tagNon-EroticWhat's With These Women?

What's With These Women?


First Story

I have been a widower for two years and just recently decided to get out into the world again. I have been talking to a lady on the Internet that seems real nice. She made the first moves toward a face-to-face meeting. I wasn't ready for that until recently. We agreed to meet in a public place. I told her to bring a friend if it would help her be more at ease.

We met at a little donut, coffee shop one morning and hit it off immediately. We sat and talked for an hour or longer. She had to leave for an appointment. I ask her if we could have dinner Friday night and she said, "That sounds great."

She gave me her phone number and told me to call her Thursday night. I called and we agreed I would pick her up at 6 p.m. Friday and go to "Outback".

I picked her up at six and we arrived at the restaurant to find the parking lot full and people standing outside. We decided to go to a casino about an hour away. We had a good ride and talked about our past. She has been divorced a little over three years, has two grown sons that live out of the area. Both are married and have one child each. I told her my wife had died two years ago from cancer and both my girls was married and lived out of state. I told her I had no grandchildren but both had told me they were trying. We made small talk the rest of the way.

We arrived at the casino and had a pleasant meal in the seafood restaurant. She told me she would like to play the slots for a little while. I told her to go ahead and I would walk around since I didn't care to gamble. I wondered around for about an hour when I saw her coming toward me. She said she had hit a sixty-dollar jackpot and was ready to go if I was. We left and drove back to her place.

We arrived at her house and she invited me in for coffee. She never gave any indication that she wanted me to do anything as far as holding hands or kissing. After drinking a cup of coffee I said, "Well I have enjoyed the night and I better be on my way."

She agreed that she had had a good time and we could do it again. I gave her my phone number and told her to call me. I kissed her on the cheek and left.

She called me on Wednesday night and wanted to go to a movie on Friday night. We could eat at a fast food place and then the movie. I agreed. I picked her up and we had a burger and fries at Wendy's. She wanted to see a love story movie, which was okay with me. During the movie she held my hand and at times she would lay my hand palm up on her thigh with her hand covering mine. If I started to move my hand she would lift it and put it back on the armrest.

After the movie we stopped at an all-night diner and had a cup of coffee. When I took her home she told me she was tired and would tell me good night at the door. She put her arms around my neck and gave me a long goodnight kiss. I thought maybe she just wants to take things slow and I was okay with that. I left with the feeling that maybe this could turn into something good in the long run.

The next week she called and asked if I would take her to the dance on Friday night at V.F.W. hall. I told her I would be glad to and asked what I should wear. She said, " A suit or sports jacket would be good. And wear some comfortable shoes."

We talked for a few minutes and I told her I would see her Friday night.

Friday night she was ready to go when I rang her doorbell. We went to a local restaurant and had a good but light meal. We arrived at the hall and entered. When we got inside she waved to some people she knew and turned to me and said, "Find us a table and order me a "Rum and Coke" and I will be right over."

She leaned up to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I found a table that was in the back of the room. I gave the drink orders and got me a coke because I was driving. The drinks came and I waited for her to come over.

The band started to play and people started to dance. I saw her on the dance floor and as she danced by she waved and motioned she would be over after the dance. The dance ended and she still didn't show up. Next dance the same thing happened except she didn't wave this time. She had her head lying on the man's shoulder. This went on until the band took a break.

I thought she would come over now but I was wrong. I saw her and some other women head to the restrooms. The band had started back when I saw them come out. She went up to a man and started to dance.

The waitress came by and asked where my date was and did I need more drinks. I told her no but did the place have a back door. She looked at me funny and said, "What is wrong?"

I told her what was happening and I didn't want to walk all the way across the dance floor. She looked kind of sad and said, "Follow me."

She led me toward the restrooms and down a hall and through the kitchen. She told me, " I am sorry and I would never do you like that."

I said, " I wish you had been my date." I gave her twenty dollars and told her goodnight and went through the door and to my car and went home.

The woman called me on Saturday and was acting mad. She said, " Why did you leave me at the dance. I had to get a ride home. That was not very nice."

I said, " No, What was not nice was to leave me sitting by my self while you danced and never even coming by to Hi, Kiss my ass or anything else. That was what was not nice."

She said, "So do you want to go some where this week?"

I said, " I think not." and hung up. A "Sorry" would have been nice but it didn't come.


I met a good-looking woman at an antique flea market not long ago. We were looking at the same lamp. She turned to me and said, " I like this but I am not sure it would fit with my decor."

I said, "I have found that if I have any doubts it is best to think about it for a while and then come back. If it is gone then it was not meant to be.

