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White Light


A strange fantasy

Bob blinked and wondered what on earth had happened. One moment he had been walking home from the pub with his friends and then nothing. However as he looked around he realised the truth. His friends were standing around something on the ground and next to it was a car with its front smashed in and the driver crying. A few moments ago he would have been horrified but now as he realised he was dead he was not and part of him guessed it was because there obviously was an afterlife.

Then he was worried about the fact he was not a church going Christian but part of him also knew now that was not important. For fifteen minutes Bob stood seemingly unable to move as police cars and ambulances roared up. By now he was getting worried as he was sure the next part of his life or death should be taking place.

Then to his relief he saw a white light and moved towards it. Standing in front of the light which as he got closer he saw was a door was an angel. She was obviously an angel as she was a stunning big breasted blonde slim with an angelic face and as Bob could see a neat pair of wings and she was fluttering above the ground. She was wearing a virtually see though dress White light

as she smiled at Bob and said, "Hello Bob sorry I am a bit late the system is a little over whelmed. Okay though you go" and she waved towards the door. Bob who fancied himself as a ladies man smiled and asked what her name was and the angel smiled and said, "Alison. Alison Angel now off you go."

First light

Bob stepped into the light and felt dizzy for a second and then gasped. The air was hot and he seemed to be wearing a white robe. Standing in front of him was a hideous looking woman. She was as tall as him and wider than she was tall with a greasy brown skin. She glared at Bob and said, "There you are boy get me some tea!" Bob gasped as without his conscious mind moving him his body jerked and he felt himself move to the kitchen as he did so his mind told him the woman's name was Tania and terrifyingly he was her husband. In the small kitchen he made a pot of tea for the woman his body not really under his control. Then he carried it out to her.

She was sitting in the next room one of three rooms he realised and glared at him and said, "Serve my tea boy and then clean my feet they are dusty!" Bob gasped and realised where ever he was it was not England but a tropical zone. He served the tea and then gasped as the fat ugly woman pushed a foot up. His body knelt and then to Bob's horror his mouth moved forward and started to lick her feet. While he was not in control of his body he tasted her cheesy dirty feet and groaned and worse felt his dick expand. For ten minutes he licked her fat piggy feet as the woman sipped her tea. Then he moaned as she opened her legs exposing a massive hairy pussy and said, "I fancy coming get in there boy!" Bob's head moved and while he tried to stop himself he could not. The woman was wearing a dirty robe and this flopped over Bob as approached her pussy. He felt sick as her fishy smell hit him but could not stop his mouth opening and he started to lick her hairy pussy. Instantly his mouth was filled with bitter tasting thick liquids and he was forced to swallow. For ten minutes his mouth licked away and Bob swallowed mouthful after mouthful of her liquids. Then he heard her groan and she orgasmed her thighs gripping his head as she did so. However she wanted more and for another thirty minutes he was kept licking. Three more times the monstrous woman groaned in orgasm before Bob was pushed off her. Tania glared at him and said, "You are really a shit lover okay now clear this up and get some sewing done! I am going out and will be back at five for tea!" and with that she waddled off.

Bob moaned and stood and realised that at the side of the room was a box. In it he found a mass of plain white bras and rolls of lace and he knew he had to sew the lace onto the bras. There was no chair so Bob knelt and set to work. Part of him knew he had to sew fifty of these bras a day or Tania would get angry but now he seemed to have more control of his body and he really struggled to do the sewing. All day he knelt sewing unable to stop himself. He found he had to concentrate or he stuck the needle in himself but when he could he felt like crying as he realised an eternity living as this woman's slave was hell. Why he was in hell puzzled Bob as he did not consider he had been a bad person. Finally at four his body jerked and moved and Bob found himself in the kitchen preparing the woman's tea. His body worked again not fully under his control but forcing him to concentrate on what he was doing.

