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Whipped into Shape


My friend Nicole had been with her personal trainer for two months now and had gone down two dress sizes. She wasn't fat to start with, she had just kept on a few extra pounds since she had the kids, but now that the youngest had started school, she decided it was time to get back to her once luscious shape. I could really see the difference. Her stomach had trimmed right down and was now flat. She'd lost all love handles and her ass and thighs were almost muscley. She had dark brown hair and stood about 5' 7". Her boobs had shrunk a bit as a result, but overall, she was smokin'!

We were both married to successful husbands, which meant we didn't have to work and had become friends through playgroup as our youngest were the same age. I didn't put on as much weight with my kids and was always the slimmer one, until now that is. I promised myself I would workout at home, but something always distracted me, resulting in no change in my fitness.

My name is Karen and I still had love handles and a bit of a wobbly butt. My legs could have done with some exercise but I could still turn heads with my 'D' cup boobs and shoulder length blonde hair.

One day I was meeting Nicole for coffee at the local shopping centre when she arrived with a new summer dress on looking fantastic. It was then I decided that I would have to get in shape as well and not go about it 'half-assed'. Whatever she did in that personal training session must be working, so I thought I would find out more about it.

"You're looking great today," I said as we met.

"Yeah, I just got this dress yesterday. It's great being able to buy sexy dresses instead of the normal crap I used to have to wear." Nicole said confidently, sitting down in the booth.

"Gee, thanks! Just rub it in, why don't you." I exclaimed, not really in shock, but just mucking around.

"No, I wasn't referring to you at all. I'm just saying I feel great ever since I've been going to these personal training sessions with Victor."

"I've noticed. You haven't really mentioned anything about these sessions or Victor. Tell me all about it, as I'm interested in getting into shape too." I said.

"Well, he has this way of bringing out the best in me," She said quite proudly.

"What about me? Would he be able to bring the best out in me?" I asked. She finally got the hint that I wanted to join her in her training sessions and her face changed, blushing slightly.

Looking back down at her cup she said, "Well, his methods are quite alternative – I don't think you'd like the way he likes to work people, plus, he's very expensive. You just got that new Merc, you know. Haven't you got enough outgoings?"

That made me see red, but I didn't let on and kept my cool rather well by saying, "We're doing ok financially at the moment thanks. How much does he charge?"

"You have to sign up for 2 sessions per week over 10 weeks at $100 per session. That's $2000 up front and you might not even like it," she said.

For some reason she was trying to put me off the idea. She did have a bitchy streak and probably didn't like the idea of me getting in shape and looking better than her. The facts were that we didn't really have $2000 to spare but to be honest, I really didn't like the way she was in better shape than me, so to hell with the money, I wanted in!

Nicole spoke to Victor and he agreed to train both of us together, so she picked me up a couple of days later as she lived nearby. We were both wearing mid-thigh shorts and sports tops. When we arrived Nicole pointed to the garage on the side of Victor's house and advised me that this garage was his 'gym'.

He must have seen us arrive because he raised the front door of the garage to greet us. He was about 6 foot tall and was wearing a black singlet with short black, tight shorts. He had a broad muscular chest and big arms. Very well toned all over, had skinny, but muscular legs. He had short dark hair, graying at the edges and looked to be in his late 40s. He was not handsome, but not ugly either and looked powerful.

He shook my hand firmly and asked how determined I was to lose weight and get into shape. I said that I was willing to give it everything I had and nothing was going to stop me.

"Goooood," he replied, giving Nicole a sly grin.

He took all my measurements and then explained that we would do reps of 10 different exercises. Each session I would be required to do one more rep than I did in the last session. For example, with the bench press, if I did 5 reps in my first session, I would need to do 6 in the next session, 7 in the one after that and so on. He also said that the first session was free, so it all sounded great.

The gym was set out with about a half a dozen different apparatuses and weights everywhere. In the corner was a desk covered in about half a dozen folders which must have been records of his other clients.

