tagBDSMWhip Me Until You Come

Whip Me Until You Come


Her hand gripped me so tightly and I could feel it teasing my cock like it wanted to see me spray my come everywhere; no matter whatever else happened in the world.

I knew I was completely under her control and just a toy for her to plunge her rubber cock into; as she enjoy the fun of making herself come by dominating my arse.

It was something that she loved doing to me and I wanted her to keep sliding her long rubber cock up inside me until she had exhausted herself with orgasm after orgasm.

Wasn't I the luckiest man in world?

It was heavenly having her milking my cock while her cock in my arse was priming me for the rough pumping treatment she was dishing out to my cock.

Then she used her riding crop to whip my back which was already covered in painful red welts.

I watched her in the mirror as she was smiling to herself; as she listened to me grunt in pain as she lashed her riding crop into the inviting flesh of my shoulders and back.

I was waiting for it; the eruption of her climax.

For I knew from experience it would send her wild with uncontrolled and unnatural lust; at that point she would just lash out with her riding crop without any care for me.

Already I could feel her finger nail in a vice like grip of the foreskin of my delightfully engorged but tame cock.

She must be so close to coming - I felt the rhythm of her strap-on plunging rubber dick alter slightly so that she pushed the knobs on it rub vigorously against her questing clit.

I knew she was now so engrossed in rubbing her own clit roughly against the knobs on the strap-on rubber cock she was pushing in and out of me, that she has lost all thought of what she was doing to me (for these moments).

Once she got to sailing away on her crashing orgasms I knew she would become like a wild cat -- scratching and biting as she roamed across her prey's body.

Her finger nails would deliver the painful nastiness that drove me wild for more of her domesticating fun; I was her to play with however she wished.

This time was different though, she obviously had something slightly out of the ordinary planned for me.

She screamed out at me, "grab your own cock now you dirty fucking boy and pull it like you are the filthy shit that I flog and fuck for fun."

Once she let go of my cock I noticed her reaching around me towards my chest.

Then the pain exploded inside my mind as her nail gripped my nipples.

Without any care for my body, she almost tore my nipples off - with the rough tugging she was inflicting on my helpless body.

While she loved hearing me moan in agonising lust, she quickly had enough of her fun with my vulnerable nipples, as her own passion drove her to enjoy her fastidious whipping of my submissive body.

Once again she picked up her riding crop and began again to beat me for her own passionate delight and enjoyment.

And as she used me as her fuck toy I relished my own exposure to the welcomed blissfulness of her pain.

I recognised that I was absolutely defenceless to her hard rubber cock that was buried deep inside me.

I relished her cock using me as her helpless sex toy.

The agony for her continued beating of the flesh on my back meant it was slowly going numb from the overwhelming sensation she was inflicting.

Like her supplicant, I was looking forward to spurting everywhere for her, as I felt her orgasm over and over.

Her left hand grabbed my thigh and her nails sank into my cultivated body.

I was captured by her rigid lust, I begged her to push her nails deeper and deeper into my susceptible flesh.

Holding on to me, it was natural for her left hand to steady her body as I felt her whole body go rigid.

Then as my placid body offered itself to her, her right arm flayed around like a rod of light causing the riding crop to crash all over my body -- across the back of my head, my upper arms, and into the sensitive flesh on the side of my face.

I did what she wanted; I roughly twisted the flesh on the top of my cock as I enjoyed her continued thrusting cock plunging around inside my arse.

Her rigid form of climaxing in predatory lust was my incentive to lose myself in the total painfulness I so much enjoyed.

My cock spasmed again and again; I felt myself shooting my cream out of my defenceless orgasming cock.

And as I was coming I knew she was riding her own multiple climatic pleasure.

Knowing me so well, she knew I would be exploding in man juices as she suffered her own blissfulness.

It was obligatory for her to keep whipping me all over as she kept the orgasms that she owned so neatly, crashing through her body in wild delight.

She used the strap-on rubber cock that was rubbing seductively against her clit to beat herself into more climaxes than she ever expected.

I felt her plunging in and out of me as I slowly felt my once raging hard cock go limp with satisfaction.

Never did I utter a word to preclude her from totally satisfying her own feral passions.

Finally, yes finally, she collapsed exhausted on top of my back.

The sweat; from her exhausted but totally satisfied body, causing the small cuts on my back to cry out in pain - for the salt from her sweat slowly crept into those wounds to cause my defenceless back to suffer again.

How was it possible for that painfulness to almost have me getting hard again?

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