Then he heard Tania return and she bellowed for him. His body responded and he found her glaring at the sewing. She said, "Only forty you lazy slut! We need fifty done a day or how else can I pay for my fun? Bend over boy!" and Bob moaned as his body not only bent over but lifted his gown to expose his bottom. Tania had picked up a long thick cane and approached him. Bob screamed as the cane slashed six times into his bottom. Then Tania said, "After you have pleased me you can finish these now get my tea boy!" and Bob staggered off to get it his bottom on fire. He served the massive woman tea standing next to her as she ate. As she ate her podgy hand moved and gripped him by the balls and twisted them making him moan. She laughed and said, "Cute boy okay get under the table and get me off!" and instantly Bobs body jerked and moved under the table where for thirty more minutes three times his tongue pleased the vicious woman. Finally she pushed him off and said, "I am off to play! Clean this up and you can have my left over's and then get on with the sewing you useless slut!" and she left him. Bob was feeling sick but worse his body ate the mess Tania had left on her plate and then he had to clean up and then resumed sewing. It was late when she returned and Bob had finished his sewing so she did not beat him.

However Tania was obviously drunk and grabbed his helpless body and dragged him into the bedroom. She ripped his gown off and Bob was aware he was erect. He stayed erect as for five minutes Tania assaulted him. Obviously the sadistic woman considered this foreplay as she tugged and crushed his dick and balls and amazingly he stayed hard. Bob wanted to scream but all his body let him do was moan as he was abused. Finally she moved and mounted him and rammed her pussy onto his face. She let her weight crush him as automatically his tongue pleased her once more. It was an hour before she moved off him by which time he ached from her weight. Tania had only come three times on him and had slapped him numerous times blaming him not the alcohol for the slowness of her orgasms. Finally she was sated and pushed off him and then kicked him off the bed and Bob realised he was to sleep on the floor. He lay dazed and horrified his mouth sore and his groin bruised and unsatisfied as the sound of Tania's noisy snores filled the room.

At six Bob's body jerked into action and moved to the kitchen to make Tania's breakfast. He felt exhausted as his body worked but again he had to concentrate so as not to hurt himself. As he worked he noticed the house only had sky lights and only one door and Bob knew his body would not allow him out. He carried the breakfast into Tania who woke up and lifted the sheet and said, "Get going!" in the morning she tasted even worse as he licked her off but she only wanted one orgasm. Then she ordered him to get cleaning and for an hour Bob washed and cleaned as Tania lay in bed.

She then called him over and pulled the sheet off her gross fat body and said simply, "Clean me!" Bob groaned as his body set to work licking her all over. It was a disgusting task to lick her sweaty flesh but he had no choice. It was difficult for Bob to think what part was worse but her bottom and arm pits were revolting. When he had finished all bar her breasts and pussy she leered and said, "I had better feed you boy!" and she smeared the remains of her breakfast porridge over her breasts. Bob lent and licked it off them and then licked her breasts. They were flabby and covered in tufts of hair as he serviced them. This excited Tania and he was pulled up onto his back and for thirty painful minutes she rode his face. As she did so her hands made free with his groin pulling and squeezing it and to his horror Bob stayed erect. Finally she got off and dressed telling him she was going out to have some drinks with her friends and telling him he had to scrub the house while she was out. Bob did so feeling shattered and she returned for lunch and more oral sex from him. She also brought more bras for him to sew and that this is what he did all afternoon. When she returned he had not done enough so suffered another six blows on the bottom. Then after her tea she went out leaving him to clear up and finish the sewing. She was again drunk on her return and orally raped him for over an hour before kicking him onto the floor.

The next day was the same but the day after that after he had cleaned and served her she announced they were going shopping. Bob was actually excited about leaving the house but was forced by Tania to put on a massive all over rode including covering his head. It had hidden behind a thick veil two small holes to give him very limited vision. Worse Tania strapped a massive bag onto his back and tied a lead around his neck and dragged him out. In the heat it was killing as she dragged him along with him half blind. He did however notice that their house was one off several as they approached the centre of what must be a village. In the centre was a café full Bob saw of laughing women and next to it a shop. Bob was made to stand as Tania ordered things and filled the bag on his back and as he groaned under the rising weight of the bag he noticed another figure standing wearing the full rode with another fat woman holding his lead. When the bag was full Tania dragged him back to the house with Bob staggering under the painful weight. When they returned she made him put the shopping away before setting him to work while she went off to the café.

The next six months passed in hideous service. Once a week they went shopping always the same and Bob worked all day from before dawn until after midnight. When he was not cleaning he was sewing and by now Tania wanted eighty bras done a day. Any slacking as she called it led to a beating and it was rare day when she did not beat his bare bottom. As for sex four or five times a day his tongue serviced her body and in particular her pussy. As for him she sadistically groped him leaving his groin bruised and swollen every time.

