tagInterracial LoveWhen Hubby Returns

When Hubby Returns


Dan was so fagged out by the time his plane touched down at the airport around six in the evening, all he could think about was getting home in less time for a shower and some beauty sleep. It was too bad he hadn't made out time to inform Annette of his return home a day early. Things in Denver hadn't gone as well as he already figured they would before he departed, and the thought of spending one more day locked in a room with a bunch of irate accountants was just too mind-numbing to think about.

Almost an hour had passed before he spotted a lone taxi; another hour and some minutes later and he was still stuck in city traffic. In his mind he could do nothing but curse his ill-fortuned luck. Along the way he tried his wife's number but got no response; she was probably at home feeling all lonely with him not around.

It wasn't till past nine before the taxi dropped him off in front of his home. He pressed the door bell but no one came to answer. Digging into his jacket pocket, he fished out his home key and let himself inside.

Annette wasn't at home. He expected she wouldn't – being all alone in a house can be unnerving – though he so much would have preferred seeing her right now.

He went up the stairs to the bedroom, dropped his bags inside the closet and then undressed before heading into the bathroom to take a shower. Ten minutes later, still in his robe, drying his hair, he was speculating on whether he should get himself something to eat or just leave it till tomorrow morning when he heard the sound of the front door coming open and then slamming close.

There was the sound of his wife laughing, followed by the baritone of a man's voice. Confusion was the first thing that raced across Dan's mind as quietly he stepped out of the bedroom and went and stood by the corridor and looked downstairs. Annette wasn't alone. There was a black guy with her and they were kissing and canoodling against each other. Dan felt like exploding, but before he could make any sudden reaction, he noticed they were both coming up the stairs towards where he was. He turned and hurried back into the bedroom and was just in time to hide himself inside the closet when the door burst open and in his wife and whoever the man was that she had brought with her.

"Oh Shane, you're such a naughty creature," Annette was still busy laughing.

"You wouldn't be with me if you didn't like me any other way," the man called Shane replied.

From slit openings in the closet's door, Dan could see the entire bedroom from where he hid and he watched his wife, decked out in some inappropriate evening dress, being seduced by the athletic black man who now held her close to him and was feeling his hands over her body while she went on laughing, from all evidence, enjoying the feel of the man's hands over her body.

"Where did you say your man went to, and when will he be returning?" Shane asked.

"He went to Denver," Annette answered, turning around to rub her ass against Shane's crotch. "And he won't be back till tomorrow."

"This is some risk we're taking. We should have gone over to my place instead."

"Yeah right, and hope that one of your other girls won't come knocking? No, I prefer you doing me here again ... at least for tonight."

Shane bent her over, pushed up her skirt and gave her ass a heavy slap.

"Oh yeah!" Annette grunted while still touching her toes. "Go on, do it again – smack my butt hard."

Shane repeated his action, making her cry aloud. Dan, to his amazing surprise, noticed that she didn't have on any underwear. He ought to be angry, furiously angry, seeing his wife with another man – daring to bring another man to their home. He so wanted to jump out of the closet and surprise them ... but surprise them with what and how? Best wait and continue to watch.

His hand went to cradle his erection which was starting to come alive within his robe.

He watched as the black man, still bending his wife before him, unzipped his pants and unearthed his huge cock from within. It was so massive, Dan's jaw fell open as his eyes took in the sight of it. Was that thing going to go right into his wife? This was something he very much needed to see and he licked his lips with anticipation.

Shane rubbed the head of his cock against Annette's ass, making her wet with eagerness, before pushing it right into her pussy. Annette raised her head and gave a throaty groan; her hands reached behind and squeezed Shane's legs as she felt his sword penetrate through the pink wet recess of her cunt. Gently, Shane withdrew his cock slowly, and then pushed it back in again, making Annette squeal aloud once more.

"Ohhh God!" Annette moaned in ecstasy. "I can't tell you how good your cock feels in me."

Shane grunted as a reply and went on fucking her gently, further widening the walls of her pussy, each time pushing his shaft further inside her. Dan watched all of this with numbing glee. He was getting excited by the minute, as now he was busy stroking his cock while spying the bull hammering his wife.

After a couple more strokes Shane pulled off from her, as Annette willingly slumped to the floor, gasping; His cock was now decorated with her cum. She came on her knees and first licked his shaft clean before sucking him. Shane forced her head down on his cock, wanting her to take him whole. Dan obviously was by now aware that this wasn't their first outing together, but he just about gasped when he saw his lovely wife suck on the black man's huge member like it was something she loved and desired. The desire though was apparent, as Dan could very much see for himself.

