tagIncest/TabooWhite Girls Dominate Black Women

White Girls Dominate Black Women


My name is Patricia Cantwell. I'm a six-foot-two, blonde-haired and green-eyed Irishwoman living in the city of Ottawa, Ontario. I'm a college student by day and a Dominatrix by night. Actually, make that avant garde dominatrix. I like to push the envelope. And my latest fetish makes a lot of people uncomfortable. I've always wanted to dominate two Black women at the same time. Make that two strong Black women. I don't know why but I find them sexually and intellectually appealing. They truly interest me. I placed an ad online at a racially diverse BDSM forum. It says white female dominant seeks strong Black female submissives for power exchange and race play. I thought it would be difficult. Next to impossible. What strong Black woman would willingly play the role of submissive to a dominant white woman in the year 2009? Well, I was in for a surprise.

I found a mother and daughter duo who were totally down with my kind of action. Nika and Marianna Johnson. Marianna Johnson was a six-foot-tall, heavyset and big-bottomed, dark-skinned Black woman living in the suburbs of Ottawa. She worked as a registered nurse at the local hospital. As for her daughter, she was tall and curvy, and equally dark-skinned. A second-year law student at the local university. These women were sexy, educated and moneyed. And they were very much into race play. Did I luck out or what? We met and discussed our fantasies and our limits. I described myself as a sexual adventurer who loved Black women. Marianna described herself as a bossy Black woman who wanted to experience true submission. They wanted to play the roles of Black female slaves dominated by a sadistic white female dominant from the Old South. I was okay with playing that role. Since we were all in agreement, we went back to my house for some wild and kinky fun.

Once we got to my house, everyone got into character. I got naked and fetched my tools. Strap-on dildos, whips, chains and of course my fierce determination to make this a night to remember. Nika and Marianna Johnson undressed and I admired their bodies. I can't decide which one looks hotter, the mother or the daughter. Nika had a big round ass and an Amazon's athletic physique while her mother Marianna was big and tall, and pleasantly plump all over, with a gigantic round ass. I watched as these two sexy Black women knelt before me and called me Mistress. I love that word. It sounded so right. Fit me like a glove. I cracked the whip and really got into character. I bossed my sexy Black female slaves around and made them do menial tasks for me. They cooked, cleaned and called me Mistress when addressing me. In no time they had my house spotless. I inspected their work and even though the house was neat, the food was cooked and the place was spotless, I decided to be a bitch and find fault with their work.

I summoned Marianna before me and she came to me at once. I ordered her to kneel before me and she did. I smacked her hard in the face as her daughter Nika watched. Marianna looked at me, stunned. Doubtless this strong Black woman wasn't used to getting such treatment. Too bad. She's in my realm now. I wanted to completely and dominate this strong Black woman in front of her daughter. I called Marianna a dumb Black slut and a filthy ghetto whore. Then I made her suck on my toes. She obediently sucked on my toes as her daughter Nika looked on, stunned. I wanted this young Black woman to watch her mother, a strong Black woman, get sexually dominated by a strong white woman. That's right, a strong white woman. Marianna sucked my toes and polished my feet with her tongue. I spread my creamy white thighs and let her get a whiff of my pussy. Marianna began licking my pussy like there was no tomorrow. I smiled and watched her do her thing. This big-booty mature Black woman was so obedient. I loved that about her.

After Marianna polished my neatly shaved pussy with her tongue, I decided to have more wicked fun with her. I made her get on all fours, face down and ass up. Holding my long Black leather belt, I begin belting her big Black ass. I've always fantasized about whipping a big-booty mature Black woman with my belt and making her completely submit to me. Marianna yelped as I began whipping her big Black ass. Nika watched, fascinated. I could tell the young Black woman never thought she'd live to see the day when her mother, a strong Black woman, got dominated by a white mistress. Well, today is that day. I whipped Marianna hard, wanting to make her pay for being such a bossy Black bitch. Bossy Black women like Marianna always make me wish I could just bend them over and whip them. Whip the arrogance out of their fabulous bottoms. Marianna howled as I whipped her big and round Black ass. I loved the sound of her screams. It was truly music to my ears. I whipped the chubby mature Black woman like whipping was going out of style. On her back, her ass, her shoulders, her thighs, her breasts and even her face. And she absolutely loved it.

