tagSci-Fi & FantasyWhen Callia Met Delilah Ch. 04b

When Callia Met Delilah Ch. 04b


"Get dressed, my sweet. We are going down to the common room for food. One does not live on sex alone."

"I could." Callia grinned as she slipped into her skirt and halter.

"I suppose you could. You must still be wearing that ring that sustains you."


Amakiir slipped into a tunic and trousers before layering an ornately embroidered robe over his clothing. "I need food. They also have a fine elvish wine in stock. It's nice to be somewhere civilized that offers something better than orc piss."

Callia followed him to the common room where he led her to a table. He hailed a serving wench. "We'll have whatever isn't greasy and dripping with fat," he sneered haughtily.

"Well if it isn't the la-de-da elves. Fancy a platter of greens, eh?" She retorted.

Amakiir glared at the plump woman. "I fancy service with a smile, my dear woman. Now if you would be so kind as to tell me what the daily specials are, I would kindly order."

"We are serving smoked pork and rice, smoked chicken and vegetable kebabs, vegetable soup in a hearty beef broth, and baked steak pasties as main course dishes. For dessert today we are offering Blueberry Flake, Cherry Sorbet, Peach Sorbet, and Mixed Fruit Flambé."

"I thank you kindly, good woman. We shall have the smoked chicken and vegetable kebabs on a platter of rice with the peach sorbet. And elvish wine to drink." Amakiir replied as he handed the woman a several platinum pieces.

She smiled at him, promptly forgetting her earlier rudeness as she tucked the coins into her apron. She scuttled off to the kitchen to place their order.

"How rude of that woman. Obviously it must be hard to find good help." Amakiir snorted.

"Perhaps. I think her aversion was to me, though." Callia replied.

Amakiir cocked an eyebrow in askance of an explanation to her statement. "And why would that be?"

"The other night Delilah and I continued our tryst here in the common room before we met up with Nathan. She told us to find a room."

"And rightfully so." Amakiir rolled his eyes. "I'm sure that gave the other patrons a bad case of indigestion."

"Fuck you!" Callia retorted.

"Sorry, my sweet, but I have the decency to keep it in the bedroom," he sneered. "Trysting in the common room or up against a wall in an alley is something only a common whore would do and you shall not do it again."

Callia glared at him. "Leave it to you to make something beautiful and wonderful sound dirty and tawdry. I enjoyed my time with Delilah and I shall endeavor to enjoy her every chance I get."

Amakiir rolled his eyes. "We'll see about that," he replied. "You will behave if you are interested in being with Jaz'rin again."

Callia groaned, "I shall try. I did enjoy him quite so. I never thought I'd enjoy a drow."

"I knew you would."


"I know that you enjoy being in control, in charge and a drow male is taught to be submissive. If you please me later, I will take you to Jaz'rin again."

"Pleasing you has never been an issue, Amakiir. I have always pleased you, have I not?" Callia raised an eyebrow as she leaned across the table towards him. "You only have to ask of me what you will and I shall oblige you. I have denied you nothing that is in my power to give to you."

"Yes, you please me, my sweet."

Callia flashed an ornery grin. "Tell me how you know Jaz'rin."

"He used to belong to a drow matron I had some dealings with several years back. She thought him stupid, reckless, and unstable, yet he would have done anything he could to please her. She sold him into slavery, despite the fact he had given her two daughters. I found him in a camp of Illithid and purchased him from them before they turned him into a mindless slave. I gave him his freedom. He no longer lives in the Underdark, but in the remains of a ruined citadel located within The Spine of the World. He is a warrior of great power and has spent much of the past several years freeing other slaves." Amakiir explained.

"So how is it that you and he have come to have the relationship you have? It was quite obvious that you two had been intimate before today. I never thought you would be a lover of other males." Callia inquired.

"Callia dear, we are elves. We seek pleasure wherever we will. I am not the first male who has used him nor will I be the last. He enjoys it, as a matter of fact."

"So you are saying he is a submissive, a bottom?"

"Yes, that is what I am saying. Consider your own relationship with Delilah. What was it that drew you to her?"

"She is absolutely gorgeous and I felt the need to have her."

"There you are then. Jaz'rin is also a gorgeous creature for a male and I felt compelled to have him as well."

"Have you had other males?" Callia asked, her curiosity now peaked.

