tagLoving WivesWhere's Waldo? Ch. 03

Where's Waldo? Ch. 03


Note to readers: Please take the time to read “Where’s Waldo” Parts I and II. You must be at least 18 to proceed. This story is a little different than the typical “loving wives” so be prepared to see some incest and even some bisexual parts. I thought about ending this story at part III but as you will find there is no ending. Waldo lives forever….Slickman.

We broke the news to our daughter Allison about inviting Sally instead of her to join the WW club but, she was not that upset. Allison knew she needed a steady boyfriend if she was to join the WW club. She called Marcus, one of the guys who had been asking her out, and invited him for dinner. Steve got lost for the afternoon and Allison and I teamed up to seduce Marcus, her 18 year-old classmate.

Allison and I wore matching short skirts and skin-tight button-down blouses. Neither of us wore underwear. Our mission tonight was to tease the young man until he was crazy in lust for Allison. Once we had him hooked we knew he would be back as many times as we wanted him to and would be the “boyfriend” Allison needed to become a WW member.

I met Marcus at the door and was quite impressed. Allison had told me he was a wrestler on the High School team and his body was very muscular and trim. He wore a skin-tight black tee shirt and just as tight jeans. The bulge in his pants showed a lot of promise.

I walked ahead of him while leading him to the dining room and told him Steve would not make the dinner so he had Allison and me to himself. I was sure he was very happy with that thought.

“I can’t believe you are Allison’s mother.” He said. “You look a lot younger.”

“Why thank you kind knight.” I giggled and wiggled my chest. It was going to be so much fun teasing him tonight.

“Hi Marcus.” Allison said coming through the door. I had to look away to not laugh. Allison’s blouse was unbuttoned down below her breasts. She was making it too obvious.

Allison moved over to Marcus and leaned in to kiss him lightly on the lips. His eyes never left her open blouse which showed no sign of a bra. The crevasse of her youthful breasts was on display.

“Why don’t you two have a seat and I’ll get dinner ready.” I said already knowing the dinner was ready and waiting. I just wanted to do a little spying.

I moved into the kitchen and moved through out through the patio and back into the den. I peered around the wall to see Allison sitting on the coffee table in front of Marcus. Her breasts were almost out of their confinement and her legs were spread far enough for him to see she was not wearing any panties. I chuckled to myself as she moved back to rest her body on her hands.

“I’m glad you came tonight.” Allison whispered.

“Me….tttoo….” Marcus stuttered. He was making no pretense to look at anything else than her thighs, which provided a landing strip for his eyes to her hairy hanger.

“Do you want to dance?” Allison asked as she moved to the stereo and tuned on a slow number.

Marcus looked at the door to the kitchen.

“Don’t worry about her. She will leave us alone.” Allison said as she pulled him up to her body.

Marcus’s hands immediately moved around her back and moved down to the top of her ass. Their lower bodies merged and grinded together. Allison’s thigh was grinding against Marcus’s bulge.

She looked up at him and pulled his lips down to his. His hands moved lower until he was cupping her petite ass in his big hands. He pulled her tighter against him. I was getting turned on watching them and I knew it was my time to intervene.

I slipped back out of the den and returned to the kitchen. I coughed as I moved into the living room. I glanced quickly to see his hands moving up off her ass. Allison’s hand moved slowly up from between their bodies.

“Allison. Will you help me in the kitchen a minute?” I asked pretending not to see what they were doing.

“Sure Mom.” She grinned.

Marcus smiled and turned his body so I wouldn’t see his hard-on pushing out the front of his pants.

Allison moved into the kitchen with me.

“Mom. He is huge!” She giggled and whispered. “It’s your turn.”

I collected my composure and moved into the living room. Marcus was standing looking at family photos on the fireplace.

“That one was Allison when she graduated grammar school.” I said moving up behind him. He turned and looked at me.

“Allison is preparing a dish for us.” I lied. “So, I get to keep you busy.”

I moved my body forward until my breast crushed against the back of his arm. He moved slightly forward to break contact but I grabbed his arm and pulled it back against my firm mound.

“So, do I get a dance as well?” I asked softly into his ear.

“Err…I guess so.” He muttered. The slow music was still playing as he turned and took my body to his. He was not holding me the same way he held Allison. He took my right hand and held it outward and put his right hand behind my back. There was at least a six-inch space between us.

