What's It Like?


Author's note:

This is a story based on The OC and takes place during Season 3. Both the actresses and the characters are over 18.


"What's it like?"

Marissa Cooper's eyes blinked open after hearing the voice of her best friend Summer Roberts.

She had spent the whole night partying with her friends and was drunk out of her mind. It wasn't unusual for Marissa and Summer to stay out until all hours of the night but this night had been special because it was Summer's birthday meaning both of them were finally 18. Ok, so they were still technically won't supposed to be drinking that they had both matured quickly and the rich of Orange County could always get what they wanted.

Even though it was Summer's birthday had been Marissa who had definitely been drinking more than Summer, and while there was no change there this time Marissa had drunken so much that Summer had to help her back home and even into her bed where they had both just collapsed moments ago.

Despite not drinking as much as her Summer was a light weight compared to Marissa so Summer was probably just as drunk as she was and Marissa had just thought they were about to go to sleep.

Apparently she was wrong.

"What?" Marissa asked, unsure what her friend meant.

There was a pause and Marissa began to wonder if she had been hearing things. After all she was very drunk, and the voice had seemed so soft, so quiet, so unsure of itself, so very un-Summer like. But just as Marissa was about to try and go back to sleep her best friend spoke again.

"What's it like being with a girl?" Summer asked, a little more loudly than before.

Now this got Marissa's attention.

"What?" Marissa said, suddenly feeling wide-awake as she turned over onto her side to look at her best friend.

"Forget it." Summer said quickly, her drunken bravery fading fast.

"No, I don't mind telling you... I mean, if you want to know... it's just that... well my thing with Alex was like, a year ago... so why are you asking now?" Marissa said, trying to choose her words carefully.

"I... I... I don't know... I guess part of me was curious before... you know... but... I just... never asked I guess." said Summer, desperately trying to think but having trouble in her current state.

The truth was that phrase had kind of just slipped out, even though it had been rattling around Summer's mind for over a year now, ever since her best friend came out to her. Well, kind of came out, since Marissa was back with Ryan now, but still it had been a shock, one that had sent Summer's imagination into overdrive.

"Well, like I said, if you want to know... I'll tell you." Marissa said, awakening Summer from her thoughts, "So... do you want to know?"

This finally made Summer turn and look at her best friend and she immediately wished she hadn't. Even in the darkness Summer could see just how beautiful Marissa looked and she felt like her best friend was staring a hole into the centre of her being.

This probably wasn't a good idea... but Summer had to know. She had wanted to ask this question for over a year and she was now finally going to get an answer dammit.

"Yeah... I guess..." Summer said, trying to make it sound like it was no big deal.

Which it wasn't. This was just her being curious. And since when was curiosity a crime anyway.

There was a long pause because Marissa honestly wasn't sure what to say next.

Summer had been her best friend since first grade, she trusted her with her life and they had more or less shared every little secret with each other for as long as she could remember, but Marissa couldn't help thinking that maybe Summer was coming on to her.

But that was crazy... wasn't it?

After all when Summer wasn't drooling over every hot guy in Orange County she was whining about her latest boyfriend drama. So how could Summer possibly be coming on to her?

Then again Marissa had read somewhere that even the straightest of straight girls were at least a little curious.

But was this straight little Summer being curious or was this something more?

Marissa didn't like labels such as straight or gay or whatever, she was always just a big believer in doing whatever you want if it felt right and her thing with Alex had felt right so she had done it, and she certainly didn't regret it, but the experience had changed her, it had opened her eyes to a certain set of desires within herself which she hadn't been aware of before Alex. For opening her eyes Marissa would be forever grateful to the blonde. Marissa just wish things could have ended better with her.

Turning her focus away from her past to her present Marissa looked Summer up and down. Even in the darkness of the room Marissa could see enough of her friend to know that Summer looked amazing as usual.

