tagInterracial LoveWhat's Done in the Dark Ch. 02

What's Done in the Dark Ch. 02


Sasha spotted her sister sitting at a table outside of the local café. She was sipping coffee and glancing over the day's news in the paper. Sasha parked the Camry and walked up to the table. "Hey Jay." she said bending over and placing a kiss on her sister's shoulder. Jayden pushed the menu to Sasha.

"I already ordered. You can order when the waiter brings my food." Sasha glanced over the menu and decided to get the pasta and when the waiter brought Jayden's sub sandwich and chips Sasha changed her mind and ordered the same.

"So, how did you and Lex meet?" Jayden asked when the waiter walked off. She picked up her sandwich and took a bite as Sasha began her story.

"You remember Julie, right?" Sasha began.

"Yeah, you two were best friends in high school."

"Well last year she lost her academic scholarship when she got a C in her physics class so to pay for her final year she took a job as a bartender. About a month after she started working there she met Lex. They flirted with each other but he wouldn't make a move. One day she finally decided to ask him out when this drunk asshole causes a scene. She calms him down and he makes all these advances toward her. She turns him down and by this time Lex had left the bar. When she left work about an hour later the same drunk guy attacks her and nearly rapes her when Lex saves her minutes later."

Jayden almost chokes on her food at the sense of de ja vu. She coughs and motions for Sasha to continue her story while drinking her coffee.

"Anyway, he walks her home and she gives him her number. A few days later she fucks him and then he basically disappears off the face of the Earth. No phone call, nothing. She calls me and she's a mess. She really liked this guy and claimed he gave her multiple orgasms. I decided to take her to this new bar downtown to cheer her up and while we're there she sees Lex flirting with the female bartender. We go outside after her shift is nearly done and we see Lex talking to this kid and that kid was the same guy that had grabbed Julie about a week ago. Julie is so upset I think she's gonna hyperventilate. I take her home and she propositions me with an idea. She asks me to basically seduce Lex, have a one night stand with him and just drop him like a hot plate so he can know what it feels like. Against my better judgment I agree. I meet Lex at a different bar as he was preparing to pull his scam on another bartender. We hook up and even though it was the best sex of my life I walk away from Lex like he did Julie. I guess Lex obviously liked the way I put it down cause he called me like 20 times a day every day for a week. Julie saw this and asked me for another favor. She wanted me to make Lex fall head over heels in love with me and then I was to dump him."

"And let me guess, making him fall in love with you caused you to fall in love too." Jayden interrupted.

Sasha nodded her head and accepted her food when the waiter returned to their table. "Jay, I couldn't help it. He's just so damn sexy and he's fucking fantastic in bed." she giggled.

"It doesn't bother you that he has tricked dozen of women into bed with his lies?" Jayden said and stared into her sister's gorgeous face.

"I mean it did at first but he's changed since then. He doesn't go to bars, he'll barely even acknowledge other women when I'm around. He really loves me, Jay."

"And what if he had did this to someone really close to you. That wouldn't bother you?" Jayden questioned.

"You mean closer to me than Jules?"

"Like me. What if he had ran his game on me? How would you feel then Sash?"

Sasha stared at Jayden and sensed there was something more behind her question. It then hit her that Jayden did work as a bartender but that was a while ago. "No way. You're not telling me---" Sasha shook her head and bit into her sandwich and then swallowed hard when Jayden didn't speak. "Jay, you and Lex?! He didn't!" Tears were forming in her eyes. Her fiancé had fucked her sister?! No, this wasn't happening.

"Sash, it was over a year ago and I'm pretty sure he had no idea that we were sisters. Shit, no one believes we're blood sisters." Jayden said referring to the vast difference in their skin tone.

"Oh my God! I can't marry a man who slept with my fucking sister!" Sasha screamed and tears started to flow.

"Sweetie calm down OK. Look I love you and I stand behind any decision that you will make." Jayden reaches across the table and caresses Sasha's hand.

Meanwhile Lex was pacing the living room as he hung up his phone for the fourth time. He had been trying to call Sasha and she hadn't answered yet. She had left three hours ago to have lunch with her sister. He was worried sick that Jayden was bad mouthing him; but if she was he only had himself to blame. Before he met Sasha he wasn't interested in a relationship with a woman. He was just doing what any young guy does; wham, bam, thank you ma'am. But Sasha was different. It was like he had met the female version of himself and the sex had been so astounding he feared he had been pussy whipped just from their first encounter. It was just his luck she was the sister of one of the girls he fucked over, literally.

