When Tides Quickly Turn


Instinctively she dropped to her knees and slid her hands up my thighs, running her tongue flatly against my throbbing cock, slowly from the base to the tip. A soft moan escaped my lips as the heat from her tongue radiated through the silken shaft. Repeatedly she ran her tongue up and down, the saliva glistening off the skin; almost as if she was savoring every inch of my cock, not wanting to miss any part of it.

She leaned back, running her hand up the shaft and began stroking it slowly. She bit her lip gently as hunger reflected in her eyes at the sight of precum forming on the head. Returning to my cock she wrapped her lips around the head, swirling her tongue and sucking softly; my hands reaching up and gripping her hair as my hips rose to meet her. She moaned as the taste of precum hit her tongue while she worked her hand in unison with her mouth, gliding up and down my aching cock. I glanced down and watched as her mouth released my swollen cock; strands of saliva stretching from her wet red lips to the swollen head.

"Mmm Patrick, I've never tasted a cock this good before."

Normally I was able to control myself when I came but as expertly as she was working my cock, I knew I wouldn't last long and I let her know as much.

"I don't know how long I can hold out Steff. Your mouth feels so incredible on my cock," was all I could manage.

She looked up at me with a mischievous grin, her hand still milking my cock slowly. "Show me how bad you want to cum in my mouth Patrick."

She lowered her mouth onto my cock once more, gliding me slowly into her throat with ease. I could feel her throat stretching to accommodate the thickness of my shaft easily.

The warm tingling sensations running through my cock reached a new level as I moaned loudly, "Oh fuck that feels so good!"

All she could do was moan in satisfaction as her hand, mouth, and throat worked in sync on my swollen cock, my hips rising up to meet her as my hands gripped her hair tightly. Slowly she slid my cock from her throat as I whimpered lightly, not wanting it to leave her mouth.

Looking up at me she whispered, "I want you cum all over my face and lips. I want you to cum hard for your sister. Will you do that for me?"

Almost panting I answered quickly, "Yes Steff, anything for you."

With one hand she began stroking me slowly as she buried her mouth, then her throat down onto my cock once more, lifting up and down as her eyes locked onto mine. Her other hand caressed my balls lightly, the sensations working like magic.

"Cum for me baby," she seduced. "Show me how hard I can make you cum."

She had me; that was all it took. Hearing her call me baby made me feel I was hers and hers alone. Instantly my body took control as I could feel the hot cum surging from my balls and up through the shaft before exploding from the head. She stroked my cock faster and faster as cum hit against her face in spurts, shooting against her cheek and lips. Frantically she flicked her tongue out at the head, catching streams of cum before plunging her mouth on my cock and sucking hard and fast. With each stroke of my cock, I whimpered lightly as she seemingly sucked the cum from my cock before it even left the shaft. My mind and body were in complete bliss. I had never felt anything like what she had just done to me. I knew I wanted her more now; she was now becoming my obsession.

Gradually my cock finished cumming and sensing I was completely empty, she continued sucking me slowly before letting my cock slip from her mouth, cum still dripping from her lips and face. Gently she kissed the head before gliding her fingers across her face, sliding them into her mouth and moaning.

"Damn Patrick! That whimper of yours drives me crazy! It made me want your cum even more!"

All I could manage was a meek; "Damn Steff" as I panted from the exertion my body just went though. She laughed as she leaned in and gripped my hands, pulling me up and pressing her lips against mine, darting her tongue in and out of my mouth. Her hand casually stroked my cock, and before long, sprang to life once more.

She leaned back and smiled, "It looks like you're ready for more. Usually my boyfriends are one and done for a while."

"They probably don't want you nearly as bad as I do," I answered quickly.

She raised an eyebrow, "Hmm that right baby?"

"You don't know what that does to me hearing you call me baby," I replied.

"Mmm what does it make you want to do?"

"It makes me want to fuck you so bad."

"Mmm show me baby. Show me how bad you want fuck your sister."

Instantly, sensations surged through my rapidly hardening cock, seemingly knowing it wanted to be buried deep inside of her pussy. She knew how to entice me and make me want her. It was an incredible feeling being controlled by her simple words, especially since normally I was the dominant type.

Playfully she moved back to the corner of the pool, the water level just below her firm round ass. Placing her elbows on the edge, she wiggled her ass invitingly, looking back at me over her shoulder and bit her lip.

"Come fuck me baby."

My heart pounded in my chest as I made my way over to her. Fuck I wanted her bad. All I could think of was pounding her pussy over and over again, cumming deep inside of her; "Cumming inside of your sister's pussy." The words echoed inside of my head, driving my lust to a new level.

As I pressed my cock against her bottom, my hands circled around her stomach as she submissively pressed her ass up against me. Leaning her head back against my chest, my lips found hers as our tongues danced and slid over each other. My fingers glided down her hips and slid her bottoms down slowly, my cock jumping as it came In contact with her tight ass. She leaned forward, lifting her ass up out of the water slightly, her puffy pussy lips greeting my hungry eyes as my mouth watered involuntarily.

Instinctively my hands reached down as I kneeled down behind her, the pressure from my fingers creating indentations in her ass as I spread them lightly. Leaning forward, my tongue snaked out and flicked across her swollen pussy lightly. Soft purrs escaped her lips as she lifter her ass to me, inviting me in further. Her pussy glistened as I began licking her up and down, the pressure of my tongue opening her lips invitingly. My taste buds were in heaven as I continued sucking and licking at her pussy, occasionally running my tongue up and teasing her tight asshole. Pressing my face into her ass I began thrusting my tongue up inside of her pussy, fucking it deeply. As my tongue darted in and out of her, she bit her lip while trying to stifle the whimpers that still managed to escape. I couldn't get enough of her pussy and her taste was almost intoxicating. I wanted her cum in my mouth in the worst way and hearing her whimpers only drove my tongue deeper into her. As she began to rock her ass back into me I gripped her hips and buried my tongue inside of her, feeling it contract on my tongue.