Marissa had tried not to look at Summer in that way before but in the past she had always caught herself stealing glances at the beautiful brunette and if Marissa was honest with herself she knew she wanted Summer. But did Summer want her back? Marissa had terrible, practically non-existent gaydar but she could read signs and Summer was giving her a few signs right now that were making Marissa hot.

Being with Ryan was great, but Marissa couldn't deny that she missed being with another girl.

But could she really seduce Summer?

And more to the point, should she really seduce Summer?

If she had miss read the signs and Summer didn't want her then Marissa was sure if she made a move that Summer would be shocked at first, but she would forgive her, that's what best friends did. And it would probably become something they would laugh about in the future. Marissa could practically hear Summer now, 'Hey there Coop, I'm going to bed, and no, I don't want you to join me', 'Now Coop, just because we're getting drunk together is not an invitation for you to try and get into my pants, again', 'Coop, I don't mind sharing a ride with you, just try and keep your hands to yourself ok?'. And they would laugh.

But what if she hadn't missed read the signs...

Well, she could always cross that bridge when she came to it.

"Well," Marissa said finally, "Being with a girl is kind of like being with a guy... only everythings... kind of different."

"Different." Summer said, a little unsure what her friend meant by that, "Different how?"

"Well," Marissa said, thinking carefully, "It's kind of hard to explain... softer... like sometimes when our skin would touch... it was like... soft... and Alex... she was so gentle with me... and yet... when I needed it, Alex could be rougher than any guy... and it was like she always knew exactly what I wanted... you know?"

Marissa looked at her friend and it was clear from the expression on Summer's face that whether it was because of her drunken state or not Marissa was failing to explain herself. She tried desperately to think but she wasn't sure what to say and words just seem to keep tumbling out of her mouth at an alarming rate.

"It's just... it sounds cliched... and it is... but a girl really knows what a girl wants... you know?" Marissa said, stumbling over her words.

"No." Summer sighed, the dark haired girl beginning to wonder if her friend was even capable of making sense in this state.

"Well I could show you."

The words kind of stumbled out of Marissa's mouth but the second she said them the atmosphere in the room became deadly serious.

The two friends stared at each other for a few moments before Marissa laughed nervously.

"I mean, I could kiss you, but not in a romantic way, just purely for experimentation, like that movie." Marissa said quickly.

"What movie?" Summer asked, not really knowing what her best friend was talking about.

"You know... that movie..." Marissa said, trying to remember the name of the movie.

"No, what movie?" Summer asked again impatiently.

"I don't know," Marissa said in defeat, "But these two girls kiss in it, but it's not a big deal because there just friends and they're just practising."

"Oh..." Summer said, "Do girls really do that?"

"I don't know..." Marissa said, "Some girls probably do I guess."

"I don't know Coop, sounds like something a guy would think up." Summer said.

"Yeah... probably just to see if it would happen." Marissa laughed.

The two friends laugh together as normality was restored, if only for the briefest of moments. But when the laughter died down an uncomfortable silence fell between the two girls the type of which they had never experienced before. They had always been so comfortable with each other, but now things were anything but comfortable.

"Ok." Summer said quietly, finally shattering the awful silence.

"What?" Marissa asked.

"Ok... show me..." Summer said, before quickly adding, "I mean kiss me... not like a romantic kiss... but just... I don't know... a kiss..."

Summer trailed off and there was another long pause before Marissa spoke.

"Ok," was all Marissa said, before she began to slowly lean in, giving Summer plenty of time to back out if she wanted too.

The thought of backing out did enter Summer's mind, in fact there was a voice inside of her mind screaming at her to stop, but there was a much louder voice telling her to continue and that's the voice she listened to as she leaned in also.

At this stage the only reason Marissa was hesitant was because she didn't know how Summer was going to react. Marissa wanted Summer but she didn't want to move to fast and risk losing a friendship she valued so dearly. In reality she was risking that friendship just by kissing Summer, but Marissa didn't want to think about that, she didn't want to over think this situation, she didn't want to think at all, she just wanted to kiss Summer, even if it was only just once.

