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What's He Doin' In My World


I am supposed to make sure that you all are aware that I have borrowed this idea from t song sung many years ago by Eddie Arnold called WHAT'S HE DOIN' IN MY WORLD. I hope I have made this abundantly clear.

The inspiration for this story is Eddie Arnold's song "What's he doin' in my world." I hope I did it justice.

I tried to give you more of the lyrics but the story was rejected 2 times. I could not leave enough of the lyrics there to support the story; so I indicated where to refer to them. Sorry for the hassle, but they are worried about being sued for copyright infringement. I guess I can't blame them.

I thought the story was good enough that I still wanted to submit it as it is.

To follow the story and, maybe, understand it better you might want to look them up.

To read the rest of the lyrics search for "What's He Doing in My World lyrics"

What's he doin' in my world?

What's he doin' holdin' my world?

If he's not more than just a friend

Why were you kissin' him?

And what's he doin' in my world?

I was out of town for business and got back home the day before I was expecting to. I tried to call her but her cell phone went to voice mail every time. I left her a message about 5 times.

I let myself into the house and settled back in my easy chair. My wife, Jody normally got home around 6. When she was not home by 7, I started to worry. Jody finally got home around 8:30, she was not alone. They talked quietly on the porch for a while then said their goodbyes. Jody went to kiss him on the cheek, he turned and she hit his lips with the kiss. He wrapped his hands around her waist. She looked startled and took a second to pull away. He went back for seconds. Jody separated and told him "No!" She then pushed him toward the street, turned and walked into the house. The guy turned, smiled and watched her go in.

Jody walked into the living room, put her things down and headed upstairs to change for the evening. She was back down in just a few minutes, turned on the TV and settled onto the sofa to see what was on.

So far she had not noticed me. She scanned the channels and found a movie she liked; when a commercial came on she headed to the kitchen for a drink. I took that moment to visit the downstairs bathroom. She was back in her seat when the toilet flushed. Jody freaked when she heard it. She shouted "Who is there?"

I took my time and washed my hands then walked back into the living room and sat in my chair again. By this time she was on the stairs so she could run up and lock herself in the bedroom if necessary.

When she saw me her first words were "When did you get here?"

"Oh, a little after 4:30. Don't you check your messages anymore? I wanted to take you out for dinner."

Jody looked down at her feet and mumbled something I could not make out.

"Care to tell me about your date?" I asked.

"He was not a date that was just James from work. We had dinner together tonight since you were not supposed to be home." She reached for her purse and found her phone; there were 5 messages, all were from me. Jody listened to the messages and started to cry. The phone was still set on silent mode from being in the office.

About that time the doorbell rang. I answered it and paid for the pizza I had ordered. I then took it into the kitchen and proceeded to eat my supper.

... See 2nd verse of the song

As I ate she came into the room and sat at the table; I didn't say anything, I just pushed the pizza box and a plate towards her. Jody just sat there without moving or speaking. Finally when I had eaten enough I asked her why she kissed him.

Her eyes got as large as dinner plates and her mouth dropped open. Her lips moved but no sound came out.

After a few moments she told me she was going to kiss him on the cheek to thank him for keeping her company tonight, but he turned his head and she missed his cheek.

I asked her if he knew we were married, in fact had been for over 6 years.

She thought for a bit and said she thought he knew, as he had worked there for 5 years. But, no she had not told him.

Well, tonight what I saw was unacceptable and I told her so. I asked if I needed to talk to him or if she was mature enough to deal with it. Then I got up to head out for my evening shower. As I left the kitchen I turned and asked if she loved the man.

...See 3rd verse of the song

She gasped and shouted "NO!" She tried to follow me into the bathroom; I locked the door. I came out to find her sitting on our bed; her eyes were bright red from crying. When she tried to apologize I stopped her and told her she created this mess and if she did not fix it I would. If I did she would not be happy. Then I handed her a change of clothes and her nightgown, pushed her gently out of the bedroom and locked the door. The look on her face was priceless.

I was up early the next morning and left the house before she was aware I was up. She tried to call me all day. She must have left about 10 messages, I ignored her. That evening I went to the mall and had dinner at a nice restaurant: as I left I walked through the perfume area in JC Penny. I asked the lady to spray her hand and wipe it on the shoulder of my suit jacket; she looked puzzled but did as I asked when I told her it was for a joke. I walked into the house at 8:30 and went up the stairs, ignoring Jody as she sat in the living room. I changed and came right back down, I pulled some papers from my bag and sat down to read them.

Jody was not happy when I walked through and did not speak; when I came back down she had red eyes again. Around 9 the house phone rang; I ignored it. She answered the phone and told me it was for me. It was James on the other end; he was stumbling over what he wanted to say. Finally I had enough and told him when he was ready to say something he should call back; I did not have time for his foolishness. After I hung up he called right back: I let her answer it again. Jody did not say anything she just handed me the phone.

James stuttered and then started to speak; he was not aware Jody was married or he never would have gone to dinner with her, he was sorry for causing any problems in our marriage and would come over to talk to me if it would help. I snorted and said to stay away as he had already done enough damage. I told him he needed to find another way to spend his time and if I ever saw him near Jody again he would not be happy. I then dropped the phone on the rug and went into the kitchen for a drink. Jody just left the phone laying there and followed me. When I turned around she had my jacket.

She wanted to know who the other woman was. I did not answer. Instead I told her married women should never date anyone, for any reason.

Jody went into a diatribe about how she did not want to kiss James on the lips: it was his entire fault.

I exploded and left the room; she followed and kept harping on how she did nothing wrong, she had not been unfaithful and how dare I come home with another woman on me.

I went into the bedroom and locked the door. A little while later I reopened it and put her clothes out in the hall. I closed the door but did not lock it and went to bed.

The next morning I left early again, there was a note on the kitchen table with the same laundry list of complaints.

I read the list and wrote on the bottom of the list in very small letters "You should not have put yourself in that position, you knew it was wrong. Would you have done it if I was home?" I left a lot of space and wrote "Visit JC Penny and ask Robin about it." I left the note on top of my jacket.

...See 4th verse of the song

That evening I was home at my regular time; I was met at the door with hugs and kisses. Jody told me how I was right: she should have never done what she did without telling me first, and if she had tried to call me she would have seen the messages.

I asked her how it felt to feel betrayed, to loose her trust in me.

She said it was the worst day of her life.

I hope you liked the story.

If you have any comments about the story feel free to respond in feedback. If you attack me the comment will be deleted. I am a guy; my thoughts are straight forward and simple. Don't like it, you can get over it, or not.

I believe in fidelity and doing the right thing; because it is the right thing to do, not because someone will know. I believe the simplest way to solve the problem is usually the best way and sometimes the lesson needs to be painful but not hurtful to be remembered. I believe that each thing you do to another person is revisited to you threefold; be it good or bad it will come back to you.

Yes, some of you will think I am a caveman. PBFFFFTTT!!!!

I don't care.

Comments are always welcome, keepum' respectful.


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I will re-read this story many times. Very well done. Thanks,

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