Whipping Machine


With all my struggling the rolled up towel had worked itself under the curve of my neck. So now at rest the only comfortable position was with my head cocked back. This made it even more unpleasant to try to look forward. With a lot of strain I could only look forward for a few seconds at a time and when I did all I could see is my cock head engorged like a rubber balloon looking like the head would pop pretty soon, and in the back ground my balls sticking up in the air on their column of lace in the same condition as my cock head.

Out of the blue I hear, "Oh, I see you're enjoying my handy work. It's my first time at this. Is it better than what you had practiced?"

I dropped my head back and said, "I didn't hear you come down the steps."

"Yes, you seem to have a problem with that! Maybe you're thinking too much with the head on our cock instead of the one on your shoulders, which might explain why you can't hear since I don't see any ears on it." She chuckled at her own humor.

"How's the old cock doing?" she asks as she slaps my cock sideways playfully causing it wags back and forth before it stiffness halts it back into position. "It seems to be happy, after all it is wagging its tail."

Dora had changed her clothes. She must have pealed off the 501's and found the old leather mini skirt I bought her a long time ago. The one that I bought for her birthday and got a royal ass chewing about how little I thought of her, that I really only bought it for myself and that she was not going wear something like that like some cheap whore.

That was never my intent. Dora has the best legs I have ever seen on a woman, so long that they look like they go up to her chest on her 5' 10" frame.

Dora keeps both of us in good shape by eating right and making sure I right too. Her in-forced standards of what we have in the house for food has keep both of us lean and trim. Where I also have to workout to keep my shape she seems to have to do nothing to keep hers.

Just about as whorish as she would say her skirt was she found a matching crochet lace tank top that I have never seen before to go with it. If I wasn't already hard as a rock I would be now for I have never seen her dress this way before. This was the first time I have seen her with out her bra, and her perky nipples on her "B" coned shaped breast where poking out the open gaps of the crochet top hard as pencil erasers.

My observations did not go unnoticed.

"Oh, you like my outfit." "It only seemed appropriate for what I found in the basement a little while ago. Since you were acting like such a slut it made me think of the slut outfit you bought be a while ago. Here I never thought I would ever have a reason to wear it but little did I know that sooner or later you'd find one."

"How do you like my top?" She cupped her breast with her palms and moaned as she curled her fingers around her little nubs sticking out the holes in the top. "Ummm" she purred as she gave me a sultry show of how much of a bad girl she could be. This was also a first for me to see.

Her hands slowly ran down the rest of her body crossing the flat of her tummy, flowing across her slim leather clad hips, which the skirt barely made it past, sliding down her tanned thighs of her long lengthy goddess legs.

Her hands stopped mid thigh as she enjoyed my surprised and horny reaction. Then when she knew she has my full attention she smiled and slowly slide her right hand up her thigh trailing it with her left. Slowly they crossed over her legs at the junction where her legs and mini skirt meet. In the small gap between her legs she tucked them in between her legs and then pulling them out again appeared be racking the fingers of one hand then the other across what I could only guess she was doing with her womanhood. This behavior was very unlike her. She would never even admit to me that she has ever touched herself in such a way. Yet now she was acting like a cheap strip teaser.

She let out a little moan as she closed her eyes truly showing me how much she was enjoying herself. With her eyes closed Dora continued her sultry movements. As her fingers tips crossed the hem of her mini skirt they casually hook it as if it was an accident slowly exposing to me her treasures beneath; almost as if she did not realize what she was doing, daring me to stare and laughing inwardly to herself how helpless I was to watch, while basking in my realization that not only was she not wearing her panties but she had shaved almost everything bare.

My eyes bulged out of my sockets about as bad and my cock's veins where bulging out of their shaft when I realized what was, or should I say wasn't there. A near hairless cunt just drives me insane with lust.

My wife in all our years never shaved or trimmed her bush. I tried many times to hint that she should, that I would like it and blah blah blah. But she just looked at me as if how dare me to tell her what to do and that I am discussing to even be mentioning it.

I have been so fascinated with a shave quims that it was only a matter of time before eventually I decided to shave my own groin. One day I thought, "You know, if I think it looks desirably sexy, clean and neat on the women in the magazines then I beat a man's junk would look better too with out the wild hair everywhere." Ever since then I shave my cock and balls and leave just a little patch of hair above my cock.

At first, for a while, Dora gave me a hard time about shaving my parts and thought I was some sort of freak but after while she just gave up and said nothing more. It has been so long now that I can't remember having hair there any more. And it is a good thing that I do shave for this rope job she has done on me would be pulling my hairs out.

While I was lost in thoughts Dora had opened her eyes and was was laughing at me with a throaty laugh as she asks me in baby talk, "What's the madder, never seen a bald beaver before Dick head?"

With her pussy clearly visible now without hesitation Dora deliberately reaches a finger in between her legs and strokes her pussy lips.

I feel like Frankenstein chained to the table groaning with every one of her strokes wanting so bad. While all of this is turning me on to no end it is also making me a bit nervous at the same time. My wife has never acted like this in our entire relationship and I am getting a little worried that she has finally flipped out.

As if she was reading my mind. She drops her fingers and skirt and says, "I am still very much pissed-off at what I found here today. What if the kids would have seen this? What the hell were you thinking?"

"What's the matter is our sex not good enough for you that you had to resort to this?"

"Well that is going to change right now and when I get done with you your going to which you never thought about this perverted sex stuff, you perverted dick." There is going to be hell to pay for this embarrassment you put me in today and you're going to have to just deal with me venting my frustrations, after all, what else you can do?"

Laughing at me she starts ranting about but what a fool I am while she loosens the clamps on the "T" frame and takes 2x4 the contraption and drill off the bench. Once it is all free she starts undoing the duct tape holding the whip to the steel rod.

"I can't believe you've tied yourself to a bench with your cock lassoed up in a way that is so obscenely and ridiculously exposed, (Laughing) you actually put yourself into this predicament yourself... what an idiot... you have to be really fucked up or so damn desperate that you would stick your dick in a pencil sharpener to end up like this."

"Well, from the look of what you have set up here and the state of arousal I found you in I think you really wanted to give yourself a good fucking-over."

"Well your perversion might be your own nightmare."

With that, took the last of the duct tape off of the whip handle and playing with the whip, swishing it through the air and playfully teased me like she was going to use it the whip and it came crashing down on my poor defenseless cock with an explosion of pain that I never knew existed.


Is this the end?

Let me know if the story is interesting and worth continuing.

I have an idea where I want the story to go from here, but I would love to here any suggestions or comments you might want to share for where the story might go.

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