tagIncest/TabooWhile Lindsey's Away

While Lindsey's Away


Maria Jimenez awoke with a start at the sound of her phone ringing. She saw the time, half past nine, before she picked up the phone thinking it would be one of her daughters. But she saw the caller I. D. and realized it was her sister Sally. She hit the phone's send button and said, "Mi, hermanita. What's going on?"

"Nada, sis. Nada. I'm going to Mexico tomorrow for a few days and probably won't be able to call until after New Years. So. Happy New Year a couple of days early."

"Thanks, baby sister," Maria said. "Happy New Year to you too."

"For the millionth time, will you can that baby sister shit. We're twins."

Maria laughed, "I'm still three minutes older than you are."

"Whatever," Sally said. "How's your husband and my nieces, not to mention my beautiful grandniece?"

"Tom is Tom. He's probably either over at Joe's or watching an old Clint Eastwood movie. Of course it's after nine, so he's actually probably passed out in his recliner while an old Clint Eastwood movie plays."

Sally laughed this time, "Don't you know what he's doing?"

"No. I'm at Lindsey's house staying with Diana. Lindsey is in Pasadena and Katie decided that her big sister was having all the fun without her, so she flew out there this afternoon."

"What's Lindsey doing in Pasadena?"

"The Rose Parade," Maria said. "She's chaperoning the band. I guess they won some kind of contest to be able to go be in the parade."

"Awesome. And Grandma gets to take care of Diana. Poor you."

"Yeah," Maria said between chuckles. "Katie was supposed to be taking care of her, but Lindsey called her this morning and Katie suddenly decided that she just had to go. Must be nice to have no job. Just pick up and take the fuck off whenever she wants."

"I thought she was tending bar somewhere."

"She has a college degree. Pouring drinks is not a job."

"Well, if her daddy would stop giving her money, maybe she'd get a job."

"I realize that, Sally. Her daddy is the one that gives her the money. Not me."

"Oops," Sally said. "There's way too much tension here. Did she get out there okay?"

"I don't know," Maria said as she checked the call history on her phone. "I thought it was probably her calling when I picked up the phone for your call. I've got a call from her, but I didn't have a missed call message."

"Diana probably picked it up while you were napping."

"Who said I was napping?"

"Well unless you were masturbating, what else is there to do by yourself? Unless Diana is awake of course."

"No," Maria said as she wandered to Diana's room. "I'm watching her sleep like the gorgeous little angel that she is."

"Well," Sally said. "I'll let you get back to your masturbating."

"Sally. I wasn't masturbating."

"Yeah. Sure. Adios, mi hermana."

"Si. Adios."

Masturbating indeed, Maria thought as she clicked the phone's off button. Of course that's not really a bad idea. It's not as if I'm any more likely to get laid any time soon. 2012 isn't likely to be any better than 2011 was.

She began to rummage through Lindsey's things looking for her daughter's vibrator. What the fuck am I doing? I'm going back to bed.

Before she turned for the bed, she noticed the picture that had turned over on Lindsey's dresser and picked it up. It was the one taken the last time she and the girls went to Miami. All three in bikinis. The two daughters nearly enough alike to be twins. Mom enough like the daughters to be mistaken for a slightly older sister. All three right at five feet three inches tall. Lindsey was the skinny one. She only weighed around 115, and that was when she was bloated from her monthly visitor. Maria and Katie were only a little heavier. Both going around 120, maybe 125. All three had nice flat tummies, and it was on that very trip that the girls had gotten Maria drunk and convinced her to pierce her navel and buy the three of them matching gold hoops to wear through their bellybuttons. Lindsey's hips were a bit slimmer and didn't flare out quite as much, but all three had super tight, perfectly round asses. Lindsey and Katie's hair both fell straight down their backs. Dark brown. Such a dark brown that it was only when the sunlight hit their hair perfectly that it was apparent that their hair wasn't black. Maria on the other hand had pitch black hair with streaks of grey that was cut just below her shoulders. All three deeply bronzed from the week spent in the Miami sunshine. Maria and Lindsey both had nicely shaped champagne glass breasts that fit comfortably in the B cup bikini tops they wore. Katie's on the other hand were about to pop out of the C cup she was wearing. Maria sighed. Damn, me and my daughters are three hot looking bitches. Why the fuck can't I get laid?