She smiled and said, " I like your thinking." We shook hands and I told her I was Robert and She told me, "I am Jane."

We talked a little longer as we walked along. I liked talking to her. I spotted a coffee and donut booth and asked, "Can I buy you a do-nut and cup of coffee."

She said, " Sure. I need to get off my feet for a little while." We got our coffee and pastry and sit at a small table. We talked about antiques and then started to ask each other more personal questions. She was widowed like me. We talked until the coffee had been gone for a long time. I told her we better move along or the owner was going to have us evicted.

We walked along the aisles and talked without really looking at anything other than each other. I asked, "Can I take you to dinner tonight. I really like talking to you and I think you enjoy talking to me."

She looked at me and smiled. "I would like that. Would like to meet me at Felix's out on Airport Avenue about seven tonight?" I told her that would be great. We parted a little later and I drove home on air. It had been a long time since I had felt that way.

We met at the restaurant and had a very good meal. The talk was lively and I really enjoyed myself and Jane seemed to be enjoying herself. She told me there was an antique show in Huntsville next weekend that she wanted to attend. She asked if I wanted to make the trip. I told her I would love to go. I said, "We would have to stay over night wouldn't we?"

She said, "Yes, it is too long a drive for one day. I thought we could go up Thursday afternoon and come back Friday or Saturday." I told her that was fine with me.

I asked, "Will you be okay in going in my pick-up? That way if we find something we like, we can bring it back instead of shipping it."

She said, "I will be ready any time after noon." We finished our meal and left the restaurant and I walked her to her car. She opened her door and turned to me and put her arms around my neck and pulled me to her body. We kissed for five minutes or so it seemed.

She broke the kiss and said, " WOW. That was good. I am looking forward to next weekend." We told each other goodnight and I left for home with dreams in my head.

She called twice during the week and we talked for about an hour each time. I thought I could fall for this woman. I walked around all week with my head in the clouds.

I picked her up Thursday just after 12p.m. And we arrived at the motel a little after dark. She told me she had reserved a room with two double beds and ask if that would be okay with me. I had to agree because I had thought we would have separate rooms. I registered us for two nights. We went to our room and took our luggage inside.

We went out to dinner and when we got back to the room I took her in my arms and started playing around. She sure felt good and her kisses were sweet. She told me, "Robert, We can't do anything tonight but maybe tomorrow night. I am on my monthly and I should stop by then."

I kissed her and told her, "I looked forward to tomorrow night."

We cuddled and kissed while we watched television. She said, "I am going to take my shower tonight and we can get an early start in the morning."

I told her I would get mine in the morning. I was in the bed when she came out of the bathroom in a see-through gown. She came over and set on the side of my bed and kissed me. She said, " Goodnight, I will see you in the morning." I told her goodnight.

We got up Friday morning and ate breakfast in the motel restaurant and was at the outside antique show before nine a.m. We strolled and looked at a lot of antiques. Late that afternoon we got separated and I couldn't find her. I figured I would go to my truck and wait rather than search the whole show. As I was headed to my truck I saw her but she was with a man and she had her arm linked in his as they walked to the parking lot. I hung back with the thought that she was going to the truck also. They got into a car and left the parking lot.

I went back to the motel and when I got to the room the phone message light was flashing. It was a message from Jane. She said, "Robert, I lost track of you and I ran into an old girlfriend I went to college with and I am going to spend the night with her. I will see you at the show tomorrow. If I don't see you at the show I will be back at the motel before checkout time Saturday."

I started to leave and go home but I was too tired to drive that night so I went and ate, came back and watched some TV and went to bed. I slept like a log.

I decide I would wait until 12:45 p.m. on Saturday (check-out was 1:00) to checkout because I didn't want to pay for another night. She wasn't back by then so I took my luggage and loaded it. I went back to the room and took hers to the motel lobby and told the clerk that Jane would pick it up later. I waited until 1:30 and when she didn't show I left for home.

On the way I turned my cell phone on and I had two messages. One was from my daughter asking if I would call her and the other was from Jane wanting to know where I was.

I called my daughter and we talked and she wanted me come see them. I told her I was in Birmingham and I would be there in about three hours. I turned my phone off drove to my daughters.

I had a good visit and got home Monday night late. I had three messages on my answering machine. They were all from Jane. The first she said, " I tried to get you on your cell phone. You had it turned off. I got back to the motel at 1:15 and was told you had just checked out. Call me when you get this."

The second one she said, " Where are you? I had to take a bus home. I thought you would come back by the motel and check on me. I am beginning to get worried. Call me."

The third call was Monday night a few minutes before I came in. She said, "Robert, This is not funny. I am sorry if you are mad but you can answer your phone and let me know if you are all right. Call me please. I am sorry about what happened. Call me please."

