tagBDSMWhipping Wednesday Ch. 01

Whipping Wednesday Ch. 01

byRose P©

A day off. The first in two months. I slid deeper into the bed and pulled the duvet over my head. Autumn, overcast, windy – what better time to spend in bed.

As I dozed my phone rang. I waited for it to stop. It didn't. My hand shot out from under the covers, lifted the receiver and dropped it into its cradle. I didn't want to be disturbed – my mom knew, my friends knew, my boyfriend knew – whoever was phoning was unimportant in the grand scheme of things today.

I tried to go back to sleep but found myself restless. I decided to bath – a long hot soapy bath. As I slid into the bath, the water closing over my breasts I let out a deep satisfied sigh. My hand wandered over my almost weightless body suspended in the almost overflowing bath. I found my cunt. Warm and pulsing. I spread my legs wide and let my pelvis be lifted by the water – my cunt opening wide and expectantly.

My fingers slipped between my cunt lips and found the hard round head of my clit waiting. As I gripped it between my thumb and forefinger the phone rang again. I stopped and waited for it to stop. It didn't. It kept ringing.

After 5 minutes I decided to get out and find out who the hell it was. I was irked as I flung the bathroom door open and marched down the passage wet and naked. I snatched the phone. YES! I barked.

There was a moment of silence followed by a professional calm female voice. "Good day ma'am. Is this Rose?"

"Yes. What is it?" came my curt annoyed response.

The puddle around my feet was growing – damn I must have the floor sealed was my overpowering thought.

"Please hold for a call ma'am," said the quite assured voice.

I waited. The line opened. A quiet male voice came over the line.


The ripples ran down my spine. I went cold and hot at the same time. My cunt pulsed unavoidably. My head spun. My mouth was dry my throat constricted.



"Ye......Ye ...s. Yes s-ssir."

"Rose, you did not arrive. I waited & you did not arrive."

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry sir. I forgot"

"Rose, forgetting is not good enough. Forgetting is against the rules." "Yes. I am sorry."

"Yes who?"

"Yes sir. I am sorry sir."

Fear gripped me. Fear and anticipation. The fact that I was naked made me feel more exposed. But this exposure was nothing by comparison to what I was surely going to experience as punishment for my glaring oversight.

"Rose, what do you think is going to happen?"

I swallowed hard. The tears were welling up behind my closed eyes. My pussy felt wet and my clit was throbbing.

"I am to be punished sir." I replied in a quiet voice.

"And do you think you will deserve the punishment?"

"Yes sir," I whispered.

"Very good. Very good indeed my girl."

There was silence. I heard him talk to someone in the background. It was his secretary. He was checking his dairy for the day. He was free for the afternoon. Free from 12 onwards.

"Rose, you will come to my house this afternoon. You will be there no later than 12:30. You will wear a loose skirt, button down shirt, no bra and no panties. You will shave your pussy clean. You will tie your hair back. Do you understand?"

My eyes were clenched tight. I had sit down – my knees were weak.

"Yes master. I understand master."

"You will soundly punished." You will never forget and instruction from me after today. Today will be painful and thorough. Do you understand?"

"Yes master. I understand master."

"Good girl. Good girl."

The phone went dead. I sat quietly. My knees shook. My heart pounded. My head spun. My throat contracted. My stomach churned.

I was going to be hurt. I was going to be exposed and hurt. My arse would undoubtedly bleed today.

I felt a mixture of fear and excitement run through my veins.

I moved to the bathroom in a trance. I got back into the bath and found my razor. I sat on the edge of the bath, spread my legs wide and made sure my pussy lips were clean inside and out. I climbed out the bath and made my way to my cupboard. Opening the door I turned to check the clock. 11:45. I had just enough time to get to his house. I found a skirt and pulled a blouse on. I brushed my hair and tied it back. I slipped shoes on and made my way to the car.

I was moving in a trance. Part of me excited part of me gripped by fear.

