tagBDSMWhite Mistress & Black Slave Girl

White Mistress & Black Slave Girl


My name is Laurel Katherine Henderson. A six-foot-three, blonde-haired and green-eyed, sturdy and very voluptuous Englishwoman living in the great city of Boston, Massachusetts. I've been in the United States of America ever since I was nineteen years old. I recently earned my Master's degree in Business Administration from Boston College at the age of twenty five. That was in June of 2008. I now work for the Smith & Grace Corporation, one of the biggest shipping magnates in New England. Lately, life has been good. Yes, there's a recession and the U.S. economy is in the crapper but many of us have not only survived it but found ways to thrive.

I've done well for myself ever since I started working for Smith & Grace. They're such a big, wealthy company. Forty eight thousand employees nationwide. Offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Aspen and Austin. I'm one of seventeen female executives among the company's one hundred and forty employees in the Boston Office. There are twenty eight male executives. I outperform everyone, male and female executives alike. And I'm doing fine. The men I work with are okay for the most part. Most of the women at the office hate me for being what I am. Smart. Capable. Pretty. And ruthless. That's okay because I am more than capable of handling myself when dealing with them. I've been with the company for less than a year and I'm already on the fast track. And no, I didn't sleep my way to the top. I work smart, not hard. And it made a big difference in my career so far.

I live in a nice townhouse located in Boston's Back Bay. And things have been alright lately. So much that I found time and money to indulge my secret passions. You see, I bisexual. As in sexually and emotionally attracted to both women and men. And my all-time greatest sexual fantasy is to completely dominate people. And not just any people. Black men and Black women. I am a White woman who gets off on dominating Black men and Black women. Is that wrong? I don't think so. We've all got to have our kicks somehow, right? I've got a thing for interracial domination and submission. And yes, I am a BDSM fanatic. I'm a control freak. And I'm damn proud of it. If you don't like it, you can kiss my big White ass.

To that end, I've hired a couple of people to play the part of my slaves while I indulged my fantasy of being a White female plantation owner in the mid-1800s South. What can I say? It's the only way I get off. Presently, I'm having some fun with my Black female slave. Her name is Sholonda Odoms but she responds to the term Bitch. She's on all fours, with a collar fixed around her neck. Attached to the collar is a long leash and I'm holding that leash. Sholonda Odoms, my own personal Bitch, has been ordered to lick my boots while I smoke and she does just that. Sitting on my couch and she kneels before me and obeys me, I smile wickedly.

Sholonda Odoms is a six-foot-tall, heavyset and big-bottomed Black woman from the city of Atlanta, down in Georgia. She came to the city of Boston looking for work after graduating from Spellman College with a degree in Art History. Unfortunately for her, someone forgot to tell the Bitch that no one was hiring these days. Especially sassy fat Black women with an attitude problem like her. What company would want to hire someone like her? Seriously. Crazy Black women who were prone to anger scared the hell out of the men and women of corporate America. From what I gather, even Black corporate men are afraid of these crazy Black women. Somehow, Sholonda ended up living alone in a shabby little apartment. Also, to pay the rent she turned to waiting tables. And when she got canned for giving an attitude to the customers, she turned to hooking on the streets.

Down in the filthy slums of Dorchester on a street corner, that's where I met her. I offered her two hundred bucks to come with me. I bet she was surprised when I approached her. Women who looked like me didn't waste time talking to the likes of her. She looked me up and down, and pegged me for some kind of wealthy White lesbian who had jungle fever. If that's what she thought I was, I guess that's what I'll be for her. I took her for a ride in my Lincoln town car, and that's how the adventure began. When you're assessing someone, it's best to make them comfortable. It can lead to them relaxing, and you will catch them in a moment of inattention. That's how they make themselves vulnerable. And that's how you get them.

I took Sholonda Odoms out for dinner, and we actually started to have a good time together. I learned a bit more about her. She was smart, and came from a halfway decent family. Her father Ivan was a farmer and her mother Eileen was a schoolteacher. we had a couple of drinks, and a few laughs. By the time the evening was drawing to a close, Sholonda was smitten with me. She wondered aloud how come a beautiful White woman like me needed to pay a Black woman for sex. I almost told her that it was hard to find a Black woman who would let me dominate and demean her as I got my rocks off simply because we were dating. I'm a bisexual White woman who frequents Black female sex workers because I've got no choice. I need to satisfy these urges of mine and this is basically the only way I know how.