I called her about 10:00 p.m. And when she heard my voice she said, "Oh my God. Robert, I have been so worried about you. What happened to you? Why did you leave me? You could have left a message or turned your cell phone on."

I said, " When you lied to me about who you were with Friday night I didn't think I owed you any explanation about my movements. I knew it was all a pipe dream. I really thought we could build a relationship. But relationships can't be built on lies."

She said, "Robert what are you talking about?"

I said, " Jane I saw you leave the show with a man. You walked out of the show with your arm linked in his. You got in his car and drove off. I know you didn't get back to the motel until after three because I called to see if you had picked up your luggage. They told me you picked it up at 3:17 p.m. What was I to think? I don't have to be hit over the head to realize that I was not on your A-list."

It was quite for a minute and then she said, " OH. Robert I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. I am really sorry. Can you forgive me? I promise I will make it up to you."

I told her I would pass on that. I said, "There was no reason for you to lie to me. You didn't owe me anything. If you had told me you wanted to be with that man rather than me I could have dealt with that better than finding out you lied. I was starting to really fall for you. I guess it is best it happened early."

She said, "Robert, I am so sorry. I was starting to like you also. I hope you will forgive me and maybe somewhere down the road you will call me and lets get together again."

I said, " We will see. Bye." And hung up.


I had known Alice for about ten years. I drove a tour bus and her company hired us four times a year to take a group of their employees to Montgomery for all day seminars. I always flirted with Alice but never any thing serious. I was married and so was she. Some times she would ride on the bus and some time another person would be the person in charge of the group.

About two years ago my wife died after a three month illness and I was left on my own as my children was married and gone. Alice was going through a divorce at the time and I told her to let know when she was free and I would marry her. She would laugh at me and say, " Someday I am going to hold you to that.

I would say, "You promise?"

She would smile and say, " Yes."

Six months ago I went to pick up the group and was talking to Alice and told her, "Well, I think it is about time we start dating if we are going to get married before we get old."

She looked at me kind of funny and said, " Do you really want to go out with me?"

I said, " Yes I like you Alice and I see no reason we should not date." She told me to call her the next time I was going to have a free night and we would go out to dinner.

I said, "Okay, It's a date or it will be."

I arranged to be off the next Friday. I called Alice and told her I was off Friday and when could I pick her up for our dinner date. She said, "You can pick me up at seven and here is my address."

We talked a little longer and I told her I would se her Friday.

I picked her and we went to T.G.I.F.'s and had a good meal and got to know each other better. We left and she wanted to stop in a nightclub and have a drink. I told we would stop and she could have one but I didn't drink.

We went into the club and found a table. She ordered screwdriver and I got a coke. We talked and dance a few dances. A fast dance was playing and a man came up and asks her to dance. Since I don't dance fast ones I said, "Okay."

I watched them and I could tell they knew each other. The next dance was slow and they stayed on the floor and were dancing really close and she had her head on his shoulder and his hands would drop down on her butt from time to time and she didn't make any effort to move it. They came back to the table and she asks if Sam could join us for a little while. I gave the okay and he slid in on the other side of her.

He was sitting real close and they was talking to each other and I was feeling left out.

The next dance was a slow one and as it started I reached over to ask her to dance but before I could make a move they was up and back on the floor. They came back to the table and when the next dance started I ask her to dance and she said, " Let me set this one out."

The next one started and they was gone before I could make a move. I realized I was out of the loop and it was time for me to go. I went to the restroom and as I walked back across the floor to the door I passed by them and said to Alice, "Thanks for the date."

I walked out the door and to my pick-up. As I drove out of the parking lot Alice came running up and ask, "Why are you leaving? How am I supposed to get home?"

I said, "Well since Sam is your main focus maybe he can get you home." I drove off.

I left on ten-day trip to Orlando the next morning. When I came in from the trip my dispatcher told me to call Alice and gave me her number.

A couple of days later I called her. She asked if I was still mad and I said, "Alice I wasn't mad. Just kind of hurt. I thought we were on a date. You kind of tuned me out and was locked in on Sam. I saw no reason to hang around where I wasn't wanted."

She said, " I am sorry. Yes I knew that when you left that I had done the wrong thing and I don't know why. Can you forgive me? Sam is my ex and I sure don't want to get involved with him again. Let me make it up to you the next time you have some time off. I promise I will be your date and your date only."

I told her I would think about it.

These stories are true. Three different men told them to me. They gave me the okay to write the stories as long as the names were changed. Thankfully I have only had one similar experience and that was in high school.

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