tagErotic PoetryWhen softness stops

When softness stops


When the gentleness stops
 You're primal
 I'm feral
A nameless whore
 growls, groans, whimpers
And pussy cat mewls.
 Nails and teeth find purchase
 As we move across the bed
Clawing, ripping clothes from lithe bodies
Frantic to feel flesh against flesh
 Landing in the floor in a tangle of limbs.
Pinned beneath you
You spread my thighs with your knee.
I arch as you graze my over sensitive cunt
Your name a whispered plea on my lips
As I beg again.
I've been begging all morning, it's what I do best.

Do it!

And fuck me, do you do it!
This morning you were a gentle lover
 Focused solely on beauty and pleasure
 Sensually, you gave me what I needed
 You're different now
With my ankles over broad shoulders
 Folding my body in half
Lewdly displayed,
 Helpless to resist
As you rip obscene screams from my throat
My clit bleeds slowly from when your mouth had focused
On the center of my being
Until I became a mindless, writhing mess
 My ass is stretched, aching
 Oozing wet sticky cum from your use.
Cover my thighs
 From fists and the thin cane
That so lovingly licked my pale skin an hour ago.
 I hurt everywhere
 Muscles throb with stiffness
But it feels so damn good...  

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