tagErotic HorrorWhen Moonlight Shines Ch. 03

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 03


Third Part in my Moonlight series, if you haven't read the first two parts, I suggest you do. I appreciate comments and suggestions. I'm going to try getting other stories out so this series is going to be put once a month.


Garrett woke up to the sound of his alarm clock. He laid there for a few seconds letting the screeching of his alarm wake him up. He was about to reach over Paige and shut it off when her arm shot out from under the covers. One second the clock was beeping and the time was blinking at him in big red numbers, the next it was crushed into spare parts beneath Paige's fist.

"Open the curtains and you're balls will meet the same fate." She said without opening her eyes. Garrett looked at the curtains for a few seconds, not remembering shutting them, before sliding out of bed. He walked over to the curtains and was about to peek outside to see what the weather was like but was met by a low pitch growl. He turned to see Paige laying there, eyes closed. She looked like she was sound asleep yet he could tell that she'd be at his side in a second if he reached for the curtains.

Shaking his head he grabbed some clothes from his closet and went to grab a shower. The warm water woke him up the second he stepped into it. He stood there for a few minutes expecting Paige to come in to join him. He figured she was tired and began washing himself, trying to focus on school. He needed some breakfast; then he would walk to school and grab a coffee. Visualizing a cup of hot coffee, he finished his shower without jerking off for the first time in months. He dried off before getting dressed and giving himself a much needed shave.

Stroking his recently smooth face, Garrett walked down the hallway to his room. He noticed the door was closed and again forgot whether he had shut it when he went for his shower. He decided that he didn't and just laid his clothes beside the door and went to the kitchen. He made his usual breakfast of cereal and orange juice before going outside and grabbing the newspaper. Picking out the sports section, he set it down beside his breakfast and sat himself down. 10 minutes later he put his dishes in the sink and grabbed his bag before printing out his recently finished paper and grabbed his coat and cell phone before heading out.

He debated about locking the door but figured anyone breaking in would probably wake up Paige and be in for some pain.

"Might as well take advantage of her vampire abilities when I can. After all, she is an infinite upgrade from my old security system." He said to himself smiling as he started off to school. It was really sunny out and he was in such a great mood, he decided to take the long way to school. He had time and he needed a bit of exercise after the past few weeks of working on his paper. With it down, he could go out and hang with friends or stay in and fuck Paige all night. Tough choice. He probably should figure out what he was going to do about Paige before he went out to party.

"What should I do about her?" He said out loud. "She isn't doing any harm, and that was the most fun I've ever had editing a paper. She is a vampire though; she also thinks my sole purpose is to amuse her. Fuck I need to go at least a few hours without thinking of her or that stupid paper." He sped up his pace and focused on the feeling of the breeze and the thought of hot coffee.

Once he got to campus he was reminded of why he decided on going to this school. Gorgeous scenery and he wasn't even thinking of the hundreds of hot co-ed's. There were trees and fields everywhere there wasn't a building. The buildings themselves were also really old and were what a college should look like. He felt more at home here than he did at his house sometimes, it was like when he was a kid, before his parents died. It didn't take him long to get inside, grab a coffee and find an open seat. He had barely been seated when one of his college buddies, Rob, sat down across from him.

"Hey buddy boy, Greg said you hooked up some hot chick."

"Is that all he said?"

"Well that and that you were studying too hard. Thought she was a monster or something. But he said he hadn't heard from you since so you must have come to your senses and fucked her."

"Dude this is one hook up you wouldn't believe."

"All I want to know is, was she hot?"

"Not was, IS."


"Hell yeah my friend. May be the hottest chick I've seen since Sophia. Possibly even hotter than her..."

"Whoa, don't zone out on me bro. She really that fine?"

"She's scary fine." Garrett responded, taking a sip of coffee. Damn, nearly went into a Sophia trance again, he thought to himself angrily.

"That's great man, you needed a great fuck."

"Still need."

"What? Don't tell me she was sloppy."

"I wouldn't know we haven't fucked yet."

"Dude, skip class and bang that broad."

"I might yet fuck her, but I haven't decided what I'm going to do with her."