“Come closer. I won’t bite.” I giggled as I slipped my hands up around his neck. His hands moved around my body but still did not pull me closer. I moved my leg until it brushed his hardness. “Sorry.” He said softly.

“For what?” I laughed as I pushed my leg back into him. Allison was right about his size. It felt like he had a flashlight in his pocket. My hands moved down his neck to his muscular back. I pulled his chest into mine until my hard nipples touched him.

“You dance well, Mr.’s Duncan.” He stammered. “Thank you Marcus.” I said as my hands moved up and down his hard back.

I moved my hand to his and brought our hands up to our sides while opening the space between our bodies. He was not aware of my intentions until the back of his fingers brushed against my breast. His body quivered as my hand moved his across my hard nipple.

I looked up at him and his face moved down to kiss me when Allison yelled from the kitchen.

“Dinner’s ready!”

As we broke apart I moved my hand down and squeezed his covered prick. “You better watch that thing. It could go off you know.” I laughed as I turned and walked ahead of him into the kitchen. He stood in shock for a few moments.

Allison had the table set and we moved into part two of our teasing Marcus plan.

Marcus sat between us and was having trouble with his voice as we kept leaning over giving him exposure shots of our braless breasts. I noticed as Allison dropped her napkin and picked it up leaving her hand under the table. Marcus jumped when her hand grabbed his leg. He coughed and looked at me. I just smiled.

“So, I hear you have a scholarship.” I said to Marcus who was wiggling around in his seat while Allison’s hand moved closer and closer to his prick.

“Ah. Yes. I DO!” he exclaimed. I knew Allison’s hand had reached its destination.

Marcus was now sweating as Allison played with his bulging tool. His face was bright red and sweat poured down his forehead. It was time for the spill. I moved my glass of wine to my lips and lifted it so high the wine over-flowed and poured down my face to my chest. A whole glass of white wine saturated my thin white blouse. I made sure both breasts were completely covered. Marcus’s eyes didn’t let me down as they watched the wet wine bring the dark color of my nipples out through the thin cloth.

“Mom, you are such a slob.” Allison said on key. “Oh yeah.” I said as I took a glass of water and tossed it on her blouse. Her blouse turned immediately transparent. Marcus’s eyes left my chest, moved to Allison's, back to mine and back to hers. He gave out a nervous laugh.

“You think it’s funny?” Allison cried as she took her glass of wine and tossed it on his chest. The liquid hit his chest and bounce directly down on his pants and Allison’s hand. She moved it so he could get very wet.

“Shit.” He yelled as he stood up. The cold water didn’t have much effect as I looked at his large shaft. It had to be at least 9 inches long.

Allison was laughing hard until Marcus took his glass of water and threw it her way. It hit her already soaked blouse and fell to her short skirt. She immediately pushed back from the table and sat looking down at the damp skirt. Both Marcus and I could see her hairy bush at the top of her thighs.

I started laughing even louder. Allison took the clue as she toss a glass of water on me. I pushed back and gave Marcus a fine beaver shot up my skirt. Marcus was frozen as our bare pussies peaked out at him.

“Enough. We need to get out of these wet clothes.” I said as I stood up.

“Let’s go upstairs. I have some robes in the master bathroom.” Three of them just for us. I thought.

Allison pulled Marcus the stairs as we walked ahead of him. I knew he could see up under our skirts but didn’t care. He was going to see much more than that very soon.

We moved into the bath. “I think a shower is needed first. Don’t you two agree?” I said.

“Good idea.” Allison agreed on key.

“I’ll wait outside.” Marcus said as he turned to walk out. Both Allison and I grabbed his arms. “But, we want you to join us.”

He looked scare as shit. “Youuuu…..Dooooo? He stuttered.

“Sure, and we can see you want to join us as well.” Allison said looking down at his huge tent in his pants.

“But….” He said.

“No buts….” I said as I pulled my blouse off my naked breasts. His eyes were large circles as I pushed my skirt down my naked hips. I stood naked before him and Allison. “Next.”

Allison quickly followed with her blouse and skirt. I was proud as she was of her beautiful firm body. Marcus was in a wet dream as he stared at us before him.