"Baby, please give me a call. It's been three hours I just want to make sure you're all right. I love you." He hung up his phone for the fifth time ending the message. As soon as he did his phone rang. "Sasha?!" he yelled when he placed the phone to his ear.

"Lex, get to the abortion clinic right now!" Lex heard Sasha's mother cry into the phone. "Sasha's pregnant and she's getting rid of the baby! You have to stop her!" The line went dead and Lex frantically called a cab.

He arrived at the clinic half an hour later and when he walked in he saw Sasha sitting in a chair. Her mother was bending in front of her crying her eyes out. Jayden was sitting next to Sasha and she was grasping Sasha's hand. "It's her decision, Kate." Jayden spat to her stepmother.

"No, it's also Lex's decision. It's his child too." Kate saw them stare at Lex and she spun to him. She jumped up and walked to him. She hugged him and dragged him to Sasha. "Please talk some sense into her. She wants to kill your baby." Kate pushes Lex in front of her daughter.

Lex looked into Sasha's swollen eyes. "You're pregnant?" That was all he could gather the energy to say. Sasha pulled off her engagement ring and threw it at him and he caught it.

"You are despicable." she said through clenched teeth. Lex immediately sneered at Jayden.

"You told her?"

"Of course I told her. You think I was gonna sit by and let her marry you without her knowing who you really are." Jayden said throwing a "Karma is a bitch" smile to him. Sasha now stood and was face to face with Lex.

"How could you? My sister?!" she yelled.

"Baby, it was before I met you and I had no idea you were her sister. I love you, you know that and I was stupid back then but I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. Please don't kill our baby." He was now hugging her tightly and crying with her. Sasha pushed herself from his grasp and ran out of the clinic. "Sasha! Wait!" he called preparing to run after her but Jayden jumped up from her seat and grabbed his arm.

"Let her go." she told him and he yanked his arm away.

"Never! I love her!"

"You don't love anyone but yourself! That's why you kept playing your fucking game to get girls in bed!" Jayden screamed and a nurse appeared and asked them to leave.

"I've changed since being with your sister and we will be together with our child." Lex said to Jayden as they left the clinic and he flagged down a cab passing by. When Lex was dropped off in front of his apartment he saw the Camry parked in its usual spot. He paid the fare and walked inside. He could hear Sasha crying in the bedroom and walked inside. "Sash?" he said and saw her packing her things. "Were are you going?"

"I brought this on myself." she said through her sobs. "I shouldn't have agreed to this in the first place." She stood and zipped up her bag.

"What are you talking about?" Lex said as Sasha walked past him. He grabbed her arm and the look she gave him crushed his heart.

"We weren't supposed to make it this far. I was just supposed to make you fall in love with me and crush you the way you did all those girls." she confessed.

"Well, mission accomplished." Lex said but didn't release her arm. He also realized she knew more about his past than just his encounter with her sister. "Look Sash, I know I was a jerk back then but you have changed me. I love you and I want to be with you." he told her and pulled her into him for a hug.

"No!" she screamed and pushed him off her. "This is too much. I can't be with you. Good bye Lex." She grabbed her bags and carried them outside. She placed her bags into the trunk of the taxi that had pulled up. Lex rushed outside and grabbed Sasha.

"Can you at least tell me where you'll be? You are pregnant with my child." he said fighting back the tears. Sasha sighed and closed the trunk of the taxi. She opened the back door and slid into the seat and stared at Lex as he held the door open.

"I'll be at my sister's." she said and pulled the door from his grasp and closed it. The taxi driver sped off and followed Sasha's directions to Jayden's apartment. When she arrived Jayden hugged Sasha who was an emotional mess.

"Sweetie you have got to calm down. If you want to keep this baby any stress could make you lose it." Jayden comforted Sasha as they sat on the couch. A few minutes after she finally calmed down there was a knock on the door. Jayden jumped up and walked to the door. She looked out of the peep hole and saw Lex standing there. She faced Sasha and mouthed "Lex." Sasha nodded her head and Jayden opened the door and Lex walked inside.

"What do you want Lex? " Sasha asked as he inched towards her.