"No, there has only been Jaz'rin, my sweet." Amakiir smiled. "Why do you ask?"

"Just for curiosities sake, I guess. Your appetites have surprised me." Callia replied. "I had figured you to be more vanilla than you are. I shall not doubt you when it comes to sex ever again."

"Good, my sweet."

Callia chewed on her lip as she considered her next question. "Has he…I mean, are you…?"

"Just spit it out already!"

"Has he always been the bottom when you are with him?" Callia asked.

"Yes, he has. That is what he enjoys."

"Are you so sure? He certainly enjoyed fucking me." Callia stated.

"He enjoys many things. He is intrigued by surface females, especially since they are not as dominant as drow females are. I think he would like to be unburdened by the yoke of submissiveness that is placed upon all drow males and be free to choose. Perhaps next time I take you to him, you will give him that freedom."

"I think I would like that. You know I don't always want to be the aggressor."

"I know, my sweet. I shall remember that later," he smiled as he reached across the table to softly stroke his fingers over her face. "I am glad I brought you to Silverymoon."

"As am I."

Words became needless as they gazed longingly into each other's eyes. He softly caressed her features, his fingers whispering over her cheeks, ears, and neck. He brushed them lightly over her lips. "You are my treasure."

Callia blushed and puckered her lips, kissing his fingers.

Then the moment was broken as the serving wench brought their meals to the table and placed the food before them. Before Callia started on her food, she cocked her head to the side and glanced at Amakiir rather inquisitively, as if she were studying him.

"Yes, my sweet? What is in your head now?" He asked, as if he sensed her forthcoming question.

"You didn't really answer my question." Callia stated.

"And which question was that?"

"How your intimate relationship with Jaz'rin came into being? I find the answer you gave me about us being elves and seeking our pleasure where we will to be contemptuous. That is a bullshit answer and you know it. Just be honest with me. I won't think less of you. I find it to be an aphrodisiac, if you must know."

Callia retorted, her blue eyes flashing at him.

"My dear Callia, certainly you understand that this is not the place for such a conversation. I will tell you when we have more privacy. There is a story behind it."

Callia pouted. "Promise me?"

"I promise, my sweet. Now eat your food."

The conversation became sparse as both of them dug into their meals. Callia gingerly tore into the chicken and vegetables, smacking her lips with utter relish as she savored the meal's succulence.

She scanned the room occasionally, watching the other patrons with feigned interest. It kept her mind occupied and away from the nagging questions concerning Amakiir and Jaz'rin. Callia smiled as she watched two halflings plying their trade as they skulked around a larger table which seated several merchants. She watched as she saw the male halfling lift a heavy pouch off one of the men, surprised that the scrawny man hadn't noticed its weight missing from his belt. She let out a soft chuckle and shook her head. Halflings, she sighed as she checked her own pouch at her waist. At least they hadn't pick pocketed her yet.

She took her eyes off the halfling and continued to scan the room as a disturbance broke out at the bar. Two heavily armored human males, both built like the bulls they were, began shoving each other as a pretty serving wench dashed out of their way. Callia watched with interest as the fists started to fly. She eyed the combatants, her eyes flicking over each. The man on the right, a hulking blond with a long braid and a bushy mustache and goatee, held his ground, jabbing upper cuts and pulverizing punches with his meaty fists while the man on the left, a red-headed bull of a man with full bushy eyebrows and an equally bushy beard to match, blocked the most brutal of attacks while hammering his own brutal punches into the mid-section of the other man. She quickly surmised each man's strengths and weaknesses as the bartender screeched for them to stop before they tore the bar down around them.

Callia stood up from her seat and rushed over to the bar, pushing her way in between the brawlers, planning on landing a mean punch to each of their guts. She felt her fists connect with his midsection and heard him unleash a mighty groan. She quickly spun to face the blonde and growled at him before she did the same to him.

"Knock it off, you big oafs!" Callia ordered as both men dropped to their knees, tears streaming down their faces. "Can't you get through your thick heads that there are people here who would like to eat in peace? If you'd like to continue your brawl, take it outside. I'm sure that poor serving girl isn't interested in either of you pawing at her. Do you understand or do I need to beat it into you?"

The blond grimaced as he stood up and unleashed a mighty roar to shake off the pain throbbing within his gut. He pulled himself to his full 6'6" height and glared down at Callia. "You've got Tempos's own guts for coming between me and Red."

