tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhile She Was Drunk

While She Was Drunk

byamethyst wind©

We had been friends for over 20 years, and many times in that period we would do things together, as couples never knowing what more might happen.

They had come over that evening, intending on just a visit with good friends. The wine was poured and we all enjoyed ourselves. Sometime in the evening we started to notice Rebecca getting quite giggly, mind you this was not normal for her. Normally she could hold her liquor like the rest of us, but for some reason not tonight. As the night progressed she got more and more drunk, laughing a lot and quite unsteady.

Her husband, Steve looked at her concern and sighing asking if we minded if she stayed overnight as he had many things to do and work in a few hrs. Of course my wife and I didn't mind they were our friends and between the 3 of us we able to wrestle her into the bedroom and poured her into bed watching her snuggle then moan a bit as her tummy decided it was time to bother her.

After escorting Steve to the door I returned to the room only to find my wife struggling to get Rebecca undressed. Tugging at her skirt Rebecca would hold it on as my wife did her best to take it off. Looking at me with disgust she whispered

"Get over here and help me get her undressed, hold her down or something I have to get these clothes off of her or she’s not going to rest at all"

Sighing and thinking of how my plans for the evening were going to change I stayed in the room long enough to help my wife get Rebecca under control then left quickly so that she could get her out of the clothes and leaving her in her bra and panties..

Moving into my bedroom I yawn and undress putting on some loose shorts having a nagging feeling that it will be a long night. Coming in the room quietly my wife, Shanna, kissed me then changed into a night dress. Crawling into bed with me Shanna wraps her arms around my neck pressing her warm, soft body against mine. Moaning quietly my hands start to roam her still wonderful body and I feel myself stir thinking that the night was not a complete loss. Just as things start to heat up we begin to hear noises coming from the guest bedroom and of course my wife jumped up to check on our sick houseguest, leaving me there horny, hot and groaning in frustration.

Rebecca was whining and complaining about wearing panties and a bra to bed, luckily my wife and her are of similar size and we were able to find a shorts night set which, of course, I had to take in there and it killed the mood I was in. I went back to bed shortly thereafter to get some sleep as my wife got a wet washcloth and bathed our friends head and face, I did not envy her job.

About an hour or two later I woke up realizing my wife wasn't in bed, padding out of the room I went into our spare room to see my wife still there bathing Rebecca’s head at times with the washcloth and yawning. Smiling I leaned down kissing her head and told her I would take a turn. She smiled gratefully at me and stood stretching, then slipped out of the room to get some shut eye.

Sitting back in the chair I yawned and woke up some more as I heard Rebecca thrashing around, completely drunk and not loving it. Moving to the bedside I grabbed the washcloth bathing her forehead and wrists trying to relax her.

In what seemed like forever but was probably only a half hour or so I got up and checked on my wife only to find her asleep, moving back into the room I noticed that Rebecca had stopped thrashing and seemed to have passed out cold. Sighing in relief I sat down beside the bed again, unsure if this was something that would last long so I could go back to bed and my wife or if she would wake up again causing me to have to come back into the room. I got comfy and was trying to stay awake as I found my eyes roaming the room. Looking over at Rebecca again I hear her snores and notice that in all the thrashing around and moving, her top had come undone and was barely covering her

My breath quickened, she was not a bad looking gal, around 40 or so and thin but not overtly skinny, her breasts were small unlike my wife’s but it seemed to fit her body that I had admired many a time in our friendship.

Moving my hand over to her I brushed the skin of her waist where the shirt had not completely covered, seeing her dead to the world I got bold and moved my hand higher flicking away the last button that still held together. My breath caught as the shirt parted and her small breasts were bare to view. They were tiny compared to my wife’s but still very sexy with long nipples and my hands itched to touch them.

Sneaking another look at her face I reached out caressed one of her small breasts, ready to pull my hand back at the slightest movement or sign of waking. Seeing none I got a bit bolder and grabbed her nipple lightly pulling it and tugging softly, watching it perk up. Licking my lips I shiver and feel my cock harden and begin to ache. Moving to the bed I sit on the side of it keeping on eye on the door and my wife’s quiet snores in the other room. My hands move out covering her small delicate breasts that were just begging to be rubbed and kneaded... getting a bit bolder and rougher when I see no response, causing the desires and stirrings that I had been denied earlier to return.

Giving in to my needs and knowing how dangerous it was I knelt at the side of the bed and lean over her smaller body till my lips could encircle her nipple suckling at it making me moan with desire. Reaching down with one hand I rub my cock through the loose shorts I have on while my tongue starts circling the small breast.

Letting go of my cock my hand wanders around the skin of her waist and down one leg still clad in the loose shorts she’s wearing. Moving my hand up and inside the leg I feel the silky smooth skin warm to the touch and oh so soft. My fingers seek higher and brush the damp wetness between her legs. Watching her face I rub my finger up and down the slit causing a small moan to escape my lips as I do so. Seeing no response still I push the leg of the short up higher and tug it to one side I slowly slide my finger into her. She’s not really wet, she’s too drunk to be, but my finger slides in without too much trouble and I about lose it as I felt her heat surrounding my lucky finger. Moving it in and out a few times I move my lips back to her breasts sucking and licking them while my free hand makes its way down pulling my cock and balls free of the shorts.

Standing up I reluctantly pull my finger from her licking it and smiling as I taste her. Standing I press my cock to her lips ever so lightly rubbing it against them. Seeing those pouty lips caress my cockhead made me faint with need, the urge to press it in her mouth was overwhelming but I resisted, the blowjob wouldn't have been that good with her passed out. Her lips parted a bit in a quiet snore and I rubbed my cock against them then stepped back and kneeled on the bed.

Holding my cock I started to jack off while my hand rubbed her breasts then slid down and into her pussy a few times fucking her with my fingers, then back up to rub her small amount of juices on her breasts.

My cock was near to bursting as I jerked it, grunting quietly I move my hand faster and feel myself losing control. Aiming at her breasts I let loose with a huge load of cum, drenching her chest and neck and lips in my seed.

Falling back into the chair I was sitting on before, I catch my breath panting and relaxing in the sensations this naughty experience had caused. Catching my breath finally I look down and smile seeing my cum glistening on her upper body. Leaning in I lick her breasts for a moment. Then taking the washcloth I bathe her breasts removing the last of my cum.

Unable to resist I run my finger through the bit I had not cleansed and rubbed it on her lips and tip of her nose. Making my way quietly out of the room I wonder if she will know ever of this, or smell it upon her body in the morning.

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