tagBDSMWhipping Wednesday Ch. 02

Whipping Wednesday Ch. 02

byRose P©

We left her having received 5 good strokes with the belt outside bent over the bonnet of her car as punishment for ringing the bell impatiently. She was to receive the sixth stroke inside as punishment for being late. We join her and her master in the punishment room where her punishment continues ...

I turned dropping my eyes and clasping my hands loosely in front of me as I had been instructed to do for each meeting.

We walked to the basement door, he opened it and gestured me into the darkened room.

As I reached the carpet the wall lights went on.

They were bright and clear. I could see everything in the room. The trestle, the high backed chair, the couch, the table with the stirrups and wrist restraints, the trapeze. The implements were also clearly visible.

The paddles, the canes, the whips, the riding cops and the slipper. The gags, the ropes, the handcuffs and the blindfolds. The lubricants, the numerous dildos and vibrators, the nipple clamps and weights.

My knees quivered as I imagined the intensity of the punishment I would receive today. The previous beatings had been intense but tantalizing and erotic as well. Would today be the same or would it be only a beating?

He took a seat on the couch and surveyed my. My eyes dropped and my hands moved to in front of my and I clasped them. I looked sweet innocent and subservient.

"Today is designed to teach you why disobeying me is not an option. Today you will be severely punished and thoroughly corrected of disobedient behaviour. Now, remove your shoes and place them in the corner. Now stand on the white X on the floor. Place your hands above your head and keep your eyes to the ground."

I did as I was bid.

Placing my feet on the white X, knees touching hands behind my head and eyes down, I couldn't help but feel a shudder of excitement immediately followed by the fearful butterflies in my stomach.

He moved in front of me and I felt his eyes survey my body.

Next he moved to the cupboard. I sneaked a peek and watched him open the glass-fronted doors. Even though I could see what was inside I still felt the realization that I was to experience the punishment he believed I deserved was finally confirmed.

His hands brushed all his many tools. He stroked them lovingly. His hand paused at the riding crop - I felt my breath catch - the riding crop hurt more than any of the others I had felt thus far. The memory of its sting resounded in my head. He hesitated, and moved on. I felt the sigh of relief escape.

He heard it. He turned and smiled at me.

"The riding crop too intense my sweet? Oh dear, then today is going to be a hard day for you," he quietly stated, his voice filing the room, his hand grasping the black whip.

OH GOD! He was going to whip me. I hadn't experienced a whip yet. I shuddered. I felt the wetness between my legs.

He walked over to me and placed the whip on the table beside me. His hand cupped my chin and he raised my face. He stared into my eyes with a wry smile on his face, his eyes filled with lust. He leaned forward and kissed me. Hard. His tongue probing deep into my mouth. His hands finding my breasts and squeezing each hard. The moan that escaped my lips was a confirmation of the passion I was feeling. He could have fucked me right there. I was wet, ready and hungry.

He stepped away and returned to the cupboard. He returned with a paddle.

"To warm up that pretty arse of yours my dear. To warm you up until you glow red. Please open those legs nice and wide for me. Let me feel how clean that cunt is."

Hypnotised, I did exactly as instructed. I felt the air brush up against my cunt.

He moved behind me, and his hand crept up my legs from behind. It came to rest on my wet throbbing pussy. His fingers opened the folds. His middle finger dipped deep into me.

He removed his hand and brought his wet finger round to my mouth.

"Taste. Taste and understand what I enjoy."

He pushed his finger into my mouth and I couldn't help but hungrily suck it. I tasted warm and tangy.

"Now, let us get you in position. Your disobedience must be cured. Please raise your skirt above your waist......move toward the table ......... bend over placing your cheek against the table.........no, your right cheek........ that's a good slave. Now grip the table and spread those legs nice and wide. We will now begin. There is no counting today. No sound at all to be made. You are to concentrate on the sound of the paddle through the air and on your arse. You are to focus on the feeling, remembering that you have brought this on yourself by being forgetful and inattentive to details."

As he spoke in his commanding even toned voice his hand stroked my cunt from my clit to my arse hole and back again. While I heard every word he said, they were uttered from a distant point at the end of a tunnel. My mind was overwhelmed by the sensations running through my body.

Suddenly the paddle connected with my arse. The stroke resounding through the room. The sting running across my arse cheek, up my spine and exploding in my mind.

"Six, that was my dear. And now the remainder of the warm up."

I bit my lip, knowing that any sound or movement would designate the stroke invalid and it would be repeated.

"Six, that was my dear. And now the remainder of the warm up."

As the paddle flew through the air and connected with my arse cheeks, I focused on the feelings and found myself becoming more & more inflamed as the heat on my arse got warmer and warmer.

It took me a moment to notice that the strokes had stopped. They had ended as suddenly as they had begun. My arse was warm and my cunt warmer.

His voice came through the fog of feeling in my head.

