tagLoving WivesWhite Silk Ch. 5

White Silk Ch. 5


A couple of weeks had gone by before the subject of Cindy having sex with Jim came up again. One night after we had just gone to bed and were cuddling when Cindy said, "You know that ever since Carol told me that Jim said he would like to fuck me I have been hot to have him do me. Is that terrible?"

"If it is something you want to do I think you should do it."

Cindy said, "You really wouldn't mind if I suck his cock and then let him fuck me?"

"Not as long as I know when and where and maybe even get to watch."

"I'd love to have you watch him fuck me."

Since her night with Carol whenever we talked about sex Cindy would talk dirty. I mean she talks really dirty. I would never have believed it but when she talks that way it makes me so hot I have trouble controlling myself so that I don't climax in my pants. It amazed me how quickly I could become aroused by her dirty talking.

I said, "Well then let's do it. Why don't you tell Carol that I'll be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday next week and see what happens."

"If you're sure it is all right I'll call her tomorrow. Now why don't you fuck me?"

Monday night when I got home from work Cindy sat me down on the sofa and sat in my lap and said, "It's tomorrow night. The other day I told Cindy that you were going out of town and that I wanted her to set things up for me to get together with Jim. Carol called me up today and said that she had let it slip to Jim that you were going to be out of town Tuesday night and that I was going out with some friends. She said that Jim took the bait. He asked her were I was going and she told him that I was going into Denver to a place called Tony's. The plan is that I'll be there by myself when Jim gets there and if he asks who I'm with I tell him my friends already left. What I am thinking is that you and I can go to Tony's early and sit at your favorite table and have dinner. Then you can stay there while I go sit at that special table upstairs and wait for Jim to spot me up."

I was a little nervous but also excited by the plan. I said, "Tomorrow night it is."

As planned Cindy and I arrived at Tony's at 6:30 for dinner. We both kept checking the table above us to see if anyone was sitting there. Four people sat at the table for a while. One of them was a woman with long beautiful legs and she was sitting with her knees spread far enough apart that we could clearly see that she wasn't wearing panties. Cindy seemed to be as interested in the view as I was. After a few minutes of looking under the table at this woman's wonders, Cindy said, "I guess now I understand why you like this place so much. It has a great view." Then Cindy kissed me and said, "A few months ago you would never have been able to convince me that looking at another woman's pussy like this would arouse me."

I can't tell you how much Cindy's telling me that aroused me.

We ate dinner and sat for a while then at about 8:15 the table upstairs empted out and Cindy immediately went upstairs and took her place at that table. She spread her legs enough so that I could see she was wearing those white silk panties. I already had an erection in anticipation of what I hoped would happen. It wasn't till about twenty minutes later that I saw a man's legs appear under the table next to Cindy. Cindy slipped her hand under the table and gave me the thumbs up sign indicating that it was Jim that had approached her at the table.

Earlier, Cindy and I had worked out some signals she could flash under the table so that when she showed me two fingers I knew that she was going to dance and three fingers meant she was going to the ladies room. If she opened and closed her legs three times it meant that she and Jim were going outside to our van. For the next hour Cindy and Jim were either sitting at the table or dancing. Then Cindy spread her legs apart and back together three times to tell me she was headed to the van, but as soon as she gave me that signal she flashed me three fingers. Was she was going to the ladies room or going out to the van? The two signals confused me a little but when Jim didn't leave the table with Cindy I just waited till she came back.

When Cindy returned to the table she sat down and slipped her hand under the table. I could see that she had something in her had and she waved it back and forth a few times then she threw whatever it was she had in her hand toward me. It rolled to a stop about a foot from the railing I was looking through. It was a wadded up paper towel. For a second I thought she was just getting rid of the towel she dried her hands on but then I remember that she had waved her hand as if she wanted to get my attention. So I reached through the railing and retrieved the wadded up paper towel.

I opened the towel and found that Cindy had written me a note. It said, "Plan has changed. Jim is taking me home (our house) in his car. Wait till Jim goes home before you come into the house. I'll save you something to eat. Love you, Cindy."

I was a little disappointed. I had wanted to sneak out into the parking lot and spy on them. When I looked under the table again Cindy and Jim were still sitting there so I left as quickly as I could and drove home. I made sure that Cindy hadn't arrived home first before I opened the garage door and pulled the van inside. Without turning on any lights I quickly moved upstairs to the bedroom. I peeked out the window but there was no sign of Cindy and Jim so I went to work. This was the third time I had done this so I accomplished my task very quickly.

When Cindy and Jim came in the front door I was already in the closet. I heard their voices downstairs for a while and I began to think that they weren't going to come up to the bedroom. I was tempted to sneak out to the hall and peek downstairs to see what they were doing but I decided that I had better not. I was afraid that I might run into them in hall as they were coming up the stairs, so I stayed put.