Mark Foster laid his visa card on the table for the pretty little blonde waitress to pick up. His Helicopter squadron had flown back a day early from their ship's return, and he'd taken his crew out to Whiskey River to celebrate. He'd balked a little bit at the crew's choice of Whiskey River, but to the man, and one woman, they all knew his sister in law tended bar there; and all, even the one woman, wanted to see her in the skin tight jeans and little white tank top that she wore whenever she worked.

A couple of the guys, primarily his co-pilot Jeff Sinclair, even knew that Mark himself had a big crush on Katie Jimenez. Since she'd moved into the house with Lindsey and him, she'd forever been walking around in just her panties and one of those little white tank tops. Sometimes she didn't even bother with the little white tank top. Once, he'd come home unexpectedly and found her and her friend Amanda sitting completely naked on his living room sofa. Katie had quickly placed a newspaper over the lines of white powder spread out on the coffee table, but had made no attempt to cover her nudity while she asked him how his day had been.

He had immediately excused himself and gone to his shower and masturbated. Once out of the shower, he'd had to brace himself before going back into the living room. To his relief neither Katie nor Amanda were there, and he could hear them splashing around in the pool in his backyard. The newspaper was laying on the floor now and the lines of white powder were gone from the glass table top, with only a slight trace of residue remaining. He'd just sighed at the time and had known how useless talking about it to Lindsey would be. She was an even bigger enabler for her little sister than her dad was, and as long as Katie was again between jobs there was no way she'd ask the little darling to move. Besides, he really did like looking at Katie's ass when she walked around the house in just her panties.

Now, though, she had this job at Whiskey River and actually seemed to be doing well. Maybe he could actually approach Lindsey and get her to tell Katie it was time to move into her own place.

He was brought out of his thoughts when the blonde waitress returned and he heard Jeff ask her, "Where's Katie at tonight? She usually makes our drinks."

The blonde flashed her smile and said, "She took some time off so she could watch her sister's kid."

Jeff eyeballed Mark as the blonde walked away and said, "You knew Katie wasn't going to be here. That's why you didn't put up a real fuss when we said this was where we wanted to go."

Mark shrugged and said, "Lindsey's on a school trip to Pasadena."

Jeff smiled and said, "Then this is your chance, bro. Go home and fuck that little hottie in your house."

Mark rolled his eyes and said, "I'm not fucking my wife's sister."

"Why not, dude? You know you want to."

"You've seen my wife, Jeff," Mark said. "Why in heaven's name would I ever want to fuck anyone else?"

"Because, my dear friend," Jeff countered. "As hot as your wife is, and she is hot, Katie Jimenez is way fucking hotter than Lindsey Foster."

Mark Foster sucked his teeth and said, "Ridiculous."


"Yes, Jeff. Really."

"I'll give you that Lindsey is extremely pretty. She has the face of a motherfucking angel."

"Dude, you're talking about my wife."

"So what. It's not like you don't close your eyes at night when you're fucking that angel and pretend it's her demon of a sister instead."

"That's....," Mark paused.

"That's what? You know that I know you want to fuck Katie so bad that you can't even stand it."

Mark stood up, handed Jeff his visa card, and said, "Make sure everyone that's drunk get's a cab when they leave. No DUIs in my squadron."

"I was just fucking with you, dude. Don't leave pissed off."

Mark shook his head. "I'm not pissed off. I'm just beat."

"Bullshit," Jeff said. "You're going home to fuck the hottest piece of pussy in Jacksonville."


Maria lay in bed, her panties down at her ankles, slowly flicking her thumb back and forth across her clit. She'd dip her thumb into her pussy and stroke the outer lips, getting it good and wet, then she'd go back to slowly flicking her clit. Slow up stroke. Slower down stroke. Slow circles round and round the clit. Dip the thumb back into her pussy and repeat. Then slowly, back and forth, up and down she flicked. To her frustration, the climax just never came. It wasn't what she wanted. Her husband, Tom Jimenez, had not fucked her in at least a year, and she wanted a motherfucking cock. She wanted one deep inside her pounding away.

Finally, she kicked her panties the rest of the way off and pulled the sheet up to her chin. Fuck it. I'm going to sleep.


