tagCelebrities & Fan FictionWhen I Fall Ch. 02

When I Fall Ch. 02

byChantal Marchon©

This is a YAOI-- male on male fanfic centered around the characters of Weis Kreuz and uses BDSM/fetishes. If you dislike any of these things, please do not read this story.

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‘Why am I here?’ Ken started to wonder that himself after being retrained to the posts on either side of him. ‘Is the pain Aya caused worth this? Will I feel better?’ He was assailed by doubts, but knew an answer was expected. “I want… no, I need to escape my reality for a different reality. In a way I guess I am trading one type of pain for another.” He sounded hesitant even to his own ears. “I saw you. You were beautiful. I wanted you to touch me and. . .” Ken paused in thought on how to frame his words. “I felt that you could be what I need right now.” His temper was starting to go to work. He didn’t enjoy explaining his emotions to someone that he had previously only met in battle. He got a quick grasp on his rising anger, realizing that it would only put him in a more awkward situation.

“Ah, I understand.” Farfarello walked around him again, trailing his fingers across Ken’s exposed skin. “The one who is overwhelmed by one type of pain will seek another to feel alive again. But, why would you decide to trust me near you when you are so very helpless?” Farfarello sounded amused.

“I found out a long time ago that you can’t feel pain. Yet, I have learned over the past year or so, that you know exactly how to cause it. You understand my situation better than anyone else in this place could. Yes, I think it may be foolish to trust you, but even if you were to kill me at this point, it would be a relief of sorts. I don’t think you are going to do that though. Why would you throw away your toys before you are finished playing with them?” Ken was thinking rationally and logically almost. He hoped that he was right and that Farfarello would not decide to turn him into a corpse. Now that they were both working under Kritker that could be a liability for him, but the insane blond probably had ways to work around that.

“So be it then. You belong to me now. Even when you leave here, you shall still be mine.” He hissed half in threat. “I will give one chance and only one chance to walk away. Consider it a professional courtesy. Agreeing to stay means that you accept me as your master from now until I tire of you. If you please me, you will live. Feel honored, I have not offered this to anyone else. Are you willing to place your life within my hands, to be possessed solely by me?”

Ken was silent, contemplating the words. His mind going back to the erotic movements of Farfarello’s hands on his obedient subject earlier. He considered his other options and rashly came to the conclusion that he did not care what happened to his life at the point. It would be nice to have someone else in control for a change. “I accept. On the condition that you do not order me to harm any of the members of Weis or disobey any orders from Kritker. I will be yours, but I expect you to have consideration for my feelings in your mind when you make decisions regarding me.”

“You might be expecting too much. I agree not to have you disobey any of our mutual employer’s orders and I will not involve you with other members of your units. I can not promise to let your feelings guide me. I may have different goals for you that only I will comprehend. You may never understand them.” Farfarello cocked his head to the side. “Did you know that I have wanted you for a long time?”

“Since I first saw you. You intrigued me and I wondered what your blood would taste like. If it would be as sweet as you look or if it would be spicy and burn on my tongue. Well, we shall see tonight won’t we.” He could hear Farfarello move away and open a drawer. “While we are in this club you may address me as Master Dante. You will always address me as Master and contradicting me will earn punishment. Calling me anything other than Master or Master Dante will earn you punishment. Failing to follow my instructions as I give them to you will earn you punishment. And you should know,” he paused as a maniacal grin spread over his face, “I like punishments and get very creative.” The psychotic edge in his voice made Ken blanch.

He was saved from having to answer when a ball gag was shoved into his mouth and fastened behind his head. The restraints started to make him panic. He shunted his mind away from the ingrained reaction at being completely deprived of freedom. His survival had always depended on being able to move as he needed to, but that was all taken away from him now. Ken forced his taunt nerves to relax; he would have to trust his master now. He had given himself into another’s hands for good or ill.

The gag made it hard to swallow the saliva pooling in his mouth and he could feel it dripping out of his mouth. For some reason this disgusted him and he struggled with the gag, pushing against it with his tongue.

“Just relax. You have no control over your body at this point. Even the most basic functions are beyond you. Let yourself go. Worrying about this or that will only get in the way.” The master continued speaking in tones just above a whisper as he looked at his naked slave.

The new slave wondered briefly if Farfarello had managed to pick up Schuldich’s mind reading talent somewhere along the way. He was so focused on the abstract, near panic thoughts running through his mind that he never heard Farfarello pull something down from a cabinet in the wall. He felt a burning slash across the back of his legs and released a surprise grunt. It was quickly followed by several more stinging blows delivered by a semi-flexible object. “Take in the pain. It is what you were seeking. Let it flow through you and wash away everything else. This pain is for you to embrace. It is your existence at this moment.” The master whispered, his intensity shown with his measured words.

Farfarello was completely absorbed in his task. He watched as the bright red marks appeared on his slave’s tanned skin. He obsessively spaced each mark a precise inch from the last mark, working his way over the other assassin’s hard body. He concentrated to each place with an equal amount of strength, displeased with his work when some of the marks broke open and bled. Ken took the blows in enforced silence. He released his mind and let his master’s words guide him. His world became focused only on the pain raining down on his unprotected body. He groaned when the whipping stopped. It was hard for him to adjust to the absence of the sensation. That all changed quickly.

Picking up one of the taper candles, the Master, dripped the hot wax across his slave’s fresh marks causing Ken to throw his head back and scream past his gag. The scorching agony of the hot wax hitting his skin made him stiffen and convulse reflexively. Farfarello did not even pause but continued to drip the wax on his cut skin. With each new drop it was like an explosion of pain in his body. Finally, the Master blew out the candle and threw it on the floor. He walked around the pillar to stand in front of his slave. Ken’s body was held tight with the pain; it slowly relaxed as no more wax was dropped on his battered skin. He slumped over his wrists taking all of his weight.