By now Bob was wishing he was fully dead as he was sure he was in hell. Then one afternoon as he sewed away his mouth bruised from Tania's pussy and his groin from her fingers he saw to his amazement a six inch high angel appear. It was Alison Angel and Bob sobbed and begged her to remove him from hell. Alison smiled and suddenly was full sized and said, "This is what you deserve based on the way you lived!" then she stopped and magically a list appeared in her hand and she said, "Opps oh dear a screw up! No wonder you do not seem settled Bob. Each person gets the after life they deserve based on their behaviour and as it is fair they accept it! No wonder you are not resigned to an eternity of domestic slavery. This is not yours but Akmead's. A man who believed all women inferior and only suited to serve his needs! Let's go!"

There was a flash of light and suddenly Bob was standing next to where he had died and he noticed time had hardly passed as the police cars were still there. Alison gave him an obviously angelic smile and said, "Sorry about that but that is why we check with six billion people we are seriously understaffed! Okay try this door!" and she pointed to another white door that had magically appeared.

Second light

The first thing Bob noticed as he steeped though the door was how cold it was. He was not in the desert but in the north and it was snowing and freezing cold. Worse he realised he was wearing a tight T shirt and even worse a mini skirt and what must be fish net stockings. The second thing he saw leering at him was a gigantic black woman taller than him and much larger and worryingly heavily muscled. She leered and said, "Okay my white whore you put the money though into this post box for me to pick up later on! No messing whore and act sexy I want you to pull loads of tricks tonight or else I am going to kick your fucking head in you useless whore!" Bob whimpered in terror and said, "Alison!" and the woman said, "Shut it cunt! You belong to Cassie now!" and savagely slapped his face. The blow was so powerful Bob fell over onto what he now saw was a pavement covered in slush with a car park behind it. Cassie said, "Get up and get strutting whore!" and pulled him up. Bob only had half control of his body as he felt himself wiggle around and shake as Cassie urged him his bottom. He was horrifyingly aware that his dick was stuck erect and he knew that in this afterlife he would have a permanent erection.

Cassie said, "Grab and wave your cock slut! And shake that arse!" As he did so he noticed cars were going past slowly and also on the pavement must be another dozen men dressed as he was and he realised to his horror he was now a male whore and worse owed by a pimp. Then a car slowed and a fat middle aged woman leered out and said, "Usual price? Good get in sexy arse!" and opened the passenger door. Feeling sick Bob got in the car and the woman drove into the car park and parked on the other side of it away from the lights. She handed Bob what he saw was a ten dollar bill and said, " Tongue then cock!" and pushed her car seat back and lifted her skirt. She was fat and unattractive but Bob stuffed the note in a back pocket on the skirt and applied his tongue between her legs. The woman tasted off as he licked her but was soon wet. She grunted and pushed Bob into the passenger seat and pushed that back and mounted him. As she engulfed him she groaned and grabbed his hands and placed them under her shirt and onto a pair of saggy breasts. She rode Bob hard making him moan as her tough pussy rasped away at his dick. For five minutes she grunted on him and Bob felt himself start to get excited. However he realised that it was going to take him ages to reach orgasm. Before he did so the woman groaned and Bob felt wetness cover his groin. The woman pulled off him and said, "Get out!" and pushed Bob out of the car. As the coldness hit him she rapidly drove away leaving Bob feeling disgusted about how she had used him and then cast him aside. Bob moaned as he was sure this could not be the right after life after all he was a considerate lover wasn't he?