Mark clumsily tried to fit his key into the lock and clicked open the deadbolt so he could push open the door and slip inside his house. It was eerily quiet. Almost as if no one was even there. He let his eyes adjust to the dark and saw Lindsey's Chocolate Lab curled up asleep in his favorite chair. Fucking mutt. Doesn't even wake up when I come to the door. Burglars could probably walk right in and take everything we owned and she'd never give a bark. Fuck. They'd probably even take the chair she was sleeping in. Then he chuckled. As long as they take the mutt, that might not be such a bad deal.

He tiptoed his way to Diana's room, and quietly peeked inside. The neighbor's outside lights shined perfectly through her window so that he could watch his daughter's pretty face and even breathing. He softly kissed her forehead before easing out of her room and down the hall to his and Lindsey's.

Should I go give Katie a kiss on her forehead too? He chuckled at the thought. I'd like to kiss her alright, but not her forehead. Those pouty lips. That long slender neck. The flesh of every square inch of each of her glorious tits right before I take a nipple into my mouth and suck and nibble at it. Damn, why doesn't Lindsey have tits like Katie. Wasn't fucking fair. Lindsey's are barely, and I do mean barely, a B cup. Katie though. Those are a solid C. She ever has a kid, they'll probably be D's.

Mark sighed and began to undress. Self absorbed, egotist that he was, he admired his form in the mirror as he brushed his teeth. Light brown hair and blue eyes. Just under six feet tall, he packed 230 pounds of solid rippling muscle on his frame. He flexed the bicep of the hand that wasn't holding his toothbrush. Not a single motherfucker in my crew can take my ass. Not a one.

After he'd brushed his teeth and finished admiring himself and laid naked in his bed, his mind again began to drift. Fuck. She's so fucking hot. Beautiful, thick, full, luscious hair. Flat tummy, flaring hips, firm, perfectly rounded ass. Shapely legs. Oh so shapely. He remembered and thought of the time he'd spotted her and Amanda naked on his sofa. Love the way she trims that pussy but doesn't shave. Amanda's was shaved. Actually, hers looked pretty nice too. And her tits are even bigger than Katie's. Too bad she's not here right now. I could probably fuck her easier than I could fuck Lindsey's sister.

He looked down. His dick was so hard it was almost as if it were angry at someone. Dick was so fucking hard it felt like it was about to bust open. Oh fuck. I can't fucking take this. I HAVE GOT TO GO FUCK HER.


Maria lay half asleep, hearing the door open, but not even realizing she wasn't home in her own bed.

Mark stepped quietly into Katie's bedroom. His cock was aching as it led him to her bed. So hard that it actually caused him physical pain. His seven inches protruded and stretched to the point that his uncut cock gave the appearance of being circumcised. Not only was it sticking straight out with absolutely no droop, but it actually pointed up nearly 45 degrees from the horizontal. As he stood next to her bed, he eyed Katie's sleeping form. Pre-cum oozed from his penis just like a severely leaking faucet. She lay on her stomach. Face down into one pillow. Tightly hugging the other. He could make her silhouette out just well enough to see her slow, steady breathing.

Without thinking, as if any of this involved thought, he let his hand slowly caress and trace the inner portion of her left thigh. Katie moaned softly, opened her legs ever so slightly, and barely perceivably lifted her ass. Perhaps the movements were real. Perhaps they were all in Mark's mind. Either way, they were so real to him that he needed no further urging.

Through the fog that was Maria's brain, she imagined a hand touching her thigh and slowly parting her legs. Unconsciously, she lifted her ass up to greet the man's touch. As she felt weight shifting the mattress, she slowly began to realize this was real. Not a dream, but the actual fulfillment of desire. Strong hands gripped her hips and pulled her back. Her eyes opened wide. This wasn't her husband. He'd never in his life had that kind of power in his touch. She felt the man's cock rubbing the lips of her labia. Moist with desire, her pussy lips parted with ease as the man's cock sank into her to the hilt. She gasped. She moaned as the cock eased out and eased in, again sinking to the hilt. The last bit of fog cleared her brain as she heard Lindsey's husband groan, "Yes, Katie."

Mark drove his cock into Katie's pussy. Yes. I'm inside her. I'm fucking this teasing little bitch just like she's been begging me to do every time she strips to her panties and shoves her ass in my face. Katie gasped and moaned. Yes. Oh yeah. The bitch wants this bad. He drove his cock deeper and harder into her. Damn this feels good. I love the way her pussy grips me. I thought she'd be tighter though. She's not any tighter than Lindsey is. Katie groaned louder. Damn. Her voice is deep tonight.