"Stand, please, my dear........ Good girl. Unbutton your shirt......slowly......thank you dear. Remove your shirt and fold it neatly....... Hand it to me. Now your skirt; unzip it..... step out of it........ bend and pick it up ...... fold it neatly ...... hand it to me. Sit down on the floor ........ Yes, feel that sting against the carpet. Remember how you earned it."

The carpet rubbed against my tender arse cheeks. The sensation teetered on the fine line between being unbearable and thrilling.

"Ah, I see you are almost enjoying that. Lie back now. Keep your knees together."

As I lay back I felt the carpet rub against my arse and the wetness grow between my legs. I desperately wanted to touch myself. I wanted to cum. But I knew he would postpone the release.

"Now let your legs drop open, keeping your ankles together. Place your hands above your head"

As my legs opened my back arched and the carpet chafed the skin of my arse, I felt the cool air of the room caress my open, wet cunt lips.

Suddenly I felt his hand on my cunt, cupping it. A single finger slipped into me. He kept it stationary. I felt myself rise to grind against it, eager to relieve my excitement.

As quickly as he put his hand over me, he removed it, leaving me throbbing and hungry. I almost cried out, catching myself just in time.

"I feel that your excitement is intensifying. Let us help that along shall we? Please stand up ...... move over to suspended bar ...... place your feet next to the rings on the floor ..... grip the bar on either end ...... There's a good girl. If only you were always this good, then I wouldn't have to punish you."

He secured my feet to the rings with the leather restraints and did the same to my wrists on the bar. He raised the bar through the pulley system so that my arms were spread high above me. He continued to pull the restraints and I felt myself rising on my toes, being stretched tight. He stopped and secured the rope against the wall.

I could go nowhere. I couldn't move forward or backward. I couldn't cover any part of me. I was strung up and exposed to his mercy.

"It is more effective if you cannot see. Removing one of the senses intensifies the rest. We will ensure that the sense of feeling and hearing are raised in order to drive the lesson home more effectively. The lesson that disobedience will not be tolerated."

The room went dark as the blindfold slipped over my eyes. I could hear him moving through the room. I imagined him picking up the whip and surveying my body, deciding where he would place the strokes, how hard they should be, where he should start and where he should follow on.

Suddenly I felt the leather tail of the whip running across my shoulder, down my back and along my legs. A long shudder ran through me. I felt the whip run up the inside of my thigh and up to my wet pussy. He paused the whip on my pussy and spread the lips with the head of it. As he moved it between the lips forward and back I felt myself rock to meet it. He stopped and ran it down the other leg.

Next he ran it across my tits, causing my nipples to rise and meet it. Without warning I heard it pull back through the air and the blow landed just below my tits.

The leather tongue wrapped around my body and licked my side. He pulled it back and the tip scorched my nipple as it withdrew.

I screamed!

I couldn't bear it. How could I stand and take this? I wanted to go home. I wanted to go home right now. No-one knew where I was. I was scared. I was sore. My body was stinging where the whip had bitten me.

I rocked in the restraints trying to free my hands and my legs.

"PLEASE! I can't DO THIS! PLEASE! PLEASE! Let me go. Please master!"

There was no sound. The silence that suddenly descended around me as I stopped my sobbing was worse than the whip.

I didn't know if he was there. I felt an overpowering sensation of loneliness. The fear that pervaded me sent a shiver through me and I felt a cold sweat drench me.

The silence seemed to last hours. The sting of the whip had subsided. The cold sweat had stopped. I felt my tears dry on my face. I felt my pussy throbbing. The wetness had run halfway down my thighs.

I was turned on? I had enjoyed that? .... Yes! I had. I felt my clit throbbing and now had a deep desire to free my hand in order to find it and relieve the sensation. The best I could do was rock back and forth.

"I see that you have recovered my dear," came the warm quiet voice through the room as the leather of the whip caressed my skin.

I nodded.

"Then, let us continue. The first stroke does not count. You will now remember that crying out or any noise is forbidden. You will be silent. Do you understand?"

I nodded.

His hand was suddenly on my pussy from behind. His fingers parting the lips and dipping in. He coaxed my clit with his middle finger beckoning my orgasm to the fore.

I rocked. I squirmed and rotated to feel more. I felt the hunger building. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked hard and mercilessly and caught myself just before the desire expressed itself in words.

He withdrew his hand and I heard the whip snap behind me in the air.

"Let us continue where we left off."

The whip sailed through the air and landed below my breasts where the first stroke had landed. I cringed. The pain seared every nerve.

The next blow landed across my back, the leather licking around my side.

I rocked forward my back arching in response.

I bit my lip in an attempt not cry out and tasted blood in my mouth.

Blow after blow sailed through the air and caressed first my front and then my back with fiery kisses.

I rocked forward and back inadvertently meeting each blow. There seemed to be no end to the blows and the movement and sensations were causing me to become hypnotised.

My cunt throbbed. My head spun. My orgasm mounted. I was desperate. I wanted to be fucked. Hard!

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