"Baby please. I love you so fucking much. It kills me that I hurt you but you can't just walk away from me." he cried and fell to his knees in front of her. He laid his head on her stomach and she fought back the tears as she grabbed a handful of his hair and lifted his head so that he stared at her.

"Go home Lex. I'm sorry things had to happen this way but there's no future for us."

"Don't say that! You are the woman I want to spend the rest of my life we. We're going to have a child for Christ's sake." Lex was freely crying and Sasha couldn't take it anymore.

"Lex you fucked my sister! What if she had gotten pregnant? Our children would be siblings and cousins! That's just too much for me to handle. You need to give me some space before I permanently hate you!" She pushed Lex off her and got off the couch. She rushed back into Jayden's room and slammed the door. Lex got off his knees and silently walked out the door.

****************************THREE YEARS LATER****************************************

"Don't forget to pick up some chicken. My dad loves chicken and I want to make that for dinner tonight." Lex listened to his wife, Heather, babble on about a special dinner she wanted to make for her father since he was finally moving on after her mother's death last year. He was in the supermarket and he noticed a little boy running towards him. He hung up the phone and bent down to catch two year old as he nearly fell. "Whoa! You OK?" he smiled. The little boy nodded and smiled a similar smile.

"Gabriel! How many times do I have to tell you not to run away from me?!" Lex heard a familiar voice scream and appear from the nearest aisle. He stood and was face to face with Sasha. An utter look of shock crossed her face and she bent down and scooped up her son; their son.

"Sasha! Wait!" Lex called as she rushed out of the grocery store. He ditched his cart and ran after her as she hurriedly walked to a small black SUV. She opened the door and placed Gabriel in his car seat. "Why didn't you tell me about him?" Lex said as she closed the door and made her way around to the driver's side. Lex followed and grabbed the door as she got inside the car. He also took a moment to notice how much Sasha had changed over the years. Her hair was now cut extremely short but brought out her facial features nicely and she had gained some weight, no doubt from the pregnancy, but she still looked amazing. Lex still got that heartbreaking feeling seeing her so angry and upset.

"Get away from my car!" she screamed.

"Don't you think I deserved to know about my son?" He looked over her shoulder and stared at the gorgeous little boy who was a splitting image of his mother. The only thing he seemed to have given the handsome little boy was his smile and those adorable green eyes.

"Believe me I wanted to." she said in a whisper and turned away. Lex grabbed her chin and pulled her head back to face him.

"What does that mean? You know you could've called me and told me about him."

"Why don't you go home and talk to your wife." Sasha said and Lex raised an eyebrow.

"What does she have to do with this?"

Sasha sighed and opened her glove compartment. She pulled out a check and handed it to Lex. His eyes bugged when he saw that the check was worth $150,000 and Heather's signature was on the check. It was also dated for 2 ½ years prior when he had proposed to Heather. "What is this?" he asked naively.

"She paid me off to keep Gabriel away from you. I came to your house when I was 6 months pregnant because I felt so bad that you didn't get experience the development of your son. Heather answered the door and when I explained to her who I was she immediately gave me the check and showed me the door." Sasha told him.

"But you didn't cash it." he said.

"Well I'm not after the money Lex. Gabriel is well taken care of. Now I do have to be getting home." Sasha said as she pushed him away from her car and pulled the door close. After she sped off Lex rushed to his own car and headed home.

"Did you get the chicken?" Lex heard Heather call as he walked inside their mansion-styled home. Lex walked in the kitchen and saw Heather standing in front of the stove. He approached her and grabbed her arm tightly and pulled her into the living room. "What the hell is your problem?!" she screamed as he pushed her on the couch.

"Why did you try to keep my son away from me?!" he screamed at the top of his lungs and caused Heather to jump a bit.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Heather was as cool as a cucumber but that façade quickly faded when Lex pulled the check from his pocket and threw it at her. Heather examined the check and frowned. "That little bitch." she whispered and stared at Lex who was waiting for an explanation. "Honey, that little gold digger was only after you for the money. She saw that you we're marrying a governor's daughter and saw cash sign what with that bastard child and all..." Lex snatched Heather up from the couch and manhandled her.

"That is my son! Speak of him again like that and instead of divorcing you, I'll be a widower!" he said through clenched teeth.