We started working out, taking turns on the same exercise or equipment. I really wanted to get everything I could out of these sessions, so I pushed myself extra hard and did as many reps as I could. This ended up being a mistake, as I should have taken it easy and then slowly worked up more reps with each session, but part of me wanted to show off to Nicole, and I also wanted to impress my new trainer.

Nicole was up to a lot more reps than me and was struggling with a few of the exercises. Each time though, she would really push herself and get that extra rep out and then smile, happy she had done her quota. Victor was jotting down the amount of reps we both did in a folder.

We were up to the tenth exercise – the bench press. I went first and did four reps of the weight Victor had put on for me. We were both exhausted and very sweaty as it was hot in the garage, even though there was a fan that oscillated the air around.

I grabbed my towel and started wiping the sweat off as Nicole was doing her reps of the bench press. I didn't hear how many she had to do, but Victor was now counting down from 10 and yelling at her to finish the rest off. "Come on Nicole, you slacker, push it out... 9 to go. You're struggling already, but you've done this many before..... 8 to go. You're not going to lose your fat if you can't keep up!"

She managed to push out another 3 with Victor shouting at her before she gave up. Victor grasped the bar and lifted it up, clanging it into the bracket. Victor didn't look happy, "Ok, you were short five reps on that one. You know the drill, stand up and bend over. "

She looked over at me before standing up from the bench. She stood up and then bent over, grabbing hold of her knees to brace herself. I thought he was going to help her stretch, because that was the last exercise, but instead he went over to his desk and opened the top drawer, taking out a leather strap.

He looked focused as he took the few steps back to Nicole and stood beside her, ignoring me. He folded the strap in half, drew it back before forcibly whipping it back down over Nicole's ass! She let out a sound like she had just trodden on something sharp. He drew the strap back and planted it down firmly again just a bit lower on her ass.

"Ok, that's two. Three more to go," he stated before bringing the strap down again. Nicole was now moving her legs around, almost jumping on the spot. The pain must have been incredible. He was strapping her ass through her gym shorts which were all sweaty around the top. Victor's hair was wet at the back from sweat as well and I could see the muscles in his shoulder flex each time he raised the strap.

I was in shock. Here I was in a garage with the door closed with a huge crazy man! I was too shocked and frightened to even talk. Normally if any of my friends was in pain or wronged in any way, I would have stuck up for them, but this was different. Nicole had bent over of her own free will and was being beaten!

He belted Nicole another two times, causing her to let out a short scream during the last one. After the fifth, he said, "Done," and then walked over to put the strap back. Nicole stood up straight and then reached for her towel which she put her face into and dried the tears and sweat away with. I had not moved since he had told her to bend over.

"That's it for today. You did well today ladies and I hope to see you again at 10am Friday." He said, quite matter-of-factly and then raised the door of the garage. We both walked out and got in the car. It was then I decided to unleash, "What the fuck was that back there?" I screamed at her.

"I warned you he was a bit alternative and had strange methods, but who cares? I'm getting results and have never felt better. That strap just hurts soooo much, that it drives me to achieve my best and in turn get this kick-ass body," She said rather proudly.

I was in silent shock.

"So what do you reckon, are you going to go back on Friday?" She asked.

I sat there and thought about it. This Victor seemed like some sort of freak, punishing his clients with a strap if they didn't perform. But the fact was he really did create a situation where you would have to push yourself. There was no room to slacken off, like I had been doing lately. I always had been the fitter out of the two of us, so I could probably go through the whole 10 weeks without receiving a single strapping.

"Fuck it, I'm in," I declared.

When we arrived for our second session, Victor looked rather surprised to see me. He looked me in the eyes and sternly said, "I trust Nicole informed you of the rules here. You receive a strap for each repetition missed. If you miss a total of 10 reps over the session, you get whatever punishment I decide to dish out at the end of the session. Each session, you must do one more rep of each exercise than you did in the session before. If you don't agree to these terms, please leave now and take your sagging ass with you. If you stay, you agree to my methods."

