tagBDSMWhiskey and Rye Ch. 05

Whiskey and Rye Ch. 05


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A couple of hours later I am tempted back to wakefulness by the exquisite feeling of Rye's large, calloused hands caressing me all over in long, full strokes, while his mouth is busy nuzzling my neck and the tops of my breasts where he's kissing and nibbling and tasting and... sniffing?

"God Naomi, but you smell so fucking good after our play... all sweet pussy and warmed leather..." He buries his face in the valley between my breasts where my skin had earlier rubbed into the pussy-juice-drenched leather recliner, and squeezes my orbs into his cheeks with both his hands, breathing me deeply into his lungs. "If only I could bottle your scent right now I'd be a very, very rich man... you got me rock-hard with nothing but a fucking whiff!"

His words make me feel like the sexiest woman in the world and I flush all over with my pleasure. Damn but it feels good! I wiggle around to my side and boldly reach down wanting to check out my effect on him first-hand. Oooooh yesss... I fill my palm with his thick, heavy dick, his velvety skin gliding over the rigid meat within and I wrap my fingers around as much of his shaft as I can, though even my middle finger doesn't reach my thumb as I do so. I start jerking him slowly and rejoice in his cock twitching and expanding further in my warm grip.

Rye rears his head up from my chest growling and hissing his pleasure to the ceiling – "Arrrgggg... fffffuck Naomi that feels good...." – and emboldened further I push him over, raising myself on my elbow and throwing my leg over one of his, still working his cock slowly with my hand, my movements growing fuller, longer. Rye rolls willingly enough to his back and laces his fingers behind his head on top of his pillow, wordlessly granting me full, unobstructed access to all of him. Yey!! Now I get to play! His beautiful golden-brown torso with its delicious light cover of curly brown-and-silver hair is only inches from my face and I raise my eyes to his face hopefully.

"May I, sir?"

"Be my guest, angel."

His eyes are a molten green-gold now and while his voice and words are casual there's an intense undertone to them that strikes an answering chord deep inside of me. I half-roll on top of him, lodging my knee between his shins, pressing my soft pussy into his thick, hard thigh, my tummy to his hip, my breast to his side. I lower my head to press and rub my cheek into his warm chest, letting his scent and the feeling of his skin against mine envelope and seep into me, melting my insides.

His chest expands under me from his sharp, deeply drawn breath and I am encouraged to start kissing and nibbling and sucking on his pecs seeking and finding his hard male nipples, my hand around his cock moving in fluid strokes, aided now by the fresh pre-cum that has started beading at the very tip and trickling down his shaft. Deliberately I start humping his thigh, his coarse hairs creating delicious friction against my smooth pussy lips while my hand increases its speed around his cock and my mouth becomes greedier on his torso, starting a slow decent over his clenching abdominals, dipping into his tight belly button, and down his very happy trail to where both my hands are now pumping, slowly again, covering almost all of his shaft.

Suddenly we both hear a strange and quite loud sound coming from somewhere between our bodies and a moment later I recognize what it was and flush a pretty shade of pink. I guess I'm hungrier than I realized.

"What in the name of God was that?" Both of Rye's eyebrows have shot up and amused astonishment is written all over his face.

"Em, I'm afraid that was my stomach growling, sir. I haven't really eaten much of anything since lunch yesterday and I guess it's just caught up with me."

Rye laughs out loud at that. "Ha! I don't think I'd ever heard that sound quite so loud before, certainly not from a lady, but hey – it's surely better than my other guess!"

Oooooh he's having a field day with this one. He looks waaaay too smug. I release one of my hands from its grip around his dick to cup and then playfully squeeze and tug on his balls. "Hey, careful there Mister, that's not a very gentlemanly thing to say!"

Within a blink of an eye I find myself flat on my back and Rye is straddling me, pinning my wrists to the mattress besides my head. His offended balls are nestled warmly right on top of my soft pussy and his fully erect cock presses into my abdomen, its head conveniently settled into the gentle dip of my belly button. He leans over me to speak in a teasingly menacing low voice:

"Ah, but I am no gentleman, angel... At least not in here. You really should remember that..." And he lowers his head to suck and then bite hard on my nipple, once, sharp enough that I yelp my surprised pain. He then lifts to take a hard, demanding kiss from my lips, crushing them into my teeth and at the same time grinding his cock lewdly into my tummy, driving home his point.