Annette muttered something to Shane, but from where Dan hid, he couldn't very well make out whatever it was. However, upon her saying it, Shane pulled her to her feet and together they both fell on the bed. They did a bit of cat-fighting while each struggled to get the other off their clothes. Shane's pants were still hanging on his ankles when Annette mounted him. Dan got a perfect view of her round, shapely ass from behind and stared as she inserted the black man's huge cock right between her legs into her love zone. In no time she was bouncing up and down on him hard, making the bed springs compress and quiver under their weight. The sound of her butt slamming against his thighs reverberated around the room and as well in her hubby's ear as he listened to her cursing and moaning at the same time; much of what she said was exciting gibberish.

"Ohh ... God, fuck ... I want ... uh – uh – uh – goo – goo – Ohhh ... gimme me your dick ... Ohhh ... gimme ... uhh-ooo-hhhh ... SHIT!"

On and on she went, crying like a midnight owl as Shane quickened his pace, slamming his cock harder and faster under her plum ass. Dan was so mesmerised by the way his cock went in and out of his wife's pussy like a rod of steel, he went on stroking his cock in tandem with their fucking; in his mind he cried out for the black man to go ahead and fuck her harder. Shane it seems must have read his mind as he grasped each ample half moon of his wife's ass and went on banging her hard enough to make reach for the bed's headboard and cry out pleasure.

As suddenly as he had started, Shane pushed her off him and in a swift motion, dragged her towards him. This time they were facing the window overlooking the street, as Shane now came on top of her while her legs dangled over his shoulder.

"Oh my God, Shane," Annette gasped excitement, "I want you to fuck me like this every time ... all the time. Come on, give me your dick – Ooohhh ... shit!"

Her last words died in her throat as Shane's cock returned to her pussy. Dan watched the muscles in his shoulders and ass contract each time he drove his cock in and out of her.

"Yeah, you is one slutty housewife, ain't you?" Shane said to her.

"Oh yeah, that's what I am," Annette replied through the midst of her groans. "I'm a slutty bitch!"

"You like the way I'm fucking you?"

"Oh ... oh yes ... I love it ... Ohhh ... it feels so good! Next time, I want you to come around when Dan's around and fuck me silly!"

"You think he wouldn't mind?"

"Right now I don't bloody well care what he minds." She reached for the back of his hips and pulled him further into her, wanting to take in every inch of his cock into her pussy hole. Each time his cock hammered into her, she thought she could see stars.

A minute later, her eyes opened wide with realisation and she suddenly began hyperventilating like a pregnant woman who's about to deliver.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum! Oh God fuck me harder! ... Ohhhh ... FUCK ME!"

Shane went on slamming into her like a horse. He rested over her while his hands buried under her ass, holding her up, fucking her while she screeched her orgasmic pleasure into his ear. When finally his own turn came, she told him to cum right inside of her, and he did just that. He gave three consecutive forceful grunts, hitting his hips against hers as he felt his semen shoot its way into her womb, before collapsing beside her. Annette cradled his head on her shoulder, kissing him and thanking him for a wonderful ride.

They lay there for a couple of minutes canoodling before Shane finally dragged himself off and began wearing on his clothes.

"I thought you were going to sleep over?" Annette asked him.

"No can do, babe, I've got to go to work tomorrow. If the boss sees me falling asleep behind the desk, then my ass will be hot red." He finished dressing up then came a planted a kiss on each of her breasts before kissing her on the lips. "I'll see you later?"

"Most definitely you will. I'll call you." Annette held him, too reluctant to let him go, and Shane had to pry himself off her arms before taking off.

Alone now, Annette slumped back on the bed and sighed; her legs were open enough for Dan to see Shane's semen still dripping off her pussy unto the bed sheet. He still had his cock in his hand, and surprisingly he was yet to reach his own climax, even with the event he'd just witnessed.

Alarm came to his face as he watched Annette rise up from the bed and approach the closet. She pulled the twin closet doors open, exposing him, yet instead of surprise at finding him there, she instead smiled at him.

"Hope you enjoyed the act, darling," she came and hugged him. "I'm so glad to find you back." She held his other free hand and led him to come and sit on the bed.

"How did you know I was in there?"

"I almost wouldn't have," she took his erection in her hand and took over his stroking. "But then I noticed your shaving tool in the bathroom and knew right away you were in here somewhere. I almost didn't want you to see me with Shane, but then I figured it was high time you knew." She came to her knees before him, still stroking his tool. "So, did you enjoy our fucking?"

Dan nodded. "The guy's sure got a huge cock. I'm surprised you were able to take it."

"Yeah," she grinned. "Each time it's like a challenge for me – almost like his cock keeps growing every time we meet. And boy, does he know how to use it. You should have seen us the day you left for Denver. He brought a friend along and they tossed me up like I was some piece of meat. God, it was exciting."

"You're going to bring him over again?"

"Uh-huh. Though next time, you won't be hiding in the closet nursing this."

She took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. Dan in his mind replayed the image of his wife handling a big black cock, and it didn't take long before he too blew his wad.

"Ummm ... yummy," Annette whispered as she swallowed his load.

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