"Yep, Nicole filled me in. I want to get in shape, so let's do it," I said handing over $2000 in $100 bills. Nicole hadn't mentioned the part about receiving extra punishment if I missed 10 or more reps, but secretly I was thinking that I would be able to keep up with the pace and wouldn't ever need to be strapped.

The second session started off ok. We were both completing all of our reps, until we got to the leg press. Nicole ended up 6 short of her goal.

Victor got his strap and made her get on her hands and knees. He stood behind her and strapped her shorts-covered ass 6 times. Each time she squealed, the last strap causing her to start sobbing. I don't know if it was because she was happy for them to be over, or because he put extra strength into the last one.

I completed all of my reps rather comfortably but Nicole missed out by 4 on the bench press again. When we started that morning, Victor mentioned that if we receive 10 straps over the course of a session, we would receive extra punishment. I guess that meant I was going to find out what the 'extra' part was going to be.

He ordered Nicole onto her hands and knees again and strapped her 4 more times with gusto. I had finished and was toweling off. "I'll just go and wait in the car Nicole, whilst you finish up in here then," I said, walking nervously toward the door.

"No!" Victor commanded. "You must stay here and watch the rest of the punishment. That is part of the session. Come over here and stand there," he said, pointing to the floor about 4 feet from where he was standing with Nicole. I walked over and did as I was told, for fear of being punished myself.

Nicole looked nervous as he forced her up to her knees and then made her lean back so that her legs were not down touching her feet, but she was not kneeling straight up either. This must have been putting a lot of pressure on her quadriceps as she was neither up nor down. He must have wanted to work her quads.

"There......." He said, "Stay right there." He then proceeded to methodically take down his shorts and step out of them. His cock was semi-erect and jutted out about 7 inches in front of him. He kept his shirt on, which was wet from sweat and slowly moved his cock up towards Nicole's face. He put his hand under her chin and then took hold of his cock in the other hand and directed it to her mouth.

It lined up beautifully and she instinctively opened her mouth as her fed her his now erect and about 8 inch cock. She gagged slightly and blinked, I think because of the fact that his cock was so sweaty and thick.

"Ahhhhh, that's it. Suck my cock, but don't move from that position. I want your legs to get a good work-out in a static position. When you make me cum, then you can go."

He moved his hands away and placed them on his hips and leaned back slightly. Nicole began moving her head up and down, trying to get as much of his cock into her mouth as she could, but she was rather clumsy until she reached up with both hands. One grabbed the base of his cock; the other cradled his balls so she now had more control and began to get a rhythm going.

I was side onto them and after about 5 minutes I could see a change in both their faces. The strain from holding that position was causing a strained look of urgency on her face as he was beginning to get the look like he was straining to cum. He did well not to touch her head as he neared climax and instead clasped his hands behind his own head, as if he were trying to relax in a chair.

I must say I was beginning to feel turned on and could feel my pussy moisten. I was already sweaty all over and my shorts were pretty soaked, but the moisture in my pussy was different. There was something erotic about seeing my best friend sucking the cock of an older man, not because she liked him, but because he told her to.

She began moaning from the pain in her legs as he began moaning from sheer pleasure. He then grunted and began unloading into her mouth. Her eyes opened wide in shock as she forced herself to swallow. She kept going without slowing down until he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her away. She collapsed on the floor, cum dribbling out the side of her mouth.

He picked up his shorts and used it to clean his cock of remaining cum and saliva. "Ok girls," he said as he did this, "That's it for today. I expect to see you here at 10 o'clock sharp Tuesday morning. Don't be late, and have a good weekend."

I did have a good weekend. My muscles were a little sore from the workout, but not half as bad as Nicole's muscles and ass would have been. On the way home we both decided not to mention the details of our personal training sessions to our husbands. Just knowing that Victor used a strap would have sent both of them around to sort him out, let alone knowing that there was sexual activity happening as well.