I feel completely overpowered by him as both his physical strength and his sexual dominance over me made abundantly clear, and I melt in response opening my lips and offering my tongue to him, arching my back to press even closer into his hot, insistent member, and rotating my hips to try and create some friction between his heavy sac and my tender folds, which by now have swelled and dampened in anticipation.

"Hmmm... that's much better" he says into my now-slightly-bruised lips when he breaks our kiss, and then surprises me by un-mounting me and rolling over to rise up to his feet on the floor by the thick mattress holding out his hand. "Come on angel, let's get you fed."

"Huh?" I forgot all about my hunger... at least the one for food. All I want to put into my mouth right now is this yummy-looking piece of hot male meat bobbing enticingly not three feet away me, and so I scoot to my hands and knees and cross the mattress towards him in an exaggerated, slow, sexy crawl, making sure he gets a nice show of my swaying breasts and ass as I do, keeping my hungry gaze locked on his proud erection.

I ignore his outreached hand and instead come to a stop on my knees inches before him. He looks formidable looming tall over me, his head almost touching the low ceiling of the loft, his face resolute. But I want him too much to back down, so I put my hands on his hips and slowly straighten up letting the tip of his cock caress my cheek and the side of my neck until it comes to a rest right on my collar bone and I raise my pleading eyes to his, swiping my lips quickly with my tongue to moisten their sudden dryness before speaking up.

"Please, Rye... it's not fair! I want you in my mouth so bad...please!"

"Fair isn't part of the deal, angel..." He sounds almost distracted, letting his fingers smooth the tangles of my hair away from my upturned face. Then as if he can't help himself he adds under his breath: "God you look so fucking beautiful on your knees in front of me like this Naomi... Perfectly submissive, begging me to fill your mouth with my dick ... Arrrgggghhh!"

Maybe I can persuade him?

Apparently I can't; in the next moment Rye bends to grip my arms firmly and pulls me up to my feet. Standing on top of the thick mattress my own crown now almost touches the ceiling, and I find myself again looking straight into his narrowed eyes that are hard and glinting while he holds himself in tight control.

"I can assure you that you will have me in your mouth, deep and hard and often." He murmurs into my lips and I clench hard at the provocative words. Then he withdraws without giving me so much as a full kiss on the lips. "But not right now. Right now we're going to get dressed and get out to dinner. The place I am taking you to is special, but isn't too fancy – so don't fret about what to wear; just take into account it may get a bit chilly once the sun is down since we'd be sitting outside. Now go, I want us to leave in 15 minutes. Oh, and don't shower before you get dressed."

"15 minutes... Don't shower?!" I squeak. "But –"

"Shhh..." Rye puts his index finger on my lips to hush me. "Just do it."

Follow instructions I hear a little voice whisper inside my head. I gulp. "All right, I will. I won't shower, and I'll be ready in 15 minutes. But would you please tell me why?"

He smirks at me. "15 minutes is because every woman I've ever known would take forever getting ready unless kept under a tight leash, and in my experience a quarter hour is ample time to get a lovely lady such as you adequately presentable." He cups my chin in his palm and caresses my cheek when he speaks, and his tone is teasing, though it's clear he means every word.

"As for 'don't shower' - don't worry, I'm not going all Master/slave on you all of a sudden. I usually wouldn't mind if you did or didn't... It's just that you smell so fucking good as you are right now that I want to have that scent around me all evening. Humor me, please."

Fuck, but I'm in trouble with this man. "Yes sir."

"Good girl." His smiles gently and rewards me with a soft little kiss on my lips before swinging his right hand with his palm open to smack my naked ass once, soundly. "Now scoot!"

I do, feeling the tingling on my derrière where he just spanked me as I hop my way down the stairs and collect my clothes from their pile on the chaise, then fish my toiletry bag from the trolley before heading into the bathroom. Once in there I can't resist peeking behind my shoulder into the mirror and taking in the sexy full print of his hand on my otherwise creamy butt. I giggle in delight and then remembering the 15-minute deadline I make quick work of using the toilet, washing my hands and face, brushing my hair, applying a touch of makeup, and then re-dressing in my lacy white undies and smoky-blue polka-dotted sundress.

