you exaggerating when you told her that, when you met? The validity of the story depends on that now."

Red faced, Tom attempted an answer, but the stutter took control and he couldn't say a dam thing! Before he could finish, Heather, came back into the room and herded Tom closer to Kristin and Kai.

Back with the carnival conductor voice, strong, persuasive and in control she said, "you guys didn't believe me. You doubted my credibility. Well my friends, let's settle this once and for all."

With that she reached and pull Tom's pants and boxers down. Out it sprang,

Kristin held the ruler against his flaccid penis!

Always the industrious one, Kai said, "Wow, 5 and half inches and he's still limp! That is a big cock! it's bigger then my boyfriends when he is hard!"

Kristin chimed in, "No, wait, he's growing.. 6, no 6 and a half"

They didn't even have to touch him. The effect of 3 beautiful women, and their intense lusty gazes were like invisible hands stroking his manhood. Without physical stimulation, Tom's penis was becoming erect. With every fold of skin that extended, with every inch that was added, it brought a new level of excitement to the group. They now, called out in unison, the mile markers.


7 and a half


8 and a quarter!

"Now that is a huge dick!!!!"

8 and a half!

And like the little engine that couldn't. He peaked at 8 and a half.

"I thought you said 8 and 3 quarters?"

"Ladies have a little faith" Heather chided. Rubbing Tom's stomach she ran her hand down to his swantz. Grabbing a hold of his pole she started jerking him off. "He just needs a little helping hand".

Again, another cheezy joke, but in those situations it's most welcome, and everyone laughed and it relieved tension. But the sexual tension was building. Building just like the cum in Tom's balls. Just like the wetness in Kai's panties, just like the hard nipples now visible through Kristin's blouse.

Heather continued to stroke Tom's donkey sized dick in front of Kai's and Kristin's watchful gaze.

Kai exclaimed, "I like how his balls bounce around when, you do that, it's so funny!"

Like a kid who finally has the realization that they have been hogging the Nintendo, and that they need to share, as Heather stroked her husbands now throbbing cock said, "Kai, why don't you give them a feel?"

Again another surreal moment, although this one passed, much easier then the others. (Once you start, it's hard to stop. It's so easy to rationalize.) "Kai, now how many times has Jeff felt up a stripper at a bachelor party? Why can't you do the same?"

As Kai's hand reached out and cupped Tom's balls he let out an audible low pitch grown.

Kai relished the weight of them, and how they felt in her hand.

"Kristin, my arm is getting tired, why don't you sub for me". With that she handed off the baton. It was a smooth transition. They were having a blast. They were giggling like little school girls. Tom sure didn't mind.

How it got to this point, quite frankly it didn't matter. Like most erotic scenarios it just happened and took a life of it's own.

"Heather, please forgive me," with that Kristin move her hands to the base of Tom's penis and held it steady for her hot mouth.

Tom groaned loudly as her hot mouth starting sucking in earnest. Kristin would vary her work, with pulling it out and licking it, stroking it, kissing it, then putting it back in her mouth for a good hard sucking.

Heather watched as her friend's cheeks dimpled, and she sucked hard on her husband's huge throbbing cock! For a second she felt jealousy. But that was soon replaced by pride. Pride of her husband. Pride of his cock. Pride of their love for each other. Pride for the strength of their relationship that they could do this. Pride in the new bond her and her friends had formed. So Heather felt no shame when Kai took her turn sucking on that big dick and Kristin felt his balls. For the next few minutes the girls took turns sucking him off.

As Kai was sucking in earnest on the head of his erection, Kristin was giving the blow by blow (pardon the pun) "Wow Kai, is really working that pole! Look at that huge cock!!! Heather you are one lucky woman! Kai I can't believe I'm watching you suck dick! Not just sucking dick but sucking a really really big dick. Gosh he has a donkey dick!"

"Okay ladies," Heather intervened, "I think he has a full erection." She pulled her friends off of her husbands cock and she grabbed the base of his erection squeezed, then wagged it around for them. "Get the ruler!"

All eyes were on his cock as they lined it up.

"9 and a quarter inches!!!!! That is the biggest dick I've ever seen. And it's so straight and thick too," Kristin cried out.

Kai jumped in, "Well I think that settles it. Sorry we doubted you Heather. Facts are facts. And you certainly did not lie about the size. So your story must be true. That is so funny you met that way!"

Kristin, didn't want this little show to end just yet, "So you never finished your story. What happened after you came in and saw his big cock? You stood there and just looked at it, what happened next?"

Heather giggled, "Well he started jacking off!!" That brought howls of laugher from the girls.

Kai said, "No way. Ha haw. That is so funny."

Trying to save his dignity, hard to do because his genitals were completely exposed and Heather had a hold of his erection, which was the main focus of the girls conversation, he said, "Well, I only did it because YOU, asked me to."

Kristin maneuvered for the kill, "so you would just whack off for anyone who asked you?"

Tension. Tom was afraid of where this might go.

"Sure he would," answered Heather. "As long as you asked him nicely."

Kai took the hint, "Tom would you whack off for us? We want to watch you do it."

"Girls have you ever wondered if a big dick shoots more cum then a small dick?" Heather asked. "Well, believe me it does. Tom why don't you show them?" she took his hand wrapped it around his throbbing meat, she helped him to it at first, to get him over his shyness. Once Tom started working it, she left to get towel.

She came back in to see Tom really putting on a masturbation show for her friends. They were laughing and commenting on his technique. Heather spread out the huge beach towel and called them over.

With Tom on his knees frantically working his equipment over, and Kai and Kristin on either side, and Heather right in back of him sort of hugging him looking over his shoulder at the action she commented, "Okay girls, I know those sounds he is making. He is going to shoot any second!"

Like a rocket 88 the first blast fired from his love cannon. This brought howls from the girls.

Another huge spurt.

"Ooooooh my god!!!"


"Ha haw, that is so funny"

Another long arch jet. Good thing it was a big beach towel Heather thought. He almost cleared it. 6 and a half feet. Not an easy thing to do.

Another blast of cum.

"Unbelievable," cried Kristin.

Yet another string of cum flew from his cockhead.


Heather joked, "I think you mean Jizz"

They all laughed as the last few spurts came out and he was finally spent.

"Wow look at all that cum"

"That is incredible"

"That thing is a fire house"

"Heather, we will never, ever doubt you again. But still that is a hell of a story."

And Heather cooed, "Yes it is. But lets just keep this story to ourselves okay."

Kai, "Ya, no need for Kyle to know about this."

Kristin also joined the packed, "Ya what Bernie doesn't know won't hurt him."

Tom sure as hell wasn't going to tell anyone. That would destroy his chances of a repeat of this. And besides who would believe him.

They cleaned up the mess and in a weird way just kind of forgot about the whole thing and moved on. But when Kai and Kristin went back to their boyfriends they practically raped them that night.

There wasn't any repeat of this performance. Whether they felt guilty, or everyone was afraid to make the first move, it just never happened again. Well that was until Tom had to go pick up a very drunk Heather at a very drunk Kai's house, for Kristin's bachelorette party. When Tom got pulled off the front porch and stood in a room of 20 or so very drunk girls he was afraid. He was the only guy there. His heart jumped when a few of Heather's friends, asked him, "So how did you and Heather meet?"

Tom met their gaze and answered as calmly as he could, "It's a long story."

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