tagLesbian SexWhite Out at the Spa Ch. 03

White Out at the Spa Ch. 03


Author's note: This story is total fiction and any resemblance to real people, imagined or virtual is a coincidence.

The story is told through Jessica's perspective.

Cast of characters:

Lauri 27, 5ft 7brunette, with an hourglass figure, 36DD breasts with dark wide nipples. She's the youngest of 4 children, the product of second-generation Italian and Jewish parents. Her olive skin and smooth complexion always made her popular with the guys but she had recently all but given up on relationships with men. Lauri works as physical therapist in a sports medicine clinic.

Jessica 32, 5 ft 5 dark brunette with a svelte, hard body from years of training as swimmer.

Dark protruding large nipples highlight her 33 B cup breasts. She has a coffee colored complexion and loves to wear tight jeans and blouses with push up bras. A Latina born in America, but her Dad was from Taipei City in Taiwan and her Mom grew up in Mexico. Her dad used to work for the military and she moved around a lot as a kid. She has beautiful Asian eyes with the high cheekbones of a Mexican woman. Jessica owns a niche catering company that services the entertainment industry.

Sharon: 31, a 5ft 6 dark brunette, with dark olive brown skin, hourglass figure with a robust 36 -26- 36 figure. Sharon has a medium frame body with a lovely pear shaped ass. She always loved athletics and dancing but is extremely insecure about herself and very intelligent with a Masters in Forensic Pathology and working on her Doctorate. Sharon still lives with her widowed mother but has been looking for a serious job in her new profession for months.

Lisa: 40, 5 ft 6 , 48DD, 24, 34 measurements Lisa has strong legs and excellent upper body muscle tone. A natural blonde with a seductive smile and good clear skin. Lisa's huge tits are the result of a very successful surgery which saved her left breast from a tumor. Lisa has an affinity for rescuing animals and has a few dogs who live with her. Since her amazing recovery she has found a very unique way of helping women achieve incredibly huge wet orgasms. She's considering writing a book or making a video to help other women enjoy their natural gifts of sexual enjoyment.

The story is told from Jessica's perspective.


I went back to the room I was sharing with Lauri to find her watching the weather channel. Apparently in our search for the ultimate orgasm we had forgotten that spring was not anywhere around the corner and that old man winter was about to bury us in a blizzard. Guests had been checking out in droves and Lisa had given me her cell number before I left her room. She texted me to say that all of her appointments for the rest of the weekend had cancelled and she was hoping the three of us could spend some more time together.

"I didn't have a clue you were lesbian, Jess," Lauri said as she became very intimate with me.

"Lauri, I've always been attracted to you to, but we never got around to talking about it, but that could change you know," I said smiling at her.

"But what happens if Sharon comes back into your life? You just told me she was like a breath of fresh air in your life,"

"Yeah, but she's a phony. Another woman with double agendas. Sorry, don't need her that much!" I said as I put my arms around her waist. Her hair smelled so good, and l adored her gorgeous figure. I had dreamt of caressing those lovely extended nipples I'd seen when she got naked. Plus now she'd experienced Lisa and all of her heavenly orgasm- extending supplements!

"Lauri, its not even 5 yet and we're due to meet Lisa at 7, lets make love, I do so want to show you how much I care for you," I said. My hands moved around her waist and cupped those marvelous tits.

"Ummnnngghm," Lauri moaned as I my fingers gently tweaked her stiff nipples. We undressed quickly and retired to our bedroom.

I had showered at Lisa's place and despite our marathon of fucking and sucking with Sharon, some how I still had plenty of energy to have fun with Lauri.

Our lips met softly and we cuddled together in the bed, as the sound of the wind and pellets of sleet and snow beat against the large window hidden by the drapes. It was a great time for us, and considering we had this friendship already, Lauri felt very comfortable telling me how she'd been fantasizing about doing this with me for months.

"Let me suck your pussy now, Lauri. I want you to relax and enjoy this, it means a lot to me!" I said as I parted her creamy thighs and kissed her lovely pussy.

I parted her labia and slowly, almost gingerly, I twisted my two first fingers around in a corkscrew like fashion. Lauri whimpered and moaned as I felt her warm vagina all around my two digits. I tongued her clitoris and went for her G spot. Lauri's hips thrust up into my mouth while I continued with the G spot massage.

"Did you take the supplement too?" she asked me.

"Yes, it was marvelous!" I added.

"I haven't come like that in years!" I said, actually I had never come like that before!

"I had such a fantastic orgasm with Lisa! She does have a body that amazes right?" Lauri asked rhetorically.

