tagInterracial LoveWhen David Calls

When David Calls


I cannot explain exactly my feelings when David calls, it all started from that first meet in a car parking lot after he and I had got to intimates on the internet.

Me thinking he would probably not turn up as was the case with three instances before, all talk and not action, after I'd told them I wanted a real flesh to flesh relationship as well.

So seeing David there waiting behind the windscreen made my heart throb and as soon as he beckoned me to join him in the passenger seat I felt completely at ease, and he looked just how he looked in his picture.

"So I have given you my number plate number so you can find me, Alex" he said after out arrangement which told me he was keen indeed.

And as soon as I sat there beside him I somehow felt that I belonged, it was like we had met before many times and that gently greeting, the kiss on my forehead was just how I had imagined.

I was so eager and almost immediately, even as we were getting more acquainted, to took the liberty to let my hand slide along his thigh and to show his approval he grabbed it and placed it firmly over his crotch.

"If only you knew just how much I have wanked thinking of this moment, Alex" he said, I have yearned to be with you."

I could tell he was eager because he immediately unzipped his blue brush jeans and I soon saw that he had no undies on.

"I thought it would be better and easier this way, do you agree, Pete?" and seeing his cock grow in front of me, with the help of his busy fingers lifting all and sundry through and out of his tight jeans -revealing his all - I was not about to disagree.

"Now you said how much you want to suck my cock so lets see if that's right."

I watched him jerk it a little in a very tantalizing way, he stretched back his foreskin over his then full erection which was huge and immediately I sniffed and smelt the familiar scent of fresh cock that had been trapped so long like it was so good to be free.

Now the time had come, all those Internet exchanges were top come to fruition as I closed my eyes, opened my mouth and went down on him.

I had tasted cock before , several times when I was with Mark but he gave me up for a colored guy, saying he was a better fuck, that was after he had well and truly had his innings of me, he stippled my wicket several times - but now that was in the past and times move on, now a new cock was truly implanted into my mouth and soon hopefully into my ass.

The noises, those certain throat noises of enjoyment urged me on as I enjoyed the most wonderful cock sucking I'd had for a long tome, the sheer pungency of a nice hard cock suck, nothing could beat it for starters as there was I bent over sideways, sucking cock from the passenger seat as David kept look out. -"Just carry on, don't stop baby" he urged - if anyone comes I will tell you."

What a grand meeting this was, a wonderful pair of firm balls to feel and an equally firm succulent cock to taste and suck to my hearts content, It was bliss and when he cum, me holding his cock at the base - him shooting fresh hot creamy cum into my mouth and everywhere I was well happy and felt too I was well and truly initiated.

That first time was special, now I knew I wanted his fuck and told him so, from then on we enjoyed regular sessions in my place, from the time I here his knock at my door, when he goes into the bathroom and emerges naked, planting himself onto an armchair, his cock standing, him saying: " Well, Alex, here it is" and tempting me all the time with little jerks which were a real turn on.

So it was all back to standard then, we had no need to say much, actions spoke more than words, feeling the surge of his cock grow even bigger as I gave it a really firm suck, balling him at the same time and enjoying really wonderful hot quality cock such as Davids.

I can't tell you just how good it was that very first fuck when David had me over the edge of the bath, my head submerged in water hard fucking my ass until I felt it was going to implode inside me, at first hurting as he stretched me frantically and then, asking if I was alright m really gave me the fuck of fucks as I felt the surge of his shard cock inside me, thrusting and thrusting my hole like a steam piston.

After that first time, it had been a good three years since I'd been fucked, it was great and to feel David inside me was always heaven and I found myself wanting him more and more, his fucks improving every time, the way he moved inside, the twisting and turning, the sucking, tasting and mutual ass sniffing was out of this world, I simply adore him and would do anything for him.

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