Whip It Out


Mom is laying on her stomach across the end of the bed. Her head at the far end and turned away from me. Dad is on her back doing her. They're not really making any noise. Mom's just laying there very relaxed.

I can't tell if dad's in her pussy or ass. I have a friend at school who bragged he fucked his girlfriend in the ass and she screamed and cried the whole time. He said he didn't like it cause she wouldn't shut up. Mom's not moving at all so I'm thinking he's in her pussy.

I watch for a while and see dad drive a few hard ones and stop. I can tell he's cumming.

I back out and head to the front door, opening and shutting it hard like I just got home. Plopping on the couch I turn the TV on.

Dad comes down the hallway within seconds and tells me to make a fuel run in the afternoon and then takes off.

I decide to go check in with mom and walk down to her room. She's laying on her side on the end of the bed facing me reading a magazine, with a large pillow in front of her. She still has her shirt on.

"Hey what's up" I say, sitting in the chair at the end of the bed.

"Oh, taking a break." She responds flipping through the magazine.

I stand there a little while and she asks about the garden making small talk without looking up.

The sight of my parents fucking is flashing in my head.

Our relationship has gotten much more comfortable and I decide to test the waters; Standing in front of her I start unbuckling my belt and ask "hey mom is this a good time?"

Looking up she sees what I'm doing and shrugs her shoulders, "Go ahead" and continues reading her magazine.

I'm not getting a positive vibe out of this situation but I take off my shoes and pants anyway.

Standing in front of her I take a little step forward. She looks up and says "no, sit over there" pointing at the chair.

Sitting down I'm directly in front of mom, but she's reading her magazine or pretending to.

"Is everything ok?" I ask.

Looking up she gives me a reassuring smile and says "sure, I just want to watch today if that's ok."

I nod and start jacking as she watches me. She glances at her book once in a while but continues to be drawn to my action.

I have gotten pretty comfortable with my legs over the arms and scooted down to the end. I am using my off hand in a reverse jerk.

Mom eventually gives up and sets the magazine aside and lays her head on her arms just watching me. "That's different" she says.

"Yeah, that's how you did me in the car the other day. It feels totally cool, like someone else is doing it when I do it this way."

I continue stroking some good ones just for her.

I'm pretty thick headed. It takes a while but I realize mom couldn't get to the bathroom when I came in because I may have seen her in the hallway and her pussy is full of dad's cum and she doesn't want me to know it.

We just stare at each other while I jack my cock for her.

Yeah, it enters my consciousness that I am trying to please her. I'm wanting her to enjoy my show. I'm exaggerating my strokes a little adding some twists. My legs are still spread on the arms of the chair and this accentuates my nakedness. I'm sure she can see my asshole.

Leaning over I spit several loads on my cock and resume.

"You like that spit don't ya" mom says. Looking up I shake my head.

I add my other hand and start running it over my balls and completely get into it.

Mom and I continue our eye contact as my intensity increases.

I guess mom couldn't take it anymore and I watch her take her hand and move it under the pillow to her crotch. Still laying on her side with the pillow in front, I am disappointed I can't see anything.

We continue watching each other, gaining pleasure from the other's actions.

Mom appears relaxed and is secretly enjoying fingering dad's cum, which is starting to excite me. I can see the pillow moving from her hip movements.

Mom closes her eyes and her mouth falls open. Little sighs start coming from her as she increases her tempo.

I guess mom was still excited from dad fucking her because she starts cumming before I do and her pussy was squelching from the cum she was fingering. Her face flushes from the orgasm and she shudders quietly.

I watched her come down as I stroked toward my end. Her eyes open and make contact as I start coming, shooting up my chest. I continue my two hand assault massaging my cock and balls while I shoot, filling my chest.

We just lay there looking at each other enjoying the moment.

"You're getting pretty good at that" mom says smiling.

"It's fun with you"

"I want you to go after that Amber. I could tell she liked you, just be nice." mom offers.

"OK, I'll give it a shot when school starts"

I stand up and look at mom relaxing and walk out.

As I hit the hall I turn and mom has slipped her hand out of her crotch and is sucking on her finger.

She could have had mine and didn't ask. This kind of pisses me off a little.

I realize my letter is redundant involving jacking off or a hand job. My mom is strong willed and in charge. I never got the vibe she wanted to have sex and frankly it never crossed my mind.

She was performing as my real life penthouse magazine that summer. My cock was getting satisfied beyond my wildest imagination.