About a half hour later I heard them coming up the stairs. When they came into the bedroom and turned on the lights I had to turn my head away from the sudden brightness. When I looked back I saw that Cindy's blouse was open and her bra, which opens in the front was unsnapped. I had no sooner noticed Cindy's open blouse and bra than she noticed that the closet door was off its hinges. I saw a slight smile cross her mouth as she turned back to Jim.

Jim took her in his arms and was kissing her while at the same time he was unzipping her skirt. Cindy let it slide off her hips and drop to the floor. She stepped back from Jim and picked up her skirt and set it on the chair. Then she removed her blouse and bra and put them on the chair also.

Jim pulled Cindy to him and kissed her and then picked her up and carried her to the bed. After he put her down he undressed himself. His cock was already erect and as he stood next to the bed Cindy reached out and took his cock in her hand and began to stroke it. Jim leaned over her and began kissing and biting her nipples. He then moved his attention lower kissing his was down over Cindy's belly to the top of her panties. Jim hooked his fingers in the waistband of Cindy's panties and pulled them down over hips and down her legs and removed them. When he looked back at Cindy's triangle of hair he smiled. He ran his fingers through the hair and said, "That is the softest most beautiful patch of hair I have ever seen."

Jim leaned down and brushed his cheek against her soft bush, and then he turned his head so his nose and mouth were nuzzled in the hair. He actually seemed to be worshiping her pubic hair. Jim spent the next ten minutes or so giving Cindy oral pleasure. When he finished Cindy moved to the edge of the bed and took Jim's cock into her mouth. Watching Jim eat Cindy didn't affect me much, but watching her suck his cock really got me going. On one hand it was very erotic to watch my wife suck another man's cock but on the other hand it was a little disturbing to see her enjoy doing it so much. I think that the balance between eroticism and discomfort made the experience much more intense. I guess it didn't bother me too much because I found myself stroking my own erection as I watched.

Jim climbed on the bed and got on his knees behind Cindy and pushed his cock into her offered pussy. I pulled my cock out as I watched this and after just a few strokes, shot my load into a washcloth I had taken into the closet for that purpose. Watching Cindy having sex with Jim wasn't quit as exciting as watching her with Carol but it was very exciting. As the anticipation of seeing Jim climax inside my wife's pussy built, I knew I was hooked. I remembered thinking in my sex clouded brain that as far as I was concerned at that moment, Cindy could fuck anyone she wanted, man or woman, as long as I could watch.

As I continued watching them the only thing I was focusing on was Jim's cock sliding in and out of Cindy's well lubricated pussy. I was fascinated as I watched Jim climax inside Cindy. His long smooth strokes suddenly became erratic and I could hear him grunting with each spasm as he shot his load into my wife. When his orgasm ended Jim laid his head on Cindy's back and just held on to her for a few minutes. In a short time Jim straightened up and slowly pulled back until his cock slipped out of Cindy. As his cock dropped free of Cindy's pussy a shinny strand of semen was the only thing still connecting the two of them. Cindy moved a little forward on the bed and when she did a little of Jim's semen leaked out of her shinny pussy. As I watched, the semen formed a droplet and fell from Cindy's pussy to the bed. That sight caused me to suddenly climax, depositing a load of my semen on the closet floor.

Jim got up and began dressing without saying a word. As he dressed, Cindy pulled on her white silk panties and then when Jim was ready she walked him down to the front door. By the time Cindy got back upstairs I was already lying on the bed waiting for her. Cindy jumped onto the bed and stood over me and slowly lowered her panty-covered pussy toward my face. As she did this she said, "Did you like watching Jim fuck me? He fucked me real good and he filled my cunt with his cum. Are you ready to eat my messy cunt?"

By then her pussy was only a couple of inched from my face. I could already smell the Jim's load in her pussy. "Are you ready to clean me up?" After that last question Cindy lower herself the rest of the way pressing her wet panties against my nose and mouth. I reached up and pulled them aside and stuck my tongue into Cindy's dripping pussy and I sucked on her till she had and orgasm. After that Cindy sucked my cock until I exploded in her mouth. She actually swallowed about half of my load.

Later as we held each other I asked Cindy if she liked Jim. She said, "You mean as a lover or as a person?"

I said, "Well, as a person."

"Not really. He's a little full of himself. His favorite subject is how great he is."

"What about as a lover."

"I don't know. What made tonight exciting was knowing that Jim had wanted me for more than a year. Then knowing that you were watching made it even more exciting. It makes it kind of hard to evaluate Jim's performance. I may have to fuck him again sometime to see just how good he is. He did seem to like my little patch of hair didn't he?

I said, "I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. By the way, how did you end up coming back here? You give the signal the you were going to take him to the van then suddenly the plan changed."