Her whimpers changed to moans as she grinded her pussy into my mouth, panting frantically, "Oh my gosh Patrick I'm gonna cum!"

Quickly my mouth locked on to her as I sucked her pussy into my mouth completely, wanting to taste her cum. My mouth massaged her lips as my tongue glided over her opening anxiously.

"I'm cumming Patrick! I'm cumming!" She screamed. Her head and back arched as her juices flooded my mouth. The taste of her cum drove me into a frenzied pace as I sucked and licked harder and harder on her shaved pussy. Her pussy juice covered my face as I tried to keep my mouth planted on her pussy while her ass moved all over the place. Gripping the edge of the pool, her head dropped as her ass slowed its movement, her orgasm slowly subsiding. She gasped lightly as I caressed her pussy with my tongue, refusing to leave a sweet drop from her.

"Fuck baby, I've never came that fast before," she panted.

I grinned. "I could suck your pussy all day."

She looked back over her shoulder, "You are definitely going to be doing that again!"

"Mmm and what about the b-f," I teased.

"Oh I'm still keeping him but I'm having you on the side," she said excitedly.

Quickly she turned around and jumped into my arms, straddling her legs around my hips as her pussy pressed against my aching cock, her arms wrapping around my neck. She panted lightly as her lips found mine and my cock easily slid inside of her soft wet pussy. I moaned into her mouth as the warmth and silkiness of her pussy consumed my cock. My mouth hung open slightly as she teasingly sucked and licked at my lips and tongue, driving my desire further. Gripping her firm ass in my hands, I lifted her up and down slowly on my throbbing cock as her pussy stroked my cock endlessly.

"Your cock is buried so fucking deep Patrick," she said as she extended her arms away from my neck, watching my cock gliding in and out of her.

Pressing her against the corner of the pool I thrust my throbbing cock deep inside of her pussy before slowly withdrawing it, teasing her. The control was beginning to shift.

"Mmm Patrick you're teasing me."

I smiled knowingly, "Mm hmm."

I continued teasing her pussy, driving my cock deeply one second then slowly moving out the next. Gradually after thrusting inside of her, I held my cock in place as I brought her close to me and drove my tongue deep into her mouth before releasing my cock slowly and starting the process all over again.

She whimpered into my mouth with each thrust and began grinding against me, enticing me to fuck her harder and faster.

"Fuck me hard Patrick please?" she pleaded. "I want to cum all over your cock."

Gripping her ass tightly, I carried her over to the pool steps as we continued exploring each other's mouth. Gently I laid her down as I lifted her legs over my shoulders, my arms cupping her thighs against me as I began to pound my cock into her pussy, her tits shaking as my hips slapped into her ass. The water from the pool splashed against our bodies as I continued my assault on her pussy, driving my cock deeper and deeper until my balls pressed against her lips. Leaning my head back I turned my face to the side as she began rubbing her foot lightly against my face; a new sensation began to course through my cock, causing me to fuck her harder and faster. Sensing my reaction, she teased her manicured toes across my lips as my cock continued to pound into her pussy. She began rubbing her clit with one hand and pinched her nipples with other as small whimpers began to build. I felt my cock begin to twitch as my own whimpers soon followed.

"Oh fuck baby, I'm gonna cum," she cried. "I'm gonna cum!"

As her toes danced across my lips my grip on her thighs tightened. My cock began to erupt inside of her pussy as my balls slammed against her tight asshole. Her back arched as she gripped her tits in her hands, her pussy convulsing on my cock, gripping it and milking the cum from me over and over again. My cock throbbed inside of her as I tried to bury myself in deeper, wanting my cum to fill her even more. Her pussy continued to maintain its grip on my cock, stroking it as her own cum mixed with mine and glistened over the tight skin of my shaft. Wet slapping sounds echoed around us as our orgasms peaked and then began to descend.

My hands released her hips and gripped her tits as my hips pressed into her ass and I leaned over her, grinding my cock into her slowly. Placing her hand behind my neck, she pulled me close as we kissed and licked at each other's lips as our bodies moved in unison, my cock releasing the last remnants of cum inside of her pussy.

With labored breathing I collapsed on top of her, my head resting against her chest as she entwined her legs around the back of my legs, her fingers trailing up and down my back.

"That was incredible Patrick," she breathed. "I love feeling your cock inside of me."

"That was beyond anything I've felt before," I managed.

She laughed lightly, "I thought you felt that after I sucked your cock?"

"Oh hell no," I stated matter-of-factly. "This was even way beyond that!"

I felt her chest vibrate underneath me as she laughed, "So it's safe to assume you like fucking your sister hmm?"

Pressing myself up I looked down at her, "That's a huge understatement Steff."

Her eyes danced as she smiled at me. "So what do you think about sharing me?"

I looked at her questioningly, "Share you?"

"Not share me with my boyfriend silly!" she laughed. "I mean whenever he's not around or I'm horny you can fuck me."

"Two could play this game," I thought to myself, "So only when he's not around huh?"

"What do you mean?"

Slowly I grinded my hips against her, my cock twitching as it began to grow steadily, "Meaning even if he's around you're not gonna want my cock?"

I could see the lust growing in her eyes as her legs tightened around me, her hips moving involuntarily, "Mmmm damn you have a point baby. The idea of sneaking around when he's here and sucking you or fucking you is hot."

She shook her head slowly, "You're so fucking bad Patrick."

A grin spread across my face as my hands gripped hers, holding them above her head, my hips moving slowly as my cock hardened inside of her pussy, "You have no idea Steff."

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