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White Dom & Black Slaves


My name is Henry James Palermo. I'm a big and tall white guy with dark brown hair and pale blue eyes living in the city of Salem, Massachusetts. I am openly bisexual, and currently attend Salem State College. I'm originally from the town of Walden but I left the city since graduating high school. And I haven't looked back ever since. Walden is a boring town. And I'm a wild man who gets bored easily. This right here is my story of relaxing during my trip to the hood in the Dorchester area of Boston, Massachusetts. It's Spring Break and I'm having fun! I came to the hood for one thing and one thing only. Sampling all the fine delicacies. Sex with black men and black women can be fun. And I'm a sexual tourist.

Right now, I'm sitting on a couch in my motel room while getting serviced by a big and tall black guy named Leonard Jays. I tug on the leash fixed to the collar which I attached to his neck as he sucks my dick. Somehow, he manages to take all of my eight inches of hard, uncircumcised white cock in his mouth. I love dominating sexy black guys like Leonard. I thrust my cock all the way to the back of his throat, making him gag on it. Leonard is one of those infamous Down Low Brothers. A black man who has sex with men yet doesn't consider himself gay or bisexual. He's married to a black schoolteacher named Michelle Brown who has no idea of the shit he's into. Leonard is an MBTA bus driver who's fallen on hard times. So he has sex with white men for money.

As Leonard sucks my big white dick, I call him all kinds of names. He's a fruity black bastard who's addicted to white cock. And he has to take it from me because if he doesn't, he won't get paid. He has to support his wife or daughter somehow. And I'm paying him three hundred bucks to play the role of my slave. I love to play the role of the colonial master having his way with his slaves. I get off on it immensely. When I cum, I order Leonard to drink my manly seed and he absolutely obeys me. Afterwards, he looks at me, calls me master and asks me what I want to do next.

What I want to do next is to fuck my slave in the ass. So I made Leonard get on all fours and spread his ass cheeks wide open. I love seeing him like this. A proud black man on his knees. After greasing him up, I shoved my dick up his ass. Leonard screams. Tugging on his leash, I tell him to shut the fuck up unless he wants me to whip him. He gets the message. Happily, I slam my dick up his ass. I love fucking black men in the ass. Especially thug-looking black guys like Leonard. They think they're so tough and that all white guys are soft. Well, I'm not. I'm a hard man. Just ask Leonard here. My big white dick is stretching his black ass to previously unknown girths. And in spite of his muffled screams, I could tell he liked it. He's one of those gay black guys who try to act hard to cover up their natural submissiveness. He loves the feel of white cock up his ass but can't admit it to himself.

As I ram my dick up Leonard's ass, I begin to feel elated. Serenity comes to me at last. Seriously. I really get off on dominating and occasionally humiliating those I fuck. I guess I'm into psychological and sexual domination. It's not enough for Leonard to know that he is completely in my power. I need to further debase him to make myself feel good. So while fucking him, I lean and whisper something into his ear. His eyes widened in shock. He doesn't like the word I just whispered to him. Too bad because that's what he is. He is mine to do with as I wish. While sodomizing him, I stroke his big black cock and his big black fuzzy balls. He's really into it. Until I pinch his balls and give them a good squeeze. All of a sudden, he's not laughing anymore. I smile, and continue fucking him. I love the feel of a tight black ass around my big white dick and if loving it is wrong then I don't want to be right. Ever.

After fucking Leonard Jays for about an hour, I cum, sending my manly seed deep inside of him. Leonard screams like a bitch and I must say I delighted in the sound he made. Oh, how I love that sound. So I asked him to turn it up. By whacking him in the balls with the palm of my hand. Leonard's screams as my hot white cum flooded his asshole were melodious music to my ears. Seriously. I absolutely got off on it. I pulled my long and thick white cock out of the black man's now gaping asshole. I spit in his ass. Then I remove the collar and leash from his neck, pay him his fee and tell him to get the hell out of my sight. Still stunned after such an energetic fucking session, Leonard Jays leaves the motel room. And I go to sleep with a smile in my face and a song in my heart. I feel at peace now. Serenity has come to me and remains with me.

The following night, I go hunting for some new booty. What I bring back is an exciting find. A tall, busty, heavyset and big-bottomed young black woman named Veronique Anglin. A former college student and Internet model who now dabbles in the world's oldest profession. She's a prostitute. We had a lot of fun together. I brought her back to my motel room, after promising her three hundred dollars if she played the part of the sexually submissive black female slave to my domineering colonial master. Veronique didn't seem to care. All she wanted was the money. I had fun with her as I made her earn her cash.

Presently, Veronique is bound and gagged. Collar around the neck and leash firmly attached. Wouldn't want her to roam freely. Face down and ass up. On all fours. I stand behind her with a whip in one hand and my dick in the other. I crack my whip and lash out at her. The whip hits her skin, leaving a nice blue mark on her back. Veronique howls in pain, but doesn't protest. I continue whipping her on that big black booty of hers and watch her squirm in her steely bonds. I love seeing her like this. A proud black woman on her knees. I stop whipping her and the big and tall black woman breathes a sigh of relief. I spread Veronique's ass wide open and press my cock against her asshole. With a swift thrust, I penetrate her. Veronique screamed as my dick invaded her booty hole. Laughing, I gripped her wide hips tightly and slammed my cock deep into her ass.

All black chicks and most black guys should get fucked in the ass at least once in their lifetime. It might enlighten them. Take away their attitude problem and make them nice, and suitably pliant. Veronique seemed like a real firebrand when I approached her. Look at her now. Face down and ass up. Mouth wide and gaping as I buried my cock up her asshole. I reminded her that she, a poor black woman was getting fucked in the ass by me, a rich white guy. Veronique screamed and I must say it was a lovely sound. I leaned closer to her and whispered a special little world into her ear. Her eyes went wide and she gritted her teeth. I'll let you guess what I said to her. She was completely in my power now and she knew it.

I tugged on the leash which was attached to the collar around her neck and rammed my cock even deeper into her asshole. Veronique howled as my cock stretched her previously tight asshole to a great girth. Ah, how I love fucking black women in the ass. Especially arrogant black dames like Veronique. I fucked her hard, drilling my cock into the forbidden depths of her asshole. Her tight butt hole stretched to take all the cock I had to give, and then some. I fucked her for some time, then, satisfied, I came. My white-hot seed filled Veronique's tight asshole. The big black woman's screams could have woken up the recently deceased. I loved it! Moments later, I pulled my long and thick white cock from Veronique's now gaping asshole. Then I paid her and told her to get the hell out of my face.

Yeah, I had a lot of fun in Boston during Spring Break. The sexy black men and black women I encountered were a lot of fun. All in all, the trip was therapeutic. I got a lot of stuff out of my system. When I returned to Salem State College, I felt great. All the freaky stuff was gone from within me and I was once more a decent and hard-working member of collegiate American society. Life is good. How was your Spring Break?

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