tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 02

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 02


Chapter Two- The Kiss

Mason decided to have the bartender send a white wine to the redhead's table. He wondered if he was deceiving himself or could she really be interested from him. He waited to see if she'd accept the drink, when she did he couldn't hide his growing smile or erection. Wow, Mason thought. I'd love to ring her bell. What a way to ring in the New Year.

As the bar maid returned from delivering the wine she came over to Mason.

"The lady said to say Thank You, and for me to give you this." She held out one of Mickey's bar's cocktail napkins, folded in half.

Mason tried to contain his enthusiasm as he opened the napkin and quickly read the message within.

"Come and sit, let's talk and get to know each other a little before the New Year hits," it said.

Mason turned to find her looking at him, waiting for his answer. He got himself another draft and quietly made his way through the crowd to her table. When he was approaching he couldn't help but glance at those gorgeous legs. They were clad in red leather knee boots with stiletto heels.

Mason thought, "I wouldn't mind feeling one of those digging in along the ride."

That thought was directly followed by: "Jesus you are a horny fucker aren't you!"

"Hi, I'm Veronica it's nice to meet you." She said.

"Nice to meet you I'm Mason." He replied.

"So I guess you're doing the New Years thing alone too, hunh?" Veronica asked.

"Yes, I actually considered staying at home this year, pretty boring to be here by yourself…"

"Well, I'm really glad that you didn't and hopefully I can liven things up for you just a bit." Veronica countered with a slight giggle.

She was pretty up close too Mason thought, the red long curls played and bounced on her shoulder as she talked and laughed.

"So, do you like the band?" She asked.

"Yes, they're decent I guess. Should we have a dance?" Mason asked.

"Yes, Lets." She answered.

As they danced and talked Mason found that he was very attracted to her, she had large full breasts and a sweet smile too. Her firm round breasts felt good pushed up tight against his chest. He couldn't help but glance down the v-neck of her low cut top, at the inviting crevice that was peaking out at him. She was tall, only and inch or two shorter than her and it was nice to be able to look into her eyes as they danced. He couldn't help but notice when they parted for the next fast song that her nipples had become very hard, and were poking at the thin material of the halter top she was wearing.

"I guess she liked the feel of sliding up close to my chest too," Mason thought with a chuckle.

The two danced and talked the hours away until midnight arrived and as the ball dropped they had their first kiss. It was hot, long and wet. She was a great kisser, with a very nimble tongue. She slid it in an out of Mason's mouth and over and above his tongue, stopping to tickle his occasionally with the tip of hers. They were so into the kisses they never saw the ball drop or the tons of confetti in Times Square that looked almost like fireworks, but that was okay with them. Veronica and Mason now knew that they would be making their own fireworks very soon.

"Would you like to come back to my place?" Veronica asked.

"Absolutely, your car or mine? Mason answered.

"Lets take yours Veronica winked, that will leave my hands free for the ride."

Awesome Mason was thinking, definitely getting a hand job on the way, hopefully even more. The mere thought of it coupled with the look in her eye as she gave him that wink set his pants on fire. He could feel his cock growing every second. He rushed to pay their tab and holding his overcoat strategically across his arm in front of him they made their way to his beamer.

"Nice car." Veronica commented. You said you're a lawyer right?

"Yes, I'm a partner at Heron, Burke and Malloy." Mason replied.

"Mmm, important fellow aren't we, so let me guess, you must be Malloy, am I right?" She Asked.

"Yes, how'd you guess?"

"Mason Malloy, it just sounds right, it fits you I guess." Veronica touted.

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