Heather wiggled from Lex's grasp and inched backwards. "Divorcing me? Just because I was looking out for you. She would've bled us dry with her claim on you. I was only thinking of our future together. Can't we work this out?" She pushed her fiery red hair from her heart shape face and blinked her light grey eyes at her husband. Lex let out a laugh as he headed toward the stairs.

"I guess it's true what they say: What's done in the dark will surely come to light." he said and entered his bedroom with Heather following behind. Lex grabbed a couple of bags and stuffed them with clothes.

"Where are you going?" Heather cried as she rushed to him. "Please don't go. I love you. Alex look at me!" she pleaded and grabbed him. He pushed her off him causing her to fall on the bed.

"Fuck you!" he screamed and carried his bags outside. He placed them in the trunk of his car and headed to a nearby hotel. Once inside his room he made a few phone calls; one of which was to his lawyer to start the divorce process.

The next week on a Friday night, Lex sat alone at the bar he had met Sasha at over four years ago. He was pleased when he saw her enter and take the seat next to him. "I only came here to tell you to leave me the fuck alone!" she yelled and Lex looked at her shocked. "You keep calling my parents! You call my job so much my boss is threatening to fire me!"

"I'm sorry." Lex cuts her off and stares into her face and sees a woman much different from the one he had fallen in love with and still was in love with. "For everything, Sash. I just wanted to see you and tell you two things. One I'm divorcing Heather for what she did to you. It'll be finalized at the end of this month. And two, I want to be a part of my son's life. Can we work out something?"

Sasha faced the bartender and ordered a margarita; she definitely needed a drink after Lex's statement. "OK. Fine. He is your son too. We can start with you coming over on weekends and spending time with him." She downed her drink, handed Lex $10 for her drink and left.

Over the next six months Sasha stayed true to her word. She allowed Lex to come to her home every day when she got off work to spend a few hours with Gabriel. He took to Lex immediately and had begun calling him "Dadda." Lex gleamed with joy the first time he had spoken the words. Lex's divorce to Heather had been finalized months ago and he was seriously debating trying to reconcile things with Sasha.

Now it was Gabriel's 3rd birthday and Lex was at Sasha's house helping her decorate her small two bedroom apartment for the get together she was having.

"Where do you want these?" Lex asked holding up the SpongeBob decorations.

"Just put them by the table." she told him as she set the starts baking Gabriel's birthday cake.

"What time are your parents bringing Gabe?"

"Around 4 so we've got a good three hours to finish setting up." she says.

"But it will only take us an hour to set up." Lex informs her. "What are we gonna do to kill two hours?"

"I was going to take a nap so I can have the energy to chase these kids around." Sasha laughs.

Lex snickers as he finishes his job. At 2:30 Sasha decorates the cake and places it in the refrigerator. She walks into the area where Lex decorated and whistle. "Looks good in here! Thank you for helping." she says and hugs Lex tightly. Lex inhales her sweet fragrance and when she pulls away from him he plants a kiss on her lips. To his shock she kisses back and he pushes her to her bedroom while still embracing her.

"Lex, stop. Stop. We can't do this." she says pulling away from Lex when they reach her bed.

"Sash, you know I still love you. I never stopped." he said kissing her neck. Her moans were his sign to continue. He placed his lips on hers and forced his tongue inside her mouth. "I want you and I know you want me too."

Sash felt her knees buckle and wanted to pull away but her body wasn't listening to the screams her brainwaves were sending. She pushed herself deeper into Lex's body kissing him deeply. She felt her hands reach behind him and pull up his shirt. She hadn't been with another man since she had given birth to Gabriel; in fact she hadn't been on a date since Gabriel's birth.

Lex lifts his arms and Sasha pulls away from Lex to pull off his shirt. Lex easily pulls her shirt off and removes her bra quickly. He bends his head to her erect buds and licked and sucked on them until Sasha threw her head back and moaned loudly. He unzipped her pants and slipped two of his fingers into her soaking wet vagina. "Has this kitty missed me Sash?" he asked as he trailed kisses back up to her mouth.

Instead of answering Sasha pushed off her pants and pushed Lex onto her bed. She bent before him and pulled off his pants and boxers. She removed her panties and mounted Lex. "My body needs this, Lex." she moaned as she sank onto his thick erect dick. Lex pulled her tightly to him as she furiously rode him.

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