I started the car and pulled out carefully. Slowly I made my way to his house. I pulled up outside the gate – it was 12:25. His car was in his drive.

I climbed out and rang the bell. I waited. Time crept by a little too quickly for me. I eyed my watch seeing the minutes slip away. What if the bell didn't work? What if I was late again? Once was bad enough, twice would be unbearable. I rang the bell again with two minutes to go.

Suddenly I realized that I had set my watch five minutes ahead of time. I had rung his bell early and then had the impertinence to ring it again. I was being cheeky. I would be punished for that again. My knees almost buckled. I wanted to climb in my car and run away but then I felt the wetness dripping down my thighs. I was confused, frightened and tingling all over.

The door opened, the gate slid back silently. He stepped out and walked toward me. I waited, eyes downcast hands clasped in front of me.

His steps were silent and suddenly I felt his hand on my chin. He lifted my face and I looked into a pair of clear and amused eyes. He could see my fear. He could feel my excitement. As he looked at me and I felt myself slip into the trance again. His stare was hypnotizing and calming.

"I am glad you have obeyed my slave. Your impertinence at ringing the bell so adamantly is however unacceptable. You will need to be punished for that as well. Please turn around..... Lean over the bonnet of your car......lift your skirt.....spread your legs......that's a good slave."

I heard him unbuckle his belt. OH GOD! THE BELT. I was exposed, legs spread outside in the street. I could feel the cold air of autumn slipping between my legs. I was to receive a hiding of note I was sure. And with his belt no less. His hand came to rest on my back holding my skirt up. I felt the belt in it. His other hand ran over my arse warming it.

"You will receive six strokes for your cheekiness. You will, as usual count them down. You will count them clearly and precisely. You will remain in this position and at no point flinch or stand. If you do so, we will return to the beginning of the six strokes. The same applies if you utter any other sounds or words other than the count of the stroke. You will count clearly and audibly and in the same tone throughout. Do you understand my little deviant?"

"Yes sir. I understand sir."

"Right, now spread those legs further apart and let us begin."

I felt the belt change hands and come to rest upon my arse. My arse had been rubbed warm. I felt my arse contract in anticipation of the blow. I struggled enormously with the belt. I could hardly handle two strokes without calling out in pain. Six strokes seemed endless.

The belt left my arse and I clenched my arse harder. My back arched slightly and I closed my eyes tightly.

There was a swoosh through the air and I heard the belt land across the fleshiest part of my arse.

"One" I counted. As calmly as I could. As clearly as I could. I couldn't raise my voice. That would be designated as shouting and the stoke would not count.

The sting started as he pulled the belt away. It spread along the stripe the belt had undoubtedly left and radiated up.

"T..two," I stuttered as the second blow landed on exactly the same spot and he pulled it away. The sting intensified and spread like fire along my arse cheeks.

"Three" came the third one across the spot the first and second had landed.

His hand left my back and I felt him move to the other side.

"Head down Rose dear. Legs spread as wide as they will go. Pull your skirt high up please."

I complied with the calm quiet polite requests. How could I not? The voice was mesmerizing and exciting. I felt naughty and decadent.

His hand came to rest on my back. I felt the belt in it.

His other hand slipped between my legs. Pushed my pussy lips apart and checked the wetness. He plunged two fingers into me and then ran them back between my lips and arse cheeks.

I gasped. I felt myself get wetter and start running down my thighs. I was so lost in the feelings from between my thighs that I didn't even feel the belt leave my back and change hands coming to rest on my arse.

He said nothing as he pulled it back through the air.

The blow fell at the juncture of my arse and thighs.

I almost flinched at the blow and stood up but caught myself just in time. The pain was almost unbearable as it radiated up my arse cheeks and down my thighs.

"Four" I said through clenched teeth.

"Five" fell on the same spot.

His hand left my back and I felt my skirt slip down over my burning arse.

"Six will be delivered inside as the warm up for the punishment you will receive for being late. Please follow me in."

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