"All you need to decide is what you're going to do TO her. Like I said you need some sex my friend. Anyways I gotta go. Peace."

"Talk to you later." Garrett sat there for a while taking in his friends words. He really needed sex but if he gave in and had sex with Paige he would be really fucked, in more ways than one.

"Whatever, I'll decide what I'm going to do after class." He said finishing his coffee in one big gulp, before grabbing his bag and heading to class.

His first class of the day was one of his favourite classes, Philosophy. He was really good at it and the teacher always had interesting material to talk about and real world stories that brought on great debates. It always put him into a great frame of mind where he analyzed everything for the next few hours in a completely stoic and logical way. It would be just what he needed.

He got to his seat a few minutes early and leaned his head back to relax but kept thinking of Paige, waiting for him, in his bed, topless. He opened his just in time to see Leanna bend down in front of him to pick up something off the floor. She had a fantastic, no perfect ass and she always seemed to wear pants and shorts that showed it off. Garrett had never seen her wear a dress or baggy pants, for which he was always grateful.

"Nice Gare, real gentlemen like." He turned to see Stephanie sit beside him. She was one of the few female friends that he was pretty close with. She was also one of his few female friends that he never dared make a move on. She was just too good a friend and he never really wanted to jeopardize that, plus he would much rather check out girls like Leanna.

"Not my fault."

"Hmm, I guess not. Still up all night working on the paper due Friday?"

"I actually finished it at a decent hour last night." He said getting it out of his bag and placing it in front of her for proof.

"Then why the dark circles under your eyes? Don't tell me you went out clubbing afterwards with that hoodlum Greg."

"Nah I did that last week."

"Oh how'd ya do?" Stephanie was just as concerned about his lack of romance as Rob. At least she didn't fit the words bang, slam or fuck into every bit of advice she gave. She was always more worried about what toll his relationship with Sophia had on his mental health.

"I was more out just to get out and away from this paper. Greg was the one in the mood to hook up and he scored with a pretty nice one. I'd say about a 7.5, 8." The old rating system, Where 10 was a perfect/gorgeous girl and 1 being a dude in drag. Back when they were in the dorms they placed bets on who'd score what when they went out.

"I thought I heard someone say you had a hot looking admirer?"

"Subtle, did Greg or Rob tell you?"

"They both did but Greg said you were really drunk."

"I was not, I just..." Garrett didn't know what to say. Either he came off as crazy or he lied. "Got a weird one after a few beers."

"So she wasn't a vampire?" Greg said as he sat down behind them.

"She was weird." Garrett said before the teacher came to the front of the class to start the lesson. Man he saved my ass, Garrett thought to himself, I really need to decide on some sort of a course of action. Do I lie about her or risk being locked up?

The lesson was about polygamy and the morality of it. Garrett should have been interested and involved but kept thinking about Paige. Stephanie even noticed his lack of concentration about half way through the class and called him up on it.

"I'm just tired."

"If that's your story." He really couldn't lie to Stephanie, she was the one person he didn't lie to, but he absolutely couldn't tell her the truth. He knew Greg thought he was crazy and was just being a good friend but his big mouth was really putting him in a bad position. That and the fact that he still had no clue about how to approach the situation at his house. Paige was a vampire so if he didn't come home he knew she'd hunt him down. She'd also know why he didn't come home and that'd give her even more power in their ever-growing relationship.

Shit it was a relationship, He thought to himself. Maybe he should just go along for the ride, it's not like he would be doing things he didn't want to do. If last night taught him anything, Paige could be a lot of fun. Hell she could be the best fuck of his life. Hell was right though, she was a vampire, a fucking member of the undead and she was in complete control of him most of the time. If he gave in to her, would she ever actually go home? She might just move herself in and that would be that. She could also make him forgo his friends, his job, his education to satisfy her every want and need. Although, she was pretty understanding about his paper, maybe he just needed to talk to her about things. He just needed to find a common ground, that's it. He came to his decision a few seconds before the end of class. He got up, handed his paper in and headed to meet his friends in the hallway.

"So let me guess the holy water was completely unnecessary, and you drank a lot more than I thought you did?" Greg asked him immediately after he rejoined them.

