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When It's Hot...STOP!


For those of you that have read some of my work, this short story relates to the toy used in the one titled: Getting What You Pay For

I've shared this story with some of my friends, not all and never have I shared it with you, the readers. I'm going to do my best to retell this event and since Literotica boasts this as a fiction story site, then I'll tell you this is fiction... *wink* and we'll just leave it at that. Then again, by the time the story is over, you may not believe anyone could be so silly, well... anyone but Red, that is.


I was alone, again, something that happens more often than not and what really led me down the path of sexual exploration with toys. I'm not an expert with them, still learning what works for my needs and what doesn't. This particular evening I knew what I wanted and how to go about getting it. The lights of my bedroom were dimmed, the kids were in bed asleep, and the spouse was at work, so there I was, under the covers in my comfy Queen size bed. I always start playing under the covers. I'm not sure why... embarrassed perhaps at seeing myself naked? Stifle the noise of my play? *shrugs* I really am not sure, but that's what I do. I start out naked, under the covers as if there is someone lurking in my room and I don't want them to see how foolish I look when I play with myself.

This night in particular I had my Crystal Rabbit Impulse Vibe with me. I drizzled some KY warming oil over my sex and waited a moment, enjoying the heat as it settled into my skin. I really enjoy the feeling of warmth against my pussy. I love it when I have hot, fresh, panties to wear straight from the dryer. The heat just surrounds me and damn I love that feeling. So while the oil caressed me into a state of "mmm" I teased my nipples with my free hand, while the other just held my vibe.

The thing that makes this experience so different is the fact that this was the first time I was going to use the toy alone. See, I hadn't had it for long, about a month, and I'd only had it used on me by my spouse. Tonight was my night. I played with the controls, which were located on the base. The vibe's rabbit ears were fused together and its shaft had metal beads that would rotate in both directions at the same time. Amazing engineers out there. I'd like to be married to a man that created sex toys. But I'm getting off the subject, my apologies.

Once I familiarized myself with the various speeds and felt relatively sure of my ability to bring myself to orgasm I put my toy under the blankets and between my thighs. I pushed the shaft into my pussy, positioned the rabbit-fused ears against my clit and hit the button on the right once. Immediately the little rabbit was thumping and my eyes closed so I could concentrate on that wonderful sensation.

I am a clit girl; meaning... I love to have my clit stimulated, almost - I did say almost - more than penetration. This little rabbit just teased me though, so I pressed the button again and increased the rhythm. I then hit the other button and the steel beads began to rotate against the sides of my slippery and oiled up sex. I was really enjoying myself. I shivered and shuddered, gyrated my hips, and continued to tease my nipples while pushing my toy in and out of myself.

Eventually though, I wanted more and at this time I realized by having someone with me to use the toy, I got more out of it. But since I was alone I knew I had to figure out what worked all on my own. See, when my spouse used the toy, he'd wrap my pussy lips around the rabbit while it drummed out its random vibrations. He controlled the speed and depth as well; I was pretty much forced to just accept what he was doing and live with it.

I lived well that month.

Anyway, I wasn't close to coming; with him I would have already... several times in fact. So I increased speeds and began to really fuck myself vigorously. After many minutes I grew more sexually frustrated because my orgasm was there, I could feel the edge of it, but I still hadn't reached the right spot; so I pushed the buttons until that baby was on the tenth speed. I held it against me, the rabbit thumping, the steel balls rolling and my pussy muscles holding tight, clamping around the silicon shaft and refusing to release the expensive plaything.

My hand started to get warm. I continued to hold the toy in myself, but now my mind was distracted. I remembered my spouse had told me the handle gets a bit warm, so I assumed this was the case. I thought, pfft, he can handle the heat of the handle, so can I. I ignored the heat and continued my path of climatic release. It didn't come. The handle grew more warm. I thought again to myself... damn I must have softer hands than I thought if I can't handle this ... Now HOT, handle. I reached down and found a T-shirt on the floor, kicked off my covers and removed the toy. I looked it over, didn't see anything wrong and shrugged my shoulders. I then wrapped the shirt around the handle and went back to work.