There are two more encounters I will share from that summer.


A couple of days later harvest season had begun and I was driving a disc through the harvested fields, discing under the corn stalks. Mom brought me lunch.

This field was out on the highway. To us the highway is a paved two lane road. It is fairly busy. I parked at the field entrance parallel with the road under a large tree.

We had a quick lunch under the tree and cooled down.

Mom's wearing a sleeveless snap button up the front. It's an old western shirt of dad's she's confiscated for field work. She has jean shorts on.

Frankly I'm horny and tired of hiding it all the time. My confidence level and aggressiveness is peaking due to the encounters I've experienced this summer.

Mom walks me around the tractor to the far side where the door is to say good bye. As we round the large rear tire I stop and turn looking at her and gently push her against it.

Looking directly at her I say "I need some help mom."

She just nods. We both know I'm not asking today but demanding.

She looks both ways down the highway and drops to the ground sitting on her ass with her legs bent against the rear wheel. This is risky.

Cars are passing on a regular basis. Most wouldn't look here and probably couldn't see much. Maybe it would look like I was taking a leak.

She grabs my belt and gets to it grabbing my cock expertly sliding both hands over it very lightly feathering it as fast as she can. It's sticky so she can't jack it. The feathering feels really good. She's starts lightly stroking it rapidly with her palms on each side in a jacking motion.

My hands are on the tire holding myself up looking down at the top of her head while she fondles me.

I finally want more and lean back. Reaching down I grab moms' shirt and she looks at me while I pull it open unsnapping it all the way down.

I haven't seen her breasts in a while and the thrill is still there. She isn't wearing a bra under the oversize shirt and they are on easy display.

She's jacking my cock which is over her head.

No way it will go in her mouth and I am impatient today. I'm fucking her hand for all I'm worth taking in her breasts.

She's looking up at me in a hurried or desperate expression. I can tell she's just as excited and out of control.

The visual layout is great but not practical. Her head is tilted up out of necessity, jacking my cock directly over her face. The angle is not cooperating to allow entrance to her mouth.

I don't know if mom did it for my benefit or out of her own lust but she wrapped her right hand on me in that familiar way and reached down with her left hand grabbing her breast pulling it up and massaging it. She tweaked the nipple squeezing it long and hard.

This pulled my trigger and I started shooting.

My first thick and powerful strand landed on her face and she tilted her head further back. I realize she's not wanting it in her hair.

That first one hit her on the forehead and left eye and down her left cheek.

She has her mouth open and catches a little of the second shot but the angle makes it a guessing game.

I shoot three more loads that aren't as strong and they land on her upper chest and tits.

I back up and look down at her as I catch my breath. I can tell she is not satisfied and wants to come but she cant drop her jeans here as the longer we stay the riskier.

Cum is running down her face as she looks up at me breathing hard.

My cock deflates slightly and she grabs it pulling it aggressively to her mouth sucking on the tip.

"What a mess, I wasn't expecting this." Mom says.


Looking up at me with her beautiful face wearing my pride she says "yeah, well you better help me clean it up."

I squat down and look at the predicament.

Taking my finger I push it down to collect some cum. I wasn't trying to give it to her just making a pool to wipe off as neatly as possible.

After cleaning the run off her eye and forehead, it was collecting on her cheek. Using my finger I was getting ready to swipe it off quickly, when she opened her mouth and just sucked in my finger looking at me.

Her eyes were glazed. She was still horny. She sucked my finger clean and I proceeded to clean her face, offering her my finger until it was gone.

Mom looked down at her chest and used her own fingers to collect the cum off her tits and suck them clean. She didn't offer me any today.


About a week later harvest season is in full swing and we are working long days. We are in the fields by our house and it has become busy.

We feed the workers, unload the trucks into the bins and whatever else is needed doing.

My grandparents always help out during this time as it's exciting. My grandpa drives an easy piece of equipment just to stay involved.

Grandma always works in the kitchen. She is the typical grandmother very nice, quiet, never has a harsh word. She is my father's mother. Mom and grandma have always gotten along great.

Today mom and I have been unloading the trucks in to the bins while the drivers catch a break or eat lunch. We've been at it nonstop. We just finished the last truck after lunch and the trucks were heading to the far end.

It would be a couple of hours before another load was ready.

Mom and I went inside to clean up and grandma was washing dishes.

