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Wheelman Incentives


The bank's alarms start blaring as Casey and Carrie runs through its doors toward the waiting getaway Camaro with Matt at the wheel. Carrie throws her bag to the back and climbs in and over the seat. Casey, right behind her, also tossing the bag to the back and slides into the front seat.

"Go!" she yells as she slams the door shut.

Matt puts the car into gear and slams down onto the petal. The Camaro leaps forward and tears off down the street. They are several blocks away before the police even arrive at the bank.

"My god, that was fucking fun!" Carrie says from the back seat as she yanks off her mask.

Casey is laughing and feeling jittery. She pulls off her mask and says, "Hell yeah it was!"

Matt can only grin at the two women. This is their fourth bank job and once again they escaped long before the police showed. Their plan each time was to simply walk in and take what the tellers had in their drawer. They didn't make a whole lot with each job, but it kept them in the bank for only a few minutes.

After he is sure they have made a good distance away, Matt slows the car down and after a few more blocks, pulls into a heavily wooded park. He shuts off the car and the two women quickly exit.

"Damn," Casey says. "Doing this makes me so fucking horny."

"Yeah, me too," Carrie says. "Come on Matt, pull out that big cock of yours for us."

Matt grins at them both and slides over to the front of the Camaro and pulls out his cock. Casey quickly slides in front of him and drops to her knees. She instantly slips his cock into her mouth and it slowly gets harder as her hot mouth encompasses it. Casey plunges down on Matt and Carrie gasps when she sees how much of his cock disappears into her friend's mouth. Casey gags slightly but holds him in deep. Her mouth smothers Matt in tender warmth. Her lips are sealed tight around his shaft, still more than an inch from the base.

"Fuck, he always surprises me with his size!" Casey exclaims when she pulls back up.

"I think I've grown a bit recently," Matt laughs. Casey turns her attention to his throbbing head, sucking it tenderly and letting her tongue swish circles around it. Carrie takes the opportunity to move in for her taste of his cock.

Carrie's mouth latches on to his shaft halfway down, her tongue awkwardly pokes and prods him. She begins to slide up and down, slathering the side of his cock and moans with joy. Two tongues bathed his cock until it is dripping wet.

"Your turn," Casey says, holding Matt's cock steady. Carrie moves up and opens her little mouth and moves very slowly, struggling just to stretch herself wide enough. She holds his head in her mouth for long moments, sliding her tongue around, experiencing the taste and sensation. Matt reaches down and takes her hair into his hand, both to keep it clear of her face and to gain that extra ounce of control that every man loves to have, and Casey shimmies up next to him. Casey's hand wrapped around his, both of them holding Carrie's head on his cock and they locked in a kiss.

Slowly, Matt crawls further up onto the hood. Casey giggles and crawls up with him, positioning her beautiful breasts in range of his searching tongue. He sucks them gently, mixing in a few bites and nibbles and Casey reaches between her legs as Carrie continues to suck Matt.

Casey crawls back down and begins to kiss and lick at the areas of Matt's cock that Carrie can't reach. A few more tender sucks from Carrie and he is panting, a hot load of cum surges up ready to explode. Matt bellows as a thunderous wave brakes from him. His cum gushes into her in long and powerful bursts. She holds her mouth on his flexing cock firmly but she has no chance to handle the torrent he unleashes on her mouth. In no time it floods and a thick, white river pours from her bottom lip and rolls down his shaft.

Casey is there to collect, lapping at the overflow and enjoying her feast. Matt feels Carrie gag and more cum spews from her mouth, soaking him. She pulls free before he finishes unloading, a final burst splashing up and streaking across her cheek. Her lips are cloudy white and her mouth hangs open, strings of cum filled drool dangles.

Matt falls backward onto the hood and Casey feverishly climbs up and plants her pussy firmly on his cock. Casey rides Matt eagerly, moaning. Carrie crawls her slender form over to Matt and straddles his face and gently eases her pussy onto his lips. She faces Casey and the two kiss and fondle each other as each slowly grinds their pussies on him.

Carrie tastes sweet and heavenly. Her pussy is tender, warm and soft and it responds with spastic action at each tickle, kiss and probe. Her clit is a tiny, sensitive bump and she jumps each time Matt teases it. Casey impales herself on him, moaning into her girlfriend's mouth each time Matt's cock crams up against the deepest walls of her pussy.

Casey gently guides Matt to Carrie's sweet opening, placing his cockhead there and letting both of them savor the anticipation. Then she eases him forward, using her other hand to gently rock Carrie's hips back and Casey watches with awe as his cock bores into Carrie's tender opening. Carrie's pussy warmly accepts him, a tight and wonderful fit, and she cries out with pleasure and maybe some pain as he stretches her velvety insides.

Carrie clenches around his thick shaft and he feels her tremble as the head of his cock presses firmly against her G-spot. Casey stands up and they kiss. With his hands Matt holds Carrie's hips and gently bumps his cock against her sensitive spot, sending waves of orgasmic pleasure pulsing through her.

He continues his thrusting and in no time Matt's thrusting is built up to a pounding that rocks Carrie. Her legs begin to shake and her pussy convulses. All the while he has one hand on Casey, first rubbing her supple ass and then wrapping around to gently probe her slick pussy. Then he slides his finger up to her tender asshole. Casey yelps slightly as his finger pokes just barely into her ass, but he feels her sink down and wiggles for him, working his finger in. In no time Matt is knuckle deep, his finger engulfed by her clamping ass. Casey seems to enjoy it plenty, squirming and moaning with pleasure at each new sensation.

When Casey whispers, "I want to be fucked in the ass." Matt loses control. Thick ropes of cum are suddenly streaming into Carrie's pussy. Carrie is beside herself, having cum multiple times and her sopping pussy accepts his dense load. Matt holds himself deep inside them both, his cock enjoying every muscle twitch in Carrie's pussy and his finger lingering in Casey's sweet and sinful ass, long after his final thick stream has poured out.

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