I stroked my strap-on dildo, wanting to make this session even more memorable. I spread Marianna's plump butt cheeks wide open and applied lubricant all over her asshole. Then I summoned her daughter Nika, wanting the submissive Black Amazon to make herself useful by helping me dominate her mother. Until it was her turn to be dominated by this bossy white woman. I pressed my dildo against Marianna's asshole and pushed it inside. The chubby, dark-skinned mature Black woman howled as my dildo penetrated her asshole. Meanwhile, I ordered Nika to suck on my toes while manually stimulating her mother's pussy. Nika did me one better. She sucked my toes while fingering her mother's pussy with gusto. Marianna howled as her daughter Nika eventually inserted her entire fist into her pussy. I laughed, loving the sight of this unique sexual action. Nika was really good at sucking a white woman's toes. I was amazed by this submissive young Black woman and her sexy dark-skinned mommy. They were truly something else. I slammed my dildo deep inside Marianna's asshole. I pulled on the mature Black woman's hair and was surprised when it came off. It wasn't her real hair. It was actually a weave. Marianna's real hair was much shorter. I laughed and put her weave on my own head. Then I threw it across the room as I continued hammering the mature Black woman's asshole with forceful thrusts of my dildo. I fucked Marianna's ass until the mature Black woman begged for mercy. Only then did I slowly pull my dildo out of her asshole. I ordered Nika to stop fisting her mother's vagina and the young Black woman promptly obeyed. Like a good slut.

I ordered Marianna on her knees. When she didn't move fast enough for me, I smacked her hard across the face. I shoved my dildo into her mouth and told her to suck on it. Marianna obeyed. She tasted her ass on my dildo. I smiled. I love dominating this sexy mature Black woman. She's such a wonderful slut. After she finished cleaning my dildo with her tongue, I told her to go sit down somewhere. She did as she was told. Time for me to have my way with Nika. I wanted to dominate this tall and sexy Black Amazon. And so I did. I ordered Nika to get on her knees and lick my pussy. The tall Black chick did as she was told and eagerly lapped my pussy with her tongue. She was an even better pussy licker than her mother. As she licked my pussy, I smacked her face. She was doing a good job but I still had to show her who's the boss. This sexy white female dominant must keep her gorgeous Black female submissives in line. Otherwise chaos would ensue.

When Nika finished polishing my pussy with her tongue, I put her through all kinds of sweet hell. I whipped her with my belt until she begged for mercy. Then I pinched her nipples and gently bit them while roughly fingering her pussy. I bent her over my knee and spanked her big Black ass. While dominating her, I constantly berated her. I wanted this submissive Black slut to know her place. I summoned Marianna to join in on the action. When she didn't move fast enough, I smacked her face hard. Marianna blinked in surprise. Doubtless the mature Black slut thought she and I were on good terms after I dominated her so well. Serves her right for making assumptions. I ordered Marianna to fist her daughter Nika's pussy. Marianna did as she was told. Nika squealed as her mother began to roughly fist her pussy. How I love that sound. I dipped my strap-on dildo in lubricant and spread Nika's big butt cheeks wide open. Pressing my dildo against her anus, I pushed it inside.

Nika howled as my thick dildo penetrated her asshole at last. Like mother like daughter. I gripped Nika's sexy hips and thrust the dildo deep into her asshole. Folks, this sexy white woman loves fucking Black women's assholes with her dildo and if loving it is wrong then she doesn't want to be right. That's just how I feel. I slammed my dildo deep inside Nika's asshole. The young Black woman howled as both of her holes got filled. I pinched her nipples and bit her ear while fucking her in the ass. She was really excited, I could tell. Tears of pain mixed with fierce joy streamed from her eyes and I licked them. I smacked her big butt while fucking her and she jerked in surprise. In all the excitement, Nika even farted while I filled her ass with my dildo. I laughed and told her not to be embarassed. I'm a very intense dominatrix. Lots of my submissives lose control during our sessions. I smacked Marianna's face again, reminding her not to slack off while fisting her daughter Nika's pussy. Marianna was fingering her own pussy at the same time and seemed slightly distracted. We can't have that in our sessions.

I fucked Nika until she squealed in orgasmic delight. Then I removed my dildo from her asshole and Marianna removed her fist from her pussy. The three of us hit the showers, then put our clothes back on. We sat in my living room, and discussed the session. I was kind of worried that they thought I had gone too far, especially since this was our first time together. To my surprise and delight, both Marianna and Nika loved my style. They told me that for ages they unsuccessfully sought a dominatrix who might be half as talented as I am and were glad to be in my care. Their words warmed my heart. I smiled and thanked them. Then we agreed to meet the following week for an even more intense session. They left with smiles on their faces. I can't wait to see them again. These two strong Black women who followed their inner passions and weren't afraid to experience true submission at the hands of a white female dominant. They're extraordinary. You know how much I love to dominate strong Black women!

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