“I see this has been hard for you.” The soft Irish accent lilted. “I do not think it would benefit you to use my knife on you tonight. That will have to wait for another time. Now I desire something else.” The Master’s blood lust had been slaked with his earlier performance. His desire to twist another’s soul into a pain filled mass was also sated for the moment. “Did you know that I can feel vague echoes of other people’s pain through some weird psychic connection?” He asked his captive rhetorically. Farfarello, reached used a quick release mechanism and unbuckled Ken’s ankles. When he released his slave’s wrists, he caught him as he fell towards the ground. Shell shocked from the pain.

“Now I want something else.” The Master stated almost gleeful. He hauled Ken’s unresponsive body to a bed that had been concealed behind a shoji screen at the far end of the room. He placed him face down onto the soft mattress and stripped off his own clothes with rapidity. Flipping Ken onto his back, he began to suck on the exposed nipples. He caressed his slave’s entire torso, slowly working his way down to the hardening cock. He followed his hands with and agile tongue, licking and tasting the sweat and tang of pain and fear. “You taste so good. Nothing like these poor sheep that sacrifice themselves to me. A predator masquerading as a member of the flock. I like that about you.” He sucked Ken’s dick into his hot, wet mouth. Playing around the head with his tongue. Sucking it and stroking it to see what interesting sounds his slave would make under the new stimulus. He fisted the length under his mouth, keeping time with his sucking. The master could feel his slave’s impending orgasm and broke off, not wanting him to cum so soon. “Not yet.” He mumbled to his barely coherent kitten.

He pulled back and removed the gag from Ken’s mouth. Opening up a small bottle of lube he spread the slick substance thickly over his fingers and grazed the tips around the small hole before pushing one in. He languidly began to stroke his partner causing a jerk and twitch with in the other’s body, before moan of pleasure escaped the tortured mouth. The strong anal muscles were stretching readily under his probing as he added another finger and then another. “You are a slut aren’t you slave.” He jabbed his fingers into the hidden spot, sending waves of pleasure through Ken’s body. “How many have you been with?” He asked jabbing again.

Barely comprehending the question, Ken shock out what he thought was the answer, “Just Aya and someone else a long time ago.” He bucked under the pressure applied to his prostate. The answer was strained and weak.

“Hmm, do you want me inside you? Answer me slut.” Farfarello commanded.

“Yes. Please master.” Ken sobbed out his body writhing under the dual sensations of pain from his back against the bed and his master’s touch.

“Are you my slut? Beg me slut.” Farfarello ordered his voice getting louder and more intense with his desire to possess his slave’s body.

“I am your slut, master. Only yours. Please master, fill me. I want your hot cock inside me. Now master.” Ken groaned, tears pouring down his face at the overwhelming feelings his body was experiencing.

“Yes slave, you are my slut.” Farfarello pushed his way into Ken’s body. Thrusting hard. He did not spare his captive the pain from the entry. He thrust in moving with slow timed stroked, without pausing for Ken to adjust to his size.

At first in hurt, a lancing pain as he was filled by his master’s thick cock. Gradually, the pain gave way to excitement and a thrilling tingle sped through his body. He caught his breath. Until Farfarello thrust strongly against his prostrate again, repeatedly rubbing and jabbing that spot. He could not hold back any longer as wave after wave of fiery pleasure coursed through his being. “Master may I come. Please Master, I need to cum now.” He begged for his release, voice horse and thick with need.

Farfarello did not answer for a full minute, he just picked up the pace of his thrusts and pushed away quickly until he was brutally slamming into Ken’s body. He felt his own release nearing and leaned over his slave taking Ken’s mouth in a deep kiss. “Cum now.” He ordered into his lips. Ken orgasmed immediately. It was the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced and he surrendered himself fully to his master. Farfarello followed directly after, shooting deep inside his lover’s spasming body.

Gradually, Ken came back to reality. His body was oddly weightless for the longest time, he then realized that Farfarello held him in a gentle embrace. It was a nice feeling. He did not want to compare the difference between his new lover and his former one but this was always one of his pet peeves with Aya. As soon as Aya was finished he would leave Ken’s bed or tell Ken to leave his. There were rarely any gentle touches during or following the sex. The fact that Aya seemed to never really give a damn about him flashed through his mind like a lightning bolt.

“Quit thinking about him pet. He has no more hold over you. You are mine now and I have branded you for the world to see.” Farfarello removed the sharply studded collar from around his own neck and placed it on Ken’s. Kissing him when he finished. “I don’t understand why this feels so right. It puzzles me, but I am not going to throw it away. Possessing a knight of good must hurt God, so I believe I will treasure you and make God cry that one of his beautiful children is owned body and soul by one who is so tainted.” He mused in a slightly distracted way. “Can you drive yourself home or will you need me to help you?”

“I think I can make it on my own, master.” The newly collared slave answered. “It would probably be better to avoid questions at this point.”

“True. There is a shower through that door over there. Come on and I will help you get cleaned up.” The small, white haired man washed his slave and bandaged him before sending him on his way making sure that each could contact the other’s cell phone and the reminder not to remove his collar.

Ken drove his motorcycle back to Koneko and carefully parked it in the garage. It had been a battle all the way home to stay awake while he drove. The past 24 hours were gaining on him and he could feel his body wanting to cave in and collapse. He pulled himself wearily up the stairs to his small apartment and fell onto the bed without even removing his clothes. He was asleep within minutes.

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