When Callia Met Delilah


"Do you expect me to feel remorse? Or feel sorry for you?" His cold voice sent a shiver racing down Callia's spine. "I told you that you were mine and I will not share. You are mine. Shall I prove it to you?"

"NO! You need not. Let us end this farce. Let me go free."

"Never! I will never let you go. You are mine and I hold onto whatever belongs to me. I shall show you."

Amakiir grabbed up Callia's haversack and pulled from it the silken ties she had used upon Delilah earlier that day. He flipped her over, tied her face down and nearly spread eagle to the bed.

"NO! Don't do this!"

"Yes, my sweet. You will enjoy it. You may even thank me for it."

Callia let out a growl, tugging at her bonds. Amakiir was soon straddling her back, his cock straining against his breeches. Leaning down to her ear, he growled low in his throat, a sound filled with menace and lust. With her arms bound, he reached up and curled his fingers in the long tendrils of her hair, grasping it hard before jerking it back so hard and quick that she had no time to catch her breath, the scream that had started to pour from her lips silenced quickly. He could feel Callia's muscles bunch as she tried to twist and turn, her hips bucking up to dislodge him. Yet with each motion she made he countered, his hands becoming rougher, his thighs tightening around her hips. Shoving a palm straight between her shoulder blades, he held her tight to the bed. He could hear her whimpers and moans as she struggled against her bonds to no avail. No matter how hard she tried, she could not break free of the ropes.

Rising slightly, Amakiir raised his hand and slammed it down fully open palmed to the firm ripeness of her ass, hearing the resounding smack in the air around him. Callia let out a scream. After his hand landed, he gripped her ass cheeks and slammed two fingers into her ass hard, quick, penetrating until his fingers became buried fully. She screamed again as her body lurched, her ass tightening.

A twisted smile curled his lips at Callia's movements, knowing nothing could help her now. Twisting swiftly he moved until he was shoving a foot between her legs and spreading them viciously open without a thought to her pain. Her cries and moans only drawing his breath to be more ragged, his cock to twitch with the need to be buried in that sweet tight ass. To hurt her, take her as he wished and to show her that she was his. That was his sole desire. Giving a yank on her long strawberry blonde hair, Amakiir quickly divested himself of his trousers, his raging cock sprang forward, its girth and length now at it's fullest.

Sliding his hand up into Callia's hair, he slammed her face down into the bed. He then pushed her legs so far apart that he could see the muscles straining. Just as quickly, he slammed his hips forward, ripping into her ass as she screamed into the bed. Her body jerked, lurched forward, and writhed as his cock delved into the dry passage of her tight ass. Groaning he swiveled his hips, drawing back to slam his cock deep into that stretched hole, knowing he was hurting her. His other hand swept back a loud slap to her upturned ass just as his hips drove onward.He growled menacingly and pounded away at her. He fucked her swiftly and mercilessly. He plunged his cock deep into her ass, giving it to her hard and fast. Callia gasped as he reached down to pinch her nipples roughly and continued to fuck her. He began to pump his cock into her, loving the feel of her ass around his cock. Callia screamed, as Amakiir continued to hammer his cock into her ass like there was no tomorrow. He spread her ass cheeks mercilessly wide and slammed it home. Suddenly, he thrust deeper than ever before and she felt a sharp pain and let out a howling scream.

His cock raged with the need to release. Amakiir screamed as he came, sending his hot cum deep into her ass. His back arched as his cock thrust one last time, the force of his orgasm crashing his hips against hers, feeling her legs spread even wider. Her eyes widened as her pitiful scream of pain and humiliation tore from her lips. Smiling, Amakiir slammed his dick into her ass, and pushed as hard as he could. A primeval scream escaped Callia's lips as Amakiir slammed his cock into her again, riding the wave of his orgasm.

Amakiir finally pulled out of her, and Callia suddenly felt empty. She almost wanted him to put his dick back into her. Almost.

"You are mine!" He growled out. "It will never be done between us until I say so! You would do well to remember that!"

He untied her and she sank to the mattress. She rolled to her side, rubbing her sore bottom. There were bruises on her flesh where he had slapped her. "You didn't have to be so rough!" Callia pouted.

"I had to teach you a lesson."

"There are other ways to do so. Perhaps instead of ravaging my body, you could have showed me how tender you could be. If you knew I would have disobeyed you in fucking Delilah, you could have asked me how I introduced her to tenderness. She enjoys it rough, only because that has been the only way she has ever had it. Taken by rough humans and even rougher Orcs. I showed her something new and she came harder than she ever had before. Did you ever think I would love you the way you want if you never considered my feelings?"

"I have showed you tenderness."

"Not nearly enough. I never know how you will act from day to day and I am tired of guessing."

Just then, Delilah climbed on the bed behind Amakiir and wrapped her arms around him. "Let us show you."

"Any other time I would oblige you, but now is not the right time for that."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive." Amakiir replied. "Plus I am exhausted from the expenditure of magic I've used today. I am going to rest."

Callia and Delilah nodded and arose from the bed. Callia quickly dressed in fresh clothing. "How about we get something to eat?" she suggested.


"I know about your arranged rendezvous with your precious Nathan." Amakiir stated, "I cannot tell you not to go, but be aware of the consequences you may incur afterwards."

"I'll take my chances." Callia blatantly retorted. "I desire having a three-way tryst with him and Delilah. I will pay the piper when the time has come."

"You'll never change."

"Probably not. Life is to be enjoyed and I vow to squeeze every drop of pleasure from it. Don't wait up."

Callia and Delilah left the room, giggling as they shared plans for their illicit tryst with Callia's hunky human ranger.

To Be Continued...

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