The moment before their lips touched Marissa and Summer stopped for a moment, each giving the other a chance to back down, before they moved forward in unison, their lips meeting in a tender kiss.

When their lips first touched Summer tensed, a little shocked by just how soft Marissa's lips were, but those soft lips were so welcoming and inviting that she soon relaxed into the kiss and began to gently return it.

Wanting to move slowly so as not to scare her best friend off Marissa gently caressed Summer's lips with her own for a long time before making her next move, and when she finally did so it was only to gently place her hand upon Summer's side. Even though it was such a simple act Summer tensed again, as she had done when they first kissed, but then relaxed once more.

Marissa began to wonder if she was making a mistake, that she should take Summer being so tense as a sign she shouldn't continue, but then Summer made a move. It was so simple, Summer only bringing her hand up to Marissa's cheek, but to Marissa it was the positive sign she needed to continue.

Summer tensed again when Marissa started running her hand up and down her best friend's side, but again Summer relaxed and allowed Marissa to do what she wanted, the gentle caress causing Summer to become more secure with what was happening and the kiss to become more passionate.

There was a long pause were both girls just enjoyed the moment.

Summer had always heard that a girls lips was much softer than a guys, and she had always wondered what it would be like to kiss another girl, but she had not been prepared for this. This was... so soft, softer than she'd imagined, and Marissa's hand was causing sparks of electricity inside her the likes of which she'd never felt before, or at least not from someone just caressing her side.

Marissa had forgotten how great kissing another girl could be, and although she was enjoying the tenderness of this experience so far at the moment all she wanted to do was rip Summer's clothes off and fuck her. But Marissa knew if she really wanted to fuck Summer then she had to take this slowly.

That annoying little voice inside her mind warning her about fucking her best friend was back, but thanks to the alcohol running through her system Marissa was able to push it aside and concentrate on the task at hand.

Deciding the time had come to try and push this a little further Marissa gently slid her tongue over Summer's lips, asking permission to enter. Summer gasped at this, her mouth falling open a little and it was all that Marissa could do not to just shove her tongue in right away, but luckily she was able to stop herself from doing something so rash. She was rewarded for her patients when Summer opened her mouth in acceptance and not only allowed Marissa's tongue inside her mouth but caressed it with her own.

Up until the moment their tongues touched the kiss between the two girls had been soft and gentle, however almost the second their tongues were added to the equation everything changed.

Despite being shocked again at the electricity she felt when their tongues touched this addition to their make out session caused Summer's bi curious desires to go into overdrive and before Marissa knew it her tongue was in for the fight of its life.

As their tongues did battle the girls hands became more adventurous, gently sliding along each other's sides, backs, arms and even sliding into each other's hair. Despite how well things were progressing Marissa intended to wait a while before making her next move however Summer made the next move for her by grabbing her ass and giving it a good squeeze, giving Marissa an excuse to do the same.

This only cause things to become more frantic, the two friends pressing themselves against each other, their hands sliding over every curve of their bodies as their tongues battled inside each other's mouths.

Summer could feel Marissa's nipples digging into her own as their breasts were pressed together which filled her with the sudden desire to reach out and cup one of her best friend's boobs, which is exactly what she did.

Marissa gasped into Summer's mouth when she felt her hand on her breast, the sparks of desire running through her making it impossible for her not to return the favour.

At this Marissa's and Summer's hands became even more bold, sliding over each other's backs, butts, boobs, and occasionally into each other's hair or caressing each other's faces.

They felt like they couldn't get enough but eventually oxygen just became too much of an issue and the two girls were forced to break apart.

Panting heavily Summer and Marissa stared at each other for a few moments before leaning in simultaneously for a second kiss.

Neither girl was sure how long they spent kissing each other. It felt like an eternity. All they knew was that the longer they kiss the more they wanted to do more than just kiss. They both wanted to go further but they were terrified of making any move which would scare the other off or break the spell that had fallen between them. And yet they couldn't help themselves.