Maria couldn't believe. Mark and Katie. Of course. She should have known. Every time she'd been to the house to see Diana Katie would be walking around in her panties. She and Lindsey both. Like it was no big deal. This was so wrong. All so wrong. Still, she couldn't stop herself from thrusting her ass back in time with Mark pumping his cock in and out of her. So good. So strong. So fucking powerful. Fucking her so fucking good.

"Yessss," she grunted as she heard Mark groan.

"I'm cumming, Katie," he gasped. "I'm fucking cumming."

"Yes," she screamed again as Mark began to pump his load deep inside her pussy. As he came, he continued to drive his cock in and out. In and out. In. Out. In. Out. In. And. Out. Until finally he collapsed spent and fell to her side onto his back. Now. If she's anything like Lindsey, she's going to be looking for a cigarette.

Not to disappoint, Maria reached across him to the night stand and shook a Marlboro Red out of her pack, lighting it with her bic as she placed it between her lips. As she rested her head on his shoulder, took a deep cheek hallowing drag on the cigarette, and then blew the smoke to the ceiling, it began to slowly dawn on him. Something was very wrong. Then Maria said, "That, son in law of mine, was the best fuck I've had in two or three years."

Mark sat up with a start, "Maria!"

Maria giggled.

Shit. She sounds just like Lindsey when she giggles like that.

"Did you really think you were fucking Katie," she asked? "I'm very flattered if you really mistook me for my 24 year old daughter."

"Oh my god, Maria," Mark stammered. "This isn't what you think."

"It's not?"

"No," Mark said as he vigorously shook his head.

"Well," she said. "I think. You're fucking my youngest daughter behind my oldest daughter's back. Is that not what it is?"

"No. No," he said. "Definitely no!"

"You just came into Katie's room and fucked me thinking I was her, and you did it with full expectance that it would be okay with Katie."

She could see the wheels turning in Mark's head as he began to say, "It's not like that. It's a game we play."

"A game?"

"Yes. A game."

"Funny game you play with my youngest daughter."

"No. No. Noooooo. Not me and Katie. Me and Lindsey."

"You and Lindsey?"

"Yes. Me and Lindsey," he continued to stammer. "You see. Lindsey likes to come lay down in here and pretend to be Katie. Then I come in here and continue to pretend she's Katie while I fuck her."


"Yes, Maria."

"You're so fucking full of shit your eyes are turning brown."

"No, Maria. No. We..."

She reached across him, crushed out her cigarette, and said, "Shhhh."

Then she leaned her face down to his flaccid cock, took it into her mouth and began to suck. Mark gasped as his cock began to grow and said, "What are you doing?"

She looked up, let his semi-stiff penis slip out of her mouth and said, "I'm sucking your dick."

She took him back into her mouth and as he began to grow completely hard again, his hands found the back of her head, gripped her hair, and guided her face up and down. Oh yeah, bitch. Suck that dick. Yeah, you fucking love this dick. Fucking sucking my dick like a little whore. Just like that. Oh fuck, this bitch is going to suck the skin right off of my dick. His breathing became shallow and he was barely able to gasp, "Why?"

She lifted her mouth off of his cock and pushed him onto his back. As she positioned herself above him and guided his erection to her pussy, she said, "Because. I want to fuck you this time."

Then she sank down on his cock, rested like that for a moment, and slowly began to hump up and down, riding his cock, giving him the fuck of his life. He tried to roll her over so he could be on top, but she spread her feet and her hands making a star pattern. She kept humping and grinding. Working his cock in and out of her completely drenched pussy. So fucking good. It felt so fucking good. Fuck. I need this. Been so fucking long since I've had a hard cock inside me. Oh fuck, fuck, fuck. Lifted her ass up. Drove it back down. Lifted her ass up. Drove it back down. Up and down her ass went. Driving his cock deeper and deeper. Harder and faster into her pussy until they both began to groan. And moan. And grunt. And cry out to god. And finally scream and collapse with orgasm and ecstasy.

She rolled off of him and they both gasped for breath. Finally. As breaths moderately returned to normal, he said, "What the fuck are we going to tell Lindsey?"

Maria laughed.

"What's so funny?"

"You can tell her whatever you want, but unless you're a complete moron you won't tell her a fucking thing."

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