tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersWhen the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 08

When the Balls Drop; A New Years Tale Ch. 08


Chapter Eight- A Night on the Town…

While the two lay their sprawled on the couch trying to recuperate Veronica asked,

"Now what will happen when next week comes, and your world goes back to normal?" In a half mocking question so she wouldn't sound too serious.

"What do you mean—we'll date just like everyone else does …" Mason replied.

"You won't be ashamed to be with me?" Veronica pouted.

"No! Hell no! Why would I be? No one knows your secret but us, and they never will." Mason promised.

"And to prove just how unashamed I am to be with you…let's go shower…again …and get dressed I feel like a night on the town—dinner, drinks, dancing…and maybe more." Mason declared.

"That sounds like a blast…count me in!" Veronica agreed.

"Last one to the shower is a rotten egg…" Mason yelled as he took off down the hall.

The dynamic duo showered and dressed, Veronica came out wearing a smashing red dress that really showed off her legs and her great round ta-ta's. Her grass green eyes sparkled in the light as she sat at the vanity applying her makeup and putting on her jewelry.

Mason entering from the bathroom couldn't believe his eyes,

"Wow, a vision of loveliness…you are just breath taking…"

"Oh…stop you're silly." Veronica said in a blush.

Mason was dressed in a gorgeous pair of gray slacks and a button down shirt, his blonde hair set off against the collar of his dark gray sports coat. His blue eyes showing every ounce of his approval.

"I have to make a phone call, be back in just a minute…" Mason said as he took off to the kitchen.

He found Veronica's phone book in the desk and looked up the number for Pierre's…the most expensive restaurant in town. He didn't have any trouble reserving a table though, it was still early, and he did a lot of business lunches and dinners at the place so they usually cut him a break on tables in a hurry. As he hung up the phone Veronica rounded the corner… he'd finished his conversation just in time so his surprise would not be ruined. He wanted to wine and dine Veronica and treat her the way he doubted she had ever been treated before…like a princess…

As they made there way out to the car Veronica asked,

"So, where are we off to anyway?"

"That's for me to know and you to find out Mason remarked," in an overused catch phrase.

While they road Mason sang along a little to the radio.

"Hey you're really good at that…" Veronica embellished.

When they turned right onto Hall St., Veronica couldn't believe it… she knew that Pierre's was the only restaurant on that street…

"Oh, Mason, no…it's too fancy and too expensive." Veronica said.

"I'm a partner remember…I can afford it—besides you deserve the very best and nothing less for bringing so much joy and excitement into my life overnight." Mason replied.

They had Veal Parmesan and red wine and great conversation with their dinner. They enjoyed a dessert for two and then they were off to go dancing. When they returned to Mason's beamer Veronica had an idea…

"Okay, so you picked the place for dinner, so how about I pick the place for dancing?" She asked.

"Sounds okay to me…" Mason Replied.

Go over to Palmer Ave. we'll go to Spice… It's a salsa club…lot's of hot close sultry dancing going on in there." Veronica told him.

They danced close and held each other tight—excited by the tightness of the crowd around them as well as the heated pelvic-mashing dances and sweet, sensual moves of the others, people spinning in and out of each other and kissing when they met. Girls throwing their skirted legs up onto the men's shoulders while the men stroked their legs up under their skirt and melted their pelvises into the women's. The whole atmosphere was just boiling with sexual tension.

After they'd danced all they could dance Mason had suggested a new plan…

"Let's go watch someone else do all the dancing for us… like over at the Black Kat Club…what do you think? Wouldn't that be fun to do together?"

Sure I love to watch the girls strut their stuff…and it's always so fun when one of them comes on to me…with my surprise being so excited and hidden under my skirt…if you know what I mean…" Veronica said in a laugh.

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