We justified it to ourselves as not cheating as we were only doing what we were told by our trainer, and after all we were only training so that we could look good for them Our sex lives with our husbands had gotten better as well as we felt better about ourselves. I think my husband and I fucked 4 times over the weekend and every time I pictured Nicole sucking Victor's cock.

We had agreed to arrive separately on Tuesday as Nicole had an appointment straight from training. I got caught up at the school after dropping the kids off and ended up arriving a little after 10am. The garage door was already open and I could see Nicole stretching. As I entered the garage, Victor slid the door down and he did not look happy.

"Look at the time!" he said, pointing to the clock on the wall that read 10:04am. "You are now going to get 4 straps, one for each minute you are late." He walked directly to the desk and retrieved his strap. "Bend over and put your hands on your knees!" he ordered, "Let's get this over and done with so you don't waste any more of our time."

I had not received the strap yet and was not looking forward to it. I was still standing there in shock, holding my towel and car keys when, before I knew it, he was standing next to me, pushing on my shoulders, forcing me to bend over. I did as I was told and bent over at the waist.

I screamed as the first strap hit my ass. It hurt like crazy, but I didn't have time to recover as the next 3 followed straight away in quick succession, causing my ass to burn.

"Now, put your stuff down and begin stretching as I start exercises with Nicole."

I stood up and looked over at Nicole. She was watching me with a triumphant smirk on her face which she turned away when we made eye contact. That bitch! I suppose I deserved it. She was probably wondering when I was going to get strapped. I had pushed myself pretty well so far though, as I wanted to get results. I was also becoming addicted to the rush of completing the reps. When I did complete them, I was mentally saying, "Fuck you and your strap Victor." When I saw her get the strap I thought to myself, "She's weak; I will always be able to do the reps, so I'll keep it up."

That was all about to change today. Nicole managed to complete all of her reps without a single strap and I was on my last exercise for the day – bench press. I don't know if I used up too much energy over the weekend or what, but I ended up being 6 short on the bench press. Victor had been screaming at me to push them out, but I just couldn't do any more.

"Ok," he said, taking the bar from my hands and putting it back on the rack. "That's 6 straps I owe you, but don't move." He said, picking up his strap from the desk. I just lay there on the bench, trying to recover from the massive workout today, all the time getting nervous about how sore my ass was going to be in about 3 minutes. It was still a little sore from the 4 at the beginning of the session for being late.

"You received 4 for being late, plus another 6 now equals 10 all up. You get extra punishment."

"What?" I said in shock. "I didn't know the first 4 counted!"

"Well now you know," he said rather annoyed.

I was going to protest more, but then realized that I was at his mercy and I had better not aggravate him anymore that he already is.

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked, anxiously looking up at him from the bench as came over and stood next to my shoulder.

"Spread your legs a little," he said. "I want to create a static resistance for your groin muscles, as well as receive punishment." My feet were up on the bench and my knees pulled up a little, making a triangle from my ass to my knees to my feet. I then did as I was told and spread them until my knees were about 12 inches apart and held them there. I could feel my groin muscles working already.

Victor then began pulling down his shorts and proceeded to step out of them completely and kick them away. He already had a hard-on which I hadn't noticed though his shorts, probably because I was too caught up in the position I was in and the punishment ahead. Nicole was standing on the other side of the bench and was looking on.

Victor took up his position next to my shoulder again and then, ordering me to stay still, raised the strap up and brought it down directly on my soft pussy.

"What the hell!" I yelled as this was not what I was expecting. He responded by bringing the strap down between my legs again onto my pussy. Once again I was going to protest, but thought better of it and stifled another cry as I kept my legs at about 12 inches apart, providing a clean shot for the strap. He had not doubled it over like he did when he had strapped mine and Nicole's ass. He kept it at one length, probably so he could reach my pussy to deliver the blows.

He strapped my pussy for the third time and, noticing that I had become accustomed to what my punishment was going to be, he moved closer to my head and lifted a leg up and over, so that he had one leg either side of my head which was on the thin part of bench sticking out. He then lowered himself down so that his ball sack lined up with my face.

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