Before they knew it their hands were underneath each other's shirts, caressing each other's breasts through their bras, and then the bras were pushed aside. They couldn't even remember who had started it but before they knew it they were tweaking each other's rock hard nipples with one hand as their other hand continued their journeys over each other's bodies.

Suddenly Marissa's eyes widened as she felt Summer's hand slide down the back of her jeans and underneath her panties to grab her ass. It was then Marissa realise she needed to tell her friend something before they went any further.

Marissa broke the kiss and Summer looked at her friend nervously, worried she had gone too far, before Marissa spoke.

"Are you... are you sure you want to do this?" Marissa said breathlessly, wishing she didn't have to say that but forcing herself to for the sake of her friendship.

Both girls knew what Marissa was saying. They had both crossed a line in their friendship and although they didn't know it both of them wanted more, the only question was whether they were brave enough to go through with it.

Summer stared at Marissa blankly for a moment before whispering huskily, "Yes."

"Yes?" Marissa said, wanting to make sure.

"Yes." Summer confirmed before a wide smile crossed her face, "I want to know what it's like... and I want you to show me."

Marissa returned her friend's smile before returning to her friend's lips for yet another kiss, one which the two girls soon became lost in.

At first this kiss was rough, needy and passionate, a kiss of great excitement from two people about to become lovers. However things soon slowed down, the kiss becoming more soft and tender but no less passionate.

This was thanks to Marissa who, even though she was now desperate to get into her friend's panties, still wanted to take this slow, to allow Summer's first time with a girl to be as gentle and loving as her first time with Alex had been. Sex with Alex hadn't always been soft and gentle but Marissa had always been grateful to the blonde that her first time with her had been, it had been a lot less overwhelming that way and she wanted to do the same for Summer.

Summer was horny and wanted Marissa to do to her whatever girls did to each other and do it fast, but at the same time she appreciated not being rushed. Her mind was a battlefield of emotions right now and it was hard for her to understand what it was she was feeling, the only thing Summer knew for sure was that she wanted this and she was happy to do whatever it took to get what she wanted.

Finally breaking the kiss Marissa leaned down and whispered in Summer's ear, "If at any time you feel uncomfortable or anything, just say the word, and I'll stop, ok?"

No chance in hell, a horny Summer thought to herself, although it was nice of Marissa to say that.

There was a pause before Summer realised Marissa was waiting for her to respond so she nodded.

When still nothing happened Summer said, "Ok."

This finally seem to do the trick as Marissa began to kiss up and down Summer's neck, causing the shorter girl to moan. It was like Marissa only had to barely touch her for Summer to feel like she was on fire. It was truly amazing.

Unfortunately Marissa seemed to be intent on making this as slow as possible. Instead of kissing her way downwards, which was very much the direction Summer wanted her friend's lips to be travelling, Marissa kissed her way upwards after finishing with Summer's neck only to capture the smaller girl's lips with her own for yet another kiss.

Even though she loved them these kisses were beginning to drive Summer crazy, but just when she was about to break this latest lip lock and complain she felt Marissa's hands on the bottom of her short dress, slowly lifting it up once until Summer had to eagerly lift herself up so Marissa could remove it. The kiss was momentarily broken by the second of the dress was off their lips came crashing back down together, Summer's bra being quickly discarded leaving her naked except for her panties.

Summer wasn't the only one to lose her dress, she saw to that.

After Summer had removed Marissa's dress her bra was quickly to follow leaving both girls in just their panties.

Breaking apart from each other Marissa started kissing Summer's neck, sliding her lips over her friend's soft flesh much like she had done before only this time when she finally moved on instead of going back up to kiss Summer her lips travel downwards, over her friend's chest to her boobs, and more importantly to her rock hard nipples. Sliding her tongue from the bottom of Summer's right boob to her nipple Marissa swirled her tongue around the hard little piece of flesh before taking it into her mouth and sucking on it gently.

Summer moaned and cupped Marissa's head to her chest, her fingers becoming tangled in her friend's hair as she began practically feeding Marissa her nipple.

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