Mom came out of her bedroom and walked by me and dropped a note in front of me. "Meet me at the Barn" it said.

Weird! Why didn't she just say it? I watched her heading out wondering what the heck was going on when a possibility entered my mind.

"Hey grandma I'm heading out" I yell.

Mom has a good head start on me.

When I enter the barn I don't see her and start looking in the stalls as I make my way through it. In the 4th stall which is the cleanest as we only keep hand tools in it is mom.

She is squatted down against the far wall leaned against the wooden rail. Her pants are down around her ankles and she isn't hiding what she is doing.

We just stare at each other. I'm shocked. She is definitely out of control. She is not acting her usual self. Her hand is savaging her pussy. She's trying to beat it into submission.

She runs her other hand up her shirt and is mauling her tits.

We're about 10 feet apart and I can't wrap my mind around this.

About that time she pulls her hand out of her shirt and waves me over without looking.

I walk towards her and when I get within reach she grabs my belt and attacks it. She drops to her knees as she searches for my cock. Engulfing it as it gets free.

She's getting what she wants. Once she has my cock under control in her mouth, one hand goes to my ass for direction and she gets the other one busy on her pussy which is sloppy wet by the sound and I can smell her. She's been working today adding to the stench.

She's fucking her hand hunching up and down on her heels which is causing head movement on my cock. Added to that is the push pull of her hand on my ass. She has a good rhythm going for both of us. My cock is fucking her mouth hands free.

We are in perfect union. We aren't attempting to be quiet. I'm grunting and moving, hips thrusting the way nature intends. My cock is looking for satisfaction. Mom is grunting and slurping on it as it hits her mouth hard with no hesitation or care and she's accepting it.

I can tell mom's cumming suddenly when she starts short hopping on her hand and her sounds change to short gasps wanting to scream but can't around my cock.

I start my last thrust and am shooting freely in her mouth.

I think the orgasm was the most powerful of my life. I remember getting light headed and stumbled a little. Mom is just resting against me now with my cock in her hand.

As we finally come back to earth something draws our attention and we both look to the entrance where my grandmother is standing.

She's just looks through us for several seconds.

Then drops a piece of paper on the ground, turns and runs. Actually more of a sad shuffle back to the house.

I had left the note on the table and she must have found it thinking it was for her.

The next 30 minutes weren't pleasant in the barn as mom wailed. I can't describe it other than something akin to a funeral.

I finally got mom put together and we headed to the house. Neither of us needed or wanted to speak. No words were necessary.

We went in the rear door and did not find anyone. Mom went to the bathroom.

Looking out the front window I saw grandma sitting in the cab of their truck.

I heard mom come out and go in her bedroom and close the door.

A short while later grandpa came and they left. It was a usual time for them to leave.

I didn't see mom that night or the next morning. Dad told me she was sick and going to stay in bed. He asked me to head over to grandpas' and get a load of fuel.

That was the longest drive I ever took.

Usually I would get the pump going and go in and visit, maybe get a soda or something. Today I just sat on the tailgate waiting to fill up.

Hearing steps behind me my heart is beating out of my chest. I knew I had to turn around.

Glancing I see grandma and turn saying "Hi grandma"

She doesn't say anything and continues walking up to me until she is standing directly next to me.

"Tell your mom I will never whisper a word of what I saw yesterday" I can tell her world has ended as her eyes are red and she has been sniffling, a Kleenex is in her hand.

I just nod and she pats me on the back and turns to walk away, with her back to me she says;

"Jamie, tell your mom she looked good at it."

I just look at her back wondering what that meant as she walked away.

I didn't see mom until the next day. I couldn't find an opportunity to talk with her alone for another couple of days. When we finally had to ride to the field together, she stopped and looked at me as I told her what grandma said.

She just nodded and when I told her what grandma said about her being good at it she broke down crying again. I really didn't understand this.

I thought about grandmas' statement many times over the years. I guess experience and wisdom caused it to sink in one day as I sat with this powerful memory running through me.

Grandma was calling my mom a slut in the only way she knew how.

Mom understood this immediately the day I told her.

I know we hurt grandma but I wish I could tell her my mom's not a slut!

If you read my first letter you have probably figured out I married Amber.

Mom and I were estranged for almost two years.

Although I lived at home I was rarely there. The pain was unbearable. A lot of experience was gained during those two years. I may share some more of my life experiences, or maybe try my hand at some fiction.

The End.

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