I was moaning and purring, whimpering and gasping as my toy brought me closer to the edge. I finally came, but I wanted more. I enjoy coming. I love the sensation, the tightening of my muscles, the dancing and exploding lights, the different shades of color that seep to fall in sheets behind my clenched lids. The feelings are unlike anything I've ever experienced before, so yeah...I wanted and needed to come again. So I continued playing. My mind however was distracted again as I took a deep breath and smelled something burning. Now... this is where a wise woman would say to herself... "Your toy is broken." I am not wise in this regard. I didn't say that. What did I say? I said to myself... "Did I leave the stove on?"

My toy was pulled out and shut off. I grabbed a robe and slipped it on, then walked to my kitchen. I checked the stove. It was off. I frowned still remembering that burning smell. I opened my front door. "Was someone grilling?" I thought, then took a deep breath of the cool night air. "Nope." I walked through the house, sniffed at the water heater, the fuse box, checked every bedroom, closet and opened the back door to sniff the air in the back yard. "Nothing." I was puzzled, but shrugged my shoulders, and untied my robe as I made my way back to the bedroom. I closed the door, slipped off the robe, climbed back on the bed and ... you guessed it, grabbed my toy.

The T-shirt handle was cooler now, so I slipped my toy into my pussy and once again went to town working myself up into a shivering mass of bliss. Then the burning smell returned and the fabric of the T-shirt felt HOTTER.

"No way," I thought, "not for what I paid for this thing." I pulled the toy out and unwrapped the handle. The toy remember is called "Crystal" so it's clear, including the handle. I stared at the handle now, really examining it. "Is that smoke?" I really said that out loud. "Is that smoke in the handle?!"

I got out of bed, holding the wet cock of my toy and made my way to the bathroom, not caring I was now walking through my house, naked and carrying a sex toy. Once in the bathroom, the door closed and locked I went to the sink and turned the water on. I wasn't sure what I was going to find. Would I need to put out a fire? I had no clue. I just knew there was smoke rolling under that plastic handle and smoke usually meant flame.

I pushed the handle's battery lid off and a puff of dirty, brown and gray smoke billowed out. It stank! You know what I mean if you've ever smelled burning plastic. My head leaned back and I tried to capture a fresh burst of air that wasn't polluted by the aroma of my broken toy. I blew the smoke away from my face, waved it away with my hand and then frowned sadly at my first broken lover.

Thinking back, I don't know if sad really was the expression I wore; it may have been disbelief, or anger. See, I paid $119.00 for this lovely piece of shit that was now smoldering up at me. There were no flames licking up to claim my life so I left the bathroom, toy in hand and made my way back to bed. I sat on the edge of the mattress, flicked the bedside lamp on and stared at the inner workings of my fancy overpriced equipment. The metal, that one end of the battery rests on, was pushed up against the side of the plastic handle. It was burnt black.

I'm not an engineer, or an electrician, nor do I know the workings of a battery, but I'm thinking... hot metal touching plastic isn't wise. I sighed and put my toy away, then went to bed...done for the night. The following morning I pulled out my toy again and tried desperately to find my receipt, after all I had a ninety day warranty and damn right I was going to use it!

This is where I learned another lesson in toys... keep your receipts till that warranty is no longer valid. I didn't. I still have my broken toy. It's no good to me, but I haven't been able to bring myself to toss my $119.00 lover into the trash. I will someday. That toy... I miss it, a lot. I have a new one, it only ran me $40.00. It works, but honestly it is nothing like the original. I've found the Crystal one again, on another site and only for $75.00. I'm tempted, very tempted, but if I do buy it again, I may see if I can poke a few "vent" holes in the handle. *blushes*

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