And so I brought Sholonda Odoms to my townhouse, and told her what I expected of her. I changed into my outfit. An authentic Eighteenth-Century Colonial American woman's evening gown. Complete with fan, and riding crop. After seeing me in this getup, Sholonda realized I meant business. And she appeared to wonder what she may have gotten herself into. She seemed a little hesitant at first. I told her to relax. Then I fastened the collar around her neck, and the steel bindings around her feet and hands, so she couldn't flee. Then I made her lick my boots. After she got done polishing my Swedish leather boots, I made her get naked. Then I inspected her. Putting on some latex gloves, I spread Sholonda's ass cheeks wide open and stuck a finger inside. The big Black woman had a clean asshole. That's a good start. I spit in her asshole, then made her lick my finger after it had just been in her asshole. Sholonda hesitated. With my riding crop, I whacked her in the face. Sholonda cried out in shock, and stared at me with wide eyes.

Staring coldly at Sholonda, I told her that I was the dominant White mistress on this plantation and she was my Black female slave. She had to do as I say. There was no other way around it. Sholonda stared at me, stunned. I smiled, and told her she was my own personal bitch. My Black female slave whom I was going to enjoy breaking. With that, the fun began. I gave Sholonda a swift kick in her big Black butt. I've always wanted to kick a big Black woman's fat ass. Sholonda yelped. Laughing, I began whipping her with my riding crop. I whacked her ass, watching it jiggle. I continued to whip her with long strokes of the riding crop, leaving nice bluish marks all over her dark brown skin. How I loved watching those marks. So beautiful.

Tugging on Sholonda's leash, I berated her while whipping her good. I called her a useless Black witch, a welfare queen and a social parasite. She didn't respond. She was too busy screaming as I whipped her. Man, I was having so much fun. Just whipping and hitting this arrogant Black woman and making her bow down to me, the dominant White mistress. After giving her a sound thrashing, I decided to ante things up a little. Letting Sholonda have a momentary respite, I went to my erotica drawer and took out my favorite toy. My strap-on dildo. Strapping it on, I returned to Sholonda.

When the big Black woman saw me with the massive strap-on dildo, she stared at me with eyes as wide as saucers. Smiling, I calmly told her that I was going to fuck her with it. Stroking the dildo, I applied lubricant all over it. Then I went behind Sholonda, and grabbed her huge ass cheeks. Forcefully, I pried them apart. Sholonda quavered in fear and begged me not to take her ass. Oh, she actually thought I cared. That is so...cute. Gripping her wide hips, I pressed my dildo against her backdoor and gave it a swift push inside. Sholonda shrieked as my dildo invaded her asshole. Smacking her fat ass, I took her along for a ride.

As I fucked Sholonda, her whole body trembled. With one hand I gripped her long black hair, yanking her head back while slamming my dildo up her ass. With my other hand, I whipped her with my riding crop. This is interracial lesbian domination, not happy fucking, folks. Don't get it twisted. I'm dominating the hell out of this Black bitch and I want her to remember this experience as one for the ages. Plunging my dildo deeper into her ass, I delighted in making her squeal. Where's the sassy Black woman now? She's nowhere to be seen, replaced by a squealing Black bitch who's getting fucked in the ass via strap-on dildo by a dominant White woman. Now that's what's up, as Sholonda and her peeps would say!

Yeah, I had a lot of fun with her. When I was done, I pulled the dildo out of her ass. Oh, my. Sholonda's anus had gone from tight end to gaping hole. What a pretty sight! I exhaled deeply, satisfied with my handiwork. Hey, it's my life, alright? Afterwards, I freed Sholonda Odoms from her bonds and let her take a shower before leaving the apartment. I paid her three hundred instead of the previously agreed-upon sum. She was most grateful, but quite eager to leave my townhouse. Understandable under the circumstances, I think.

Long after Sholonda Odoms left the premises, I sat in the dark, smoking my cigar. What? Who says only men can smoke cigars? We're in the twenty-first century, damn it! As a successful, beautiful and wealthy businesswoman living in the USA, I can do whatever I want. And Lord help any foolish man or woman who gets in my way. I've never known any mercy and I show none to those who oppose me. I live my life how I see fit. We all have our pleasures. I only feel pleasure when someone else is feeling intense pain. Bummer, huh? Just look at this way. Every time you win, someone loses.

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