Across the car park he saw Cassie talking to another boy. As Bob walked resigned towards them he saw he was a black lad dressed as Bob was in a tight summer T shirt and a mini skirt. As he approached Cassie demanded the money and then rammed it into a mail box like box and said, "This is Sammie Bob another of my whores. He will check on you as I do not want you getting silly ideas about my money! Okay get strutting I need cash and the one who earns the least tonight gets flogged okay!" and with that she left the two boys shivering in the freezing air. Sammie turned to Bob and said, "Just dead? I have been here for ten thousand years! Teach me to treat women like whores as I have ended up with one and one now owned by Cassie a real nasty bitch! Okay we had better get back on the line and smile and look sexy Bob because Cassie is a vicious woman!" Bob shuddered at the thought of being here forever but moved back and saw Sammie was lifting his skirt and smiling to the passing cars. Bob groaned as started to wiggle and smile and within five minutes a car had taken Sammie off and quickly another pulled up in front of Bob. Inside was a skinny old black woman who must have been sixty who said, "Get in!" and once more Bob was driven to the far side of the car park. The woman's car was warm but she was wrinkly and ancient and Bob was glad his dick seemed to be stuck hard. The woman said, "Get on the floor and tongue me I can get cock at home" and she handed him a ten dollar bill and lent back. Bob found it hard to get himself on the floor of the car in front of her as she lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers to one side. Soon he was licking her making her moan. For ten minutes he worked away cramped and feeling sick as she produced loads of foul juices. Then finally she came and her juices spurted out covering his face with their stickiness. As soon as her orgasm had subsided she pushed Bob out leaving him feeling badly used. The coldness of the winter air froze the juices on his face as he shuddered in horror at his predicament.

He got back to the pavement and quickly another car drew up. Inside was a fat black woman who beckoned him in and soon Bob was back on the other side of the car park. This woman handed him a ten dollar bill and said, "Lean back whore!" and mounted and engulfed him. She was a brutal rider bending his erection and jeering at him as she used him and after her orgasm she said, "Nice fuck whore slut I hope to see you tomorrow night! A good fuck with a whore means I get home happy!" and pushed him out. The next six customers were much the same middle aged or older women mostly black who wanted quick sex from Bob. Most demanded oral pleasure to start with and then sex but a couple wanted one or the other. All paid ten dollars and Bob knew that this was the standard amount for the car park. Each time he stuffed the money into the box wondering when he would be finished by now it was pitch dark and he guessed well after midnight. He asked Sammie when both were on the pavement together and he said, "Cassie will collect us at dawn!" Then a car drew up for Bob with two fat middle aged women in and they paid him twenty dollars. However they made him lie on the back seat of the car and he pleased one with his mouth while the other woman ravished him. All the women when they orgasmed produced copious amounts of thick smelly juices making Bob feel dirty and sick. After pleasing this pair of women fewer cars went past and the three customers Bob had all seemed either drunk or stoned and took longer to come. Worse it was now sometimes twenty minutes between customers and the air temperature was at least five degrees less than zero and with the snow now falling Bob froze. Finally the weak sun seemed to appear and Cassie turned up dressed in a leather coat in a flash car. She opened the box and counted the money and then beckoned Bob and Sammie into the car. Bob sat back exhausted and pleased to feel the heat warming him.

Cassie drove them to a run down apartment block and shoved them into an apartment. It was large filthy apartment and Cassie said, "Get washed and clean sluts and into my bed! You can both sleep with me and we can fuck later on! I am bloody knackered but won three hundred tonight!" Bob and Sammie went to the bathroom and showered together with Bob to confused to care and Sammie said, "All the pimps gamble loads! If they win they buy new whores and if they lose sell us on!" and then they went to bed it was a big double bed and Cassie was already in it naked and snoring and Sammie got in one side and Bob the other. There was not a lot of room as Cassie was a massive woman but Bob was pleased to lie down. He lay horrified by the thought of an eternity here and then realised that once again the angels had mucked things up. However would they notice?

Cassie woke him by punching him in the ribs and said, "Eleven you lazy slut get under the blankets and suck me off!" and pushed Bob down. As he moved he saw that Cassie had pinned Sammie to her gigantic breasts. Bob moved between her legs and applied himself to her pussy grimacing at its smell. Cassie liked what he was doing and rocked and moaned and shook her juices splashing Bob as she orgasmed after several exhausting minutes. Then she pulled Bob up laughing at his juice covered face and said, "Okay you two whores get friendly I like to see guys making out!" Bob shuddered as he was pushed onto Sammie who to Bob's disgust immediately licked his face. As he did so Sammie whispered, "Do as she says unless you want a beating! I hate this bit but all the pimps love it!" and he gripped Bob's dick and rubbed it. Then Sammie reversed on the bed and presented his dick to Bob who feeling sick licked it. Bob groaned as he felt Sammie lick his dick and wondered if he was going to get to come. However while he got excited the disgust stopped him and after a couple of minutes Cassie was bored. She made Sammie lie on his back and mounted and ravished him and made Bob lick her breasts as she did so. After her orgasm the two boys were made to sixty nine with each other before it was Bob's turn to lie and be ravished.

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