I went down on my attractive girlfriend and sucked her clitoral tissue into my mouth. I tongued her love bud carefully and pulled her soft tissue deep into my mouth, then let it snap back into place while my fingers moved smoothly in and out of her warm pussy.

"Ungghhh, suck me Jesse, Suck my horny pussy and make me spurt too!" She cried to me.

I wanted her to come SO much, I kept on massaging and sucking and caressing those lovely breasts and thighs. But I also wanted to fuck her too! I'd left my double sided thick dildo on the nightstand earlier and I reached over and placed it in my cooze and slowly plied apart Lauri's vagina and slowly eased it into her deep, wet pussy.

I slipped my right leg under hers and leaned back on my strong arms and we fucked for a good long while. Lauri sat up and we both got to finger each other's clit as we drove the thick double dong in and out of our dripping wet pussy mounds.

"Fuck my pussy darling, fuck me like you wanna be fucked!" I said to Lauri and I thrust my hips into hers and she reciprocated.

It was good, but we knew it wasn't going to tip the balance so I pulled it away and feverishly lapped up our mutual juices and slipped my two fingers deep inside Lauri once more. My tongue held onto her swollen clit as her tits hips rotated upward into my mouth, I felt her body tense once again and her abdomen got really tight her cunt exploded with a serious splash of her cum. I drank her sweet tasting cum and kissed her legs as her entire body vibrated like a tuning fork.

"I want to strap on that other dildo and fuck your hot pussy mound now, Jesse!" Lauri said to me, as she grabbed the huge phallus she brought to the spa. She looked so hot as she strapped that huge dong onto her. She slapped my ass with it and then she turned me over and slapped my clit with it too. She entered me from behind and fucked me the way I'd always wanted to get fucked by a woman. Lauri started out with short easy movements but gradually her thrusts got deeper and harder which penetrated the deep recesses of my womb. She was well trained already by Lisa, the expert in squirtaceous cummings, and was able to finger my clit just enough which made me squirt my warm juices all over that flesh colored dong. I didn't come that much this time, but I noticed that some of my fluids dripped down an into Lauri's pussy too.

We retreated to the shower together, kissing and caressing each other. Then we got dressed and met Lisa in the hotel restaurant for dinner.

In the upscale restaurant that night, Lisa wore a very revealing V cut striped blazer with a great push up bra which made her tits stick out like a pair of golden torpedoes. The remaining guys in the room were gawking at her and we were laughing about it during the meal. Lisa also knew how to make her hair cover her chesty charms so that until you got close, you didn't realize just how sensuous she really was.

Lisa had befriended both of us equally, but I soon realized that Lauri was smitten with her and it actually seemed that my good friend was falling in love with this older woman.

The banter soon came back to what happened with Sharon and Lisa's face reddened considerably when she told Lauri how they had really trusted this woman who apparently was only enjoying the sex as a perk to her job as a private investigator.

Suddenly, without warning we heard a crash outside, a tree had fell in the parking lot and then the lights in the restaurant and the entire hotel flickered and went dark. The faint reflected light from snow and the wind of the early evening were our only illumination. We finished our meal quickly and headed back to our rooms. The halls were lit only by the emergency lights supplied in the ceiling every 10yards. A few minutes later the lights came back on for only a few minutes and the room phone rang telling us that the we should plan on evacuating the building due to a total lack of power!

Lisa ran back to her room and packed her stuff and told us to wait for her. We packed and told her not to worry we'd travel together if possible back to the city. In a few minutes we were together again with all our bags and heavy winter coats on ready to bear the worst of the blizzard which was ravishing the area.

We checked out of the hotel and got directions back to the interstate, which was a straight shot back into town. We knew we had to try to make some progress towards the city that day, and get out of this area at least.

"What kind of a car do you have Lauri?" Lisa asked me as we gathered in the large lobby with the other guests trying to find other accommodations.

"I only own a beat up Saturn with front wheel drive, how bout you?"

"I think you women should ride with me, I have a late model Lexus SUV with 4 wheel and I just put on snow tires, but I doubt those tires are really gonna help in this shit,"

"How am I gonna get my car back to the city? I'll be buried here for months if I leave it?"

"Listen, its better to be safe than sorry in this kind of weather. I will drive you out here next week if things are better and we'll pick it up then," Lisa said assuring Lauri that she would be a good friend.

We ended up all loading into Lisa's brand new Lexus with me in the back and Lauri riding shotgun. The snow was coming down so hard and the wind was up to at least gusts of 40knots, it was a white out for sure. We got to the interstate and somehow managed to get behind a huge plow going pretty fast as he had plenty of road to clear ahead.