Red glowered at Callia as he slowly rose to his feet and grabbed the hem of her tiny skirt. Giving it a yank upwards, he peered down at her.

Callia yanked her skirt out of his hands. "Keep your dirty hands off me, barbarian. I am not a helpless wench like the serving girl."

Red narrowed his eyes at her. "No, you look like one of those pansy elves."

"Just who do you think you are sneering at the name of Barbarian?" Galinn retorted, his voice a low snarl.

"I am Callia Blackhawk."

"Callia Blackhawk?" Red repeated as he glanced over to Galinn.

"You are Callia Blackhawk?" Galinn eyed her in disbelief. "So this is the fearsome warrior woman whose mighty sword cleaves the ground upon which she walks. I thought you'd be bigger."

"That is me. Now that we've come to an understanding, would you mind behaving yourselves so I can finish my meal? And if I even catch a glimpse of either of you bothering that serving girl, my mighty sword will cleave a path through both your heads."

Both Red and Galinn nodded their heads and turned back to the bar, reclaiming their mugs of ale.

Callia nodded at them and walked back to her seat. She picked a kebab and tore into it while Amakiir stared at her in awe. "You are either incredibly brave, my sweet, or incredibly stupid. Both of those men could have torn you to shreds."

"You underestimate me, Amakiir. I fear nothing. They are mere men and have the same weakness all men have." Callia replied. "I think they'd both like to fuck me though, especially once they found out who they were dealing with. I saw the looks of desire in their eyes."

Amakiir rolled his eyes. "Do not even think I would allow you to get away with that," he growled. "Not if you wish to see Jaz'rin again."

Callia scoffed at him, "Jaz'rin was good, exceptionally so, but I've had better. You can not hold that over my head as a way to get me to obey you."

Amakiir shook his head. "You never fail to amaze me, my sweet."

Callia flashed a grin and resumed eating her food. Once more she tore into the succulent chucks of chicken and vegetables skewered on the sticks. She licked her lips to retrieve a few pieces of rice that had clung to the kebab. She tore into the rest of her meal with genuine alacrity, enjoying the taste and texture of the smoked concoction. It didn't take long for her to completely clear her plate of everything, including the flavorful rice.

"When do you think we will be returning home?" She asked as she swallowed the last sips of her wine.

"A few more days. I still have a few more contacts to make," he replied. "Why do you ask?"

"For curiosities sake. I have enjoyed being here in the city." Callia grinned.

"Yes, perhaps too much," he tersely chided. "You've seemed to have made a point of telling me you've enjoyed yourself here in the city. Are you trying to goad me, my dear?"

Callia sighed, "We've been over that. I said I'd stay away from Nathan."

Amakiir raised his goblet of wine and drained it. "And you will, if you know what is good for him. Are you finished, my sweet?"

She shoved her plate aside. "Yes, quite so."

"Would you like to accompany me for a leisurely walk through the city?"

"Yes, I'd like that." Callia smiled, sensing his attempt to woo her further. She accepted his proffered arm and allowed him to lead her to the door. He opened it for her and escorted her out of the inn.

It was a beautifully sunny day with nary a cloud in the sky. Birds fluttered on the light breeze, trilling with soft melodies. He showed her various sights of interest, including many older elven dwellings and the Bardic College. They strolled along the cobblestone thoroughfares towards the Moonbridge. As it came into view, Callia stopped and stood in awe of its magnificence.

A few hours passed as they explored the city, eagerly taking in the sights. He led her into a jewelsmith and purchased for her a stunning gold and ruby heart encrusted ring, which he slid onto her finger. "This should purvey to you the magnitude of my feelings for you, my sweet. I give you my heart. Be kind to it."

A tear slipped down Callia's cheek. She hadn't expected that from him. In return she bought him a similar ring and spoke her heart to him as she slid it onto his finger. "My one heart, I shall cherish your gift for as long as it is given and I shall love you with my whole heart as long as you shall have me."

He bestowed a soft, sweet kiss onto her lips that spoke of much passion to come. "Shall we, my sweet? I have a hunger that only you can quench." Amakiir whispered into her ear.

Callia let out a small moan as she nuzzled her head into his neck. Taking her hand, he led her out of the shop. He stopped, an intense look of concentration coming over his face. "Take hold of me, my sweet."

