tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 06

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 06


Chapter 6: The Titty Fuck...

Breakfast came and went. Mason had made scrambled eggs, bacon and toast, topped off with fresh Juice and coffee. All the staples one needed to keep going through a long weekend filled with sex. After breakfast they caught the remnants of the New Year's Day parades on T.V. and grazed the days paper together.

"I can't believe how comfortable I feel with all this Mason thought, I'm amazed with myself..."

"We're like a couple of old shoes out here—and a couple of kinky bastards in the bedroom!" Veronica thought to herself while trying to hold a chuckle under her breath.

As they lazed away the morning they both realized that it would soon be time for lunch, or in their case—a late lunch.

"I'm going to shower, would you like to join me?" Veronica asked as she removed her rope and nighty leaving a trail down the hallway for Mason to follow.

Mason picked up the scent quickly like any good hound would...and made his way into the bathroom.

"I'm coming in after you!" He yelled into the shower.

" I'm counting on it!" Veronica yelled back in a giggle.

As they showered Veronica continued to tease Mason and rubbing soap in all the right places, and rubbing her wet slippery body against his. Mason especially loved it when she stood behind him and rubbed her big soapy tits across his back. Which of course made her nipples become erect too. Mason couldn't help himself...

"Turn around ... let me help you wash and wax that newly remodeled front end of yours..." He said with a smirk.

They may be newly remodeled...but you sure are fascinated by them! Veronica replied.

By the time the soaping and rinsing and showering were all through, Veronica's nipples weren't the only things that were fully erect ...

Mason needed some attention all his own and Veronica laid back against the salty, wet sheets and without a word she touched Mason on the back of each of his thighs asking him with her body to straddle hers, when he did she gabbed his cock and placed it between her healthy DD's and gave its head a little lick as it poked from the top of them.

"Oh my, a titty fuck—never had my cock between two so amble specimens before." He gasped, as he started to stroke himself up and down between her melons.

As he did she licked him each time he came close enough. Mason reached down and took hold of each of her nipples and he squeezed and pinched and pulled and rolled them as hard as he could.

"Oh, you nasty little fucker—that hurts but it feels so fucking good." Veronica squealed.

As she did she grabbed Mason by his ass checks and started to squeeze them hard and smack his cheeks until they stung. Then suddenly she licked a finger and shoved it up his ass making him scream out with delight.

"Oh you horny bitch you," Mason growled as he reached between her thighs grabbing her now stiffing cock and giving it a hard jerk.
"Oh fuck me you bastard, fuck my tits while I fuck your hot ass with my fingers..." Veronica screamed in response.

Oh I'm gonna fuck you, I'm gonna jerk your rod till it hurts and fuck mine through your tits till they're raw..."

At that Veronica inserted a second finger into Mason's tight little asshole and felt every muscle within him grab at her fingers and jerk in and out as he started to loose all control of his body.

Oh you little slut you're making me cum Mason yelled out as he pumped through her tits and she licked each time. As he felt the wetness as her cock started to explode once again inside his hand. Veronica spread Mason's ass checks so wide that it stung and he winced when she shoved her fingers so deep inside that he could feel her digging inside him causing his balls to tingle from within,

"Oh ya baby, I'm cumming—cum with me baby—let it go..."

"Yes Mason, Yes, oh shit, this is so good, you are so good..."

When there was nothing left to be said and the room filled completely with the sound of moans and groans Veronica opened her mouth wide and Mason slid deep inside it to deliver his load of white gold once again.

"Lunch was good—can't wait for dinner..." Veronica replied.

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