Stepping out of the bathroom with a few minutes to spare I head back to my trolley and retrieve a light-knit white cardigan and my red kitten-heels, as well as a fresh pair of stay-up thigh-highs. If it's going to get chilly I'd rather have them on... plus I love how sexy I feel in them.

I sit down and start rolling one stocking up my right leg when I see Rye strolling down the loft stairs, dressed in a button-down light blue shirt tucked into casual khakis. He stops almost mid-stride when he reaches the bottom stair and stands there, only a few feet across from me, staring.

"What? I still have time don't I?" I'm pretty sure I'm okay but the way he's staring at me is a little unnerving.

"The time's fine angel, it's just... Fuck. Watching you putting on your sexy nylons like that with your dress bunched around your hips... You're fucking killing me here lady. Just... finish up by the time I'm out of the bathroom all right? You really do need to eat... you'll need your strength for later."

"Oh – all right."

Without another word and shaking his head to himself he walks straight into the bathroom and shuts the door firmly behind him, leaving me to complete my task feeling mighty pleased by his reaction and turned on by his hint about 'later' and more than slightly bemused. Do I really have such a strong effect on him? Wow.

When he's back out two minutes later I'm all set except for my shoes which I'm holding in my hand, my red purse in my other.

"Ready to go, angel?"

"Yes sir I am" I answer, smiling widely, now eager to see this 'special place' he's taking me to. We walk to the door where he stops to pick up his shoes from the rack and put them on, and then grabs a light sports jacket and his keys from their hanging place on the wall. I slip my own feet into my low dainty heels and step out when Rye opens the door for me.

It's early evening and the sun is still shining but much lower in the sky and the air is balmy, still warm, and I swear I can smell spring blossoms in it. I remark on it and Rye smiles and nods – "hmmm, it does at that, doesn't it?" and looks almost... smug. What? It's not like he arranged for it to be spring now, is it?! I think almost un-kindly but then quickly let it go because really, I'm just so happy to be here and now, with this handsome sexy man on this beautiful spring evening in this wonderful noisy city... I answer Rye's smile with my own happy, excited one, and we get going.

We walk down the street side by side, hand in hand, and I feel like I'm walking on air. We talk about the city and our favorite spots – Central Park for me, Hudson River Park for Rye – and he asks me how I decided to relocate to here. Not wanting to dampen the mood I keep my answer a little vague:

"After my divorce I felt like I needed a change of scenery, and I got a great offer from the NY office so I decided to take it".

Luckily Rye doesn't push and we move on to talk about making new friends in a new place. As it turns out we both have gravitated towards non-locals like ourselves – relatively easy to do in an immigrant-hub like NYC – and I admit that while I did make a couple of new friends with whom I sometimes hang out, I haven't grown very close to any of them. With Annie visiting often enough – at least once a quarter – I don't feel I'm missing out on anything. Rye nods in understanding.

"I know what you mean. I was actually lucky enough that my best friend, who's also my cousin, moved here a few years before I did, so by the time I got here there was someone to welcome me and help set me up. I don't know what I'd have done without him. He gave me a job and his sofa to crash on and helped me land my position at school, and then find a place of my own... Now that I'm settled we're pretty much back to our old routine – going out together for drinks, having each other over occasionally for dinner, doing the holidays together – the usual stuff, except he's here with his family and I'm single which means he bugs me like crazy to "find me a woman" already." Rye grins at me. "I think you're gonna like him."

"I'm sure I will, if and when I meet him... sounds like a great guy" I answer, inwardly giddy with pleasure at the natural way he referred to my future meeting with his best friend. I think this means I'm doing all right so far. Rye's next words throw a curve-ball at my theory.

"Oh there's no 'if and when' about it – you're going to meet him very soon – in a few minutes, in fact. We're going to eat at his restaurant, and we're almost there."

Rye smiles in mischief and squeezes my hand in reassurance seeing my deer-in-the-headlight expression. "Don't worry angel. Just be yourself and it will all be fine" he says, and I nod, not sure how to deal with this quick turn of events.