Callia did as he asked as she watched his hands make a few arcane gestures. With the flick of his wrist, he swept them away from the spot they had been standing in and teleported them back to their room at the inn. A wave of disorientation washed over Callia as she grasped onto Amakiir's body. He softly whispered to her and helped her through it.

Callia staggered to the bed and sat down upon it as she fought off the vertigo that threatened her. "I don't think I'll ever get used to that."

"Trust me, you will," he replied as he watched her, his silver eyes flicking over her intimately. Her cheeks held a soft flush that enticed him. He shrugged off his robe and pulled his tunic off over his head. Kicking off his boots, he began to work on removing his trousers. He shoved them down over his hips, only slowing as he eased them over his ever-straining hardened cock. They slipped down his thighs to his feet and he kicked them aside.

Amakiir leveled a steamy gaze at her as he joined her on the bed. He stretched out in the middle as he beckoned her to come to him. "My pretty one," he purred.

Callia could barely resist the urge of his siren's song. She stripped herself of her skirt and halter and crawled over to him, covering his body with hers. He let out a groan as he watched her. Oh, how she prowled. Callia straddled him. He could feel her wetness graze against his cock. Callia felt him shudder as his cock twitched, as if it had a mind of his own. She ground her pussy lips down against him. "You like that?" she purred.

Amakiir groaned out a very raspy 'yes.'

"Want more?"


Callia slid her hand down between their bodies and took hold of his cock. He groaned again as she grasped it. She raised herself up above him slightly as she lined him up with her dripping wet slit. She was more than ready for him. With a flick of her hips, her pussy engulfed his cock as she impaled herself on him. Amakiir let out a louder moan. "Yes, yes…ohhhh yes…," he groaned as his face twisted up with passion. He let her take control, riding him for all he was worth.

Callia bounced up and down on his cock, occasionally switching the speed and depth of how she rode him. She threw her head back and moaned as she settled upon a speed that forced his cockhead to graze her g-spot upon every plunge of her hips. She let out a scream as he began to buck his hips upwards. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the room. She shook and trembled as the ride became too intense to bear. Her orgasm rocked her body and with it she screamed.

"Oh fuck…yes…Fuck yes…ohhhhhh I'm cumming…," she called out, gyrating her hips in time with his. Her wetness gushed out to drench his cock and splashed down over him. Amakiir groaned at the feel of her juices bathing him.

He reached up and grasped hold of her arms, pulling her down against him. He nipped at her ears and drove his cock up into her, pounding himself into her juicy pussy.

Then he flipped her over onto her back and rose above her, still hammering into her while allowing her to ride out her orgasm. He hoped to bring her to that same peak again as quickly as he could. Reaching between their bodies, he rubbed and pinched her clit. He felt her shake as her moans increased in volume. Her enjoyment pleased him greatly. He had no words to convey how much so instead he dipped his head and took her lips in a kiss he hoped would speak for him. He molded his mouth to her warm and pliant lips and suckled gently. His kiss became tender as he nudged her lips apart with his tongue. He gripped her upper arms in his hands and held her close to his body while his tongue took advantage of her opened mouth to plunder its depths. Callia felt his tongue parried and thrust with acute precision, moving in time with his hips as he buried his cock inside of her warm wet depths. She let out a groan of pleasure as his tongue assaulted her mouth. Amakiir growled deep in his throat. The sound was low and guttural, feral in its intensity. Callia responded in kind.

"My sweetness," she heard him whisper in a tone of utter passion. And then she felt his lips touch her forehead, then her cheekbone, then trail down along the line of her jaw to the sensitive hollow beneath her ear. He moved so slowly and stealthily, as if taking pains to please her beyond a shadow of a doubt. His kisses made her limbs feel heavy and lethargic, as if to move them would require too much energy. She shuddered and trembled as his tongue wound its way over her ear.

Amakiir took hold of her wrists and slid her hands up above her head. He wanted access to her lovely, plump breasts. Callia let out a slight groan and arched her back, offering herself up to him. She felt his lips moving slowly down her neck. She let out a groan as his strokes slowed and he nibbled her shoulder and suckled the skin near her collarbone. Callia rocked her hips up to meet his as she wrapped her legs around him. "Don't stop," she whimpered.

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