Later we discussed anatomy and the physical properties of our bodies, it was so interesting to me.

"Lauri as a physical therapist you've obviously studied anatomy and must've been inquisitive about the parauretheral gland which is the similar to the male prostate gland right? Lisa asked.
"Well, I hadn't really studied it, and I was not that aware of how it really works. But your supplement does seem to initiate a release of that fluid that builds up in the gland," Lauri responded.

"Every woman is capable of having wetter, more sustained and intense orgasms just like we've been doing. I hope I've helped you women realize your sexual potentials a bit more this weekend," Lisa said.

"Oh, Lisa you KNOW you have!" We both said in unison and laughed for a good while.

Lisa cranked up the heat and we all got really comfortable. Lisa played some great music and we talked a lot and got to find out more about Lisa's background. She was also very inquisitive about our relationship and didn't want to interfere in any way.

The snow got more intense after about an hour and our plow escort pulled off probably to get coffee so we did the same. A glow of red lights through the snow- clogged windshield said Welcome to Super8 so we went inside and found that they could give us one large queen bed. We all looked at each other and laughed. In the time it took to say Super8 queen sized bed, we were loaded into the room and getting undressed.

Lauri and I decided to gang up on Lisa and brought her down hard to the mattress. I mounted her face and Lauri went down on her very rich, pussy. I know Lauri appreciated that I cared for Lisa as much as she did and we both got off on pleasing her.

Lisa enjoyed the entire process, its lack of sweet talk and foreplay. We just pulled her to the bed as she took off her top and made her lose her custom bra really quick. Those lovely golden brown hooters were so much fun to play with and suck on! I took the lead when I mounted Lisa's face. I pulsed my hips into her wanting mouth and she responded by jabbing her experienced tongue up my wet pussy. It felt so good and the fact that we'd just done another dose of the supplement helped bring on my first of many very gushing orgasms.

Lauri was finger- fucking Lisa slowly as she requested and got a good location on the older woman's G spot. The dual massage coupled with the fact that she was enjoying munching on my stiff clit sent a showering spurt all over Lauri's hand.

Lauri responded by rubbing her hard nipples on Lisa's sopping wet clit until she stopped shaking from her first torrential orgasm. Lauri wasn't done by a long shot. She put on one of Lisa's strap on phalluses and fucked her until her extremely horny pussy came once more and this time I was ready and made sure she spurted on my face and tits. I offered myself to Lauri who summarily licked my tits and neck clean of all Lisa's warm spunk.

It was around 2am when Lisa woke us up and asked if we wanted to do something really crazy. She suggested we have a nude snowball fight right outside our porch door. The rear door opened to a small courtyard, which was filled up to the window sash with fine powered snow. It was still coming down and we laughed and joined Lisa as she ran out and made a snow ball and threw a strike at Lauri, who destroyed it before it hit her midsection. We were all laughing and rolling in the snow naked after having SO much sex we could hardly calm down. Lisa ran up to me with a huge load of snow covering her huge perky tits, and threw it in my face. I jumped on her and the snow pillow broke our fall easily as Lauri came over and kissed us both. All three of us rolled around in the white pure snow, its icy coldness making our warm bodies taut and red.

A few minutes later we closed the door, and we all hopped into the warm shower. We jammed into the tiny shower stall of the Super8 motel and fondled each other. Hands groped and pinched while lips were fed stiff nipples. We toweled off and laughed a few more times about what had occurred this fantastic weekend in the snow. Finally, we got into our queen bed and caressed each other until we fell asleep.

In the morning after a great breakfast, Lisa drove us back to the city, which had staggered to function in this huge snowstorm. Lauri enticed Lisa to spend the night at her place and wanted me to do the same. I almost backed out but Lauri pulled me aside and told me she wanted me there for sure. We all made torrid love to one another a few more times that last evening. The memory of the snow and its aftermath stayed with us for a long time. We didn't stay that close with Lisa after that because later that year, she decided to move out west where it was always warmer. In the last days of the next fall, we heard from Lisa that the cancer had returned but not before she had found the real love of her life. We saddened beyond consolation, when we found out a week before Christmas that she'd succumbed to the disease.

Lauri and I had never met someone like Lisa, who inspired us to live life to the fullest. The next spring, Lauri and I decided to move to a state that allowed lesbian marriage and we now have a wonderful life together.

In the course of that weekend, after spending some great times with this older, sensuous woman, we considered ourselves very lucky to have been in her small coterie of friends.

The End

All feedback appreciated.

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