"I wasn't that drunk and she was stalking me. She followed me from the club; she called herself a vampire, even showed up at work. I wasn't over reacting to anything, she's not normal."

"So what happened?" Stephanie asked, interrupting Greg the instant he opened his mouth to say something.

"We didn't have sex."

"Then what did you do?" Greg asked raising his voice a little in irritation.

"Made out a little." Garrett said, telling a white lie.

"And did she have fangs?" Rob asked coming up behind Garrett with a smile.

"I'm not going to get grilled by you guys on what I did or didn't do with her."

"Alright, that's fair." Greg said looking around for a few seconds before smiling.

"Answer me this though, is she a vampire or were you acting crazy?"

"The holy water didn't do anything but ruin her make-up." Garrett responded with a smile of his own.

"Do you actually think she's a vampire?" Stephanie asked him as they headed to his next class.

"Why are you all so worried about what I think?" He asked looking at her. She just shrugged before raising her eyebrows at him, a non-verbal queue for him to answer her question.

"I'm not crazy, if that's what you're all worried about." He said as they sat down on a bench outside their next class.

"That's not what I asked, but that is what Greg thinks. You have been doing a lot of schoolwork, much more than usual. You also haven't really had any sort of relationship since Sophia, not even a fling. It just seems like your slipping and letting your imagination run rapid."

"None of you were there; you didn't see or hear her."

"Yeah but you still invited her into your house didn't you?"

"There was no invitation, but she did come to my house."

"Is she still there?"

"As far as I know."

"Are you crazy, she could be stealing your stuff."

"She isn't and I'm not crazy." Garrett said getting up as the classroom door was opened by their teacher. He went in and sat down, busying himself with getting his books out.

"Just tell me you were wrong." Stephanie said once he had everything out on his desk. "Just tell me you were hallucinating and I'll get Rob and Greg off your back."

"You have no idea what you're talking about. I'm not crazy; I can handle my own love life."

"Why won't you admit you're wrong?"

"Why won't you drop it?"

"Just trying to help." Stephanie leaned back and shook her head. Garrett felt guilty about not telling her the truth but he didn't know how to explain it in a way that he didn't come off as bat shit insane.

Class carried on much like the last one; Garrett sat there trying to come up with a way to tell Stephanie the truth. He just couldn't come up with an explanation that he was sure she'd believe. There was also Greg and Rob to account for, even with Stephanie on his side he doubted he could get Greg to lay off.

Garrett was a smart guy but this was proving to be an impossible problem, especially with his thoughts be invaded by the image of Paige lying topless in his bed. He really needed a way to get her out of his head. He thought about just fucking her but that was an all around bad idea. He needed to bide his time, try to gain some sort of handle on the relationship before getting into bed with her. He was even calling it a relationship now. 'Fuck, I need to work on one problem at a time', he thought to himself.

At the end of class he had decided to ask Paige about a way to tell his friends. He got up and avoided eye contact with Stephanie as he headed out of class. He ducked into the first bathroom he came upon and pulled out his phone. He looked at the time quickly, 3:30pm; he hoped she would be up by now. He dialled and waited tensely as it rang. Once, twice, three times...

"How's school going Garrett?" Paige's voice brought a sigh of relief from his lips.


"Aww, you could skip your last class and come home for some comforting."

"No I'm okay, it's just an hour."

"Ok, so why'd you call? Did you just need to hear my voice?"

"I was just wondering if you had an idea of how I should tell my friends that you're a vampire and have them not think I'm crazy."

"You're not actually going to tell them are you?" Her voice had a bit of an edge to it that he had yet to hear.

"Well I did have one of them come with me to go get holy water so they know I think you're a vampire. There's no real way I could just not tell them."

"You could, oh I don't know, lie to them."

"Or I could just have them come to my house with torches and pitchforks."

"Sweetie, I'm a vampire not Frankenstein. Plus you don't have a thatched roof so it wouldn't really work."

"Sweetie? Since when am I sweetie?"

"Since last night."

"Then why did you hiss at me? Or have you not told me that you're a cat-vampire hybrid?"