“Let’s give him a hand.” I said to Allison as we moved to strip him.

Allison took off his shirt as I unsnapped his jeans and unzipped his fly. I pushed his jeans and his boxers down at the same time. His 10 inch prick jumped out at us. It was huge.

We never took our eyes off of it as I pulled his boxers off his feet. Allison turned on the double shower heads and adjusted the water as Marcus and I stood waiting. Allison moved in first and Marcus followed. I moved behind Marcus who was now in the middle.

“Hold your hands up and let us soap you.” I directed Marcus. He agreed.

He was turned sideways between us as our soapy hands moved up his legs to his thighs. Allison and I had already decided we would not touch his bare prick so we avoided it with our hands. It was driving him crazy. He moaned as my fingers brushed against his balls. I took them in my hands and lightly squeezed them. “OH GOD!” He groaned.

Our hands checked out his firm ass and moved up to his chest and back. Marcus was getting more confidence as his hands snaked out to touch our shoulders as we moved up his body. I chuckled as his fingers dropped to my breast and hard nipple. His other hand was doing the same to Allison’s boob.

We let him touch our breasts but as his hands moved lower we giggled and moved back from him. I dropped the bar of soap and while I bent to pick it up he moved his hard prick to my ass. I stood back up but didn’t pull away. He pressed it against me and moved his hands under my arms to cup my dripping breasts. I let him rub his shaft against my ass for a few minutes and I suddenly turned until my bush was pressing against his shaft. He tried to press it between my legs but I kept my legs tightly together. Meanwhile Allison’s hands were still touching his body everywhere but his prick. He was panting like a dog in heat trying to get inside me.

I winked at Allison. It was time for us to get out. Marcus stood in shock as we both sprang from the shower and grabbed our robes.

Allison and I grabbed his clothes and left his robe on the bed. I took the clothing downstairs and put them in the washing machine. He would be naked under the robe for at least an hour. Allison got out the twister game.

“Hello?” Marcus said as he moved downstairs. Allison and I were sitting on the den sofa in our robes. We made sure our robes were high on our thighs. I had to giggle when I saw his robe tenting out in the front. Poor guy.

“We want to play twister.” Allison said as she moved up and gave Marcus a big hug. His bulge crushed against her stomach. “Do you want to play?” Marcus could only nod his head yes.

We each stood next to the game and I spun the wheel. Right hand on Red. We all dropped to our knees and found a red dot. Allison spun. Left foot on Green. We twisted and moved our feet to a green dot. Easy so far. Right foot on Blue. I had to stretch my foot until it moved under Marcus’s body. My hip was now brushed against his hard-on. He moaned. I laughed out loud.

I looked over to see Allison’s legs spread wide and her robe split open showing us her bare pussy. I slowly rotated my hips against Marcus’s bulge. He groaned.

Right hand on Green. I had to completely turn my body over until I was facing upwards with my hands under me holding me up. I was now directly under Marcus with his face looking down at my navel. My robe was untied and my bush just under his chin. My right breast was completely out in the open for his viewing. Allison moved her right hand until her breasts were lightly touching his robe-covered ass. As her hand moved over him she grabbed the bottom of his robe and pulled it up to his waist.

“Hey, that’s not fair.” He said feeling the cool air on this exposed cheeks. I glanced between our bodies to see his hard prick pointing forward.

“All’s fair in Twister.” I laughed and moved my bush up to brush against his chin. As he moved his lips down to kiss it I moved it lower. It was so much fun teasing this young man.

Left Hand on Red. Marcus moved his hand up above my head which brought his prick almost even with my pussy. His prick was now touching my bush. Before I could move my left hand Allison moved hers until her face was up behind his ass. She must have kissed it or something. Because he jerked forward. This caused his prick to touch my wet pussy lips. Another push and he would be inside of me. I moved my hips in small slow circles. Allison bit him again and he lunged forward until the tip entered me. I now really wanted him inside me but I remembered our plan. No fucking. I moved my body away until he slipped out. He groaned.

Left foot on Blue. I looked for the Blue Dot. It allowed me to twist my body under him until I was now facing downward. His prick was now resting between my ass cheeks. I wiggled and he groaned again. Allison moved her left foot until his thigh rubbed against her pussy. Allison and I moved in unison as I rubbed my ass against his prick and her pussy against his leg. Suddenly we heard him groan and moan loudly. “OHHH!” I felt his release on my ass as he climaxed and fell forward on top of me.