A couple of moments later we're entering a 7-story building and riding the elevator up to the top floor. It opens straight into the lobby of a small restaurant, and almost before the doors close behind us a very young and very attractive woman, apparently the hostess, spots us and rushes over our way, a huge smile on her face.

"Look who's here! I've missed you so much!" she exclaims, and then promptly throws her arms around Rye's neck giving him an enthusiastic hug and a kiss on each cheek, which he returns with obvious affection.

"Hello my sweet Nina! I've missed you too. You look so beautiful tonight!"

I feel my hackles starting to rise, but then the woman turns and waves to a man standing behind the bar area of the restaurant. "Papa, look who's here! It's uncle Rye – and he's got a lady friend with him!"


I blush a little at my own quick and clearly misplaced jealousy. The young woman's father comes out to the lobby walking slowly and with an aura of ownership, and it's clear that this is his place. He looks to be in his early fifties, a hair shorter and a tad heavier than Rye, but the family resemblance is unmistakable. His face light up with his pleasure.

"Rye, my friend, it's about time you paid your ol' cousin a visit! And who, pray tell, is this lovely lady by your side?"

They hug close, clapping each other's backs and giving each other the customary kiss-on-every-cheek before Rye makes the introductions.

"Naomi, please meet Yan, my cousin and best friend. Yan, this is Naomi. Now be nice to her, I'm still trying to make a good impression!" He says that good-naturedly and throws a playful threatening look at his cousin for good measure. Before I can ponder his words – he's trying to make a good impression now, is he? – Rye turns to the younger woman still hovering beside us and completes the introductions.

"And this here is Nina, Yan's daughter and my favorite, if only, niece. Nina, please meet Naomi."

I exchange hand-shakes and double-cheek-kisses with Nina and then with Yan, and while he is bent over me to kiss my second cheek I sense him pause, then draw back to give me a startled look, replaced a moment later with a wide, pleasantly surprised grin and knowing wink at Rye. To my utter mortification I realize he'd caught a whiff of my "sweet pussy and warmed leather" scent, as Rye had so poetically put it, and I am about to die of embarrassment. But Yan quickly resumes the perfect host façade and takes the appropriate step back to ask conversationally:

"So, Naomi, how did you get to know our good ol' boy Rye here? I'm asking you because, mind you, I know I'm not likely to get all the juicy details from the man himself!" He seems genuine in his interest and just very gently teasing and I think fast, trying to find a plausible story to tell him. Eventually I settle on what little bit of the truth I feel comfortable sharing.

"Would you believe I hit on him at the sports bar last night?"

"Ha-ha!" Yan barks a laugh and turns astonished eyes to Rye, his daughter's expression similarly shocked beside him. "You mean this beautiful lady was at the bar last night, and she had to hit on *you* to go out to dinner together?! Man, you must be losing your touch..."

Rye opens his mouth to answer, then closes it, and then giving it another moment's thought he turns to me with a wicked gleam in his eyes and asks me lightly: "Am I losing my touch, Naomi?"

Oh, this is a game I really like playing.

Giving Rye my most lustful, hungry look – it's not that hard to fake, really – I say in a raspy, low and sexy voice, allowing my foreign accent to drawl my words: "Oh, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your touch, baby. It is positively purrrrrrrrrrfect. I can personally attest to that!" To complete my little performance I bat my lashes sweetly at him.

I hear Nina's barely-suppressed giggle as Rye stares at me, dumbstruck for a moment, and then to my delight I see a dusky color rise high on his cheekbones and he smiles and shakes his head in disbelief. Oh My God. I made him blush. I feel omnipotent.

Yan claps Rye's shoulder. "I think this one's a keeper, my friend!" and then turns in his place and starts heading into the restaurant, indicating that we should follow him. Rye puts his hand at the small of my back to guide me and at the same time bends low to murmur into my ear: "That was a very cheeky demonstration angel. I can't decide if I want to kiss you for it, or put you over my lap and spank you."

Oh my. Summoning my courage I whisper back at him: "Sir, maybe you could do both...?"

Rye's step just barely falters but he recovers quickly, letting his hand wander a few inches down to fleetingly caress the top swell of my ass as if considering my suggestion before returning to my lower back, and he's speaking in a low voice now while looking straight ahead: "Hmm. I think that could be arranged."

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