"I asked Jim if he wanted to take a walk outside. I figured that he would start something once we got outside and then I would suggest we use the van. Jim agreed but then said, 'If you husband isn't home why don't I just take you back to your house? We could have some fun there.' So we came here. How did you get back here so fast?"

"I left as soon as I read your note"

About three weeks passed before anything else happened. It was Saturday morning and I was in my workshop in the basement refinishing an antique table when Cindy came and said that she was going to the mall with a friend to do some shopping and to have lunch. She said that she would be home around four o'clock.

At noon I went I went upstairs to fix myself some lunch and then I was going to take a shower. I was just starting to make a sandwich when the doorbell rang. I opened the front door to find Carol smiling at me. She asked if Cindy was home and I told her that Cindy had gone to the mall and wouldn't be home till four o'clock. Rather than leaving Carol started talking to me and after a few minutes asked, "Am I interrupting anything?"

I told her I was just making a sandwich for lunch, then an idea struck me and I asked, "Would you like to come in and have a sandwich with me?"

Carol said, "Sure," and followed me into the kitchen. I made us both sandwiches and got us each a bottle of beer. As we ate I told Carol about the project I was working on in my workshop that morning and Carol asked if she could see it. So, after we finished our sandwiches I got two more beers and we went down to my workshop.

Carol made a fuss over the table, telling me I was doing such a wonderful job of refinishing it. Then Carol said that she should get going so that I could get back to work and I said, "I am done with this for the day. I was just going to go take a shower but that can wait if you'd like to stay and talk for a while."

Carol gave me a little smile and said, "I think you need to go take your shower. If you need any help getting clean I'd be glad to assist."

I said, "Well I could use some help washing my back." Then I took the beer out of Carol's hand and put both bottles on my workbench. I gently took Carol's face in my hands and kissed her on the mouth. Her mouth was partly opened and welcomed my tongue inside. We kissed for several minutes then Carol said, "I think we better go take that shower now."

We hurried up stairs to the bathroom and quickly striped off our clothes. The sight of Carol's completely hairless pussy had my cock hardening rapidly.

When we got into the shower Carol soaped my body front and back, spending extra time lathering my cock. By the time she turned around and asked me to wash her I was fully erect and ready for action. I spent a lot of time rubbing soap on Carol's ass and her pussy. I loved the way her hairless pussy felt when I lathered it with the soap and I think Carol was enjoying too.

When we were done showering we dried each other off and headed to the bed room. I told Carol to lie down then I got on the bed between her legs. I began kissing her legs on the inside of her knees and worked my way toward the beautiful junction of her soft smooth thighs. The entire time I that I was kissing her legs I was staring at her hairless pussy. I marveled at the smooth skin of her vulva with the nicely defined vertical split in the middle. I couldn't wait to slip my tongue into that split. I had wanted to do this ever since I had seen Cindy slid her tongue into Carol's pussy.

When I finally push my tongue inside her pussy Carol responded with a mewing sound that indicated her approval of what I was doing to her. I could taste her juices as they began to flow from deep within her vagina. I sucked her clit between my lips and flicked my tongue back and forth across it until Carol's hips began to lift off the bed and then I pushed two fingers inside her pussy and pumped then in and out rapidly until her orgasm crashed over her.

Carol began to thrash around the bed so much that it was difficult to maintain oral contact with her pussy but I kept trying. Carol seemed to still be in the throws of her orgasm as she moved herself around in the bed until she could get my cock into her mouth. Carol sucked my cock while I sucked and fingered her pussy into a second orgasm.

When her second orgasm ended, Carol climbed on top of me and impaled herself on my cock. I just laid back and watched as she rode us both to climax.

Afterward when Carol got up I watched my semen leak out of her and drop down onto my cock. Carol looked down at my cock and said, "My, what a mess." Then see began cleaning me up with her tongue.

Carol worked on my orally until she had me hard again. For the next hour we fucked and sucked each other until we were both exhausted. Carol finally dressed and left the house around three o'clock that afternoon.

Cindy came home shortly after four o'clock. She was carrying some shopping bags, which she dropped on the sofa and called me to come into the living room so she could show me what she bought. When I came into the room Cindy looked at me and laughed. Then she said, "Well, how was she?"

I didn't try to play any games, I just said, "She was great."

Cindy said, "How did you like her bald pussy?"

"I love your pussy, but I have to say I really enjoyed playing with Carol's."

Cindy said, "So did I. And now you are making me want to enjoy it again. But for now let's just go upstairs and fuck."

When we got upstairs Cindy asked, "How long did it take you to figure out that I set this up for you?"

"I figured it out as soon as Carol didn't leave right after I told her you were at the mall."

As we made love I told Cindy about my afternoon with Carol. While it was strange to talk with Cindy about a woman that we had both had sex with, it was also very erotic.

Stay tuned for part VI

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