Allison fell on top of him. I was the bottom slice of bread in the sex sandwich as we lay on the Twister game. Game over. Mission accomplished. I laughed and slid out from under him.

“Why don’t you two get better acquainted?” I said as I moved upstairs. I left them on the twister game making out and touching as I prepared myself for a new week of Waldo games. Marcus stayed most of the weekend and was typically shy especially when Steve was around. Allison had her ticket into the Waldo club.

I saw Sally at the gym on Monday morning and we found her invitation letter waiting on her gym bag as we returned from working out. Sally was in but I never told her about Mike being invited as well. It would take all the fun out of it.

After a quick shower I returned to my locker and found another letter. I wondered what it would say. We already had our assignment. I opened the letter and read,


Steve and I wondered why our roles were changed. Maybe the other couple enjoyed being the receivers or maybe they had never had the chance to be a receiver? We didn’t know and really didn’t care.

Steve and I were anxious as we prepared for the coin show at the local motel. “God, I’m so nervous with you being there. The other couple must both be members and know each other are members like us right?”

“Yes, dear.” Steve said trying to be cool about the whole deal. But, I noticed his shirt was buttoned up wrong. I laughed and pointed at his shirt. He looked down and laughed as well. We got to the show early but did not see the Waldo couple.

We pretended to look at the coins and also took a tour around the motel. Steve found a small room behind the large conference room that looked like a small conference room. It was empty except for a small wooden conference table and some chairs. The door had a lock. It would be perfect.

Neither Steve nor I was wearing underwear to make it much easier later. As we stood in the small room Steve’s hand moved under my skirt and slid into my wetness. “My, my.” He laughed as he pulled his hand out. “Someone is excited.” I reached down and grabbed his bulge. “Someone else too.” We both laughed.

We composed ourselves and moved back out into the coin show. Still no Waldos. It was 30 minutes past the time we were supposed to meet them. I was starting to wonder if we had read the letter correctly. I took it out of my purse and read it again. Yes. We were to be the senders.

I was dripping wet from the excitement, so I told Steve I had to visit the restroom. I followed the restroom signs and stopped in my tracks. Standing in front of the restroom entrance was a man in a red and white striped shirt. He looked nervous and seemed to be waiting for his wife. I walked by him but did not say a word. He smiled; I smiled and walked into the ladies room.

One stall was busy so I moved into the other one. I took some paper and dried between my legs. I heard her sobbing in the next stall. I moved out to the sink and washed my hands. She was still sobbing.

“Are you OK?” I asked by her door. She got quiet and I heard her whisper. “Yes.”

I heard the stall door click and suddenly open. A nice looking blonde woman about my age moved out in her red and white shirt and short skirt. Her tears had messed up her eye makeup. I handed her some tissue.

“Thank you.” She said with a forced smile.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“No. I don’t think so. My husband and I were supposed to meet a couple here but I told him I couldn’t go through with it.” She sobbed again.

I knew she was talking about meeting us but I acted dumb. “What were you going to do with them?”

“I….I shouldn’t say.” She froze.

“Well, whatever it is you should not do it if you don’t want.” I said. She looked at me and smiled.

“I wished my husband felt the same.” She said.

“Fuck him.” I whispered. She smiled again and gave me a big hug.

I knew if the woman didn’t want to go through with this I had to get the message to Steve quickly before he said “Where’s” to them. I moved out of the restroom and walked past the man. He smiled again. I didn’t.

I found Steve watching the people coming and going.

“I found the Waldos by the restrooms. The woman was crying and said she didn’t want to go through with it.” I told him.

“Does she know who we are?” He asked.

“No.” I said.

“Oh well. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.” He said while kissing me on the cheek.

Steve said he had to visit the restroom before we left. I stood near one of the tables when the Waldos walked out. The woman looked around the room and saw me. She and her husband walked over to me.

“Hi.” She said. “Hi.” I replied. She looked happy.

“This is Tom. My name is Pat.” She said.

“I’m Ann.” I said as I held my hand out to both of them.

“Is everything OK?” I asked. “Yes. We are leaving.” She said looking at her husband with a big smile.

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