"Oh, listen to the comedian here. Listen you just have to tell them what you think they'll believe. If it means you swallow your pride and admit that you're wrong then do it. If it means I have to do a little show and tell for them, then you owe me." He knew she was smiling her devious smile and he couldn't help but laugh.

"Well thanks and next time, just put the covers over your head."

"Aww how thoughtful, you're sounding more and more like you enjoy having me around."

"When you're not talking me or hissing at me then you're not too bad to have around. Plus you're the best security system I've ever had."

"Have fun at class Garrett. And remember I'll be here waiting for you." He smiled to himself as he hung up. He did enjoy talking to her, at least when she was insisting that he had sex with her. He also had his answer.

Next class was an hour lecture on "Real-Life Ethics and Morality", which he had with Stephanie. When he got in he sat down beside Stephanie and apologized.

"It's your life; you don't have to play by mine or Greg's rules. No need to apologize."

"I'm not apologizing for that, I'm apologizing for not being upfront and honest. So if you really, truly want and answer to your question than I'll give you an honest to god answer."

"I would like an answer."

"Fuck you." Garrett said with a completely straight face as Stephanie sat there stunned. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding." He said as she started getting up.

"She is a Vampire. Or she's one hell of an actor, although my money is on the former being true in the end."

"Define Vampire." Stephanie said trying to keep her voice down as the class began filling up with their fellow students.

"She has fangs; really big and sharp canine teeth. She is inhumanly strong, and fast with a fondness for walking on rooftops in high heels. She's perfectly pale yet healthy looking. She says that sun hurts her, but I haven't witnessed that particular event yet. I used holy water on her and it had no effect and I've seen her drink lamb's blood mixed with alcohol."

"So she's a really good liar who likes to drink blood and walk on rooftops. She also has a really good set of fake teeth."

"No, she's a freak of nature. I couldn't even lift her off my lap last night, hell I couldn't budge her at all. I've felt her fangs and they're as stable the rest of her teeth. Trust me, by all accounts she's not lying."

"That can't be possible Garrett, there's no such thing as....Vampires."

"Hey as our teacher's say, if you look at a suspicious situation logically, investigate it thoroughly and find no reasonable doubt then there is no reason to be suspicion."

"You're serious, aren't you?"

"Look it doesn't make any sense to me either but based on the facts I've been given as well as my recent experiences, she's not lying. Sure realistically it seems crazy but so did gravity at one point. All it takes is one discovery to turn impossible into possible." Stephanie sat there quietly; with her "thinking cap" on while Garrett just sat back as the teacher began class.

"Ok even if that's all true, coincidence does not truth make. She could just be some random freak of nature that our ancestors mistook as a Vampire."

"She could, except she talks the talk and walks the walk. She explained the truths of Vampirism to me and based on what I know and what's just common sense, she's a Vampire." Garrett smiled as Stephanie sat there, trying to come up with a rebuttal. He just continued listening to the teacher go on about some stupid case study from the 60's.

"Why don't you stab her and see if she dies or not."

"Ha, that wouldn't go over so well with her."

"What, are you afraid of her? You are aren't you. Pussy."

"Ok why don't you spend a few days, hell an hour with her and we'll see if you're afraid of her. Better yet why don't you try to stab her, see what happens."

"Just ask her for some more truth of her statement. It's a completely reasonable question. She can't get mad at you for wanting some proof."

"It's not her mad at me that I'm worried about. It's the fact that I'll owe her sex after."

"Nothing wrong with that."

"Not when she's an undead corpse."

"Is that why you won't do anything with her?"

"I've done some things but nothing major; I'm just kind of freaked out by the "living corpse" thing."

"Now that's a morality question." Stephanie said raising her hand as the teacher asked for examples of morality.

"Yes, Miss Moore."

"Let's just say Vampires existed, theoretically if you had sex with one would it be considered Necrophilia?"

"Theoretically if Vampires existed?"

"Yes sir, Garrett and I were just curious, what with the whole Vampire craze these days."

"Yeah sir," One of the girls in the back yelled, "I think that's a great question."

"Alright; well morally speaking if Vampires exist and as the law defines Necrophilia as illegal that would pose an interesting question. So let's discuss this, anyone want to start?" Several hands went up so the teacher pointed to the first one he saw.

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